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Johnny is at the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with Wendy. Johnny suggests they have dinner at the Pub but Wendy jokes about avoiding another run in with Leo. Johnny decides he can pickup takeout and meet her at her place, so they can avoid anyone else. After they hang up, Tripp returns home and surprises Wendy.

At the police station, Rafe complains about not finding anything on Colin yet. Jada points out that they don’t even know if Colin is still in Salem. Rafe suggests going over everything they know so far. Jada talks about Abe waking up and not recognizing Chanel, so she went to go find a doctor. Rafe worries that was long enough for Colin to take Abe out of the hospital. Jada points out that Abe was suffering memory loss and wouldn’t have even recognized Colin dressed as a cop. Rafe worries that Abe might not even know the danger he’s in.

Whitley, the nurse pretending to be Paulina, tells Abe that she is going to cook them a delicious homecooked meal. Abe responds that this just doesn’t seem like his home or the least bit familiar, so he’s just not sure. Abe questions if she is sure that she’s his wife.

Chanel checks on Paulina in the hospital. Paulina complains that she needs the cops to find Abe. Chanel encourages her to breathe and stay positive so her blood pressure doesn’t spike again. Chanel suggests Paulina eat to keep up her strength. Julie arrives and agrees, saying that she knows Abe would want the woman he loves to take care of herself. Chanel asks Julie to stay with Paulina while she goes to get her a burger from the Pub. Chanel then exits. Julie tells Paulina that she came as soon as she heard she was in the hospital. Paulina complains that she’s tense because Abe was kidnapped by a maniac and it’s all her fault. Julie encourages that nothing will happen to Abe because he’s a survivor and he can handle Colin.

Colin grabs Talia in her room and covers her mouth, telling her that she cannot scream. Colin lets her go, so Talia asks what he wants. Colin responds that he needs to settle the score.

Wendy asks what Tripp is doing here. Tripp reminds her that he lives here. Wendy says she just wasn’t expecting him and asks how Joey is. Tripp says he’s doing well and been out of the hospital for 6 weeks, so he’s starting to get around on his own. Wendy figured it would be a lot longer considering how bad he broke his leg. Wendy asks if Joey was okay with Tripp leaving. Tripp confirms that Joey was with his girlfriend and the doctors gave him the all clear. Tripp adds that Joey was ready to have his place back and he had a pretty important reason to come home. Wendy asks what. Tripp says it was her.

Chanel goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Johnny, who says he heard about Abe being kidnapped and he’s so sorry. Johnny asks how Paulina is holding up. Chanel informs him that she was just admitted to the hospital for hypertension. Chanel cries that Paulina was already having panic attacks because of Sloan and now because of Abe being kidnapped, they are both scared. Johnny hugs Chanel and assures that Abe will be okay as the cops are not going to rest until they bring him home. Chanel mentions that Julie is staying with Paulina while she picks up food. Johnny mentions that he also came to pick up food for he and Wendy. Chanel asks how that’s going. Johnny says so far so good as long as he can get Leo to leave them alone. Chanel hopes things work out for them because she really wants him to be happy. Chanel then gets a text from the district attorney’s office that Talia was released on bail which shocks them. Chanel remarks that she bets the bitch is right upstairs.

Talia begs Colin not to hurt her. Colin argues that she pushed him off a building. Talia cries that she was just trying to keep him from doing something that he would regret. Colin remarks that he only regrets that she got in his way because he wanted Chanel and Paulina dead, but instead they almost ended up like that. Colin declares that he’s so very disappointed in Talia. Colin says they almost had everything they wanted but then she betrayed him to save that worthless, homicidal whore.

Rafe tells Jada that he just checked in with the officers, who are going over the hospital security footage. Jada says she wouldn’t be surprised if he avoided the cameras. Rafe insists that someone had to have seen him sneak Abe out of there. Jada looks over the file and asks what about Whitley King.

Whitley insists to Abe that she is his wife, reminding him that Chanel showed him their wedding photo at the hospital. Abe remains uncertain and says this just doesn’t feel right. Whitley encourages that soon, his memory will come back. She calls it par for the course with what he’s been through and promises that soon, everything will start feeling normal again. Abe agrees to give it time.

