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At the DiMera Mansion, Megan calls Li and tells him about EJ and Kristen refusing the breakfast that she brought them. Li assumes that being held captive is not the most enjoyable pastime. Megan remarks that they can’t have two turncoats on the loose as they cast a shadow on her bright vision for the future. Megan asks if Li has good news for her. Li confirms that he does and he’ll be leaving soon as Dr. Rolf will be arriving any moment. Megan reminds Li to make sure that Dr. Rolf knows they expect him to brainwash Harris Michaels. Megan declares that once she has Harris under her control again, nothing can stop them.

Kate meets with Harris at the Brady Pub and says they have a lot to discuss. Harris first asks if there’s any news on Abe. Kate responds that they still have nothing. Kate remarks that Megan is still free to walk the streets while a good guy like Abe is nowhere to be found.

Abe gets a headache and thinks he needs to rest. Jerry offers to help Abe up but notes that he doesn’t seem very steady and asks if he has a cane to help him out. Abe then stops and has a flashback to a conversation with Theo about his walking cane before his wedding. Abe looks confused as Jerry asks if something is wrong. Abe then declares that he’s not his son.

At the police station, Eli finishes a phone call and tells Theo to give him three minutes and he’ll come back to talk to him. Theo stops him and asks why he’s questioning Nurse Whitley about Abe. Eli explains that when he reviewed the case file, he saw that Whitley left the hospital early and he wanted to know why and she said she wasn’t feeling well. Theo asks if he believes her.

Whitley waits in the interrogation room and says with the FBI breathing down her neck, she has no choice as she declares that Abe is going to have to die.

Rafe goes to Jada’s and knocks on the door, saying she has some good news. Jada then answers the door in a towel. Rafe apologizes and says he tried calling but she didn’t pick up. Jada says she was in the shower so she’s lucky that she heard him knock.

Jerry thinks back to Whitley instructing him to improvise in his acting as Theo. Jerry tries telling Abe that it’s just his amnesia talking and insists that he is his son, Theo, but that Abe just isn’t really himself right now. Abe responds that he may not be 100% but he just now had a vivid memory of his wedding day where he was talking to his best man, his son and it wasn’t him. Jerry decides to go get him a glass of water. As he heads in to the kitchen, he texts Whitley about an emergency as Abe is saying he’s not his son.

Eli informs Theo that when a hospital employee is sick, the protocol is to leave immediately so she did the right thing but it got his attention because when Rafe questioned her, she didn’t mention it. Whitley then comes out from the interrogation room and tells Eli that she really must get home, so she asks if there’s anything else he needs from her today. Eli asks if everything is okay. Whitley repeats that her cat is sick and her neighbor has to leave, so she must get home to tend to him. Eli agrees to let her go and says if he needs anything, she will hear from him. Eli thanks her for coming in as Whitley hurries out of the police station. Theo comments on Whitley seeming super anxious.

Rafe tells Jada that he’s sorry but once he heard the news, he dropped everything and rushed over. Rafe explains that Belle came to the station looking for Jada as apparently Melinda agreed to cut some sort of deal so that Talia won’t be facing any jail time. Jada excitedly hugs Rafe and thanks him. Rafe and Jada then end up kissing.

Megan assures Li that everything is secure with EJ and Kristen, pointing out that she just sends texts from EJ’s phone to Nicole and Stefan while no one is looking for Kristen so she just put her phone in a drawer. Li repeats that he will be meeting with Dr. Rolf shortly. Megan tells Li to remind Dr. Rolf that time is of the essence, so whatever he needs, they will have it. Li brings up that there is something Dr. Rolf needs that they haven’t discussed and that’s Harris Michaels himself. Megan tells him not to worry as he’s within their grasp and then he will take out Stefan so that their hands are clean. Li declares that in her grief, Gabi will turn to him. Megan remarks that her little brother Stefan is in for quite a surprise. Stefan then walks in to the living room and questions that.

Rafe and Jada kiss until Rafe stops and apologizes, saying he shouldn’t have. Jada responds that if he hadn’t, she would have. Jada explains that she ran in to Kate downstairs and they were talking. Jada says that what Kate said really changed her perspective as she told her that what they do at work is one thing but what they do in the privacy of their own homes is nobody’s business. Jada thinks Kate is absolutely right.

Kate appreciates Harris’ concern for Abe but says they have other pressing things to talk about, like Shawn ruining his plan to grab Megan. Harris explains that Megan was armed and Shawn was drunk, so he had to get Shawn out of there as Megan could’ve killed him. Kate points out that Megan could still kill him since she’s free to create whatever chaos she wants to and she also knows that Harris is coming after her. Kate asks how they proceed now that he no longer has the element of surprise. Harris responds that he’s well aware of his situation and reveals that he already planned for his next encounter with Megan, before he even left the property.

