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Recap written by Christine

Abby came downstairs after getting the baby settled and found out Chance had put together a romantic setting in the living room with candles and wine. Jill was in Chicago for work, so Abby and Chance kissed as they thought of how they’d use their privacy. They laughed and talked and danced, then they began to undress each other and shared a passionate kiss. They moved to the couch. Later, they cuddled together, and she wondered what put that frown on his face. He kept thinking about the way he left on a mission without telling her in advance. She said it was a bit shocking, but she fell in love with him partially because of his sense of duty. At the time, he’d told himself he was leaving out of duty, but in hindsight, he thought he left partially because of what had been going on between them back then. He didn’t want to leave, but he’d felt like he’d let her down. She didn’t understand, since he was the perfect husband. He didn’t agree. He said he failed because he couldn’t give her a baby. She thought he’d made peace with what they’d had to do. “That’s how I wanted to feel. Not how I actually did,” he admitted.

Abby wished Chance said something before. He was sorry. He just wanted to explain now how he’d felt back then. He’d never thought the mission would last more than a month. He understood if she was angry. She said she had no room in her heart for anger, because she was so happy he was home. She said she wouldn’t have had a baby if it weren’t for him. She stated that the plan was all his, and she never would’ve had the courage to follow through with the plan without his support. She conceded that they needed help from their friends to make their dream come true, but when she looked at their baby, all she saw was the gift Chance gave her. She knew he was going through some things, but he was home, and she knew he’d be the most amazing father. They kissed.

Chance thought the baby monitor was broken because he couldn’t hear Dom, but Abby said he was fast asleep. Chance worried until Dominic cooed. He joined Abby on the couch and wrapped an arm around her. This reminded her of when they were living in the hotel and they’d stay up all night talking about their future. She asked how to make the transition easier on him. He said she was doing all she could, and he had to do some of it on his own. He promised he’d never prioritize work over family again. They kissed, and she was glad. He’d have to find a balance when he went back to the GCPD. She told him he didn’t have to change because he was exactly who she wanted him to be. He told her to rest and close her eyes. He then got a faraway look in his own eyes.

Amanda set up a private evening for two at the penthouse. She’d made Devon a gourmet dinner, and she told him Moses was out with Nate for the night. After the ate, he told her that dinner was impressive. They were glad to have the time to themselves and decompress. He thanked her again for how patient she was with having Dominic stay with them. She didn’t mind. She loved seeing him with Dominic, he’d been sweet, nurturing and sexy. He said he’d promised he’d be there for Dominic, and he was happy Chance was back and things could go back to normal. She told him that it was just the two of them, so he could tell her how he really felt. She could tell there was something he was holding back. He admitted that he missed Dominic so much it hurt.

Amanda was understanding. She thought Devon’s feelings were normal. Devon never knew how much babies could communicate without speaking. He’d known what Dominic needed. He was sure that Chance would learn Dominic’s cues. Devon was happy Chance was back, but when he’d been presumed dead, everyone started to assume that Devon would take over the role of father in Dominic’s life. Devon had started to let himself believe that Dominic would call him Dad one day. Now Devon had to let go of that idea, but he didn’t know how yet. Amanda hugged Devon and promised it’d be okay. She said he felt this pain because he gave away pieces of his heart, which made him a good man. He wasn’t sure about that. He felt like he was being selfish. She disagreed. She said his bond with Dominic wouldn’t change, no matter what Dom called him. She said everyone Devon loved knew how lucky they were to have him in their lives. She hoped he knew how loved he was. He knew he loved her. They kissed. When Amanda fell asleep, Devon left the house.