Julie tells Paulina that Abe would not want her blaming herself for all of this. Paulina insists that she is to blame, because if Abe didn’t marry her, he would have never been anywhere near Colin. Paulina points out that it’s the second time that Abe has been brutally attacked because of her secrets and lies. Julie blames herself for the T.R. situation since she’s the one who told Abe to find Paulina that night, to tell her that he wanted her back. Paulina argues that Julie couldn’t have known. Julie says the same that Paulina couldn’t have known what Colin would pull. Julie urges her to stop blaming herself. Julie praises Paulina as smart, pretty, and loyal with more love in her heart than anyone she has met. Julie calls her a blessing to everyone in her life and says that Abe and Chanel treasure her more than she knows. Julie tells her again to stop blaming herself. Paulina thanks her and doesn’t know how she would get through this without her. Julie assures that she’s not going anywhere and any minute now, the police will catch a break.

Rafe and Jada talk about Whitley being on duty on Abe’s floor that night so it’s possible she saw something. Rafe decides they should find out and makes a phone call to the hospital to get Whitley’s contact information.

Whitley tells Abe that she’s going to get dinner ready and heads to the kitchen. Abe decides to turn on the TV and sees the news reports an update on the search for Colin Bedford.

Colin argues that Talia ruined the plan for that stupid skank. Talia argues that she didn’t do it for Chanel, but to keep him from life in prison or the death penalty. Colin complains that no one would’ve known where he was if Talia didn’t bring Jada to the roof. Talia cries that she was terrified for him and that pushing him off the roof was an accident as she was trying to get the gun from him. Talia points out that he can’t think she would’ve wanted to go off the roof. Talia reminds Colin that every cop in Salem is looking for him, so she asks why he’s still in Salem and in Jada’s room of all places. Talia asks why he didn’t just run. Colin says not without the woman he loves.

Chanel wants to go upstairs and confront Talia but Johnny stops her and tells her to take it easy. Chanel questions how to do that when Talia is free and her psycho boyfriend is doing God knows what to Abe. Johnny says Talia is not free, just out on bail, and insists that she will pay for what she did. Chanel complains about Talia pretending to be her friend and trying to get her to fall for her just so she could ruin her life. Chanel asks how she could let this happen and says she feels like such a fool. Johnny responds that Chanel is nobody’s fool. Chanel remarks that if she wasn’t so clueless, maybe she could’ve stopped Colin before he hurt Abe. Chanel insists on going to confront Abe. Johnny tells her no but Chanel argues that Talia could know where Colin took Abe. Johnny asks if she really thinks Talia would give him up if she knew. Chanel responds that she doesn’t know but she owes it to Abe to try. Johnny says fine but he’s coming with her.

Wendy texts Johnny, asking when he is coming over. Tripp unpacks his bags and says he’ll straighten up later but right now he’s starving. Tripp offers to cook but Wendy says she actually has dinner plans as Johnny is bringing over takeout. Tripp questions her still hanging out with Johnny and jokes that he figured Johnny moved on but says that’s too bad. Tripp says it’s fine that Johnny is still around as he respects Wendy keeping her options open, but he wants to make sure that she has no problem in making the right choice very soon. Wendy comments that Tripp seems different in a good way with more confidence. Tripp responds that being away gave him time to think about how much he missed her and what he wanted to change when he got back. Tripp feels in the past, he didn’t assert himself enough with women he cared about as he was too insecure and ended up politely stepping aside with all these regrets. Tripp decides he’s not going to do that anymore and will make sure his intentions are known right from the start. Tripp says that he will be respectful, but also assertive as he declares that he intends to be Wendy’s man.

Chanel tells Johnny that it’s not a good idea for him to come upstairs with her. Johnny argues that she’s not going alone as Talia could try something. Chanel insists that Talia is not going to hurt her. Johnny gets Wendy’s text and tells her that he will be there soon. Chanel insists that she needs to go confront Talia alone because she’ll be more likely to tell her where Abe is if she doesn’t feel threatened or ambushed and time is running out. Johnny gives in but decides he’s going to wait right here and if Chanel doesn’t come back soon, he’s coming up to get her. Chanel accepts that and thanks him as she then heads upstairs.

Rafe is on the phone, trying to get Whitley’s contact information and asks them to please help him out on this. Rafe thanks them and hangs up, informing Jada that he got Whitley’s contact information. Jada decides they will find out what she knows about Abe’s disappearance.

