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Eli and Lani are at the police station. Eli finishes a phone call and tells Lani that the divers have been searching the river all day but there’s still no sign of Philip other than his prosthetic leg. Lani questions how this can be happening. Melinda arrives and mocks them sitting and chatting. Eli informs her that he just spoke to the dive team and there’s no further evidence of Philip at the site. Melinda suggests Eli and Lani do their job and arrest Brady but they both say no.

Chloe is at the Basic Black office on the phone with her mom. Chloe says Philip hasn’t been found and there’s been no updates since discovering his leg in the water. Chloe says it’s hard not to assume the worst about Brady but they don’t know anything for sure. Chloe says she has to get back to work and she’ll keep her posted. Chloe hangs up as Brady then enters the office.

Roman, Kate, and Rex sit together in the town square. Roman and Rex encourage Kate to eat but she’s not hungry. Kate responds that she’ll be fine once they find Philip and she knows he’s okay. Rex assures they will know that soon but in the meantime, they are here and are going to get through this together. Kate says she knows and tells Rex how much it means to her to have him in Salem.

Gwen paces in her and Xander’s room at the Salem Inn, complaining about Rex being back in town. Gwen questions how long Xander takes to get the newspaper and why he can’t read it on a tablet like everyone else because she doesn’t want Xander running in to Rex and finding out that Sarah is not with him. Gwen hopes Xander didn’t go to the Brady Pub. Gwen looks out the window and sees Rex in the town square. Gwen questions how the hell he is right downstairs as Xander enters the room with his newspaper and asks who is downstairs.

Victor sits at the Kiriakis Mansion with a framed photo of Philip. Maggie joins him and informs him that cook is making all his favorites for dinner. Maggie says she knows how hard this is for Victor. Victor worries about losing Philip. Maggie encourages him not to think that way and to have hope. Victor responds that Philip can’t be dead as he has to see him again and tell him how sorry he is for the way he treated him.

Kate swears she could kill Brady and mentions telling Brady to his face that if Philip is dead, then Brady is dead too. Roman questions when she threatened Brady since he thought she wanted to be alone. Kate reveals that she lied and went to the hospital this morning to confront Brady. Rex knows Kate is upset but reminds her there is no proof that Brady did anything to Philip. Kate feels there’s enough proof for her. Kate says if she wants to be crazy with worry then she will be. Rex apologizes. Kate cries that she’s sorry but Philip has always been so hard on himself and Victor always made him feel like a huge disappointment. Kate worries that she added to that by being critical of Philip and now she can only hope that Philip knows how much she loves him. Roman assures that he knows. Kate says they will find Philip safe and sound and he will come back to them.

Xander asks Gwen how could who be downstairs. Gwen claims she means the guy at the coffee cart down there and that he whistles at her and told her last week that she has a nice ass. Xander wants to go sort him out but Gwen warns him not to get in trouble with the law. Xander says he’ll just set him straight about making comments about his girl. Gwen asks him to just forget it. Xander notes that she’s really upset about this. Gwen says they finally have a chance for things to be really good between them so she doesn’t want to mess it up as she doesn’t want anyone to take him away from her. Xander assures that no one is taking him anywhere as he’s exactly where he wants to be. Xander and Gwen kiss. Xander then suggests they go out to eat.

Chloe questions Brady not being in the hospital. Brady informs her that he was discharged an hour ago. Chloe questions him deciding to come to work. Brady figured it was the only way he could see her since she’s not taking his calls. Chloe apologizes for ignoring his call as she went to the police station and ran in to Kate, who totally went off on her and told her that whatever happens to Philip is her fault because she pit he and Brady against each other. Brady assures that’s not true and that Kate is just angry and upset. Chloe asks how Brady is doing with all of this. Brady tells Chloe that he needs to make a confession which is why he needed to talk to her. Brady says it has to do with something that Belle found out this morning about his credit card as apparently the night Chloe found him, he had bought six shots of whiskey.

