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Chad and Stephanie look at a potential place to live. They agree it’s the best one yet and point out the positives. Stephanie notes that they’d be able to fit a king sized bed in their bedroom. Chad likes the sound of that and agrees that they should take it as they kiss.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie finishes a call as Alex walks in with his bags packed. Maggie asks if he’s going on a trip, but Alex reveals that he’s moving out.

Chloe joins Xander at the Spectator office as Xander is distracted and says he’s not in a jolly mood. Xander informs her that revenues are down 30%. Chloe reveals that she sold a traveling agency on a huge by in for ads and shows him the numbers which thrills Xander. Xander tells Chloe that she’s fantastic at her job as they kiss. Chloe asks if he didn’t have enough of her this morning before work. They continue kissing until Chloe says they can’t do that here. Xander asks why not, pointing out that they’ve done it in their bedrooms and every place of their apartment. Xander suggests they shake things up a bit by doing it in the office.

In the town square, Gwen informs Kristen that she accepted Dimitri’s proposal so she and Kristen will be going from friends to family. Kristen sarcastically congratulates her. Gwen guesses that Kristen is just surprised at how fast this is moving. Kristen thinks back to Dimitri’s plan and tells her that she’s actually not surprised at all.

Dimitri returns home to find Leo in his room. Dimitri asks what the hell he’s doing in his room. Leo responds that he’s about to expose him for the vicious swindler he is. Leo declares that he’s only marrying Gwen to get his hands on the inheritance money. Leo states that he’s going to tell Gwen everything and there’s nothing he can do to stop him. Dimitri responds that he thinks there is as he grabs Leo and kisses him.

Chad suggests to Stephanie tha they take it to their new bedroom. Stephanie points out that they should sign the lease first and decides to text the realtor. Brady arrives and says he came to check the apartment out as he’s looking for a place for he and Rachel. Chad and Stephanie inform him that they are sorry but he’s too late as they just decided to take it.

Chloe tells Xander that this isn’t appropriate as they are at work. Xander jokes that he’s her boss so she has to do what he says. Chloe then says she is definitely saying yes as they continue kissing.

Gwen questions Kristen not being surprised at how quickly she and Dimitri got engaged. Kristen says she knows how much she wanted to move on from Xander. Gwen insists this has nothing to do with Xander and says that Dimitri swept her off her feet. Kristen acknowledges that Dimitri can be persuasive and charming. Kristen hopes Megan’s situation doesn’t put a damper on their wedding. Kristen wishes Gwen and Dimitri all the best and then walks away.

Leo slaps Dimitri and says he was right about him as he knows what he’s up to. Leo questions Dimitri thinking he could use his body in exchange for his silence and if he got him in bed that he won’t tell Gwen what he’s up to. Dimitri asks if he’s right.

Xander and Chloe begin kissing on the desk at the office until Gwen walks in and questions what the hell is going on. Xander claims that they were just going over Chloe’s new ad buy. Gwen remarks that he was just going over Chloe. Chloe decides she will go get coffee. Gwen tells Chloe to get the hell out. Chloe then hurries out. Gwen turns around as Xander puts his clothes back on and apologizes that she had to see that. Gwen assures that she’s not jealous and doesn’t care who Xander is having sex with because she’s quite busy herself, giving an amazing man the most amazing sex that a woman could give him.

Leo tells Dimitri that he’s not that easy and now he knows that Dimitri is just marrying Gwen to cash in on his inheritance, she needs to know the truth. Dimitri removes his shirt and argues that what Gwen doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Leo says he’s not interested. Dimitri touches Leo, so he admits maybe he would be interested if he didn’t just propose to his best friend and calls him a douchy straight guy trying to take advantage of his sexual appetite. Dimitri then tells Leo that he is not straight.

Brady says he’s having a hard time finding a place as he just lost another to Xander and Chloe as he’s always showing up late. Stephanie offers to refer him to their real estate agent which Brady says he would appreciate. Brady tells them to enjoy their new place and tells Chad to enjoy his new job. Chad responds that he doesn’t have a new job and questions how Brady heard about that. Brady informs him that Alex told him and he wasn’t too happy about it.

Maggie questions why Alex is moving out. Alex responds that he’s just not that comfortable here anymore and he hasn’t been sleeping well. Maggie suggests he could switch rooms or mattresses. Alex clarifies that’s not what is making him uncomfortable, it’s Maggie.

Kristen gets a call from EJ, informing her that Megan has escaped. Kristen panics and remarks that she wouldn’t be surprised if Megan takes them all out one by one. Kristen thanks EJ for the heads up and warns him to watch his back. Kristen then hangs up. The door to the tunnels suddenly opens. Kristen grabs a fireplace poker but is shocked when her daughter Rachel emerges from the tunnels and hugs her.

Stephanie tells Chad that they will need a lot of furniture. Chad says it will be a lot of shopping. Stephanie gets a text that their realtor will be there in an hour with the keys. Chad says that gives him enough time to go give Maggie his decision. Stephanie kisses him and wishes him luck. Chad says he’ll be back soon and exits.

