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Belle questions Shawn drinking in the morning at home. Belle takes the bottle from him and threatens to pour it out. Belle gets that Shawn is in pain over shooting his dad and putting him in a coma, but says this has to stop.

Megan emerges from the secret tunnels and finds Harris Michaels in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Megan greets Harris and says she didn’t expect to see him there. Harris says that was intentional and questions what she was doing behind the wall.

EJ and Kristen remain tied up in the wine cellar. EJ explains how he had set up a meeting for he and Nicole with the most highly sought after specialists for high risk pregnancies which was almost impossible to get but he managed it. EJ talks about how much it meant to him to be the father of Nicole’s baby and with Nicole’s history, they were eager to find out if she could carry the baby to term but now their sadistic sister has him tied up here.

Nicole waits around at the hospital and gets a text from EJ’s phone that Megan sent, saying he’s sorry but he has to miss their appointment and to go meet the doctor without him. Kayla greets Nicole and tells her that the specialist is on her way. Kayla asks where EJ is. Nicole asks if she means the man who is supposedly excited to be the father of her child.

Eric and Sloan are at Sloan’s apartment. Sloan finishes a call and informs Eric that she tried to get Colin transferred to Bayview because of his bad mental state but Melinda won’t go for it, so Colin is still at the police department and will probably end up in prison for the rest of his life. Eric asks what he can do. Sloan says nothing except hold her as they hug and then kiss.

Dimitri shows up at Gwen’s door with roses but Leo interrupts, takes the roses and throws them in the trash. Gwen argues that Leo is being extremely rude. Leo argues that at least he’s not being a phony like Dimitri. Leo talks about Dimitri wanting him dead, but says he’s on to him. Leo calls Gwen his truest and best friend in the world, so he’s not going to sit back and watch Dimitri take advantage of her.

Megan claims to Harris that she was merely getting acquainted with her famous family home. Megan questions what exactly Harris is doing here. Harris thinks back to telling Kate of his plan to exile Megan permanently. Harris then informs Megan that he’s done watching her hurt people.

EJ complains that he has to get out of here and to the appointment. Kristen admits that she didn’t know becoming a father again meant this much to him. EJ admits that Nicole’s happiness means the most to him. EJ talks about getting her pregnant twice before and she miscarried both times which crushed her, so he doesn’t want her to go through that again. Kristen asks if EJ really loves Nicole. EJ confirms that he does, even if she doesn’t feel the same way about him.

Nicole tells Kayla about how EJ pulled strings to make this appointment happen and now he’s not even coming with no explanation. Kayla finds it really surprising since EJ seemed really excited about the pregnancy. Nicole assures that he is and wonders if she’s just overreacting to EJ disappearing.

Shawn tells Belle to give him the bottle back and argues that he’s not hurting anyone. Belle reminds him that he was wasted and ready to drive the other night, so she’s just praying he doesn’t hurt anyone else since he’s hurting himself enough with it. Shawn mocks the idea of just getting over shooting his dad. Belle wants him to deal with it in the right way which is not drinking himself in to a stupor. Belle asks Shawn to go talk to Marlena, so maybe she can help him process all his guilt. Shawn laughs off the idea of going to therapy. Belle knows it won’t be easy or immediate, but she thinks talking to someone about it will help give him some perspective instead of torturing himself. Shawn argues that he deserves to be tortured and miserable as his punishment.

Kayla tells Nicole that there is still time for EJ to get there and she’ll come find her in a bit as she heads to her office. Nicole texts EJ, asking why he can’t be there and if he can at least tell her what is so damn important. Belle arrives at the hospital and asks Nicole if everything is okay. Nicole tells her that she’s just frustrated and trying to reach EJ but it’s a long story and she just wishes he was there. Belle says she’s sorry and asks if it’s about her being pregnant, noting that she read about it in Leo’s column. Nicole confirms that it is. Belle guesses the story is accurate then and EJ is the father. Nicole says they did a paternity test so it’s definitive. Belle guesses that probably hit Eric pretty hard.

