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Melinda calls the matchmaker and complains about the guy still not showing up. She’s instructed to look for a man in a blue blazer as she hangs up. Li then arrives and Melinda says it couldn’t be him again. Melinda greets Li and says they meet again. Li calls it an unpleasant deja vu. Melinda asks if Li asked the matchmaker to try again and reveals that she did the same thing. Melinda informs Li that she is his date for the night.

Nicole congratulates Sloan, who says they are really happy. EJ then joins Nicole and they kiss. EJ asks if something is wrong. Sloan says not at all. EJ asks what they are doing there and if someone is sick. Sloan responds that they couldn’t be better. EJ asks Nicole to tell him what’s going on. Nicole then informs him that Sloan just told her that she’s having a baby. Sloan adds in that it is Eric’s baby.

Chad comes home to Stephanie after going for a run. Stephanie notes that he worked up quite a sweat. Chad reminds her that the kids are at Doug and Julie’s tonight. Stephanie mentions that they called while he was out and are having a wonderful time. Stephanie suggests Chad go shower while she figures out what’s for dinner. After Chad heads to the shower, Alex shows up at the door without a shirt on and asks if it’s a bad time. Stephanie tells him that it is a bad time and asks if he ever wears clothes.

Gwen and Dimitri are in her room at the Salem Inn as she finishes a call about wedding preparations. Gwen can’t believe they are getting married tomorrow and they will be husband and wife in 24 hours. Dimitri says they will live happily ever after. Gwen suggests they put the wedding night before the wedding. Gwen starts to kiss Dimitri but he stops and says he can’t do this. Gwen questions what he just said. Dimitri responds that he doesn’t think this is a good idea which Gwen questions. Gwen tells him to be more specific and asks if he means hitting the sack or getting married. Gwen complains that he was shoving her away and tells him to tell her now if something is wrong. Dimitri thinks back to having sex with Leo. Dimitri apologizes to Gwen and says there’s just so much more to do before the wedding. Gwen asks why he came over then. Dimitri claims that he wanted to see if there was anything she needed. Dimitri thinks they are just nervous about the big day and decides he’s going to go run a few errands and then they can continue this conversation when they have both settled down. Dimitri asks if they can not fight on the night before their wedding as he then exits the room, leaving Gwen wondering what the hell just happened.

Sloan says they just found out they are pregnant. EJ says that’s great and he’s happy for them as he congratulates them. EJ jokes that the four of them could Lamaze together. EJ acknowledges that it must mean the world to Eric that he’s going to be a father after all.

Stephanie asks Alex what the hell. Alex claims it’s not what it looks like and that he meant what he said about moving on. Stephanie argues that him showing up shirtless is more of the same. Alex explains that he came to ask which of his two shirts that he should wear. Stephanie suggests he flip a coin and calls this pathetic. Alex explains that he has a date tonight and needs to know what shirt to wear. Chad comes out from the shower and asks if he’s kidding. Alex says he’s not and brings up that at the Kiriakis Mansion, he used to ask Maggie or Sonny which shirt to wear. Chad mocks that as being why Maggie questioned his leadership abilities. Alex suggests Chad tell him which one to wear and then he’ll leave. Chad picks a shirt and then shuts the door on Alex.

Li questions Melinda going back to the same matchmaker. Melinda says she believes in second chances. Li disagrees and argues that she believes in arresting people and throwing away the key. Melinda remarks that it’s different than trying to kill your ex-wife’s fiancée. Li insists that he did not do that and complains that she never lets things go. Melinda brings up Li’s brainwashing then states that this is not how she wanted this night to go. A woman named Connie then approaches and reveals that she is Li’s actual date.

EJ apologizes if he seemed flipped before and assures that he and Nicole are both very happy for Eric and Sloan. Sloan asks if both of them are which Nicole says of course. EJ adds that they know how much Eric wanted to be a father. Sloan adds that he will be a great father. EJ jokes about Nicole and Sloan being pregnant at the same time meaning they’ll be going to the same little league games, then apologizes when no one else finds it funny. Sloan thinks they should get going to their appointment so she and Eric walk off. Nicole comments on EJ really laying it on as she then walks away.

Li apologizes to Connie if he seemed abrupt as there’s been confusion over who he was meeting tonight. Connie compliments Melinda’s red dress and apologizes for being late as the circus was in town and caused traffic. Connie then tells Li that she came for a date so she asks him to get rid of his friend. Li and Connie then go to get a table. Melinda wonders what the hell is going on here and who her date is if it’s not Li. Alex then arrives and Melinda smiles.

Chad complains about Alex until Stephanie points out that they have a night alone, so she wonders if she can make him think of anything else. She asks if there’s anything he might find more interesting than talking about Alex. Stephanie thinks they can come up with something in the shower. They start to head to the shower but Dimitri shows up at the door and asks if it’s a bad time.

Leo goes home to he and Gwen’s room. Leo complains about having nothing for his gossip column tomorrow. Leo notes that Gwen is distracted and asks her what’s wrong. Gwen cries that she’s worried there’s not going to be a wedding at all tomorrow.

