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Curtis asks Sonny for a favor getting his hands on his father’s sealed police file. Sonny tells Curtis that he knows that he had a big hand in helping to take down Cyrus Renault and he appreciates everything he did while Sonny was in Pennsylvania. Sonny then asks who the file is for and Curtis says it is for his father, Marshall Ashford.  Sonny says no to the favor and instructs Curtis that if he wants information about his father, he needs to get the information from his father.

Nikolas asks Victor to share with him the purpose for his return to Port Charles.  Victor says that conversation can only be shared with family.  Nikolas says that they are family and Victor gives Ava a cold stare and says “some of us more than others.” Nikolas says that Ava is more his family than Victor is.  Victor says that he can’t divulge information in front of Ava. Ava says fine and tells Nikolas  she will wait for him at the bar. Victor tells Nikolas that the Cassadines used to be power players on the international stage and that they need to reclaim that influence.  Nikolas had expected something a little more ominous and it becomes clear that Victor is holding back on his exact plans.

Spencer is shocked when he finds a pregnancy test in Esme’s bags.  He demands that she explain herself. Esme starts speaking about the video of Josslyn and Cameron and Spencer loses it and says that he’s not talking about the video.  He wants to know if Esme is pregnant. Esme asks when she was supposed to say something, before or after Spencer called her a monster.  Spencer demands that Esme take the pregnancy test.  Esme says that she needs to get out of Port Charles and that if Laura hadn’t convinced her to stay she would have been long gone.  Cameron knocks on the door, Spencer tells Esme to ignore it but she answers it.  Cameron asks if it is a bad time and Esme says that she was just leaving.  Spencer tries to stop Esme but Esme says that it is her body and her choice.  She leaves.  Cameron asks what Esme meant and Spencer says that it is possible that Esme is pregnant. Cameron and Spencer take time to work out their issues and discuss whether or not Spencer believes that Esme posted the video.  Spencer says that he would like to believe that she didn’t, but that the truth is, he is just not certain. Spencer tells Cameron that he hopes that Esme is not pregnant, because if she is pregnant, Spencer will be tied to her for life.

Trina tells Portia and Taggert that she had a conversation with Spencer and she told him that she could not be part of his life as long as he is involved with Esme.  Portia is very pleased to hear that. Trina also tells Portia and Taggert that Josslyn has not been to class lately and that she is no longer living in her dorm room.  Portia asks if Trina has spoken to Josslyn and Trina says that she has not, but that she trusts when Josslyn needs to speak with her she will reach out.  Portia doesn’t seem pleased with that answer and reminds Trina that she and Josslyn need to get through the situation together.

Dante tells Jordan that he wants more information on the investigation into who posted the video of Josslyn and Cameron.  Jordan says that he is too close to the investigation and for him to stay away.  Jordan doesn’t want the case falling apart because of Dante’s meddling. Jordan receives new information on who may have posted the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Dante asks her what kind of information it is.  Jordan says that it may hold the identity of the perpetrator.  

Joss and Cameron arrive at their class late and no one is there, including the professor. Cameron suggests they stay in the vacant classroom for a few more minutes.  Josslyn knows what Cameron is doing.  He’s ensuring that the hallway will be empty when they walk to their next class. Josslyn says she doesn’t know why he cares what strangers think and reminds him that more people are talking about her, not him. Cameron says that he didn’t really want to do the Invader article, and Josslyn says it was pertinent that they do the article so that they could state unequivocally that the two of them did not record their intimate moments for public viewing and that what was done to them is illegal in the state of New York.

Trina runs into Josslyn and Cameron in the classroom.  Trina asks them if they are doing OK. Josslyn says that they are “hanging in there.” Trina starts to leave and Josslyn tells her to wait.  Josslyn says that this whole situation is ridiculous and that both she and Cameron miss Trina deeply. Trina and Josslyn talk about Esme and the video and the distance that has been created between them.  Trina says she owes Josslyn a big apology for trying to compromise with Esme.  Trina also thanks Josslyn for calling Esme out on all her horrible deeds. Josslyn says the fallout from the video has been totally humiliating for her. Josslyn asks Trina if she remembers when they turned eighteen and were able to vote.  Trina says yes and Josslyn asks if this is the other side of adulthood.  Josslyn wants to know what has happened to common decency.  It seems that Josslyn and Trina have completely worked out their issues when Jordan arrives and asks to see Trina.  Trina says that she is late for her next class.  Jordan says that she needs Trina to come down to the station and answer some questions.  Josslyn looks shocked.

Esme shows up at the Metro Court and asks Nikolas if he can help her.  She has her bags and says that she is leaving Port Charles. However, Laura’s place was the only place she had to stay and her credit card was declined when she tried to get a room at the Metro Court.  She asks Nikolas if she can stay with him at Wyndemere.

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