Melinda questions if Eli and Lani are refusing a direct order. Eli argues that they report to Rafe. Lani says they have no proof that Philip is dead so they have no probable cause to arrest Brady. Melinda says it’s just a matter of time before the dive team finds Philip’s body and since Brady was just released from the hospital, they need to make their move before he tries to flee the jurisdiction. Eli says they can’t without hard evidence. Melinda brings up the prosthetic leg. Lani says that doesn’t mean Philip was murdered. Melinda remarks that she should’ve known they wouldn’t cooperate and says she’s just not surprised since Lani is Kristen’s BFF. Eli argues that Lani is just following protocol. Melinda says she wasn’t concerned with protocol when she tried to help Kristen escape last year. Melinda suggests maybe Lani had something to do with Kristen’s escape this time too. Eli says they are going by the book. Melinda orders he check in with the divers to see if they found any new evidence. Eli reminds her that he just did but Melinda tells him to speak to them again unless he’s no longer in the business of solving cases. Eli and Lani exit while Melinda pulls out her phone.

Kate doesn’t understand why Brady isn’t charged with suspicion of murder. Roman says it doesn’t work that way. Kate gets a call from Melinda and asks if it’s about Philip. Melinda says she has nothing new to report but she has something to discuss with her so she asks Kate to come to the police station. Kate says she will see her soon and hangs up. Rex asks if there is news about Philip. Kate says no but she wants to talk about the case so she has to go. Roman offers to take her but Kate says she can go alone. Roman tells Kate to call if she needs them. Kate hugs Roman and Rex as she then walks away.

Victor tells Maggie that he’s done sitting around and pulls out his phone, suggesting if he calls Rafe and lights a fire under Rafe’s ass then maybe they’ll get some answers. Before Victor can make the call, he gets a call from Melinda. Victor hopes she has news but she does not. Melinda says if he can come to the station, she thinks she can make some progress on the case. Victor says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Victor tells Maggie that Melinda doesn’t have any news but she has a plan so it could be a start. Maggie says she will go with him but Victor asks her to let him handle this alone. Victor asks Maggie to go to the church to say a prayer for Philip instead which she agrees to do.

Gwen questions Xander wanting to go out and says it’s a bit early for dinner. Gwen suggests ordering room service instead. Xander complains about being holed up in the room all day so he wants to go out. Gwen tries to insist on staying in but Xander wants to go out. Gwen says she’s not hungry. Xander feels she might be after a walk and says he wants fish and chips from the Pub. Gwen then takes off her shirt to convince him to stay as they then kiss on to the bed. After making love, Xander says that definitely took his mind off his appetite. Xander calls her beautiful and wonderful as he kisses her and says he can’t get enough of her. Xander then gets out of bed and invites her to join him in the shower which she accepts. Xander tells her not to worry as she’s given him reason to never want to leave the room again. Xander then heads to the shower. Gwen checks the window and hopes that Rex will hurry up and leave. Gwen remarks that Rex can’t stay in town forever or she can’t keep Xander locked in the room forever either. Gwen worries that if Xander runs in to Rex, he will find out that Sarah didn’t go away with him and then he’ll find out that Sarah is on a deserted island and will go off to find her. Gwen declares that she won’t let that happen as she can’t lose Xander, so she will just have to find a way to make sure he never finds out the truth.

Rex tells Roman that he didn’t want to say it in front of Kate, but it doesn’t look good for Philip. Roman has another theory and says Philip has always been one to go his own way, so whatever happened with he, Chloe, and Brady, he’s also dealing with Victor firing him from Titan so he’s thinking that had to be a huge blow. Roman suggests Philip figured a way to disappear for awhile, bide his time, clear his head, and figure things out. Rex suggests Philip fell in to the river after Brady attacked him and he got swept away by the current. Roman says that’s certainly possible but he’s not going there yet. Rex admires his faith and wishes he had it. Rex just think it’s doubtful that Philip will be found alive.

