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Update written by Kathleen
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Sasha wakes up to find a shirtless Brando sitting on the side of the bed, holding two cups of coffee. They discuss how happy they are to be on vacation and to be together.

At the university, Trina’s teacher comes up to her after class. She is concerned that although Trina is doing well in the class, she is being very quiet. The teacher reminds her that class participation is part of her grade.

Outside a classroom, Cam asks Joss if things are still weird between her and Trina. She says Trina only comes back to their room to sleep and won’t return any of her texts or calls. They agree that things have been strange since they got back from the cabin. Joss says they are only getting worse, and she blames Esme.

Esme is at the Spring Ridge prison. She has flashbacks to setting up the phone at the cabin to video, switching phones and throwing away the pill bottle. Spencer is sitting at a table in the prison “lounge” reading “The Brothers Karamazov.” Esme comes up from behind him, kisses him and wishes him a belated happy birthday. He chastises her, saying she could get him into trouble if the wrong guard sees. She starts to leave but then turns around and asks why he is in such a bad mood.

Carly is behind the bar at the Metro Court, looking at her phone with an unhappy look on her face. Sam comes up and says that the day of hatchet-throwing must not have helped. Carly tells her it did help her blow off some steam, but she was sad today. She says she has been thinking about Courtney and holds up a phone with Courtney’s picture on it. She says that today is the anniversary of her death.

Sonny is standing over Courtney’s grave. He says her son is a full-grown man and has gotten into trouble. He tells her couldn’t be there last year on this day and he’s sure she knows why. He says that he knows she is always watching out for him. He wants her to know she is always in his heart. Just then, Nikolas walks up, holding flowers, and says she is always in his heart, too. They glare at each other.

Back at the Metro Court, Laura looks concerned as she sees Victor greet Ava with a kiss on the cheek. Victor declines Ava’s invitation to join her and Nik for brunch. Laura asks Victor if he has been keeping a low profile in order avoid being implicated in an ongoing investigation.

Drew and Anna come out of Kelly’s and comment on how cold it is outside. Drew says it was too bad they weren’t in PC during the heat wave. Anna says she wanted to talk to him because she is worried about him. She thinks Victors is up to something dangerous.

Back at the cemetery, Sonny tells Nik he didn’t expect to see him there. He responds that he loved Courtney and wanted to marry her. Sonny asks him, if Courtney had lived, does he think they would still be together. Nik first says, “yes,” but then says he doesn’t know. Sonny tells him that at least he’s being honest. He reminds him that she will always be the mother of his child – just like Carly will always be the mother of Sonny’s children.

At the Metro Court, Carly says that she feels like all her connections to Courtney are slipping away. Sam says that although she and Courtney were not friends, perhaps if she had lived, they could have become friends. If she and Elizabeth can be friends, anything is possible.

Victor tells Laura he has no idea what she is talking about. She flashes back to telling Sam her suspicions about the Ice Princess and Luke’s death. He asks her if she is trying to accuse him of having something to do with Peter. After Victor leaves, Laura asks Ava what is going on between them.

Back outside of Kelly’s, Anna tells Drew about Liesel bugging Victor and that she heard the conversation when Victor tried to activate Drew with the card. He asks if she’s talked about what Victor might be up to with Valentin because he usually has great insights. She says that she had informed him that Valentin had developed an infection and was being treated at a clinic out of town. Anna says she hopes that they can expose Victor before Valentin comes home. She fears that Victor will try and exploit the father-son relationship the way he does with the rest of his family.

At Spring Ridge, Spencer apologizes to Esme. He says he’s upset because it is the anniversary of his mother’s death,  and he can’t place flowers on her grave.

At the university, Trina is short with Joss when she asks about a class. Joss asks if Trina is still mad at her because of what happened the other day with Esme.

Back at the prison, Esme offers to place flowers at the grave for Spencer. He becomes upset that he can’t do it himself because of choices he made and that she doesn’t understand. She responds sarcastically  that Trina would.

Brando and Sasha are sitting on the bed, kissing. They decide to blow off their other vacation plans and stay in bed. They fall back on the bed, kissing.

At the cemetery, Sonny tells Nik that Courtney would have been a good mother. Nik says she would have been a good influence on Spencer. Maybe she could have negated some of the mistakes he made. When Sonny doesn’t respond, Nik tells him he is supposed to say he did the best he could. Sonny says he’s not going to lie. He doesn’t believe that.

