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Chanel goes home to Paulina and brings in flowers that they received. Chanel reads the card and that the flowers were from John and Marlena. Paulina calls them good friends who loved Abe so much and says they must be grieving as well, so she feels she should send them something. Chanel encourages her to just take care of herself right now.

John has a dream about finding Abe on the docks and then Abe saying goodbye. John then wakes up in a panic.

Whitley goes home with her mail and sees the front page of the newspaper about Abe being presumed dead. Whitley goes to throw it away but Abe comes in and questions what she is doing.

Eli goes to Theo’s room at the Salem Inn and hugs him. Theo asks if Eli has seen the newspaper saying that Abe is dead and that Rafe thinks so too. Theo cries that he keeps losing all the people he loves. Lani then arrives and says he hasn’t lost her as they embrace. Theo questions her being there. Lani explains that she hasn’t been released from prison but Eli convinced them to let her go for Abe’s funeral and she just has to wear an ankle monitor. Theo hugs her and is thankful that she is there. Lani tells him that she’s grateful to be there but she’s so sorry she couldn’t have been there when Abe first went missing. Eli assures that there is nothing she could have done that Steve, John, and Rafe didn’t try. Theo doesn’t get how no one saw Abe. Lani encourages him to be strong for each other because that is what Abe would’ve wanted as they hug.

Kayla joins Steve in the living room at home. Kayla comments on Steve not coming to bed last night. Steve knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep as he still can’t believe that Abe fell off the docks and drowned. Kayla brings up the evidence. Steve points out that evidence can be fabricated. Kayla asks if that’s what he thinks happened. Steve feels it’s too easy.

Marlena comments on John waking up in a sweat, calling out Abe’s name. John laments another damn nightmare. Marlena asks if he wants to talk about it. John explains that in the dream, he found Abe at the docks and then he was gone. John complains that Paulina trusted that he and Steve would find Abe, but he let her down and let Abe down.

Abe asks what Whitley is doing with the newspaper. She admits she was getting rid of it before he woke up because she didn’t want him to get upset. Abe responds that he is upset now because he doesn’t like being handled. Whitley tells him that something terrible happened at the docks as a local man who had gone missing was found in the water and now his poor family can have closure because they had been looking for him for weeks. Abe says he feels sorry for them, but he’s not falling apart, so he’d like to read that story for himself.

Chanel gets lasagna at the door that Maggie and Victor sent over. Chanel encourages Paulina to take a shower and get dressed but Paulina says for now, she just needs to sit here as she hugs Chanel.

Whitley tells Abe that she’s putting her foot down because the details are too upsetting and the doctors say they have to keep his stress levels to a minimum. Abe argues that he feels fine. Whitley claims she’s scared all the time. Abe apologizes as he knows this isn’t easy for her. Whitley says she just can’t lose him and talks about having to go to work and leaving him home alone. Abe assures that he feels fine and she doesn’t have to worry about him. Whitley decides to go get ready for work, insisting that she’s doing this for him and it’s what’s best for him.

Marlena feels John is being too hard on himself when he and Steve did everything they could to find Abe. John feels they must not have done enough. John states that the worst part is that they gave Paulina hope by telling her it doesn’t make sense how Abe could’ve gotten all the way to the docks without someone recognizing him. John acknowledges the hospital bracelet and his blood was on the scene as well as the eye witness.

Lani tells Theo about getting to see her kids and how they are too young to understand what’s going on. Fireworks begin going off outside. Theo realizes it’s the 4th of July which means it’s Eli and Lani’s anniversary. Theo asks them what’s wrong as they both seemed weird when he brought up their anniversary. Eli reveals that they’ve decided not to celebrate this year. Lani says it’s because of Abe. Theo argues that is a reason they should celebrate because of how happy Abe was for them. Lani cries that she can’t have champagne and a fancy dinner without Abe there. Theo apologizes for upsetting her. Eli hugs Lani as she cries. Eli suggests they head over to Paulina’s and invites Theo, but Theo says he’ll come later as he thinks Paulina will want to spend some time alone with Lani. Theo adds that he has something he has to do.

Steve asks Kayla if she really thinks Abe was physically capable of getting out of the hospital on his own. Kayla admits she didn’t think so at first but supposes it’s possible. Steve talks about the police putting out an APB and searching for weeks for one of the most well known people in the city but they get no reports until one day, the first person to see Abe sees him fall in to the water and drown and the case is closed. Steve feels something doesn’t add up. Steve questions how Abe would’ve survived the weeks before that since he suffered amnesia and was recovering from a head injury. Kayla asks if he still thinks Colin did it. Steve says maybe he kidnapped Abe, but he was in jail most of the time that Abe was missing. Steve doesn’t understand how Abe didn’t end up in social services. Kayla brings up Abe being instrumental in helping the homeless and says this is scaring her. Theo arrives at the door. Kayla hugs him and says she’s so glad he came over. Steve hugs him and says he’s so sorry. Steve calls it a tough day and apologizes that he and John didn’t come through for them. Theo says they did their best and he just came to thank them for the donation to Abe’s charity. Kayla talks about how they really loved Abe and they love Theo so they are here for him, always.

John thinks back to a past time with Abe. Marlena asks where he was just now. John responds that he was thinking of the moment he found out that he wasn’t the person he thought he was and how his whole life changed in an instant and Abe was there. John declares that his friendship with Abe was the one thing that was still the same in his life. John wishes he could’ve been as good a friend to Abe as he had always been to him. Marlena encourages that he was and that Abe always knew that. John complains that he was so damn sure they were going to find Abe and that he was being held against his will, but he was so damn wrong.