Chloe questions Brady drinking six shots on the night that Philip disappeared. Brady clarifies that he bought them as Belle checked his credit report but he doesn’t remember buying them or drinking them. Brady knows it doesn’t mean he didn’t do it and that she has her doubts about his behavior. Brady talks about Chloe seeing him at his worst and that’s why he doesn’t want a thing from her. Brady adds that he has one more thing to tell her.

Kate joins Victor in the interrogation room at the police station. Victor guesses she got a call from Melinda too. Kate asks if Melinda told him what’s going on. Victor says just that it had to do with Philip’s case. Melinda then walks in and says she’s glad they are both there. Kate asks if she found Philip’s body. Melinda repeats there is no new evidence since the prosthetic leg and she’s obviously not able to arrest someone for murder yet, but if she has proof of death, the man responsible could be handcuffed within the hour. Melinda says that’s why she needs them both to sign this as she presents a folder.

Xander gets out of the shower and questions Gwen not joining him. Gwen apologizes and says she got distracted. Xander asks by what. Gwen asks what he thinks about getting out of Salem for a while. Xander says he’d love to but reminds her of their lack of funds. Gwen reveals that she found them a free place to stay in London as she has a friend there who has an amazing flat with a guest room. Gwen says she has a lot of miles about to expires so she can get two round trip tickets. Xander says that definitely solves their funds issue but asks if she really wants to go to London right now. Gwen insists that London is lovely and magical this time of year. Xander asks how he could possibly say no as they kiss.

Victor questions Melinda as to what this is. Melinda explains that as Philip’s next of kin, they have the right to have him declared legally dead. Kate points out that she just said they haven’t found his body. Melinda says that’s true and she knows they both have every hope that Philip will be found alive, the truth is that with every minute, that hope diminishes and the case gets colder so the murderer could get away. Melinda adds that by declaring Philip dead, they give her the power to prosecute the man responsible. Victor guesses she believes that to be Brady. Melinda notes that every bit of evidence points to him. Melinda adds that without a body, it’s not enough to make an arrest which is why she urges them to sign the document because as soon as they declare Philip dead, she can arrest the man who killed him and they can have the justice they deserve.

Brady admits to Chloe that about a week ago, he went to a bar and ordered a drink but he just looked at it and then called Maggie to make sure he didn’t drink it and they went to a meeting which is when he found out John was in the hospital. Chloe asks what made him so upset that he felt like he needed a drink. Brady admits it was Chloe and his feelings for her that he hasn’t been able to act on because she’s been with Philip. Brady mentions that he even told Maggie that he’d love if Philip was out of the way but he didn’t mean it like that. Brady says he’s beginning to wonder as he could never imagine taking someone’s life but he doesn’t know. Brady questions if he saw Chloe and went off the deep end. Brady doesn’t even know what he did anymore. Chloe tells him not to torture himself over something he can’t even remember. Brady thinks there’s a way he can remember and decides he needs to go back down to the river. Chloe questions him wanting to do that and calls it a terrible idea, reminding him that Belle agrees. Brady doesn’t care since Philip is missing, could be dead, and he may have had something to do with it. Brady says getting his memory back is the only way to find out, so that means he has to go back to the river and hope that something makes him remember what happened that night. Brady declares he’s going. Chloe responds that he’s not going alone. Brady doesn’t want her in the middle of this. Chloe says she already is, so she’s going too. Brady asks even if she thinks he might be guilty. Chloe agrees there might be something at the river that will tell them what happened that night. Brady and Chloe then exit the office together.

