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Belle goes to room 514 at the Salem Inn to find Shawn in bed kissing “Belle”. Belle asks what the hell is going on here, leaving Shawn confused as he sees two Belles.

Steve calls John and asks if there’s any news about Marlena. John says there’s been nothing since her run in with Kayla. Steve knows how hard it must be for him, especially at this time of year. Steve says they are all praying for them and thinks that God will come through for them because tomorrow is a big day for him and it’s the season of miracles. Steve encourages John to keep the faith. John says he’s doing his best and wishes him a Merry Christmas as they hang up. John remarks that they could use a Christmas miracle right about now. Gabriel then shows up at John’s door.

Ben puts the Angel on the Christmas tree. Doug tells him it’s perfect and thanks him. Ciara feels better knowing there’s a little angel watching over Doug and Julie after they leave. Doug, Julie, Ciara, and Ben sing Gloria together until the Christmas tree suddenly catches on fire and Devil Marlena bursts through the door. The Devil mocks the idea of the cops being outside for him and jokes that he sent them to the North Pole. Doug and Julie asks what Marlena is doing here and what she wants with them. The Devil declares that he’s come to open his present.

John is amazed to see Gabriel, who wishes John a Merry Christmas and says it’s been a long time as John invites him in. John tells him how good it is to see him. Gabriel says he wouldn’t stay away while John is going through such a trying time. John talks about never feeling so helpless and scared. Gabriel assures him that God is always with him even if he can’t see him. John complains that he needs God to do more than just see him. Gabriel says he knows and he’s not supposed to get involved in peoples’ affairs but these circumstances are extraordinary. John worries that only divine intervention could save Marlena. Gabriel says it’s a good thing he’s here then. John asks if he can help him find her because he has no idea where to start. Gabriel responds that Marlena is leaving carnage in her wake where ever she goes, so the trail of pain is easy to follow. John argues that he doesn’t have time for riddles and asks where his wife is.

Ben tells the Devil that he won’t let him lay a finger on his wife. The Devil asks if he really thinks he can stop him. Julie uses a fire extinguisher to put out the Christmas tree fire and declares that they are stronger together, so they will all stop him because there’s no place for Satan in this house. Julie talks about this being Tom and Alice’s home where goodness and love always lived. Marlena argues that all that couldn’t protect their angel on the tree and it’s not going to protect Ben and Ciara’s angel either. Ciara tells the Devil to stay away from her baby. The Devil says he can’t as he always gets what he wants and he wants that baby.

Belle questions who “Belle” is, while “Belle” asks who Belle is. Shawn questions how Belle can be in both places. Belle insists that she is his wife and whoever is in bed with him is not her. “Belle” then transforms back in to Jan Spears.

Chad and Abigail prepare Christmas presents for their kids. Jack enters, surprising Abigail as she rushes up to hug him. Chad thought Jack said he couldn’t get a flight in the storm. Jack says luckily the weather changed and they were able to catch a flight out. Jennifer then enters, making her return to Salem. Abigail and Jennifer are thrilled and excitedly embrace.

Jan calls it awkward as Shawn jumps out of bed, questioning what the hell this is. Shawn swears he thought it was Belle. Belle asks how this happened. Shawn explains that he got a text to come to the room and then “Belle” answered the door. Shawn swears he didn’t know anything about this. Belle can’t believe after everything with Kayla and Steve that Shawn didn’t check to make sure it was her before jumping in to bed. Shawn thought he was being careful as he was afraid the Devil would pull some illusion thing, so he called Rafe and he was told that Belle had a surprise waiting for him here. Jan explains that it wasn’t Rafe and reveals that she had a partner. Belle and Shawn then realize that The Devil is working with Jan Spears.

At the hospital, Steve asks when Allie last saw Tripp. Allie says it was last night as he said he was working overnight and was going to meet her this morning, but he never showed up. Allie thought maybe he got pulled in to an emergency so she came to check on him. Steve mentions calling him a couple times to invite him over for Christmas Eve but he never got back to him. Steve adds that a nurse said Tripp never clocked out from his night shift. Allie wonders if that means Tripp is still here. Steve says he knows how they can find out.

John tells Gabriel that Marlena really needs him as every day he can feel her being pulled further away from him. John asks Gabriel if he knows where Marlena is. Gabriel says if ever there was time to make an exception, it’s now. Gabriel reveals to John that Marlena is with Doug and Julie. John brings up that she tried to hurt them before, so he has to go to them. Gabriel puts a St. Benedict medal necklace around his neck to take with him and says it will help protect him and the people he loves. Gabriel assures that the medal will help him the strength he needs to drive the Devil away from his friends. John questions him not coming with him. Gabriel says he can’t as this is John’s battle, but he has defeated this demon before so he’s strong enough to do this on his own if he doesn’t lose faith. John hugs Gabriel and thanks him for coming. Gabriel says may God be with him as John then exits.