Meanwhile, Chance wrote a note about getting some air, and he left after Abby fell asleep. Devon and Chance both ended up at Society. Devon ordered the same drink as Chance. Chance said Devon could have his. He hadn’t touched it. They mentioned that Amanda and Abby were both sleeping peacefully. Chance hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. He blamed the time difference. Devon was having trouble sleeping too. He wished he had a good excuse, but he was just having trouble turning his mind off. Devon asked if Chance was okay, because it seemed like he wasn’t. He hoped that wasn’t offensive. Chance didn’t mind. He admitted he wasn’t okay, and it was getting harder to pretend he was. He could talk to Abby about some of it, but not everything. Devon thought that was too bad because Abby would want to help. Chance knew that Abby would want to assure him he was the perfect father and husband. Chance didn’t see himself that way – it wasn’t even close. He said he let her down before their baby was even born. Devon didn’t think Chance failed – he was alive, and he had a great wife and new son. Chance wasn’t sure he deserved them. He wasn’t sure he could live up to the commitments he’d made to Abby and Dominic.

Noah ran into Adam at The Grand Phoenix. Noah warily accepted when Adam offered to buy him a drink. Adam wasn’t sure if Noah was here to meet someone, but Adam wouldn’t get in the way if he was. Noah asked if Adam came to meet someone. That was the furthest thing from Adam’s mind. He was focused on his son. Noah asked about Sally, and Adam said they were just colleagues. Adam asked if Noah was interested in Sally. He said no. Noah heard Connor say that Chelsea might be coming home. Adam hoped she did, it’d be good for Connor and Newman Media. Noah asked what about for Adam. Adam said that the way he and Chelsea flamed out scared him away from relationships all together.

Noah told Adam how he took photos of Tessa at Crimson Lights. Adam said Sharon must’ve loved Noah turning the coffeehouse into his own personal studio. Noah said Adam knew how Sharon was – supportive and happy to help. Adam agreed that was Sharon. Noah mentioned that he and Sharon discussed Adam’s job offer. Sharon reminded Noah that they all made mistakes, and she said they shouldn’t hold Adam’s past against him and they should give him a chance to prove he was being sincere. Adam said he didn’t tell Sharon to say that. Noah believed him. Sharon’s words got Noah thinking, and he’d decided to accept Adam’s offer.

Nick raced into the main house after he got Nikki’s text telling him to come over. He met Victor, who had no idea what was going on. Nikki walked in. She’d summoned Nick because she was sick of the tension between him and Victor, and she wanted them to fix it before they ruined the holidays. Nick didn’t appreciate the phony urgent message, and he was sure Victor didn’t like it either. Victor was okay with Nikki using subterfuge to get Nick here, because he thought it was time they talk things out. Nick thought it was clear that Nikki learned this trick from Victor. Nikki was willing to do what it took to keep the family together, and she didn’t need anyone’s influence or permission. Nikki stepped out to let Victor and Nick talk. Victor asked what was up.

Nick saw no reason to talk about this anymore, since they’d already discussed it a thousand times. Victor countered that they only talked about this once, at the wedding, and Nick had avoided him since then. Nick said he’d been busy. Victor was too, but most of the conflicts had been resolved – Abby had Chance back, Victoria was happily married, and Billy had been kept at bay. “Thanks to Adam,” Nick replied. Victor agreed and said Adam had been effective at neutralizing Billy, whom Adam didn’t like, especially after that article Billy published. Nick wasn’t going to defend Billy. Nick thought that Victor brought up Nick’s siblings because they approved of the way Victor had been acting. Nick said that if Victor wanted to work things out, he shouldn’t start by playing his kids against each other.

Victor didn’t know what Nick was getting at. He asked if Nick was thought that he’d paid more attention to Nick’s siblings. That wasn’t how Nick felt. Nick was glad that Victor was able to help some of his children through some difficult times. Nick said that Victor’s support was conditional – contingent upon his children toeing the line. Nick said Victoria and Abby ran businesses Victor approved of and were in marriages he approved of. Nick didn’t understand why Victor was okay with Ashland, but maybe it was enough that he wasn’t Billy. Nick said that Adam was loyal and obedient to Victor, and he wasn’t with Chelsea anymore, whom Victor never trusted. Nick knew that one day soon, one of his siblings would do something Victor didn’t like and they’d get pushed to the outside. Nick thought Victor did that to him. Victor wasn’t sure why Nick felt that way. He asked if it was because he didn’t ask Nick to help with Gaines or Billy at the wedding.

