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Chad and Abigail start to head upstairs together but are stopped when the doorbell rings. Chad answers the door to see Rafe. Chad asks what brings him by. Rafe responds that it’s police business.

Nicole finishes work at Basic Black then gets a call from EJ, asking if she is at home. Nicole tells him that she’s just leaving the office. EJ invites her over for a quick bite after a long day. Nicole agrees since she’s starving. EJ says he’ll see her soon and hangs up. EJ is outside of Rafe’s house and knocks on the door. Ava answers and tells him that Rafe’s not home, but EJ says he’s here to see her.

Allie finds Tripp at the hospital and informs him that Sami has been kidnapped.

Sami ties the guard Jason to a chair. Jason regains consciousness and complains of his head hurting. Sami admits to knocking him out with the tray and taking his phone. Jason warns her that the other guy Pete will be on his way. Sami says she’s not scared of them or their boss. Jason asks why Sami is still here. Sami informs him that the key broke in the lock so the door doesn’t open. Jason says she’s not going anywhere then. Sami responds that Lucas will find a way to open the door from the outside. Jason questions who Lucas is. Sami reveals that she managed to reach her ex-husband and Lucas is on his way to rescue her any minute.

Ava asks what possible reason EJ had to come to see her. EJ thought she might need an attorney since he had represented her in the past. Ava asks why she would need him now. EJ says it’s because she helped Kristen escape.

Rafe enters the DiMera Mansion to ask Chad questions about Kristen since she never made it to prison. Abigail says they heard on the news that her prison van crashed. Rafe says she was okay enough to get away but she hasn’t been caught yet. Abigail questions how Kristen manages to escape prison a third time. Rafe asks to speak with Chad alone but Chad says he and Abigail don’t keep secrets, so anything he has to ask him, he can ask in front of her. Rafe brings up that Chad was at the police station earlier which he confirms. Rafe notes that Chad spent a lot of time alone with Kristen in the interrogation room, so he asks what they were talking about. Chad tells Rafe that he gave her an update from her lawyer and told her she was going back to prison. Rafe points out that Kristen then didn’t go back to prison. Chad questions where he’s going with this. Rafe says that Kristen couldn’t have done this on her own, so she had to have an accomplice. Chad asks if he’s accusing him of helping his sister escape.

Ava steps outside and tells EJ that she has no idea what he’s talking about. EJ repeats that she helped Kristen escape. Ava questions how he would know what’s going on with Kristen since he refused to represent her. EJ says he has been watching Kristen closely and made it a point to have eyes and ears everywhere. EJ reveals that he knows Ava used her family connections to intimidate the guards who were escorting Kristen to prison in to letting her go. Ava argues that she left that life behind and finds this insulting. EJ says she can carry on as much as she’d like, but he knows what she did. Ava asks what EJ is going to do about it and if he’s going to turn her in.

Tripp questions Allie about Sami being kidnapped. Allie explains that the text she got from Sami’s number was from her kidnapper. Tripp asks how she knows this. Allie reveals that earlier today, Sami finally called and told her and Lucas that she’s been locked in a room for months but she has no idea who did it or why. Tripp asks where she’s being held. Allie says she didn’t know but it turned out to be a remote part of Wisconsin. Tripp asks if anyone called the police. Allie says no but Lucas went to get her, so she’s sure he will if he needs to. Tripp asks if she’s heard from Lucas. Allie says she hasn’t even though she’s called a bunch. Allie worries that Lucas should be there by now.

Jason tells Sami that Lucas should’ve been here by now, so maybe he got lost. Jason calls the place impossible to find. Sami suggests calling Lucas to give him exact directions but there’s no signal. Jason insists that Lucas isn’t coming and that he probably got frustrated and bailed. Jason argues that it doesn’t take 4 or 5 hours to get here from Salem. Jason suggests Pete probably saw Lucas and knocked him out or killed him. Sami argues that he’s just trying to scare her. Jason insists that Sami untie her because he won’t be able to help her with Pete, who will go straight to their boss. Sami tells him to shut up because she hears something. Jason insists that it’s Pete and she will be sorry that she didn’t cooperate when she had the chance. Lucas then arrives instead. Sami excitedly hugs him and tells him that she’s so glad it’s him.

Kate enters a hospital waiting room, finishing a call with Roman about trying to talk Rex in to staying in Salem. Kate hangs up and then finds Paulina in the room. Kate asks what she’s doing here and if she’s okay. Paulina says not really as she was visiting John and then ran in to Abe which did not go as well as she hoped. Kate assumes Abe is still angry at her for what happened at the wedding. Paulina informs Kate that Abe told her he could forgive her for holding the truth from him about Lani, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to trust her again. Kate says she can’t blame him and doesn’t think she could trust her either.