Alex tells Maggie that he just doesn’t want to live in the same house with the woman who fired him. Maggie argues that Alex is the one who signed with Titan’s biggest competitor and stole a huge client away from her. Alex argues that is not what happened. Alex apologizes and says he gets it’s how she sees the deal. Maggie insists it’s what he did. Alex says they will have to agree to disagree but they can both agree that this living situation is not healthy for either of them. Maggie asks if he at least said goodbye to Victor. Alex says no as he was taking a nap and he didn’t want to wake him. Alex says he’ll see her around. Maggie stops him and says whatever happened between them doesn’t change the fact that they will always be family. Maggie asks where Alex is going to live. Alex responds that he’ll let her know when he finds a place as he then exits.

Brady walks through the town square and runs in to Chloe. Chloe asks how he is. Brady says he’s okay but a little frustrated as he’s been trying to find a place to live for he and Rachel but he just lost another one to Chad and Stephanie. Brady adds that he was hoping to find a place before Rachel came back from camp. Brady then gets a call from the camp, who informs him that Rachel has gone missing from camp. Brady questions where the hell she could’ve gone.

Kristen tells Rachel that she has missed her so much and she’s so happy to see her. Kristen then questions what she’s doing here when she’s supposed to be at camp. Rachel questions why Kristen cares since she never came to see her before she left and didn’t say goodbye. Kristen explains that her aunt Megan had her locked up in the basement. Kristen assures that nothing else could have stopped her from seeing her off. Kristen hugs her and says she’s so happy that she came to see her, but she’s going to have to take her back to camp. Rachel says no way.

Leo questions Dimitri seriously telling him that he’s queer. Leo asks if Dimitri thinks he’s stupid and wants him to believe he’s gay. Dimitri says that he is. Leo brings up Dimitri sleeping with Gwen and proposing to her. Dimitri confirms that it was to get the inheritance money. Dimitri adds that Leo was right all along that he had an ulterior motive and now he knows what it is.

Xander tells Gwen that he heard Dimitri bragging about proposing to her. Xander remarks that Dimitri is so full of himself and questions how he could possibly have room left in his heart for her. Xander asks why Gwen would even consider marrying such a narcissistic, pompous jerk. Gwen argues that he’s actually a generous and loyal person who happens to be in love with her. Gwen then reveals that she said yes to marrying Dimitri and she can’t wait to be his wife.

Leo brings up Dimitri’s fling with Billie Reed. Dimitri says he was playing her too. Leo thinks he’s playing him but Dimitri says it’s not like that. Leo insists that he’s not gullible, stupid, naïve, or a pushover. Dimitri implores him not to reveal his intentions or his sexual orientation to anyone and says he’s willing to give himself to Leo as a means to that end. Dimitri adds that it wouldn’t be a sacrifice as he’s very much looking forward to giving himself to Leo. Leo asks if he’s saying he’s attracted to him which Dimitri confirms that he is.

Xander asks Gwen if she’s sure this is a good idea when she just met Dimitri and knows the horrific things he’s done. Gwen acknowledges that he hasn’t led an exemplary life but he says that she brings out the best in him. Gwen adds that he knows how she likes bad boys and she’s no angel herself. Xander can’t help but wonder if maybe this has less to do with her being in love with Dimitri and more to do with him getting with Chloe. Gwen complains of Xander’s massive ego and insists it’s not about that. Gwen says that Xander has moved on from her, so she would very much like to move on from him. Gwen calls this a very positive step in that direction and asks why Xander can’t just be happy for her. Gwen goes over her history, pointing out that Jake cheated on her, Chad was in love with Abigail, and Xander never really got over Sarah. Gwen states that now for the first time in her life, there is a man who wants to be with her and only her…

Dimitri tells Leo that he’s wanted to be with him since he first saw him in Arizona. Leo argues that Dimitri was in to Billie and wanted to kill him. Dimitri disagrees and says he was just attempting to hide his desire for him. Dimitri claims he’s always found Leo attractive and so interesting. Dimitri lists off what he likes about Leo and says he thinks he’s so hot. Dimitri understands Leo doesn’t want to betray his best friend, but asks if it’s any better to betray his own desires. Dimitri says the heat between them is undeniable and they can’t fight the pull much longer. Leo agrees and kisses Dimitri. Leo then stops and agrees to give himself to Dimitri if he promises to be gentle, because he won’t be. Leo then shoves Dimitri onto the bed and gets on top of him.

Brady finishes his call with the camp and tells Chloe about Rachel going missing from camp and he bets that she is with Kristen now.

Rachel complains to Kristen that camp was stupid and she wants to stay here with her. Kristen wishes she could but says there’s a lot going on with their family and it’s very complicated. Kristen reminds Rachel that Brady has full custody and he makes the decisions, so she needs to call him. Rachel thought they were fighting that. Kristen responds that she is but it’s very hard as she needs a lawyer and nobody wants to take her case. Rachel argues that there has to be some way they can be together as Kristen hugs her.