Connie and Li’s date begins with her telling him about her being gluten free.

Alex and Melinda begin their date. Melinda comments on being surprised that Alex would use a matchmaker because she’s heard he has no problem finding women. Alex guesses that’s true but jokes that he’s looking for a woman who is out of his league.

Connie goes on to Li about her history and how she’s lived in Salem for her entire life, then asks about him. Li responds that he grew up in Hong Kong and he came to the United States for school. Connie comments on Li seeming interested in Melinda’s table which he tries to deny. Connie says she gets it as she would peeved at Melinda too since she almost sent him up the river for trying to have his ex-wife’s fiancée taken out.

Leo thinks Gwen is overreacting. Gwen remarks that he’s not the one that Dimitri just refused to have sex with and said he had to run errands. Gwen complains that she touched Dimitri and he pulled away. Gwen asks why he wouldn’t want to have sex with the woman that he supposedly love.

Chad tells Dimitri that any time he sees him is a bad time. Dimitri recognizes that Chad has his reservations about him but asks for a minute as he has something very important to tell him. Chad gives him one minute. Dimitri wants to personally invite him to his wedding tomorrow and says that he and Gwen would be honored if he would attend.

EJ and Nicole go home to the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. Nicole complains that she can’t stand Sloan and he can’t stand Eric. EJ argues that he was trying to be polite. Nicole feels he went straight past polite and was gushing which EJ denies. Nicole comments on his stupid jokes. EJ says he was trying to lighten the mood. Nicole says she’s going to bed. EJ thinks Nicole isn’t upset that he was nice to Sloan, his jokes, or that Sloan is having a baby but she’s upset that Sloan is having Eric’s baby.

Sloan comments to Eric that at least EJ seemed happy for them and that he tried, unlike Nicole. Eric argues that Nicole did congratulate them but Sloan feels it wasn’t sincere. Eric brings up that they are waiting for a pre-natal exam and they are having a baby which they are both thrilled about, so they should concentrate on that. Sloan agrees that the most important thing is their baby. Eric then brings up how Nicole was telling him that she and EJ are having genetic testing done for the baby which worries Sloan.

EJ tells Nicole that he doesn’t want them to fight, but he does want them to do things differently this time. EJ says they need to be really honest with each other. EJ understands that Nicole is upset that Sloan is having Eric’s baby, but they need to talk about it. Nicole admits that she is upset, but says it’s not what he thinks it is. Nicole thinks that EJ thinks she is still hung up on Eric and that she can’t stand the thought of him having a baby with another woman but says that’s not true. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him and not Eric. Nicole says she’s so thrilled to be having this baby with him. Nicole states that it’s not Eric or their baby, it’s just Sloan and something about her pregnancy seems off.

Sloan asks why EJ and Nicole would need genetic testing done. Eric explains that Nicole has suffered miscarriages in the past, so it makes sense that she’d want to know as much about the baby as possible. Sloan asks if it’s safe for the baby. Eric informs her that it doesn’t involve the baby and that the doctor is just taking a swab from EJ to test the DNA and see what the baby could be dealing with in the future. Eric talks about the medical advancements in technology being incredible.

Alex tells Melinda that he decided he was done with constant hookups and meaningless sex, then got himself therapy to find out why he was having trouble with commitment. Melinda compliments him and says he gives her hope for his gender. Melinda asks what brought this about for him. Alex explains that he royally screwed things up with the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Stephanie questions Dimitri and Gwen really getting married. Dimitri confirms they are and they would love for them to be there. Chad jokes that they wouldn’t miss that for the world and that they think they are a match made in Heaven. Chad brings up Dimitri holding a gun on Kate and how Gwen terrorized his family, so he says they are absolutely perfect for each other. Chad hopes they are going to Hell for their honeymoon. Dimitri hoped this would be a fresh start for all of them. Dimitri points out that Stephanie and Gwen are family just like he and Chad are. Stephanie responds that Abigail was her family too and she will never forget what Gwen did to her. Chad tells Dimitri that his minute is up and shuts the door. Stephanie jokes that he’s getting really good at that.

Alex tells Melinda how amazing therapy is and sometimes he worries about figuring out too much about himself.

Li assures Connie that he had nothing to do with any plot to kill Stefan DiMera. Connie calls that a shame because she has a thing for bad boys.

Leo assures Gwen that Dimitri is just running errands. Gwen questions Leo becoming so trusting. Leo says he just hates seeing Gwen sad and rejected but points out that it’s not too late to call off the wedding. Gwen questions if he thinks she should. Leo thinks back to being in bed with Dimitri. Leo then tells Gwen that he doesn’t think she should call off the wedding and that this is just pre-wedding jitters. Gwen asks if he’s sure about Dimitri. Leo responds that he’s positive. Gwen decides that she will just get over herself and pretend tonight never happened. Gwen thanks Leo for always setting her straight and calls him her best friend in the entire world as she hugs him.

