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Roman brings Kate to the police station and asks if she’s ready to do this. Kate responds that she has no choice as Philip’s next of kin. Roman offers to talk to Rafe but Kate says she has to do it because if it is Philip’s leg, it could be a clue to finding him and identifying him alive. Roman then takes Kate in to the interrogation room where Rafe is waiting. Rafe uncovers the prosthetic leg on the table.

Belle joins Brady in his hospital room. Brady asks if there’s any news on Philip. Belle says not since last night. Brady questions finding his leg but not finding him. Belle says not yet. Brady argues that he has to be alive. Brady isn’t worried about being arrested but he’s worried about Philip and Chloe. Brady asks if Belle has seen Chloe since she was a wreck. John then walks in to the room, surprising Belle and Brady. Brady questions if John got released. John confirms he was and asks how Brady is. Brady responds that he’d be doing a lot better if he was out of this bed so he could help with the search for Philip because the cops don’t know what they are doing. John decides he’ll go to the station to see if he can move the investigation along a little. Brady tells him he doesn’t need to do that. Belle offers to call Shawn but John says he needs to help. Brady knows John wants to help but says he’s okay while Marlena is not. Brady reminds John that Marlena is possessed and still out there, dangerous, so he needs to go find her.

Ciara wakes up in bed in the cabin and asks Ben where Marlena is. Ben responds that she went for a walk and said she was feeling out of sorts since that Gabriel guy showed up yesterday. Ciara thought Gabriel was really nice and concerned for their baby. Ciara admits she is concerned too and informs Ben that she was having bad dreams about everything including the cabin. Ciara wants to get the hell out of here and asks Ben to take her home.

Kate confirms the prosthetic leg is Philip’s. Rafe asks if she’s sure. Kate responds that he got it a couple of years ago and she recognizes it. Rafe says they need to verify it officially if possible. Kate brought the serial number and shows it to Rafe which matches the leg. Kate cries that she knew this was going to happen but it’s still a shock. Roman tells her he’s so sorry. Kate doesn’t want to be consoled and yells at Rafe to just arrest Brady for this.

John tells Brady that he’s worried about Marlena but he’s not leaving Brady when he’s facing potential criminal charges here. Brady knows it looks bad but says he didn’t hurt Philip. John knows he didn’t but he’s still not walking out on him while he’s injured. Brady says he has the best lawyer in Belle, so John doesn’t need to stay and needs to focus his energy on Marlena. Belle agrees and says there’s nobody better suited to fight the Devil than John since he already kicked his butt once and saved Marlena. Brady has no doubt he will do it again. John declares that he has to find her first, so Brady tells him to go find her. John says he loves them and hugs them as he then exits the room.

Devil Marlena returns to the cabin and startles Ciara. She mentions overhearing Ciara talking about wanting to go home. Ciara asks if she can understand that. Marlena says she does understand it’s a lot to take on. Ciara assures they do want to help her but this can’t go on indefinitely as she’s expecting a child and they are in the cabin in the middle of the woods. Ciara says she needs to go home but Marlena responds that she won’t let her.

Kate repeats to Rafe that she wants Brady arrested for murder. Rafe responds that he doesn’t have enough for an arrest. Kate goes over that Brady was found covered in Philip’s blood, a knife, Philip’s phone and asks what else he needs. Kate argues that Melinda was going to arrest Brady yesterday just for that evidence and now they have the leg. Roman tells her to let Rafe handle this and offers to take her home but Kate refuses to leave until Rafe does his job and puts Brady in a cage for killing her son. Roman hugs Kate as she cries.

Brady encourages Belle that John will find Marlena. Belle cries that she knows but she’s just worried sick since they are talking about the Devil. Brady assures that the Devil doesn’t stand a chance against John and Marlena’s love. Belle wants to focus on Brady’s case and asks him to take her through everything again. Brady goes over going to the Brady Pub to get John food, he ran in to Chloe and they talked for a few minutes outside then she left. Brady says after that is a blank so he doesn’t remember going in to the Pub to order a drink. Belle asks if it’s possible that he did. Brady then admits he did order a drink recently at a bar outside of town on Thanksgiving but he didn’t drink it and had Maggie come meet him there. Belle asks why he ordered it in the first place. Brady says Kristen had just tried to kidnap their daughter and he was struggling with his feelings for Chloe. Brady continues that Maggie showed up and they went to a meeting which is when Belle called to tell him that John was in the hospital. Belle reminds Brady that his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit so there has to be an explanation. Brady insists that he doesn’t know. Belle says they just have to figure out what the explanation is.