Trina and Joss argue about the situation with Esme. When Joss mentions the book Spencer gave Trina, Cam questions her about it. Trina tells him it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day present; she just happened to receive in from Spenser via Laura on Valentine’s Day. Trina gets on Joss about not keeping confidences. Joss apologies for betraying her trust but won’t apologize for defending friends.

Spencer wonders why Esme never talks about her parents. She says she doesn’t like talking about them. She asks about the gift he gave Trina. He says he always gives thank you gifts because it’s easier than writing notes. It was just a coincidence that his grandmother gave it to her on Valentine’s Day. Victor walks up and apologizes for not visiting him on his birthday.

Ava asks Laura if she doesn’t trust her. Laura says it looked like she and Victor were too cozy. Ava says she doesn’t trust Victor.

Drew tells Anna he doesn’t understand what use he would be to Victor. Anna says she thinks Victor may think Drew has useful information.

Laura tells Ava that she can’t say anything negative about Victor to Nik or Spencer. It would only drive them closer to him. However, she knows Ava is smarter than that.

Sonny and Nik continue to discuss Nik’s parenting. Nik says he can’t change the past. Sonny tells him he should own and admit his mistakes and more forward.

Sam tells Carly things are great with Dante. Carly asks about her relationship with Drew. Sam says they decided they were better as friends and co-parents. She asks Carly why she is interested. She responds that she just wants to look out for him because he has been looking out for her recently.

Laura encourages Ava to get close to Victor in hopes he will slip up and say something about what he might be planning.

Back over at the bar, Carly tells Sam that Drew is easy to talk to. Laura walks up to talk to Sam. She tells her some details have come to light about Victor’s associate, Johann. She thought she should know because it involves Drew.

After walking away from Victor and Spencer, Esme looks down at a phone with a shot of Joss and Cam in bed. She says to herself, “time to get this done.”  Spencer complains to Victor about not being able to leave flowers on his mother’s grave but says he could do it if Victor would bust him out.

As Drew and Anna are discussing Victor wanting access to Drew’s old memories, Laura and Sam walk up. Laura tells Anna she thinks Drew has a right to know the truth.

Spencer tries to get Victor into arranging a furlough for him to visit the grave. He tells him they are Cassadines and family is everything.

Trina and Joss continue to argue. Trina tells Joss it’s not always about her. She should think about what she is going through. Esme walks up and says that they can cut the tension with a knife.

After Nik leaves, Sonny speaks to the grave. He tells Courtney he will watch out for Spencer, just like he knows she is watching out for all of his lost loved ones.

In bed, Brando and Sasha tell each other, “I love you.” They discuss how much better sex is in a bed instead of where they were the first time, in the backseat of a car. Sasha excuses herself to another room and takes some pills.

Joss tells Trina that she’ll skip class so they can talk some more. Trina tells her no, “maybe some other time.”

Nik comes into the Metro Court. He tells Carly that Courtney would be proud of what she has done with the hotel. She tells him he just missed his mother and that she seemed to be getting into it with Victor and Ava.

Anna and Laura tell Drew that they think Victor had something to do with Luke’s death. Drew wonders what it could have to do with him, since he barely knew Luke. Anna thinks that there are common threads. She suggests that they go to Austria to investigate. Laura thinks that could be risky. Sam says there could be another way.

Sasha, acting slightly under the influence, says she is loving their time away and dreads going back to real life. Brandon says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She says they should do it and get married today.

Sonny is getting out of an elevator at the Metro Court, just as Carly is about to get in.

Sam tells Drew that something in his past motivated Victor to help Peter escape. Laura wonders if Victor got a hold of Andre Maddox about Drew’s memories. Anna says she’ll contact him, but she is certain he would never reveal anything. They talk about setting some kind of trap for Victor.

Victor (still at the prison) is on the phone telling someone that he fears this is the calm before the storm.

Nik asks Ava what she and his mother were discussing. Carly had told him that it looked intense. She told him it was nothing – Laura just wanted to make sure she was taking good care of him. She suggests they invite Victor to dinner.

Spencer is at Courtney’s grave when Trina walks up, surprised, and wants to know why he is out of prison.

Joss, Cam and Esme are in class. The teacher is doing a presentation on a large screen. Esme picks up her phone. There is a screenshot of Joss and Cam in bed. As Joss gets up to leave class, Esme hits an upload file button on the phone.  The phones of everyone in the class start to go off,  and they start to laugh. The teacher asks what’s so important. One of the kids in the class transfers the video of Joss and Cam onto the large screen. Joss and Cam look horrified. Esme looks very pleased.

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