The Devil tells Ben to get out of his way. Ben argues that his wife and child are the only things that matter to him in this world, so he will fight him with everything in his soul. The Devil mocks Ben and brings up his past. Ciara calls Ben a wonderful man and says he will be a great father. The Devil disagrees because he’s going to take Ciara and her baby with him. Ben says he’ll have to kill him first. The Devil says that can be arranged. Ciara holds Ben back as Julie shouts not to hurt him. Julie tells The Devil that he’s going to be let down if he thinks he’s leaving with Ciara. The Devil talks about hating this house and it’s history of people trying to save the world from The Devil. Doug brings up driving him out on Thanksgiving. The Devil says he let that happen and he’s been so generous with all of them. The Devil says it’s like they forgot who he is. The Devil reminds Julie that he could’ve killed Doug a while back and maybe he will do it this time. The Devil declares that right now, the only person he needs alive is Ciara.

Belle and Shawn can’t believe this is happening. Belle says it’s just like Marlena turning in to Steve to get Kayla’s key card. Jan admits that key got her in to see her. Shawn brings up Jan still being in her coma when Kayla and Steve checked on her. Jan reveals that wasn’t really her. Belle asks who the hell was in the hospital. Jan asks if it matters because she and Shawn just shared a wonderful moment on he and Belle’s anniversary. Shawn says she disgusts him. Jan jokes that he didn’t feel that way a few moments ago. Jan tells Belle to join them in bed. Shawn then tells Jan that she’s going to jail because she’s under arrest.

Abigail calls it an amazing surprise as she didn’t even know Jennifer was coming home. Abigail asks if Jennifer is home for good. Jennifer says she’s almost done with her mom’s estate but she couldn’t wait to spend Christmas with her family. Jennifer asks about their agenda for the day. Abigail says they were getting the kids ready for their presents and then it’s almost time to go hang the ornaments with Doug and Julie, which excites Jennifer.

The Devil says that Ben is being very brave standing up to him but asks if he’s sure this is the way he wants to go out. Julie argues that The Devil is not all powerful. Julie says she cast him out on Thanksgiving by invoking the greatest power in the universe. The Devil says they won’t have a repeat of that and he’s done chatting. The Devil then raises two torches and asks if their love can put out these flames. The flames then go out as John enters the building and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and says it looks like he got here just in time.

Steve tells Allie that Kayla is at home resting and said it was okay to use her computer to look for Tripp. Steve says the security footage should show when he got there and if he left. They come across a point that appears to be erased. Steve notes that the timing is right after he found Kayla unconscious in her office after Devil Marlena attacked her. Allie asks if he’s saying Marlena erased the tapes. Steve worries that Marlena might have done something to Tripp.

Shawn and Belle bring Jan to the police station. Jan asks if the handcuffs are really necessary and jokes they would’ve been fun in the hotel room. Shawn tells her to shut up and sit until he finds a cell for her. Jan says it’s fine by her as she has delicious memories to keep her occupied. Belle asks how Jan did this and where Marlena is. Jan says Satan doesn’t share her schedule and she wouldn’t tell her anyways. Shawn assures that they will find Marlena and then Jan will pay for what she has done. Jan tells Shawn not to act like he didn’t have fun. Shawn says the only fun he will have is seeing her locked up for good. Jan says he can deny it but their chemistry was real and always has been. Jan tells him that locking her up won’t change what happened. Belle tells her to stop talking. Jan responds that she has nothing else to stay because the image of her having the time of her life with her husband is never going to leave her. Jan declares that she will be in Belle’s head forever and always. Belle tells Shawn to get Jan out of her sight. Jan remarks that Belle can’t get rid of her and now thanks to Marlena, they will be bonded for the rest of their lives.

John questions what The Devil is doing here. The Devil says he heard there was a party. Ben informs John that The Devil was threatening to set them on fire. John says that’s never going to happen which The Devil calls an empty promise. Julie argues that they are stronger now that John is with them. The Devil says he wouldn’t count on that because John is not their savior. The Devil brings up nearly choking John to death the other day. John points out that he’s still here. The Devil remarks that Belle isn’t here to save him this time because Belle is otherwise occupied. John asks what he’s done. The Devil says it wasn’t him exactly, but as they speak, Belle’s marriage is up in flames. John asks again what the Devil did. The Devil responds that he’s glad John is here because now, he can kill 4 birds with one stone as he ignites the torches again. John prays for protectiveness and the flames go out. John says the Devil is not the only one with power as he raises the medal and says he has God on his side, so with his help, he’s taking the Devil out. The Devil guesses he got the medal from Gabriel and says he’s not meant to get involved. John says The Devil’s not either and uses the power of the medal to make Marlena drop the torches. The Devil argues that he’s still stronger. John declares that with the strength of God, he will not let him hurt the people he loves. John calls for Marlena to forgive him as he uses the power to have Devil Marlena launched across the room and against the wall, knocking her out. Ben and John get Marlena in to John’s car. Ben goes back inside and tells Ciara, Doug, and Julie that he’s okay and Marlena didn’t wake up. Julie worries about if John is safe with that creature. Ben says that John insisted he do this on his own, so he’s just glad that Ciara is safe. Ciara cries the Devil came for her and their baby. Ben assures that she’s safe now. Julie agrees and says if anyone can drive out that demon, it’s John because of his great love for Marlena and their great love. Doug declares that on Christmas Eve, they have shown Satan that there are powers greater than the ultimate evil as Ben and Ciara kiss.