Melinda tells Victor and Kate that this is a big emotional decision, so she will give them a moment to discuss it. Kate thanks her as Melinda then exits the room. Kate says this is finally some action and asks Victor what he’s waiting for. Victor reminds her that Melinda said to take a moment to discuss. Kate questions what there is to discuss since they want her to go after the person that hurt their son. Victor says he’s just not ready to accept the fact that his son is dead. Kate cries that she’s been trying to convince herself that Philip is still alive and her heart is broken but they have to accept the horrible reality that Philip is probably at the bottom of the river and Brady is the one who put him there. Kate wants to see Brady behind bars now. Kate guesses Victor is hesitant because Brady is his grandson. Kate reminds Victor of how many times Brady turned his back on him and how Brady was willing to let Kristen get away with nearly killing him while now Victor is willing to let Brady get away with murdering their son. Kate argues that Brady doesn’t deserve Victor’s loyalty, Philip does. Kate tells Victor to stop regretting what he can’t change and sign the paper.

Melinda returns to Eli and Lani. Lani confirms they talked to the dive team and they still haven’t found anything else. Eli says they have other leads to follow. Melinda asks if any are as promising as Brady and guesses there’s not. Lani asks if there is any new information. Melinda suggests they stick around because depending on what’s happening in the interrogation room, she might have something for them to do.

Rex tells Roman that no one understands Kate better than Roman does, which is why he’s so happy they are back together again, especially now. Roman says that Rex is there for Kate too and they are grateful for that. Roman adds that they are both very glad to have him home. Roman asks if he wants more coffee but Rex has had enough. Roman suggests they go back to the Pub and wait for Kate there with bowls of chowder. Rex says that sounds good but he wants to know what Melinda is about to tell Kate. Roman and Rex then walk off together.

Gwen watches out the window as Xander finishes packing their bags. Gwen says if they leave now, they’ll make it just in time for their flight. Gwen tells Xander that the coffee guy is gone now so there is nothing to wait for. Xander and Gwen then exit the room together with their bags packed.

Brady and Chloe go to the river. Chloe shows Brady where she found him, covered in blood with the knife nearby. Chloe questions him not remembering her finding him. Brady confirms he doesn’t or why he came to the river or what happened when he got there. Brady then recalls saying Philip’s name. Chloe asks him what’s going on and if he’s remembering something.

Rex forgot his phone in the town square and goes back to retrieve it right as Xander and Gwen are walking through the square, so Rex ends up coming face to face with Xander and Gwen.

Maggie greets Victor as he’s returned home. Maggie notes he got back sooner than she thought. Maggie confirms that she said the rosary twice for Philip. Victor responds that maybe she should’ve said one for him as well. Maggie asks him what happened at the police station.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub, where Roman asks what happened with Melinda. Kate explains that she wanted her and Victor to have Philip declared legally dead as it was the only way she could have Brady arrested for Philip’s murder. Kate tells Roman that Victor was his usual stubborn self.

Victor explains to Maggie that Kate wanted him to sign the papers so that Melinda could use it to go after Brady. Victor wants justice for his son, but that would be signing away his grandson’s life to get it.

Roman asks Kate if Victor signed the paper or not.

Maggie asks Victor what he did. Victor reveals that he signed the paper.

Chloe asks Brady if he remembers something. Brady recalls telling Philip to get his hands off of him. Brady tells Chloe that it’s fuzzy but it’s right there. Melinda interrupts with Eli and questions if Brady is returning to the scene of the crime. Chloe asks what’s going on here. Melinda calls it justice as she informs Brady that he’s under arrest for the murder of Philip Kiriakis. Chloe argues that she can’t do that. Melinda says she can. Eli then arrests Brady and reads him his rights.

Roman walks Kate to her room. Kate says she doesn’t want to believe that Philip is dead, but she had to do it to move the investigation forward. Roman understands she did what she thought was right. Kate doesn’t feel so helpless anymore. Roman suggests she take a break and offers to bring her some food. Kate says she just wants to be alone. Roman says she knows where he is if she needs him as he then walks away. Kate heads on in to her room and is shocked to find Philip sitting inside.

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