Susan finds John at the hospital. John asks if she’s getting out too. Susan confirms she’s just waiting on EJ to pick her up. John is glad she’s getting out and tells her how awful he feels about what she went through. Susan says it’s not John’s fault since Marlena was possessed by the Devil and she still has nightmares about that. Susan hoped Satan would take any sacrifice so she stabbed herself in John. John calls that incredibly selfless. Susan says she did what she had to do. Susan adds that she knows Marlena had nothing to do with it. John thanks her. Susan knows Marlena would never deliberately hurt them and certainly not an innocent little baby. John questions what baby she’s talking about.

Devil Marlena argues that Ciara and Ben can’t abandon her when she needs them as she’d be terrified to be alone. Ciara says she’s terrified too as she’s pregnant with her first child and has a checkup this week. Marlena reminds her that she can take care of her since she’s a doctor and has delivered babies. Marlena argues that Ciara isn’t even near her due date. Ciara says she’s scheduled for a sonogram and they don’t have that equipment. Ben agrees they need to go to the hospital to make sure everything is progressing as it should. Marlena assures that everything is fine and offers to check Ciara’s vitals. Ciara thanks her but says they are getting off track here. Marlena reminds that she promised to never let anything happen to her baby and they promised to protect her. Marlena says she’s doing her part but questions if they are now not going to do what they promised.

Brady swears he doesn’t remember drinking so Belle decides they will stay with what he does remember. Belle suggests checking his credit card statement to see if there’s any charges from the Pub that day which Brady calls a good idea.

Kate insists that she doesn’t believe Philip is dead but she needs some justice. Roman says they all want that and everybody is hoping and praying that Philip is alive and making his way back home. Kate says even if Philip does survive, this was a savage attack and Brady needs to pay for that. Rafe gives his word that he will conduct a thorough investigation and keep Kate posted through all of it. Roman thanks Rafe as he exits with Kate. Chloe arrives at the police station. Roman asks what brings here down. Chloe says she had to come find out if there was any news. Roman confirms the leg belongs to Philip. Chloe tries to say she’s sorry but Kate slaps Chloe.

Susan tells John that she’s afraid that the Devil is after Ben and Ciara’s baby. Susan reminds him of her psychic ability and how she had a premonition that made her come back to town. Susan talks about a dark force was threatening their baby. Susan explains to John how Ciara let her put her hands on her stomach and then she fainted because she was right that the baby was in grave danger, but she didn’t know where the danger was coming from. Susan says she was making head way and then her concentration got broken by Marlena. John questions Marlena being there. Susan explains that Ben went to get Marlena to help after Susan fainted but she couldn’t help because she was the Devil. Susan says Marlena got her out of there and that’s when she knew something was off as she was bossing her around and telling her to go back to Memphis. Susan says she was being a bully so she stood up to her and told her she wasn’t going anywhere until finding out who wanted to harm the baby. John asks what Marlena did. Susan recalls Marlena grabbing her wrist and says she’s never felt that kind of jolt of electricity and that is when she knew that Marlena was the danger because the Devil had her. Susan adds that she tried to tell someone but Marlena knocked her out, turned her in to a cat, and threw her in to the crypt. Susan calls it a miracle that they survived because the Devil is still out there in Marlena and needs to be stopped at all costs. John asks if she has any idea what the Devil wants with Ben and Ciara’s baby. Susan responds that she doesn’t know the Devil’s exact intentions but she knows they are evil.