Abe watches the news report on Colin going missing, but Whitley comes back and turns off the TV before they can mention Abe’s disappearance. Abe questions what she did that for. Whitley says she heard them talking about the man who attacked him and they don’t need to relive those grisly details. Abe argues that he does so he might be able to recover some of his memories. Whitley feels those memories are better left forgotten. Abe complains that he doesn’t even know why this man attacked him or what he did to him. Whitley says they don’t need to talk about this right now. Abe shouts that he wants to talk about it and asks her to tell him what happened. Whitley then gets a phone call from Rafe. Abe questions her not answering it.

Talia questions Colin saying he stayed for her. Colin responds that he needs her and can’t imagine his life without her, which is why they are going to leave Salem together. Talia pulls back so Colin questions if she doesn’t want to come with him. Talia says she does but she just needs to pack a bag first. Colin argues that she can get whatever she needs on the road. Talia stops to ask Colin where Abe is. Colin asks what the hell she’s talking about. Chanel then knocks on the door, yelling that she knows Talia is in there and demanding that she open the door.

Paulina gets a text from Melinda that Talia has been let go and made bail. Julie doesn’t see how that’s possible when it’s a fact that Talia worked for Colin, ransacked Paulina’s office, and poisoned half of Salem. Julie questions how they could do that. Paulina doubts Talia will ever help Colin again since she risked her own life to help her and Chanel on the roof. Julie is glad they are alright. Paulina wishes she could say the same for Abe. Paulina talks about seeing the rage in Colin’s eyes when he held her captive. Paulina worries that Colin is taking it out on Abe and punishing her by making sure her husband never comes home. Paulina starts to panic, saying it can’t end this way. Julie encourages that it’s not going to end as her love story with Abe has many more chapters. Julie then brings up that it’s about time for their first wedding anniversary. Paulina admits it slipped her mind. Julie encourages that in a short time, she will be holding Abe in her arms again and they will celebrating their first wedding anniversary while all of Salem will be celebrating Juneteenth.

Abe asks Whitley who is calling. She claims that it says potential spam and ignores it. Whitley then goes back to the kitchen to continue preparing dinner.

Rafe’s call goes to voicemail and leaves a message for Whitley, saying he needs to speak to her right away about the abduction of Abe and asks her to call him back as soon as possible. Rafe tells Jada that they will just have to wait for her to call them back. Jada then suggests they could visit her in person.

Wendy thinks Tripp has made his intentions pretty clear and remembers what he said to her before she left Seattle. Tripp responds that he doesn’t plan to be passive anymore and he plans to sweep her off her feet to make her forget all about Johnny and all other men, if he’s still in the running. Wendy assures that he is. Tripp tells Wendy that she can go ahead and wait for Johnny and his lukewarm takeout, but when she’s ready for something a lot more appetizing, she knows where to find him. Tripp then heads to his room.

Chanel continues pounding on Talia’s door. Colin remarks that it looks like he has a second chance with her after all. Talia stops him and warns that he can’t shoot Chanel because the place is full of people that will hear it. Talia encourages that they still have a chance to get out of here, but if he kills Chanel, then they will both end up in prison. Talia asks Colin to let her talk to Chanel, so she can get her to go away and then they can both leave and go far away together. Talia tells Colin to trust that she can handle Chanel. Colin tells her to make it quick as he goes to hide in the bathroom. Talia then answers the door and tells Chanel that it’s not a good time. Chanel says that’s too bad as she’s going to make time for what she has to say. Chanel brings up everything Talia has done to her. Talia tells her to give it a rest already and to stop playing victim all the time. Talia argues that Chanel brought all of this on herself when she seduced a man and killed his wife. Colin listens in from behind the door. Chanel responds that it’s not how it went down no matter what her deranged boyfriend told her. Chanel questions what the hell Colin did with Abe. Talia says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Chanel accuses her of lying and says she knows he told her. Talia claims that she hasn’t seen or spoken to Colin since they got taken to the hospital. Chanel informs her that Abe was also in the hospital, getting brain surgery since Colin bashed him over thead with a rolling pin, and then when he woke up, Colin kidnapped him, so she needs her to tell her where he is. Talia responds that she can’t tell her anything that she doesn’t know. Chanel argues that Talia knows what Colin’s doing is wrong and that’s why she saved her life on the roof. Talia claims that her life means nothing and that she did it for Colin, so he wouldn’t get a murder charge like what Chanel did to his mother. Chanel calls her a damn liar. Talia doesn’t care what she believes but tells her that she has to leave now as she hurries her out the door. Talia tells Chanel to leave and not come back. Talia then slips Chanel the police badge from Colin’s stolen uniform and whispers for her to help her as she shuts the door.