Megan hangs up and tells Stefan that she didn’t hear him come in. Stefan questions what this big surprise is that she has in store for him. Megan responds that it’s a good surprise but Stefan is not comforted by that. Megan claims it has to do with the party that she’s planning to celebrate his engagement to Gabi. Stefan says she already told them about the party so it’s not a surprise. Megan notes that she didn’t say when it is and then suggests he not make plans for tomorrow night. Megan guesses now that he knows, she’ll have to figure out another surprise for him for tomorrow night.

Eli tells Theo that anyone would be anxious while being questioned by the FBI. Theo is uncertain and notes that she seemed super nervous when he talked to her earlier, like her hands were shaking. Theo asks what Whitley said about why she didn’t tell Rafe that she left early on the day that Abe disappeared. Eli says she just didn’t think it was important. Theo suggests maybe it was important and that’s why she didn’t say anything. Theo states that somebody took Abe from the hospital that day and Whitley is unaccounted for that day, so he hopes he’s not ruling her out.

Jerry brings Abe some water but he slaps it out of his hand and demands to know who the hell he is. Jerry continues claiming to be his son. Whitley then comes home and asks if they had fun catching up. Abe responds that they did not. Jerry tells her that there is a problem as Abe keeps saying he’s not who he says he is. Whitley insists that Jerry is Theo but Abe calls that a damn lie as he is not his son and he doesn’t even know him. Whitley offers to get him water but Abe shouts that he doesn’t want any. Abe wants the truth. Abe reiterates that he had a very clear memory of their wedding day and recalls his real son saying his best man had him covered. Abe calls Jerry an impostor and declares that now he’s starting to question everything.

Eli tells Theo that he’s not ruling anyone out just yet, including Whitley, but the issue is evidence. Theo asks about hospital security cameras. Eli says they checked and found nothing, but admits that Whitley would know where the cameras are and how to avoid them. Eli goes over her hospital record not having one negative word. Theo questions giving up on her because she’s a good nurse. Eli knows this is hard but promises that he’s not ruling anyone out just yet. Eli adds that he put in a request for a background check on Whitley. Eli suggests they go see what the FBI turned up. Eli promises that if Whitley is telling stories, it won’t hold up under FBI scrutiny. Eli and Theo then head in to the interrogation room.

Whitley tells Abe that he’s getting worked up over nothing and that there’s a simple explanation for everything. Abe argues that there is nothing simple. Whitley claims that Jerry is Theo and that Abe is remembering his other son, Brandon.

Jada tells Rafe that she would never do anything to jeopardize his career. Rafe says he was just thinking the same thing. Jada asks if Kate got to him too. Rafe explains that Eli had asked about them and guesses it was obvious. Rafe notes that Eli had been through a similar situation with Lani, although they were partners and he wasn’t her boss but they were meant to be. Rafe adds that even now, nothing can stop them as Eli is patiently waiting for Lani to get out. Rafe states that talking to Eli got him thinking that this doesn’t matter about a rule or a law as if it’s meant to be, then it will be. Jada asks if he’s saying they are meant to be. Rafe responds that he wants to find out as they kiss.

Li meets Dr. Rolf on the pier and welcomes him home. Dr. Rolf informs him that he came on Princess Gina’s submarine. Dr. Rolf talks about being wary of the authorities after deprogramming Stefan. Li comments on his skills in that department. Dr. Rolf says he can’t ask him to mess with Stefan’s brain again. Li says this isn’t about Stefan and reminds him of Harris Michaels. Li informs him that Megan needs Harris back under her control which Rolf laughs at.

Kate asks Harris how he’s prepared for his next encounter with Megan. Harris explains that after taking Shawn out of the house, he placed a tracking device on Megan’s car, so eventually she will come out and will be his.

Stefan apologizes to Megan for spoiling the surprises but guesses it’s just as well since EJ won’t be back from his business trip by tomorrow. She tells him he won’t have to worry about EJ crashing his party. Stefan notes that he would like to include Kristen though and asks if Megan has seen her. Stefan mentions that he looked in Kristen’s room, but her bed looked like it hadn’t been slept in. Stefan asks if she knows anything about where Kristen is. Megan says they can’t keep anything from him and that she’s afraid Kristen is indisposed tomorrow as well. Stefan questions how she knows. Megan claims that she saw Kristen leave, she said goodbye and left town last night. Stefan argues that ever since Kristen has been back, all she has wanted is custody of her daughter, and now she out of the blue books a vacation somewhere. Megan says she said she just left town but she hasn’t given up on her daughter. Megan says that DiMera has cannibalized all the competent lawyers in town, so she went to New York to find a custody lawyer to grind Brady in to the ground. Megan adds that she had quite a list, so she doesn’t expect her in back in the coming days or maybe weeks. Stefan questions if Kristen left last night, who the extra breakfast plate belongs to.