Marlena argues that if Ben and Ciara break their promise, she could die. They insist that won’t happen. Ciara promises that Marlena can stay here as long as she wants and no one will find her. Marlena complains that Gabriel found her, so John could too. Ciara swears they won’t say a word to anyone. Marlena complains that she’s fighting for her life here. Marlena begs them to stay a little while longer. Ben says he really wants to go to Ciara’s sonogram appointment but if she’s scared to stay alone, then he guesses Ciara could go to her appointment on her own while he stays. Marlena argues that she needs them both to stay. Ciara asks to talk to Ben alone so they step outside. Ciara questions Ben not coming to her sonogram appointment. Ben asks her to try to understand that Marlena is his therapist but also his friend and she needs him. Ciara argues that she’s his wife and the mother of his unborn child, so she needs him too and she wants to go home. Ben argues that they can’t just abandon her when she’s in fear of her life. Ciara understands she helped him and he feels obligated to help in return, but argues that Marlena is taking advantage of his kindness and manipulating him. Ciara feels something is off here and she doesn’t like how she’s been acting or how focused Marlena is on their child. Ciara remarks that she’s too concerned and telling her that she doesn’t need a real hospital or check up. Ben says she just doesn’t want to be left alone. They talk about not wanting Ciara to have to go to the appointment alone. Ciara questions why Marlena wants her to stay when she’d be very safe with Ben. Ciara admits that Marlena is starting to creep her out. Marlena then comes out and asks if everything is okay.

Susan apologizes to John for not telling him about the baby when they were locked up. John says once he finds Marlena, he will get this whole thing figured out. Susan advises him to be careful because the Devil still wants him dead and she won’t be there to save him this time. Shawn arrives at the hospital and greets them. Shawn invites John to join him as he goes to talk to Brady. John says he can’t as he has to go. Shawn asks if everything is okay. John responds that Susan has reason to believe that the Devil wants Ben and Ciara’s baby. Susan knows Shawn is skeptic but Shawn says he doesn’t doubt her and he thinks she’s right.

Belle checks Brady’s credit card statement and finds that he spent $72 at the Brady Pub last Friday. Brady asks what he ordered. Belle says she can try to get a receipt from Roman. Brady hopes it was just chowder for John. Belle notes that $72 would be a lot of chowder for one person.

Kate tells Chloe that she’s been playing Brady and Philip off each other for months. Chloe cries that’s not true. Roman tells Kate to calm down. Kate argues that she’s not done with Chloe. Roman warns that Kate will get herself arrested for assault. Kate doesn’t care and complains that Chloe loves men’s attention and their worry or concern for her. Chloe responds that she hates that. Kate calls Chloe a shallow twit. Chloe knows Kate is upset about Philip. Kate talks about being so happy when Philip told her that Chloe had left. Kate argues that Chloe said she was faithful to Philip while sleeping with someone else the whole time. Chloe doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Kate brings up Lucas seeing Brady and Chloe walk in to the Salem Inn while Philip tried to defend her because he didn’t want to face that she just left him to jump in bed with Brady. Chloe insists that Brady was just helping with her bags and says she’s not doing this. Kate brings up Chloe cheating on Lucas with Daniel and now Philip with Brady. Chloe swears that did not happen. Kate says it’s all just a game to her as she gets men obsessed with her and then fuels their jealous and rivals to end up in the center of all the drama. Kate argues that her dangerous game had real consequences for real people. Kate says that Chloe toyed with Philip for years but this game ends now and if Philip ends up dead, Chloe is just as guilty as murder as Brady. Kate warns Chloe to pray that Philip is alive and that Brady didn’t stab him with the knife and throw his body in the river. Kate calls Chloe pathetic and shouts that she will make her pay. Roman says they are done and escorts Kate from the police station. Chloe breaks down crying as Rafe comes out of the interrogation room and questions what the hell is going on here. Rafe asks if Chloe is okay and she cries that she’s not okay.

Susan can’t believe that Shawn believes her. Shawn confirms that he does and brings up how on Halloween, he and Belle went to dinner with Ben and Ciara and how they told them they wanted to have a baby but they were concerned about the mental health issues in Ben’s family, so Ben went to Marlena for guidance. Shawn adds that Marlena said to go for it but then started texting them to follow up to see if they were still trying. John agrees that it’s too strange. Shawn talks about how Belle felt it was pushy, intrusive, and didn’t sound like Marlena. Susan points out that it wasn’t Marlena, it was Satan, which means the Devil was obsessed with the baby before they even conceived it.