Allie wonders what Marlena could have done to Tripp and if she hurt him. Steve says first they have to find him. Allie questions if Tripp is still around here somewhere. Steve gets a call from Belle, who informs him that she and Shawn are at the police station booking Jan Spears right now. Steve argues that they just saw Jan yesterday in a coma. Belle advises him to check who is in that bed because it sure as hell isn’t Jan. Steve hangs up and says oh no.

Julie doesn’t know how everybody else feels but after everything that transpired, she’s looking forward to a quiet Christmas. Ciara says it was supposed to be a wonderful day, decorating the tree, spending time together, hanging the ornaments, and now Marlena torched their angel. Ben says at least nobody got hurt and he still has Ciara with him. Julie declares that the Devil tried to ruin their holiday but they are still going to have a Horton Family Christmas. Jennifer then arrives with Jack, Abigail, Chad and their kids Thomas and Charlote. Jennifer excitedly reunites with Doug and Julie. Julie can’t believe Jennifer is really home. Jennifer says she couldn’t stay away from Salem on Christmas. Doug asks about the weather. Jack says the weather changed and they got the first flight in. Julie declares that what’s important is they are all together. Ben tells Ciara that maybe he should go since the holiday is really about her family and he doesn’t want to ruin that. Ciara tells Ben that he is her family and he’s not going anywhere as she kisses him. Ciara goes over and greets Abigail and Chad while Ben tells Abigail that he doesn’t want to make a mess of her Christmas. Chad responds that this holiday is about family coming together to celebrate joy and hope. Abigail says they just want to say Merry Christmas which surprises Ben. Abigail, Chad, Ben, and Ciara say Merry Christmas to one another. Chad and Abigail’s son Thomas asks where the angel is. Doug and Julie says the angel got a boo boo so they took her down so she could rest, but they are just in time to hang the ornaments and they can help figure out what to put on top of the tree now. Abigail asks if they should wait for Eli and Lani while Jennifer brings up Maggie. Doug explains that with Philip missing, Maggie wanted to stay close to Victor. Julie adds that Eli said the twins aren’t feeling great so he and Lani thought they should rest which means Thomas and Charlotte will hang their ornaments too. Jennifer brings them the box of ornaments. Everyone begins hanging their ornaments. Doug hands his to Julie to hang on the tree as Jennifer hugs him. They hang the ornaments of Tom and Alice above theirs. Abigail and Chad hang their ornaments along with Lani and Eli. Ciara and Ben hang their ornaments on the tree. They then hang the ornaments for Bo and Hope, JJ, Mickey, Zack, and Belle among others. Chad and Abigail sit with the kids, Ben and Ciara sit together, and Jack stands with Jennifer. Julie sits with Doug as Doug tells her to look around and try to tell him that Christmas has been ruined.

Allie and Steve go to the coma unit to find Tripp in Jan’s place, hooked up to the machines. Allie and Steve worry about Tripp, if he can hear them, and what to do. Steve doesn’t think a doctor can help and has Allie talk to Tripp to try to get through to him. Allie says it’s Christmas Eve and they need him, so she pleads for him to come back to them. Allie says she, Steve, Henry, and all the patients at the hospital need him. Allie says she loves him. Steve says they all love him. Allie pleads for Tripp to come back to her. Tripp then wakes up, relieving Steve and Allie. Tripp asks how he ended up here. Steve says not to worry about that right now and just hopes there’s more good news to go around.

Shawn tells Belle that he never thought he could be fooled in to not recognizing his own wife. Shawn tells her that he’s so sorry. Belle cries that Jan was right that getting the image of them in bed out is going to take a long time. Belle says as hurt as she is, she doesn’t blame him since The Devil literally made him do it. Shawn assures there’s no other way he would ever betray her. Belle points out that it’s still their anniversary. Shawn hates Jan and that she took this special day away from them. Belle says it’s not over yet as Jan did her worse, but they are still together and always will be. They wish each other a Happy Anniversary and kiss.

Julie asks Doug if the Christmas tree is more beautiful than ever this year. Jennifer thinks it’s because it means more after everything they almost lost. Doug calls it perfect. Julie can’t help yearning for an angel at the top. Jennifer asks if she needs an angel and says she has an idea. Jennifer presents a box to Julie. Julie reminds her that Alice never let them open presents until Christmas Day. Jack and Jennifer think Alice would allow this one present to be opened today. Julie opens the present and it’s a new angel for the tree. Julie asks how she knew. Jennifer says she had no idea as it was just in Laura’s things. Jennifer says it belonged to Laura for many years so she knows that she would want nothing more than for Julie to have it atop the tree. Doug thanks her and says it means so much. Ben offers to try again and places the angel on top of the tree.

Devil Marlena wakes up tied to a bed. John sits nearby and says he hopes these accommodations are to her liking.

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