Abe turns on the TV as Whitley tells him that she’s off to work now. She asks if he’s still mad at her. Abe responds that he’s not mad and he just gets a bit lonely when she’s gone. She thought he was catching up on Body and Soul. Abe remarks that it would be nice to have people who talk back and suggests Theo could come hang out for awhile. Whitley tells him that Theo had to travel back to South Africa. Abe questioning his son leaving town without saying goodbye. Whitley claims that Theo stopped by but Abe was resting and she didn’t want to disturb him. Abe argues that she should’ve woken him up. Whitley agreed and apologizes. Abe then asks about Chanel and if she can come see him.

Paulina tells Chanel that she just keeps thinking about the heartache she caused Abe with her secrets and lies. Chanel encourages that she more than made up for it with her love as Abe was crazy about her. Eli and Lani then show up at the door, surprising Chanel.

Kayla encourages Theo to remember to eat and that they are there if he ever feels alone or needs to talk. Theo thanks them and thinks he’s going to be okay, especially now that his sister is here.

Chanel tells Paulina that she won’t believe this. Lani then enters, shocking Paulina as they embrace.

John apologizes to Marlena for talking about and thinking about himself when Marlena is going through this too. Marlena states that it is hitting her hard too, but that doesn’t mean he can’t talk about how he’s feeling. Marlena says the only way to get through this is to talk about their feelings. Marlena thinks she has an idea.

Kayla tells Theo that Paulina must have been thrilled to see Lani and is thankful to Eli for bringing her home. Theo points out that it’s only temporary. Kayla is glad the whole family will be together for the funeral. Theo brings up how when his mom died, he got to say goodbye but his dad just disappeared. Theo cries that it doesn’t make sense to him.

Paulina tells Lani that she’s so grateful that she’s here, even if it is for a terribly sad reason. Lani responds that she’s grateful too even if it is for a short time. Lani states that part of her doesn’t feel like Abe is really gone as it’s so surreal. Paulina complains that the way it happened just doesn’t make sense to her. Paulina says maybe that’s because they didn’t get to say goodbye to him or see him. Paulina asks how they can have a proper funeral without a body.

Whitley informs Abe that Chanel intended to come over but she’s been swamped at the bakery. Abe guesses that means another day of staring at the walls. Whitley encourages him about watching Body and Soul.

Eli says there is no telling when or if Abe’s body will ever be found. Lani points out that they didn’t waste any time declaring Abe dead even though there’s no evidence proving it as fact. Lani wants to see the evidence and tells Eli that she wants to go to the police station. Eli notes that’s against policy but says given the circumstances, he doesn’t think Rafe would mind. Lani asks to go now but Paulina argues that it’s her anniversary so she shouldn’t be spending it at the police station, especially when nothing she finds there can bring back Abe. Lani insists that she has to see the evidence for herself or she’ll never sleep again. Paulina knows there is no changing her mind. Chanel decides to walk Lani and Eli out as she has to get back to the bakery. Chanel asks if Paulina will be okay by herself. Paulina responds that she better get used to it.

John and Marlena go to Steve and Kayla’s where they are surprised to see Theo. Marlena hugs Theo and says it’s so good to see him and that she’s so sorry about Abe. Theo tells John that he knows how hard he and Steve worked to find Abe and he’s very grateful. Steve calls Abe one of the best men and says they loved him a lot. Theo says Abe knew that and gets emotional. Marlena asks if he wants to talk. Theo thinks he should get going and mentions that Lani is there. Marlena sends their love to Lani and Paulina. Kayla says to call if there’s anything they can do. Theo says it was nice to see them all again. Steve tells him to come back any time as Theo then exits. Steve and John complain that they should have found Abe. Marlena feels they are blaming themselves too much when they did everything they could and did their very best.

Whitley tells Abe that she wishes she could stay and watch Body and Soul with him but she has to get to work, so she tells him to have fun and exits.

Eli brings Lani to the police station and asks if she’s okay. Lani says it’s just really weird being back here with so many memories, mainly meeting Eli and falling in love. They talk about getting married and living happily ever after as they kiss.

John agrees that he and Steve busted their ass to find Abe. John thinks he’s just blaming himself because it’s a lot easier than accepting the fact that Abe is gone. Steve feels the same. John tells Steve about his dream of Abe. John mentions that in the dream, Abe just walked away from him and didn’t fall in the water. Marlena asks about the end of the dream and for more details. John explains that in the dream, he was going to call Paulina but Abe said he couldn’t stay and then said goodbye, turned around and walked off. Marlena feels something is wrong. Steve agrees, repeating that Abe had amnesia and questions how he survived all those weeks with no one seeing him or looking after him. John brings up the witness being the only person to see him which means Abe had to get all the way down to the dock without anyone seeing him. Steve declares that they need to get back to work.

Lani and Eli go over the evidence in Abe’s case in the interrogation room. Lani recalls when she first came to Salem and being determined to prove that Abe was her biological father but she was wrong. Eli encourages that Abe is her father in every way that counts. Lani goes over Jerry’s witness statement and sees his photo which she notes looks like a professional photo. Eli notes that Jada dug that up and it turns out that Jerry is an actor.

Abe continues watching Body and Soul where Jerry shows up as an actor in the show. Abe recognizes him and questions it being Theo.

Whitley shows up at Paulina’s door. Paulina asks what she’s doing there.

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