General Hospital Character Description: Portia Robinson

BROOK KERR (Portia) on GENERAL HOSPITAL – ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Brook Kerr as Portia Robinson. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Portia Robinson


Portia is a dedicated doctor at General Hospital. Her daughter is Trina Robinson. Marcus Taggert is her ex-husband. She almost married Curtis Ashford. Most people love Portia.  She worries a lot about Trina and is very protective of her.

Portia had an affair years ago with Curtis while she was married to Marcus, so Trina might be his daughter. Her father, Sterling, and her brother, Zeke, were at the wedding, but it was called off due to her lying to Marcus about Trina’s paternity.

Portia gets along really well with her hospital co-workers, especially Elizabeth and Dr. Randolph.

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BROOK KERR (Portia) with (Zeke) GAVIN HOUSTON and RICCO ROSS (Sterling) on General Hospital “02/14/23” Episode “15158” – “General Hospital” airs Monday – Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci)

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