Ciara tells Marlena that everything is not okay because Ben made his choice and it’s not her. Ciara then storms off. Ben tries to go after her but Marlena stops him and says her hormones are raging so she needs time to cool off. Ben worries that she’s really upset with him right now. Marlena feels he has no reason to be. Marlena says she’s sorry for driving a wedge between them. Ben says it’s not her fault. Marlena is not sure Ciara knows that. Ben says that Ciara knows how much Marlena has done for them and that she is the reason he was able to conquer his fears and conceive a child which Marlena is glad to hear. Ben says he’ll talk to Ciara and make her understand. Marlena asks if they will stay. Ben promises that they will.

John says he’s been racking his brain trying to figure out why the Devil would come back to Salem after all this time. Shawn says now they know as Susan concludes that he wants Ben and Ciara’s baby. John decides he has to talk to them so Shawn decides he’s going with him. John asks what about Brady. Shawn says that can wait as they are talking about his pregnant sister here, so John and Shawn leave the hospital together.

Ciara prepares to leave the cabin while holding her hand over her stomach.

Rafe brings Chloe in to the interrogation room where the prosthetic leg remains but then worries it wasn’t a good idea. Chloe says she wanted to see what she did which Rafe questions. Chloe says that Kate’s right that whatever happened to Philip, she’s partly responsible. Rafe argues that she can’t blame herself for something Brady might have done. Chloe notes that Brady swears he didn’t do it. Rafe asks if she believes him. Chloe’s phone rings and it’s Brady calling but Chloe ignores it. Chloe tells Rafe that Brady was calling. Rafe questions why she didn’t answer it. Chloe responds that she doesn’t know what to say to him.

Brady leaves a voicemail, saying he just wanted to let Chloe know that he was thinking about her and feels terrible, but he did not do this and he needs to find a way to prove it to her. Brady says he’s searching for an explanation but hasn’t found one yet. Brady says he’s racking his brain about how this could’ve happened and doesn’t have answers yet, but as soon as he figures it out, he will let her know. Brady declares that he just needs Chloe to believe in him as he hangs up.

Roman brings Kate to the Brady Pub and asks what he can get her. Kate says nothing. Roman suggests they just sit together. Kate thinks she needs to be alone for a while and needs to lie down. Roman tells her that he will be right there if she needs him. Kate assures that she does need him as they hug. Kate then heads upstairs as Belle enters the Pub. Belle is glad Roman is there as she needs a favor that has to do with Brady. Belle explains that Melinda is trying to railroad Brady so she decided to represent him and this whole case hinges on the idea that Brady was so drunk that he lost control and attacked Philip. Roman asks if she’s saying that is not what happened. Belle responds that she’s trying to figure out and that Brady’s credit card report shows he spent $72 here that day, so she hoped he might have the itemized receipt to show what he bought. Roman says he’ll be right back and goes to check.

John and Shawn go to Ciara and Ben’s apartment. Shawn uses the spare key to get in and they go in looking for Ben and Ciara but they are not home. Shawn notes that it looks like they must have been gone for awhile. John notes they left in a hurry and asks when he last spoke to Ciara. Shawn says it was Thanksgiving. John wonders where they could have shot off to. Shawn decides to call Ciara.

Ben and Devil Marlena re-enter the cabin but Ciara is gone, so Ben wonders where the hell she is.

Brady continues to wonder why he can’t remember what happened. Brady flashes back to talking with Chloe outside the Pub then the phone call with his son Tate. Brady then remembers Tate calling which he had completely forgot about. Brady’s flashback continues where he finished the call with plans to video chat over the weekend. Brady hung up and then got knocked out with a crowbar. Kate then enters Brady’s hospital room and declares that if her son is a dead man then Brady is a dead man too. Kate then storms back out.

Roman returns to Belle with Brady’s receipt of $72 from the night in question. Belle asks what Brady bought. Roman reveals that the receipt shows six shots of whiskey.

Ciara answers Shawn’s call. Shawn asks where she is as Ciara then appears in the door of her apartment and says she’s right there.

Ben tells Marlena that Ciara isn’t here and must have gone out the back way. Marlena worries that they can’t let her go back to Salem. Ben says he’s sorry as he knew she was upset but didn’t think she would run away. Marlena worries that if Ciara goes back, John will get the truth out of her and then he will come here to kill her. Marlena declares they have to stop her and opens the door of the cabin right as John arrives.

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