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Belle confronts Eric at the Brady Pub and questions what the hell is wrong with him as she just talked to Brady, who said that Eric and Sloan are getting serious. Belle asks if Eric is actually getting in to a relationship with that bitch.

Sloan bumps in to Nicole at the hospital and questions what she is doing with pre-natal vitamins. Nicole claims she must have grabbed the wrong kind. Sloan figured it was something like that because Eric just told her that her child bearing days are over because she had started menopause.

Chanel tells Talia that she’s glad she stopped by because she’s been thinking about her. Talia says she’s been thinking about her too. Chanel says this is about something else as she heard Jada accused her of a crime and thinks that she is the one coming after her.

Rafe and Jada find out that Colin does have a record after all and that his last name is not Firth.

Paulina and Abe go to the Bakery to meet the health inspector which turns out to be Colin pretending to be the inspector, claiming his name is Cameron Fry. Paulina thanks him and Abe says he’s relieved someone met with them. Paulina says Chanel can’t wait to reopen the Bakery. Colin remarks that there shouldn’t be a problem and he will take care of her daughter..

Rafe and Jada find out that Colin’s name is Colin Bedford and he was booked on assault charges five years ago. Jada says too bad the database only has his arrest and not if he went to trial or did any time. Rafe knows he heard that name before and tells Jada that she’ll never believe where.

Paulina assures that there won’t be anything to find in the Bakery and that Chanel was beside herself. Paulina and Abe talk about how Chanel is making sure that no one ever tampers with her product again. They talk about not letting Chanel know that this inspection was taking place but Abe suggests they should since she is the one who knows the place inside and out. Colin says that won’t be necessary as he’s confident he can find everything and right now prefers to just deal with them.

Talia questions how Chanel found out about Jada accusing her of drugging the biscuits. Chanel informs her that Paulina told her as they were talking about how there weren’t any other suspects but Sloan. Talia remarks that she just doesn’t understand why Jada would think it was her. Chanel guesses there was something off about her story but assures that Paulina doesn’t believe it as she knows Talia would never do anything to hurt her and so does she.

Eric informs Belle that Brady is right. Belle questions it not bothering him that Sloan has caused so much misery since coming to town and accuses her of drugging the biscuits. Eric asks if she has any proof. Belle admits she doesn’t yet because Sloan is an expert at covering her tracks, but argues that Sloan is also threatening Paulina. Belle shows Eric the threatening text messages. Eric asks how Belle knows that Sloan sent them. Belle admits that she doesn’t as Eric points out that she can’t prove that either. Belle asks if Eric is just turning his back while Sloan escalates her crazy plan. Eric says he’s not as he’s investigating this every way he can and believes Sloan has had nothing to do with Paulina since the civil suit was thrown out. Belle asks if it wasn’t Sloan then who was it. Eric responds that he doesn’t know because it’s not his job to play investigator. Marlena enters the Pub and sees them arguing. Belle questions Eric just taking Sloan at her word and remarks that she used to think he wasn’t gullible but stops and says she’s too polite to say anything. Eric shouts that he’s not too polite and he’s tired of being badgered and insulted. Marlena interrupts and tells them to stop this right now.

Sloan questions Nicole being up in arms over a bottle of vitamins. Nicole calls it none of her business. Sloan argues that she couldn’t have picked up the wrong kind since they are prescription. Nicole claims there was a lady in front of her line so maybe they gave hers to her by mistake. Sloan informs her that she saw Nicole’s name on the label so the vitamins were prescribed for her which means the only change of life she’s going through is being pregnant. Sloan questions why Nicole would tell Eric that she’s going through menopause and asks if he’s the baby daddy. Nicole tells Sloan that she’s wrong. Sloan reminds Nicole that she walked in on them right after they slept together. Nicole blames the tainted biscuits. Sloan calls her a piece of work. Sloan brings up that Nicole convinced Jada to get an abortion by asking if she really wanted to be tied to a man that was with another woman. Nicole argues that this situation isn’t the same as this one. Sloan argues that other women have to get abortions when they get pregnant with Eric’s baby but not her. Sloan accuses Nicole of being so desperate to get Eric back that she had to trick him in to knocking her up. Nicole then reveals that she doesn’t even know if the baby is Eric’s.

Marlena tells Eric and Belle that she could hear them bickering from down the block and asks what they are fighting about. Marlena then guesses it’s about Sloan. Belle confirms that and complains that Brady just told her that Eric and Sloan are a couple. Marlena asks so what. Belle questions her reaction. Marlena states that she doesn’t like Sloan any more than Belle does, but Eric is a grown man. Eric thanks her but Marlena warns that she’s not done yet. Marlena says when she came back alive, she found them at each others’ throats. Marlena reminds them that she asked them to put their differences aside but they couldn’t do that, so this is what she walks in to. Belle argues that she doesn’t understand. Marlena complains that life is too short for her to be playing referee to two adults behaving like children. Marlena would’ve thought that after all they’ve been through, they’d be happy to be together, alive, and a family. Belle remarks that she has made her feel terrible. Marlena wants to talk sense in to her. Marlena tells Belle that she knows she’s having a hard time with Shawn but not to take it out on her brother. Eric asks if she came in for a reason or just because she heard them arguing. Marlena informs him that she came to have lunch and to enjoy herself, but she’s lost her appetite so maybe she’ll just get back to the hospital where people really need her help. Marlena then walks back out of the Pub.