Chad goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and informs Maggie that he came to give her his decision. Maggie hopes he’s decided to come to work for her at Titan as she thinks they could do great things together. Chad agrees.

Alex shows up at the apartment that Stephanie is getting with Chad and reveals that he was hoping to move in.

Dimitri and Leo lay in bed after having sex. Leo jokes that Dimitri has a magic penis as they kiss until Leo stops and says this can’t go on like this when Gwen is his best friend. Dimitri asks if he’s saying they can’t see each other again. Leo says no to that but he has to cancel his proposal to Gwen. Leo adds that Gwen will be hurt but she would be more hurt being the wife of a gay man and he can help her through that. Dimitri asks how he’s going to help her when he’s involved with the man who had just turned his back on her. Leo says they can leave that part out. Dimitri reveals that Gwen already said yes to his proposal. Dimitri adds that he genuinely likes Gwen but it’s Leo that he wants. Leo questions him suggesting that he marries Gwen and keeps him as a side piece. Leo declares there is no way that is happening. Dimitri complains that he will lose a staggering amount of money if he’s not married by the time he turns 40 which is the end of the month. Leo says he’d hate to see him lose that money but this situation begs a question. Leo points out that the contract states that Dimitri has to be married by the time he’s 40, but it does not say he has to marry a female. Dimitri then asks if Leo is asking him to marry him.

Xander asks Gwen how she can be sure that Dimitri is being straight with her when she knows he’s a con man but Gwen says she doesn’t want to hear it and that’s none of his business. Xander says he just wants her to be happy, especially after how he hurt her. Gwen acknowledges that they hurt each other. Gwen knows she’s taking a chance but says she’s not naïve or stupid. Xander knows she can handle herself so he agrees to shut up now. Xander advises her to just be careful with Dimitri. Gwen appreciates his concern but says she doesn’t appreciate him fornicating all over the office so she suggests sanitizing it as she then exits.

Maggie tells Chad that they will work out all the details of his contract and she’s sure he will be pleased with the terms. Maggie excitedly hugs him and says she’s so happy about this. Chad informs her that he has a new job while he and Stephanie found an apartment together. Chad adds that it’s none of his business, but he was wondering if it would be uncomfortable for her and Victor with Alex living there while working for DiMera. Maggie reveals that he won’t have to worry about that because Alex just moved out.

Alex informs Stephanie that he decided it was uncomfortable and that he wanted his own place. Stephanie says it makes sense but apparently Salem has a hot rental market, noting that Brady was just there looking too but she and Chad had already decided to take it. Alex congratulates her then. Stephanie thanks him and informs him that Chad has decided to take Alex’s old job at Titan. Alex says good for him. Stephanie mentions that Chad is excited about it, but she hopes it doesn’t set them back since they have gotten to a really good place after everything they have been through. Stephanie doesn’t want things to change that as she really would like for them to be friends. Alex responds that he’d really like that too and decides he’s going to find himself a place to live. Alex says he’ll see her soon and exits.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Kristen where their daughter is.

Chad returns to Stephanie at the apartment and informs her that Maggie was thrilled that he accepted her offer. Stephanie says she is too as they kiss. Chad asks if the realtor came. Stephanie says not yet and then there’s a knock at the door but it’s Alex, who delivers their lease and keys to them and explains that the realtor asked him to drop them off on his way home. Chad argues that he doesn’t live anywhere near there. Alex then reveals that he just got a place directly across the hall from them.

Chloe returns to Xander at the Spectator office and asks how it went with Gwen. Xander says better than expected as Gwen was in an unusually good mood. Xander asks if Chloe is okay. Chloe explains that she ran in to Brady, who found out that Rachel went missing from camp. Xander says that’s terrible but Chloe notes that Brady has a pretty good idea of where she went.

Kristen pretends not to know what Brady is talking about when it comes to Rachel missing from camp. Brady tells her not to do these mind games and to just tell the truth for once. Brady asks if Kristen is hiding Rachel or not. Kristen swears that if Rachel was there, she would tell him. Rachel hides outside the door and then sneaks upstairs.

Gwen walks through the town square and calls Leo but it goes to voicemail. Gwen leaves a message that she was hoping he would pick up because she wanted to share the news with him in person, but she just couldn’t wait to share the wonderful news with her most trusted and loyal friend. Gwen then announces that she said yes to Dimitri and for the first time in her life, she might actually have a chance of real happiness…

Leo asks Dimitri what if he was asking him to marry him. Dimitri brings up his old world family and values. Dimitri wishes they were able to accept that but states that the contract does specify he must be married to a woman. Leo points out that Gwen does really like him and maybe even loves him. Dimitri promises to take care of Gwen in his own way, but Leo has to promise no one can know about this since it would only hurt Gwen. Leo talks about how many men he’s thrown himself at and they always turn out to be either too straight or too nice. Dimitri jokes that he’s neither. Leo asks him to promise this isn’t some sort of a trick. Dimitri swears that it’s not and then asks Leo to swear that no one will know about this. Dimitri says he hopes this happens again and again. Leo swears that it will be their little secret as they lay in bed together, while Rachel overhears from the hallway.

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