Sloan and Eric lay in bed together. Sloan guesses she must come off so needy to him. Eric says they need each other at times and reminds her that he’s here for her. Sloan wants to be here in his arms all day, but she has to be in court soon. Eric offers to go with her to help her get through it. Sloan asks if he would do that for her after everything Colin has done including putting Abe in the hospital. Sloan thinks Eric would be crazy to want to be seen out with her. Eric says love is a two way street and she’s been there for him, so he’s going to be there for her. Sloan thinks back to faking the paternity test.

Leo says he’s protecting Gwen while Dimitri argues that he’s not even being clear, questioning how he’s taking advantage of Gwen. Leo argues that he knows what Dimitri is up to in turning on the charm so that the Spectator is running such a nice profile on him. Leo complains that Dimitri just wanted all this great free publicity for himself and says he won’t stand by while he manipulates Gwen to giving him more. Leo tells Dimitri to go ahead and kill him if he must, but at least he will go down knowing that he was defending his best friend from his nefarious behavior.

Megan tells Harris that she’s insulted by his baseless accusations. Harris tells her to save it as he knows she has someone in her sights now, questioning who it is. Megan mocks him having a savior complex and questions him being Salem’s self appointed protector. Harris argues that someone has to protect the town from her and he’s proud to be the one to do it. Harris feels it’s the least he can do after all the damage he caused the people of Salem while he was under her control. Megan calls him such a disappointment. Harris responds that he’s about to become more disappointing to her. Shawn then enters the room and questions what the hell is going on here.

Dimitri tells Leo that he just came by to thank Gwen for the story and swears he has no ulterior motives. Gwen tells Leo that he can be a bit overzealous at times while Leo feels she can be a bit gullible, worrying that Dimitri is a master manipulator. Gwen tells Dimitri that she defended Leo, so now he’s trying to return the favor but she can take care of herself. Leo insists that he won’t be fooled by Dimitri. Gwen tells Leo that he has a deadline to rush him out. Leo warns Dimitri that he has his eye on him as he exits the room. Gwen apologizes for Leo’s overactive imagination. Dimitri feels he should be the one apologizing to her as now that they are alone, he can tell her the truth that Leo was absolutely right about him.

Belle apologizes to Nicole for being insensitive, blaming having a really rough morning. Nicole asks what’s going on with her. Belle tells her that it’s Shawn struggling with what happened to Bo and it’s just getting worse. Belle wanted to bring him here to see Marlena but he didn’t come and she came anyway. Belle decides she will go talk to Marlena and says she knows Nicole doesn’t need to hear her about her problems. Belle apologizes again for bringing up Eric as she knows it’s complicated. Belle then heads to Marlena’s office.

Kristen asks if EJ thinks Nicole is using him or doesn’t have feelings for him. EJ clarifies that he’s just not confident that she loves him quite the same way that he loves her. Kristen asks why that is and then realizes that she didn’t say it back. EJ questions that being her concern and calls it complicated because of her past feelings for Eric Brady. EJ adds that it might be less complicated now that Eric has clearly moved on with Sloan.

Eric and Sloan eat together at the Brady Pub. Eric encourages her to keep her strength up despite worrying about Colin. Sloan tells Eric that it really touched her that he offered to go to court with her. Eric responds that he wants to support her because he loves her. Sloan says she loves him too which is why she doesn’t want him to forget about her offer to have a baby together. Eric assures he hasn’t forgotten but asks why she’s bringing it up now. Sloan feels he does so much for her that she wants to do something for him. Eric feels she has so much on her plate right now that he doesn’t think it’s the right time for them to have a baby. Kate walks in and asks why the hell not.