Tripp cooks dinner as Wendy comes in and says something smells great. Tripp says not half as great as she looks. Tripp asks where her date is as he thought he was supposed to be here by now. Wendy says he was, so she assumes that he’s on his way. Tripp tells Wendy not to worry as when Johnny shows up late, he’ll take his delicious tacos to his room to enjoy all by himself, or she could cancel on Johnny and eat with him.

Johnny waits at the Pub as Chanel comes back downstairs. Johnny asks her what’s wrong. Chanel responds that she thinks Colin is up there. Johnny asks if she saw him. Chanel explains that she saw Talia and she claimed to know nothing about Abe and that she hasn’t seen Colin, but as she was being forced out by her, she mouthed “help me” and slipped her the police badge in to her hand. Johnny states that it’s a real police badge and realizes that Colin stole a cop’s uniform. Johnny decides he’s calling Rafe.

Whitley brings Abe dinner and says she’s going to make the bed, so they can turn in right after supper. Abe stops her and says he can’t go to bed with her.

Jada tells Rafe that they have nurse Whitley’s address, so she suggests they go over there and see what she knows. Rafe then gets a call from Johnny, who tells him that he needs to get to the Brady Pub right away as he’s there with Chanel and they think Colin is upstairs with Talia. Rafe says he’s on his way and hangs up. Rafe informs Jada that Johnny and Chanel are at the Pub and they think Talia might be there with Colin.

Colin comes out from hiding as Talia says she told him that she could get rid of Chanel. Colin remarks that it’s good to see her head back in the game as he was thinking she had gone soft on him. Talia kisses Colin and says she would never. Colin says when the heat dies down, he’ll sneak back in to town to finish the job on Chanel and Paulina. Talia says they should probably get going. Colin thought she wanted to pack a bag but Talia decides he was right that she can get stuff on the road. Colin then turns around and notices the police badge is missing. Colin questions where it is, saying he put it right on the table. Talia claims not to know what he’s talking about. Colin tells her to stop lying to him as he grabs her and accuses her of giving it to Chanel.

Chanel complains about the cops taking so long. Johnny says that Rafe said he was on his way. Chanel says he needs to hurry. Johnny gets a call from Wendy and says he totally forgot about her. Johnny answers the call as Wendy asks where he is as she thought he was on his way. Johnny informs her that something came up and he’s with Chanel which Wendy questions. Johnny explains that they ran in to each other at the Pub. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Johnny tells Wendy that he has to go and hangs up. Chanel explains to Rafe and Jada what happened with Talia and shows them the badge. Jada says she has to get up there. Rafe tells Johnny and Chanel to stay there as he and Jada head upstairs.

Tripp asks Wendy if everything is okay. Wendy responds that Johnny is not coming because he’s with Chanel. Tripp asks if she’s okay. Wendy says she’s fine and she’s suddenly so in the mood for tacos.

Talia cries that Colin is hurting her. Colin says it’s nothing compared to what he’ll do to her if she doesn’t find the badge. Rafe and Jada approach the door. Talia tries to say maybe it fell under the table but Colin grabs her and pulls his gun out, telling her to give it up and calling her a backstabbing bitch. Colin declares that he knows what Talia has done and now he’s going to make her pay for it. Rafe and Jada burst in with their guns drawn as Colin grabs Talia at gunpoint. Jada tells Colin that it’s over while Rafe demands he let Talia go now. Colin lets Talia go and she runs to Jada’s arms. Rafe forces Colin to drop his gun and then arrests him.

Paulina tells Julie that if she knew Chanel would take this long getting burgers, she would’ve settled for the hospital food. Julie talks about how easily distracted kids can get these days. Paulina hopes that’s all it is and she didn’t have another run in with Talia or Colin as she doesn’t know how much more trauma her family can take.

Abe tells Whitley that he wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with her when he doesn’t remember who she is. Whitley offers to pull the sofa out in to a bed which Abe says he would appreciate. She calls it only temporary as they have the whole rest of their lives together.

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