Rafe tells Chad that he’s not accusing him of anything and he’s just wondering if maybe Kristen said something to him that would indicate she was planning to escape. Chad says it was the opposite. Chad tells Rafe that it crossed his mind that she might be thinking about running again so he asked her to assure him that she wouldn’t, which she did. Rafe asks if anything else happened. Chad tells him that Kristen asked him to get him a sandwich and while he was gone, she had taken his phone and when he came back, she was deleting the call log. Rafe asks if he has any idea who she called. Chad tells him that Kristen said she called Brady to talk to Rachel and thought he would answer if she called for Chad’s phone but he hung up on her. Rafe questions why Kristen would delete the call log if she was calling Brady. Chad admits that’s a good question. Rafe points out Kristen’s idea being to get her sandwich at the station cafeteria instead of somewhere he might need his jacket. Rafe declares that Kristen wasn’t hungry, she just needed to get rid of him so she could use his phone to call her accomplice.

Ava asks EJ if he’s going to rat her out to the cops. EJ asks if she’s admitting her guilt. Ava says she’s just curious to know what he plans to do with this absurd theory that she helped Kristen escape. EJ says it’s not a theory but a fact. EJ assures he has no intention of telling Rafe. Ava says that Rafe would laugh in his face. EJ disagrees. Ava asks what’s his reason. EJ responds that Kristen is his sister so he still loves her. Ava remarks that he wasn’t willing to risk bad PR. EJ says image matters when running his company but he still values his family. Ava points out that EJ didn’t value his family enough to help Kristen out when she needed him the most. EJ argues that he did by hiring a top notch lawyer but he couldn’t convince the judge to keep her out of prison. EJ declares that going to prison is not an option because Kristen wouldn’t survive, so he would do everything in his power to keep her out. Ava asks if he’s doing this to save Kristen’s life. EJ adds that he also owes her because in a way, she saved his life or at least leading a life of a clueless cuckold. Ava realizes this is about Sami. EJ confirms that Kristen is the one who told him that Sami was cheating on him with Lucas and if she didn’t, he would’ve continued believing Sami’s lies forever. EJ states that he is instead rid of that whore once and for all. Ava asks if he’s really happy about that. EJ says that as far as he’s concerned, Lucas can have her where ever she is.

Sami tells Lucas that she’s never been so happy to see someone in her life. Lucas asks if she’s okay or if they hurt her. Sami tells him that she’s fine. Lucas talks about the place being in the middle of nowhere. Sami says all that matters is that he’s here now. Lucas asks if Jason is the one who kidnapped her. Sami says he’s just one of the guards. Sami asks Jason where Pete is, since Jason said Pete was going to find Lucas and kill him. Sami tells Lucas that she has no idea who did this to her. Jason laughs at them. Lucas questions Jason as to who he works for. Sami says she’s been asking every day for 3 months but he wouldn’t tell her anything. Lucas grabs Jason and warns that he’s sure as hell going to tell him. Lucas questions who would kidnap Sami and what they want with her. Sami tells him not to bother as Jason won’t tell them anything. Lucas tells Jason that he’s going down for this. Jason says they will see and that he’ll get a good lawyer. Sami argues that this would go better for him if he just cooperated. Lucas asks if Jason really wants to go to jail over this. Lucas says his boss needs to pay for this and they can make that happen while protecting him. Jason doesn’t believe him and argues that they will turn him over to the cops after he talks. Sami swears they won’t if he helps her and she won’t press charges. Sami pleads with Jason to tell them who he’s working for.

EJ tells Ava that Sami is gone and he has Kristen to thank. Ava believes he’s grateful to Kristen but it still doesn’t explain why he’s not reporting her to Rafe. EJ says if he was to expose Ava’s collaboration with Kristen, Rafe would dump her so fast her head would spin and then he would go straight to Nicole which he is not going to let happen.

Rafe asks Chad about getting the answers from his phone. Chad reminds him that Kristen deleted the call log. Rafe is pretty sure his IT guys can retrieve them and threatens getting a court order. Chad says he won’t need to and hands over his phone. Rafe thanks him for cooperating. Chad adds that for what it’s worth, he’s not protecting Kristen. Chad says that Kristen is his sister and he loves her, but she hurt a lot of people he cares about. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and exits. Rafe pulls out his phone and texts Ava that he’s on his way home and will be there in a few. Rafe goes to walk away from the DiMera Mansion, but runs in to Nicole as she arrives.