Shawn tells Harris so much for being done with Megan. Shawn asks who Harris is going to take out next and if Megan is trying to get him to go after Hope again. Harris stops Shawn and says he’s obviously been drinking. Harris clarifies that he came to deal with Megan, not make a deal with her. Harris reminds Shawn that they are on the same side. Shawn questions who asked him to do that because he decides who is on his side. Megan remarks that Shawn is absolutely nothing like Bo and calls him a pathetic drunk. Shawn argues that Megan is the reason he’s like this and questions how she’s not in prison after everything she did to his parents. Megan tells him to keep his distance. Shawn asks who is pathetic now and laughs at her, asking if she’s scared of having to pay for messing with Bo’s head. Megan tells Shawn to calm down and says if he tells her where Bo is, she can go apologize to him now. Shawn calls that hilarious and says it’s a little too late as he calls her a sadistic bitch. Shawn says the minute he found out Megan was here, he knew he needed to come do something. Shawn warns Megan that she’s going to pay. Megan then pulls her gun and says that’s enough out of him, unless he wants a bullet between his eyes.

Kate apologizes for eavesdropping but not for butting in. Eric asks what she heard. Kate says she heard enough. Kate admits that Sloan might not be a favorite of hers but that’s beside the point if they are serious enough about each other to be talking about having a baby, which she knows is important to Eric. Kate questions why he would wait if there’s a serious offer there. Eric argues that it’s not something to rush in to. Kate knows he’s trying to be responsible but argues that life is messy. Kate encourages Eric to plunge in and embrace the chaos instead of letting opportunities pass by. Kate talks about how she ended up on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Eric argues that it’s not that simple. Kate says she knows about Nicole and EJ. Kate says that didn’t work out, so he can make something else work out. Kate warns that if Eric waits, he’ll just get older, so if he really wants this, he needs to make it happen now.

Kristen tells EJ that it takes some time to process hearing “I love you”. EJ acknowledges that at the time, they didn’t know Nicole was pregnant and she didn’t know who the father was. Kristen states that she wouldn’t say it back under those circumstances either. EJ points out that they’ve known he’s the father for several days now and she still hasn’t said it back. Kristen argues that Nicole doesn’t know if she can carry the baby and is in a very stressful position. Kristen tells EJ just not to expect too much too soon. EJ remarks on Kristen actually trying to be helpful and questions if she’s really offering emotional support. Kristen jokes that if anyone asks, she will deny it. EJ wonders if maybe today was the day that Nicole was going to say it. EJ states that if he wasn’t trying to warn Stefan, he would be with Nicole at the hospital to see where they stand but instead he’s here, waiting for Megan to decide their fate.

Harris reaches towards Shawn but Megan warns him to stay exactly where he is. Megan calls Shawn a pathetic little weasel. Megan declares that she’s here grieving the loss of her Bo while Shawn is just drowning himself in booze and looking for someone else to blame for the bullet that he put in Bo. Shawn responds that he knows what he did and he hates himself for it, but admits he would do it again if he knew he was saving Hope’s life because he thought Bo was going to kill her. Megan wishes he had and remarks that they’d all be better off if he did. Megan holds her gun and warns Shawn to back away and not take another step. Megan complains that she waited years to have Bo back and Shawn ruined it in an instant. Megan warns that she can ruin him in an instant. Harris points out that he’s a witness, so if Megan pulls the trigger, she’ll go straight back to prison. Megan responds that there will be no witness if she goes this far. Megan argues that Shawn broke in to her house and threatened her, so she is well within her legal rights to end his pathetic life right now. Megan remarks that she just hopes it won’t permanently stain the carpet with his blood.

Gwen questions if Dimitri really was just using her to clean up his image. Dimitri says he would never do anything like that and that he just meant that Leo was right to assume that he did come with an agenda. Gwen asks what it is then. Dimitri informs her that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the day they met and that’s why he brought her flowers. Dimitri says he felt something ever since seeing her at the DiMera Mansion and has not been able to get her out of his head and his heart since. Dimitri apologizes for putting her on the spot, asking how she could possibly have the same feelings for him. Gwen asks what if she does. Dimitri asks if she means she actually has feelings for him. Gwen says when they had lunch the other day, she couldn’t believe how much they had in common and how alike they were. Gwen thought she was being too obvious with her feelings. Gwen hopes he’s seeing clearly now as they kiss.