Dr. Rolf asks Li what Megan has up her sleeve this time since her last escapade was about an elixir for eternal youth. Li says all he knows is that she needs his special talent for her ambitious plan. Li asks if he’s up to the task of getting Harris Michaels back under Megan’s control. Dr. Rolf responds that this will be child’s play and he could do it in his sleep.

Rafe and Jada lay in bed together after having sex. They talk about it being better than imagined. Rafe asks now what. Jada wants this to keep happening for real which Rafe agrees with as they continue kissing.

Eli and Theo go over the background check on Whitley King but find nothing remarkable. Eli declares that he’s sorry but this isn’t the profile of a criminal. Eli knows Theo had his hopes up but remarks that upstanding citizens don’t just turn to crime for no reason and it looks like Whitley doesn’t have a reason.

Whitley asks Abe if that clears everything up. Abe says hell no and questions why the hell she didn’t tell him that he had another son and why she would keep that from him. Whitley knows she should’ve told him but claims he hasn’t seen Brandon since the wedding as he doesn’t approve and they had a falling out. Whitley hopes that clears everything up now. Abe guesses it does and apologizes to Jerry for being harsh on him before. Jerry claims he’s just worried about him and wants him to get better. Whitley suggests they get Jerry to the hotel to rest, so she walks him out. She tells Jerry that he’s so lucky that Abe has another son, complaining that she told him to improvise. Jerry argues that he tried. She tells him that they don’t have time to waste as there is something else she needs him to do for her. She instructs him to wait there as there’s something she has to go do first. Whitley then heads back inside with a syringe and tells Abe not to worry as it won’t take long. She claims she needs a blood sample from him for the hospital.

Rafe suggests to Jada that they never get out of bed and just leave the world behind but he knows they have jobs to do. Jada suggests at work, they are consummate professionals in the force, but behind closed doors, they are committed to each other. Rafe likes that option as they kiss. Jada reminds him they need to get back to work. Rafe says he does, but she has to get the rest that he ordered her to get as they continue kissing.

Whitley tells Abe that she will just run his blood sample down to the hospital. Abe offers to go with her but she insists that he stay and rest. Whitley assures that doing things her way will be best for all of them as she then exits. Whitley presents Jerry with Abe’s blood sample and says this is what she needs him to d.

Megan claims that before Stefan came in, her son Dimitri was there but he turned his nose up at the breakfast sausages. Stefan says that’s his loss then and eats some of it. Megan jokes that she’ll be sure to include them on the menu for his last meal as a bachelor then.

Dr. Rolf gives Li a list of the tools he will need. Li responds that they will make Harris available to him very soon.

Kate asks Harris if it’s too late to reconsider Megan’s fate, feeling that it doesn’t make any sense to make her disappear if she’s going to make her way back here. Harris gives her his word that once Megan is gone, she’s not coming back. Kate asks if that’s arrogance or confidence. Harris calls it experience. Harris then gets an alert from the tracking device that Megan is leaving the house as they speak, so he better get going. Kate wishes him luck but Harris responds that luck will have nothing to do with this as he exits the Pub.

A few hours later, Stefan returns to the living room while on the phone with Gabi and says he guesses Megan already left as he was going to ask if there’s a small chance that Kristen could appear at their engagement party. Stefan decides that he will call Kristen herself. Stefan hangs up and calls Kristen, but finds her phone in a drawer in the room. Stefan questions why the hell Kristen would go to New York without her phone.

Megan walks through the park and runs in to Harris Michaels. Megan questions if he’s following her. Harris pulls a gun on her and declares that they have unfinished business.

Kate remarks that Megan’s moments are numbered. Jada comes downstairs and comments on Kate talking to herself but she didn’t hear what she was saying. Kate claims that she was just bemoaning her son Rex rarely getting in touch with her. Kate asks about seeing Rafe leave earlier and asks if she took her advice.

Jerry meets Rafe and Eli at the pier. Rafe tells him to start from the beginning and tell them everything he saw.

Theo walks through the town square and calls Brandon, saying there’s still no news about Abe but he thinks Eli and Rafe got a lead as they rushed down to check it out without telling him much. Theo hopes they will finally get some answers.

Whitley returns home. Abe comments on her being gone a long time. She says that she wanted to wait for his test results and announces that he passed with flying colors.

Jerry claims to Rafe and Eli that he was walking and saw someone on the docks, looking totally out of it and then he stumbled, hit his head and fell in to the water. Jerry claims he can’t swim or else he would’ve jumped in after him and no one else was around. Rafe instructs him to stay there as they check this out. Eli finds fresh blood on the ground. Rafe then finds Abe’s hospital ID bracelet.

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