Kate admits to Paulina that she was harsh and apologizes. Paulina remarks that maybe Kate’s never lied to keep from hurting someone or being too scared to lose them. Paulina talks about how it’s everything she feared as she’s lost Abe and Lani. Kate is not surprised since Lani just found out that she gave her away and kept the truth from her for so long. Kate questions why Paulina gave up her daughter.

Nicole questions what Rafe is doing at the DiMera Mansion. Rafe says he was just following up on Kristen’s disappearance. Nicole asks if he had any luck but Rafe says not yet. Nicole says she wouldn’t be surprised if the DiMera family circle the wagon to protect her. Nicole adds that it won’t last long because eventually, the DiMera luck always runs out, even for Stefano. Nicole asks if Rafe can tell her anything. Rafe says he’s just working overtime to track her down. Nicole hopes he does and that Kristen burns in Hell with the person that helped her. Rafe realizes that Nicole is also convinced that Kristen had an accomplice. Nicole declares that whoever helped Kristen is cold and heartless, so she hopes Rafe finds them and nails them to the wall.

Ava tells EJ that Rafe and Nicole are just friends. EJ says that’s only because he’s dating Ava but if that were to change, he would go running to Nicole. EJ asks if Ava is denying there’s an attraction between Rafe and Nicole. Ava admits there may have been briefly but they’ve talked about that and Rafe assured her that it’s all in the past. Ava asks why EJ is bringing it up. EJ thinks back to Nicole telling him that she had sex with Rafe.

Tripp goes home with Allie, who talks about how bizarre Sami’s kidnapping is since they made no demands and sent fake texts so they’d think she’s okay. Allie wonders who would do that. Tripp says he has one idea but it’s pretty out there. Allie says to tell her.

Sami asks Jason what it’s going to be. Jason says he’ll take his chances in court. Lucas says it’s his call and that they’ll take him to the local police department to turn him in. Lucas and Sami untie Jason and escort him out but Jason manages to shove Sami in to the wall, knocking her down. Lucas stops to check on Sami as Jason runs. Sami tells Lucas to go get him and not let him get away.

Kate tells Paulina that she doesn’t have to answer as it’s none of her business. Paulina agrees but says she’ll answer any way. Paulina tells Kate that she gave her daughter to her sister because she wasn’t conceived in love and her biological father was a controlling, abusive addict. Paulina remarks that Kate doesn’t know what it feels like to be with a man like that but Kate responds that she knows exactly what it feels like. Paulina questions Kate knowing. Kate then reveals that she was married to one.

Allie questions Tripp thinking Marlena kidnapped Sami. Tripp points out that Marlena kidnapped John and held him prisoner so it’s not far fetched to think she’d take her daughter too. Allie argues that it wasn’t Marlena’s fault as she was possessed by the Devil. Tripp says maybe Sami knew that and was going to expose him. Allie stops and says she thought Tripp didn’t believe in demonic possession.

Lucas returns and informs Sami that Jason got away but says Sami is more important so he had to come back and check on her. Lucas tells Sami that they have to get her out of here and asks if she’s okay. Sami insists that she’s fine and wants to go before the boss shows up to come looking for them. Lucas wants to go to a local police station to tell them everything that happened to her. Sami says no. Lucas questions if she doesn’t want these guys to pay for what they did. Sami says she does but not right now as she just wants to go home first. Lucas then takes Sami and exits the building.

Abigail tells Chad that she can’t stop trying to figure out who Kristen called because after everything she’s done, it’s hard to believe anyone would help her. Chad wonders if maybe it was EJ. Abigail asks why he would help her when he wasn’t even willing to represent her. Chad points out that EJ wanted to maintain his shiny image but maybe he was cooking up a secret plan to help Kristen escape, yet he’s the one getting grilled by police. Chad calls EJ a total snake.

Ava tells EJ that she’s not interested in playing games, so if he has a reason to believe Rafe and Nicole have something going on, she wants him to spit it out. EJ thinks back to Nicole assuring him that it was all over with Rafe and that Ava couldn’t know what happened. EJ tells Ava that he thinks she knows the attraction between Rafe and Nicole is definitely not all in the past. Ava says that’s what Rafe told her. EJ asks what her eyes tell her when she’s around them. EJ asks if she sees two people who just want to be friends or that they work so hard to prove they don’t want each other making it that much more obvious that they do. EJ adds that neither of them want them to get together. Ava knows she doesn’t but asks what’s EJ’s excuse.