Harris gets in between Shawn and Megan. Harris tells Megan to think, pointing out two dead bodies are going to mess up whatever Megan has cooking and they both know that she always has something planned. Harris says he will walk Shawn out and they will all live to fight another day. Harris convinces Megan to put her gun down and he then walks Shawn out of the mansion. Megan remarks that Harris is lucky that she still needs him for her plan. Megan then wonders what she’s going to do about EJ and Kristen. Megan checks EJ’s phone and sees all the text messages from Nicole, wondering where he is.

Kristen asks EJ how long he thinks Megan is going to keep them down here. EJ tells Kristen to tell him since she’s the one that has been colluding with her. Kristen apologizes for throwing in her lot with her. EJ understands that Kristen had no idea what Megan was up to. Kristen says when Megan cooked up the plan to escape prison, she was determined to not be left behind so she went along with the plan as she thought it would be her only chance to get back with her daughter Rachel. EJ says he does understand that. Kristen admits that she didn’t mind plotting behind her siblings’ back but screams that she had no idea Megan was such a crazy person.

Kayla joins Nicole in her hospital room. Nicole complains of not hearing from EJ and remarks that he must be tied up somewhere. Kayla decides that she will stay with Nicole so she’s not alone as the doctor will be there in a few minutes. Nicole says at least they will find out one way or another what her chances are of carrying the baby to term.

Sloan tells Eric that everything Kate said makes sense. Kate gets a text and says she has to go, so if Eric needs more convincing then Sloan is on her own. Kate tells Eric to seize the day, reminding him that he gave a sermon on that once. Kate then exits the Pub. Sloan swears that she did not pay Kate to come say all of that, but asks Eric what he thinks.

Shawn returns home where Belle says she should’ve known that he would go after Megan and she never should’ve left him alone as Megan could’ve shot him. Shawn remarks that he wishes she had and that he deserves it. Belle tells him that’s not true and reminds him that she loves him. Shawn then just walks out of the room.

EJ wonders what Megan has been doing all this time. Kristen suggests maybe she found someone else to terrorize. EJ hopes that Stefan is safe. Kristen thinks they are going to be down here a long time and suggests getting used to it but EJ refuses. EJ realizes that the appointment was an hour ago, so by now Nicole has gotten the news about her pregnancy, good or bad, and he wasn’t by her side.

Eric and Sloan exit the Pub and run in to Nicole. Eric asks if everything is alright. Nicole responds that she just came from meeting the specialist, who confirmed there have been so many changes since Holly was born and with new treatments, the doctor thinks there’s a very good chance that she can carry the baby to term. Eric calls that great news and says he’s happy for her and EJ. Sloan agrees and congratulates her. Sloan then adds that they have their own great news that they just discussed and announces they are going to try to have a baby as well. Sloan jokes that they can be pregnancy twins. Sloan mentions that it’s all thanks to Kate which Nicole questions. Eric explains that Kate made him see that there’s no point in waiting around for something he really wanted.

Harris meets Kate in the park and tells how Shawn stumbled in drunk and ruined the whole plan. Harris says he had no choice because Megan was going to put a bullet in Shawn. Kate calls Megan a homicidal maniac and worries about stopping her. Harris insists that this was just a delay and he’s going back, then she will never see or hear from Megan again.

Megan locks the front door of the DiMera Mansion and says it’s now back to business, commenting on taking over the world being so labor intensive as she pulls out her phone.

Dimitri and Gwen continue kissing and begin to undress as they move on to the bed until they are interrupted by Dimitri getting a text. Dimtiri says he hates to do this but he’s been waiting on this business text as he pulls away. Dimitri gets the text from Megan, asking how it’s going with Gwen and warning him not to screw this up as he needs to close this deal. Gwen asks if it’s important. Dimitri says not as important as this and continues kissing Gwen on to the bed.

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