Chanel questions Talia as to why her own sister would turn on her like that. Talia says that Jada is just frustrated as she really wants to nail the person who did this to her. Chanel insists that it wasn’t Talia and remembers Talia’s first day at work and how she loves her work so she would never sabotage it. Talia states that Jada just has a job to do and she thought she caught her in a lie, so she followed up on it. Chanel can’t believe how nice she’s being about this. Talia says it’s over now, so it doesn’t matter. Chanel talks about how sweet and forgiving Talia is and kisses her.

Rafe reveals to Jada that he went back over Sloan’s mother’s case and her married name was Martha Bedford. Jada questions why Sloan’s name is Peterson and asks if she’s married. Rafe explains that Sloan just didn’t want to alert Paulina that she was coming to town, so she used her mother’s maiden name. Jada asks if this means Colin is related to Sloan. Rafe confirms that Martha Bedford had two children and the other one was a son.

Colin continues pretending to inspect the Bakery and tells Paulina and Abe that whoever drugged the biscuits have been able to stay one step ahead of the cops. Paulina argues that they know who it was, but haven’t been able to prove it. Paulina insists that it was Sloan and that she’s been after her and her family for no good reason. Colin remarks that he heard it was for quite a good reason.

Chanel tells Talia that she doesn’t want to assume anything but since they are here alone, she asks about going to her bedroom so they won’t be interrupted if Paulina and Abe come back. Chanel adds that if Talia doesn’t want that, they can stay right here. Talia thinks back to planning things with Colin. Talia then tells Chanel that she doesn’t want to get interrupted either, so they head to Chanel’s bedroom.

Rafe tells Jada that Colin has to be Sloan’s brother and that’s why he used a different name. Jada says he sure didn’t like her showing up at the motel. Rafe adds that Colin has to be the one going after Paulina and Chanel while Jada adds that he’s been using Talia to do it. They conclude that they couldn’t pin the biscuits on Talia because she had no motive, but her boyfriend did.

Paulina questions Colin saying he heard Sloan was after them for a good reason and what reason that is. Colin claims he didn’t mean to offend and that he just read in the paper that Chanel had pushed Sloan’s mother off the roof of a building. Paulina argues that the paper lies to boost sales because it was an accident that Chanel did nothing to cause. Paulina adds that Martha Bedford lured Chanel to the rooftop and attacked her. Colin brings up that it was because Chanel was having an affair with Martha’s husband. Abe argues that Chanel was seduced by the professor, who was 20 years older than her. Abe doesn’t call that an affair. Paulina argues that he took advantage of Chanel. Colin guesses he was fuzzy on the details because Paulina hired a bunch of people to cover it up.

Eric and Belle sit together at the Pub, saying that Marlena put them in their place. Eric admits to being defensive while Belle acknowledges that she came in guns blazing but says it was only because she’s worried about him. Eric assures that he can take care of himself. Belle argues that none of them know Sloan that well or what kind of person she is. Eric trusts his own instincts. Eric acknowledges that Sloan has a history with Paulina and Chanel and bad things are happening, but Abe is like an uncle to him so if he thought Sloan had anything to do with it, he wouldn’t want to be with her. Eric believes that Sloan is innocent and trusts her. Eric talks about getting to know the person she is and that she would not do the things that she’s been accused of. Belle decides that she will do her damndest not to worry about him then. Belle adds that Eric can still worry about him. Eric asks if Shawn is still a wreck after what happened to Bo. Belle confirms that he just keeps saying he shot his own father and is tortured by it. Belle complains that Shawn is dealing with it all alone and she should’ve cleared her schedule to go be with him in Greece, but she doesn’t even know how to track him down since he won’t take her calls. Eric tells her that he’s sorry. Belle guesses that’s why she’s been so hard on Eric since she couldn’t get her own life together, so she came to tell him how to live his.

Sloan asks Nicole about it maybe not being Eric’s baby. Nicole reminds her that she’s with EJ now. Sloan questions her having unprotected sex with both of them. Nicole tells her to keep her voice down. Nicole tells Sloan that she stuck her nose in her business and asks if it would be possible to keep her mouth shut. Sloan questions why she would do that. Nicole asks if she really wants Eric to know that she’s pregnant and argues that if she finds out the baby is EJ’s, then Eric never has to know that he was ever in the running to be the father. Sloan reluctantly agrees to keep Nicole’s secret. Marlena then arrives at the hospital and greets Nicole. Nicole tells Marlena that it’s so good to see her. Sloan tells Marlena that she was so relieved to find out that she was alive because Eric was in a lot of pain when he thought he lost her. Marlena is sorry that Eric had to go through that. Sloan suggests she and Eric take Marlena and John out to dinner now that she’s back. Marlena agrees to talk to John. Sloan says she knows it would mean a lot to Eric for them to get to know each other. Sloan adds that she really cares about Eric and calls him a wonderful person. Sloan says she’ll be in touch and exits the hospital. Nicole remarks that she thinks she’s going to throw up.