Rafe tells Nicole that’s why he’s at the DiMera Mansion so he asks what she’s doing here. Nicole responds that EJ invited her to dinner. Rafe notes that it’s kind of late. Nicole says she was still at work when he called and it was just a spur of the moment invitation. Rafe questions them still seeing each other. Nicole says obviously they are. Rafe asks if they are getting serious. Nicole says there’s no big commitment but it’s definitely going in that direction. Nicole questions why he’s grilling her about this. Rafe says he’s not but Nicole feels he is. Nicole tells him that things are good with EJ and are getting better. Nicole hopes things move forward so there won’t be any more confusion about her and Rafe. Nicole declares that if she’s in a relationship with EJ then they can put what happened in her office behind them once and for all. Rafe responds that he’s not sure he can do that.

Tripp tells Allie that what happened on Halloween changed his outlook. Allie agrees that seeing a person rise from the dead can have that effect. Tripp is still not entirely sure they saw Charlie but enough smart people that he respects swear that the Devil made Marlena do what she did. Allie asks if he’s not a skeptic anymore. Tripp says he’ll always be a skeptic but does believe some things may defy scientific explanation. Allie is impressed he could be so open minded but says there’s no way Marlena could’ve kidnapped Sami because her possession didn’t start until her appointment with Doug which was way after Sami disappeared. Tripp wonders who was it if not the Devil.

EJ knows Ava is aware that he and Nicole are seeing each other, reminding her of when they ran in to Ava and Rafe at Julie’s Place. Ava confirms that she is aware. EJ says he’s known Nicole for a very long time and he didn’t think she could still surprise him but she has. Ava doesn’t want to hear this. EJ explains that Nicole has been helping him move on after what happened with Sami and they are also building something real. EJ would like that to continue and he assumes for some reason that Ava wants that with Rafe. Ava assures that she is in love with Rafe. EJ tells Ava that if Rafe found out what she did, he would throw her over instantly for the woman he wants a future with. EJ declares that it’s in their best interests to keep Rafe in the dark. EJ tells Ava that they will keep her collaboration between her and Kristen to themselves. Ava agrees and asks why EJ came all the way over if he had no intention of ever saying anything. EJ responds that he just wanted her to know that nothing happens in this town without him knowing and says that’s something to be aware of. EJ tells her to have a good night and walks away.

Nicole reminds Rafe that they talked about this and he knows how she feels. Rafe knows she wants him to act like what happened in her office never happened. Rafe says he’s really trying. Rafe notes that he and Ava worked things out and are back together. Nicole says she’s glad to hear that but asks Rafe not to say anything else. Rafe says he’s trying to respect her wishes but he’s not going to pretend it’s easy. Rafe declares that making love to her was not a mistake because it felt so right. Nicole tells him to stop. Rafe assures that he won’t say anything to EJ, Ava, or anyone, but he will try to put the thought of being with her out of his mind. Nicole says that’s enough and that they agreed they need to forget about what happened and move on. Rafe knows that in his head but says it’s still in his heart. Rafe notes that saying it and doing it are two different things.

Kate tells Paulina about Curtis Reed beating her up and leaving her on the side of the road while she was pregnant because the baby she was carrying wasn’t his. Paulina guesses that’s her son Lucas which Kate confirms. Kate adds that Lucas had his struggles but he has a good and kind heart just like Lani. Kate talks about how Abe would tell everyone what an extraordinary young woman Lani is. Paulina wishes Lani wasn’t Ray’s but she is. Paulina worried that if Ray knew she was having his child, he would never let her go or take her away from her. Kate relates as that’s what Curtis did to her with her other kids, Austin and Billie, as he took them in the cruelest way and she didn’t see them again until they were adults. Paulina says she’s so sorry. Kate says she’s sorry for ever judging Paulina before she had the facts. Kate says she has a meeting and has to go but she’s so glad they talked. Kate wishes Paulina luck. Paulina thanks her and says she will need it as Kate then exits the room.

Abigail suggests to Chad they not spend any more time talking about EJ which Chad agrees with. Chad calls Harold to tell him they are having dinner in their room tonight. Chad then tells Abigail that dinner will arrive whenever they are ready as they kiss.

Ava heads back inside and reads Rafe’s text that he’s on his way home. Ava notes that Rafe sent that text a long time ago so she texts him back asking what happened to him.

Rafe tells Nicole that he knows she wants to put what happened behind them and there’s nothing more he wants than to give her what she wants. Rafe complains that he’s tried so hard to put it out of his mind but he doesn’t know if he can right now or ever. Rafe and Nicole end up getting close and almost kiss when EJ walks up and questions what they have here.

Allie thanks Tripp for being there. Tripp assures he will always be there for her. Allie decides to try to call Lucas again but there’s a knock at the door. Allie answers to see Lucas has brought Sami home. Sami cries as she and Allie embrace.

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