Nick said the situation in Tuscany could’ve backfired because Victor didn’t keep him in the loop. Nick had come close to interrupting the wedding because he didn’t have all the information. He grumbled that Victor turned to Adam. Victor said that Adam was looking for an opportunity to prove himself, and do something that made him acceptable to the family. Victor said that Nick never had to do that. “Don’t I?,” Nick asked. Victor pointed out that Nick often disapproved of Victor’s actions in business and personally. Nick thought it bothered Victor that Nick had a conscience. Victor said he wasn’t going to discuss morality with Nick in Tuscany, in the midst of a crisis. “You walked around as if you didn’t want to be there. So I turned to Adam to assist me,” Victor stated. Nick noted that he wasn’t given a say. Victor honestly didn’t know Nick wanted to be involved, since he didn’t even want Victoria to marry Ashland. “And there it is. If you know I’m gonna disagree with you, then you don’t have any need for me do you? Can you understand why that would bother me?,” Nick asked.

Victor felt Nick was reading too much into what happened in Tuscany. Victor stated that he did what he had to do to solve the crisis. Nick supposed Victor wasn’t going to apologize. “Why the hell would I?,” Victor asked. Victor had done what it took to ensure Victoria’s happiness. Victor didn’t go to Nick for advice in Tuscany, because he already knew how Nick felt, and he didn’t want to hear it. Victor knew Nick would’ve been upset if Victor sought his advice then decided against taking it. Nick complained that Victor didn’t like hearing opposing viewpoints. Victor spat that he’d been using his own judgment since he was a child, because because he grew up without parents, and he’d built an empire. He refused to apologize for that. Victor said that if he’d failed Nick’s test, then so be it.

Victor apologized that things got heated, but he felt like Nick was judging him. Nick got up and started walking out. Victor guessed Nick didn’t like what he said. Nick admitted that wasn’t the first time he’d heard that. Phyllis had said he was giving her ultimatums about being who she was. Victor didn’t give a damn what Phyllis thought. He just hoped Nick saw that he and Victor could respectfully disagree. Victor noted that Nick was the one who’d avoided him, which was hurtful. Nick didn’t do it out of anger and frustration. He’d really been looking at the situation and he’d talked to Sharon about it. He’d come to accept that he owned a huge amount of blame for this. He admitted he held people to different standards and washed his hands of them if they didn’t fall in line. “That sounds like something I would be accused of,” Victor said. Nick conceded the point. He said that he and Victor might be too similar. Victor thought that could be true. Victor recalled Adam and Victoria complaining that they didn’t know where they stood with him. Victor said he was who he was, and he wasn’t going to change, but he’d die for any of his kids. Nick knew, he said that Victor just didn’t always want to hear from them. Victor admitted that was true. Victor was sure Nick would never have this discussion with his kids because he’d always been loving with them, from the beginning. Victor was sure that Nick’s kids felt very sure of themselves, because of Victor. “I think in many ways you’ve been a better father than I have been,” Victor admitted.

Nikki returned and stood in the doorway. Nick never meant for this to turn into a better father contest. It was the only contest Victor didn’t mind losing. He said every father wanted their son to be better than they were, and Nick was. Victor was a better father than Albert Miller, which was a low bar to clear. Nick thought it was impressive since Victor didn’t have parents to teach him how to be one. Victor remembered the dreadful people at the orphanage. Whatever good he did in his life, he attributed some of it to Nikki. Nick said Nikki was amazing, but Victor shouldn’t sell himself short. Victor said that Nikki helped him a lot. Nikki was touched b Victor’s kind words about her. Victor added that Nick made him proud to be a father. When he saw Nick with his kids, it made him happy. He motioned Nick over, and they hugged. Nikki was pleased.
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