Rafe tells Jada that Talia said she broke up with Colin. Jada feels she’s obviously still been involved with him and that she didn’t want them to know that he’s Sloan’s brother, so they don’t know if anything else Talia told them is true. Rafe wonders if Colin really has Talia under his spell. Jada worries that he could then make Talia do whatever he wants. Jada talks about how Talia was really shaken up when talking about Colin. Rafe wonders if she knows what kind of bastard he really is. Jada notes that they can’t bring him in for questioning without knowing where he is since he checked out of the motel. Rafe decides they will have to track him down. Jada wants to talk to Talia first and confront her with what they know to see what she says.

Paulina questions why she is feeling like Colin thinks Chanel is involved in all of this. Abe argues that Chanel is a victim in all of this. Paulina adds that no charges were ever brought against them. Abe adds that Sloan’s lawsuit was thrown out. Colin remarks that for some people, it will never be over. Paulina questions what that means. Abe argues that Sloan has no legal right to come after Chanel, so if she continues to do so, she will face the consequences.

Talia and Chanel kiss in Chanel’s bedroom. Chanel stops and says she knows this is a major step for Talia, so they will only go as far as she wants or they can stop now if she wants. Talia thinks back to Colin telling her how much he needs her to do this. Talia then tells Chanel that she wants this just as much as she does and they continue kissing.

Marlena notes Nicole looking pale and offers to help her to the restroom. Nicole claims she just got queasy but she’s better now. Marlena asks if she’s ill or there to see a doctor. Nicole says she just came to pick up a prescription and remarks that it’s Sloan that made her want to puke. Nicole says she’s sorry but she just can’t stand Sloan. Marlena notes their conversation seemed tense and asks if they were arguing. Nicole says not exactly but that Sloan was sticking her nose in something that isn’t her business. Marlena reveals that she did overhear Sloan says she was going to keep her secret.

Eric tells Belle that he heard nobody knows when or if Bo is coming out of the coma, so Shawn must be going through Hell. Belle says he is and so is she, but that’s no excuse for her to treat Eric the way she did. Eric says he’s done it a few times too and he knows it’s only because she’s worried about him. Sloan then enters the Pub and greets them. Belle mentions Eric saying they are very happy together and congratulates her. Belle hugs Eric and then exits the Pub.

Jada tries calling Talia but she doesn’t answer.

Chanel and Talia continue kissing and begin to undress each other as they kiss onto the bed.

Jada thinks Talia turned her phone off and says they have to find her. They decide to go check the Brady Pub.

Chanel and Talia kiss in bed until Talia stops suddenly. Chanel asks if she came on too strong. Talia says it’s her and decides she can’t do this.

Abe doesn’t think Colin understands the magnitude of this situation. Colin asks Abe to enlighten him then. Abe says that Sloan has terrorized his family since coming to town, so what happened in the Bakery is just the latest in a string of incidents. Abe talks about the threatening messages. Paulina mentions just getting another one the other day. Colin asks if that was really a threat and says that “watch your back” could have just been a warning from someone looking out for her. Paulina questions what he said while Abe points out the text wasn’t in the papers so he asks how he could possibly know that. Paulina then questions who he is as Colin grabs the bakery’s rolling pin.

Nicole explains to Marlena that Sloan doesn’t like her any more than she likes Sloan and said she would keep her secret just to get under her skin. Marlena guesses she misunderstood. Marlena adds that she’s always in her office if she wants to talk. Nicole thanks her and says she doesn’t mind telling her as Eric told Sloan that she told him that she is in the early stages of menopause and Sloan wanted to rub it in her face. Marlena is sorry that Sloan upset her with something so personal and says maybe that shows them what kind of woman she is. Marlena tells Nicole that her offer stands in her office any time she wants to talk. Nicole thanks her and assures that she will remember that as Marlena heads to her office.

Sloan sits with Eric and asks if she’s hallucinating or if Belle was actually nice just now. Eric responds that Belle is under a lot of stress and is still trying to accept that they are together. Eric asks if she got her prescription filled. Sloan says she did. Eric asks if everything went okay at the hospital. Sloan asks what he means. Eric notes that she just seems a little off. Sloan starts to respond but Jada and Rafe enter the Pub. Eric greets them and asks what’s going on. They say it’s good that Sloan is there as they need to speak to her and it’s important.

Talia gets dressed as Chanel tells her it’s okay as she meant it when she said she doesn’t want her to do anything that she’s not ready for. Talia reveals it’s not that and says she has a confession to make.

Sloan questions Rafe and Jada wanting to talk to her. Eric asks if they came to hurl more accusations. Rafe and Jada clarify that it’s not about Sloan, but about her brother.

Colin knocks out Abe with the rolling pin, causing Paulina to rush to his side and try to wake him up. Paulina questions why he did that. Colin reminds her that he told her that her husband couldn’t save her as he then raises the rolling pin at her and she screams.

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