Li questions Connie hoping that he did try to kill his former wife’s lover. Connie responds that she’s addicted to true crime podcasts and she’s always rooting for the bad guy. Connie says nothing got her going more than reading about how Li and Megan tried to brainwash Harris to take Stefan out. Connie suggests they go somewhere private to hear all about it.

Alex explains to Melinda what happened between he and Stephanie and says he sees now that it was his fear of abandonment that made him try to control the situation and control Stephanie. Alex adds that it blew up in his face and now she’s living across the hall with Chad while he’s trying to be grateful to be friends and move in to a more respectful relationship with someone like Melinda. Melinda responds that she’s afraid that’s never going to happen. Alex questions that as he thought they were getting along. Melinda says they were but this is never going to happen. Alex asks why not. Melinda responds that Alex talks too much, he keeps taking his glasses on and off which is annoying, and she declares that he is still in love with Stephanie.

Chad comes out of the shower and jokes about nobody else knocking at the door. Stephanie points out that with all the interruptions, she never got around to making dinner and asks if they can go out instead which Chad calls a great idea. Chad talks about it not making sense why Dimitri would even want them at the wedding. Chad remarks that snakes don’t get married, so he feels there is something very off about them.

Dimitri returns to the Salem Inn where Leo answers the door. Dimitri says he didn’t realize Leo would be there and asks if Gwen is around. Gwen then comes out from the bathroom and says she was just about to call him. Gwen says she got all worked up over him going to run errands that she forgot that she had to run one herself about the Spectator. Gwen apologizes for how she behaved earlier. Gwen states that he can thank Leo for talking her down from the ledge. Gwen tells them to play nice as she then exits. Dimitri says that sounds like a good idea and begins kissing Leo.

Nicole agrees with EJ that this time they do need to be honest with each other. Nicole assures EJ that she loves him and she is over Eric, but she will always care about Eric and his happiness. EJ knows he can’t expect her not to. Nicole then brings up Sloan getting her hooks in to Eric right after Jada aborted his baby and he thought Marlena was dead. Nicole complains that Eric is a fundamentally good guy and now he’s having a baby with a tarantula. EJ jokingly asks if she doesn’t like Sloan. Nicole responds that she just thought Eric would wake up one day and see Sloan for who she really is, but now he’s going to be tied to her forever. Nicole feels that is why Sloan got pregnant.

Eric tells Sloan that he will go see what’s keeping the doctor and exits the room. Sloan complains that this cannot be happening and worries that if they check EJ’s DNA and it doesn’t match the baby, it could prove it’s not EJ’s baby and it’s Eric’s.

After Alex and Connie leave the bar, Li goes back over to Melinda’s table where she asks him how his date was. Li admits it was God awful and asks about her date. Melinda jokes that she can tell him any detail about Alex’s inner journey. Li comments on Melinda ordering their favorite. Melinda says she thought she’d be sharing with Alex but he wouldn’t stop talking and rambling about his ex. Melinda adds that it would be a shame to waste it and asks Li to let her atone for their date the other night by sharing the wine. Li agrees to do so and sits with her.

Chad and Stephanie exit their apartment as Alex is coming home. Stephanie questions him being back so soon. Alex responds that he and his date didn’t hit it off. Chad calls that unfortunate and says they were just leaving. Stephanie asks what Alex is going to do with the rest of his evening then. Alex says he’ll probably just order a pizza and talks about listening to a podcast about vulnerability. Alex then asks them if they think it’s annoying that he takes his glasses on and off. Chad suggests if he doesn’t need them, he should just get rid of them. Alex then asks what they are doing. Chad responds that they are going to the Pub. After some silence, Chad reluctantly asks if he wants to come. Alex says he doesn’t want to intrude, but then says clam chowder would be great and agrees to go with them. Stephanie kisses Chad on the cheek and then they walk on.

Nicole tells EJ that there is one more thing she wants to say as they sit together. Nicole knows there’s nothing she can do about how Eric lives his life, but she loves the life she lives now and she needs to focus on EJ and their baby. EJ says that sounds mature. Nicole jokes that it must be the hormones. EJ says it makes her even more beautiful as they kiss.

Eric returns to Sloan and tells her that the doctor will be right in. She thanks him for checking. Eric says he didn’t mean to upset her about having genetic testing done. Sloan assures that she wants to do anything that ensures their baby is healthy. Sloan claims she was just worried about Nicole as even though they don’t get along, she and EJ seem really happy about the baby so she just doesn’t want them to have any bad news. Eric kisses Sloan and hugs her.

Gwen exits the Salem Inn but then realizes that she forgot her phone.

Dimitri and Leo kiss until Leo stops and argues that Gwen is his best friend and she was a wreck when he got home. Leo brings up how it makes him feel when Gwen talks about feeling like Dimitri doesn’t love her. Dimitri tells Leo to calm down and assures that Gwen will not get hurt, but she will get very rich, so this can still work out for all three of them. Dimitri declares that what Gwen doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Dimitri suggests they stop talking about Gwen as he and Leo then continue kissing.

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