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Ava goes to see Gwen at the Salem Inn. Gwen asks who she is. Ava responds that according to Kristen, she’s her new partner in crime. Gwen says she doesn’t know what Kristen told her. Ava tells her to save it and shut the door, because what they have to talk about is private. Gwen asks if Ava is on Kristen’s payroll. Ava says no, but she owes her, so she expects her to help Gwen break her out of jail which is why she is here. Gwen guesses Kristen is blackmailing her. Ava tells her to stop acting like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because they have to put their heads together and figure out a way to break Kristen out of jail and they need to do it fast.

Rafe informs Kristen that the prison van is already on it’s way because he pulled strings to get her out of here as soon as possible, so it should be there in about an hour. Kristen mutters that it’s too soon. Rafe asks if she has a pressing appointment. Kristen responds that she hasn’t been able to say goodbye to anyone. Rafe asks who in this town would be sad to see her go. Lani then arrives and says her best friend would be.

Xander argues that Susan has to remember calling him on the day of his wedding to warn him about Rex and Sarah heading upstairs at the Brady Pub. Susan is confused as she doesn’t remember any of this. Susan blames it on a shot that made her forget stuff. Xander says he will never forget Susan opening his eyes to Sarah being unfaithful.

Allie goes to the Brady Pub and finds Lucas. Lucas asks if something is wrong. Allie realizes he doesn’t know about Marlena. Allie informs Lucas that Marlena is possessed by the Devil again. Lucas questions if this is a movie stunt. Allie assures that this is real as Belle just told her. Lucas calls it impossible. Allie says Belle swears that it’s true. Allie admits she didn’t believe it when people told her about Marlena back in the 90s. Lucas asks if anyone knows where she is. Allie doesn’t know as she tried calling Will, Johnny, and Sydney but nobody is picking up and Sami is still missing.

Jason brings Sami her breakfast. Sami apologizes for taking his phone and says it won’t happen again. When Jason goes to leave, Sami then knocks him out with the food tray from behind and runs out the door but is stopped by another locked door.

Abe goes to see Eli, who asks how he’s doing. Abe responds that he’s been better. Eli still can’t believe that Chanel thought his wedding was the right time to make her announcement. Abe says there is no time to get news like that. Abe asks if Lani is there and if she will see him. Eli responds that Lani is not there and he doesn’t know when she will be back.

Kristen warns Lani that she will take a lot of flack for coming to see her. Lani says she can handle that but couldn’t let her go back to prison without saying goodbye. Kristen asks for a moment alone, so Rafe says he will let her know when the van arrives and exits. Lani tells Kristen that she’s sorry about all of this. Kristen says she brought it all on herself. Kristen tells Lani that she can see in her eyes that something is wrong. Lani informs her that her whole world was just turned upside down as she found out that Abe is not her birth father and that her whole life has just been kind of a lie.

Ava introduces herself to Gwen. Gwen recognizes her last name and says that her ex, Jake, used to work for her crime family. Ava says she’s not here to make friends as she has a lot riding on this. Gwen relates, saying that if she doesn’t pull through for Kristen then she will take away the one good thing she has left in her life.

Xander tells Susan about how he caught Sarah and Rex about to make love and she called off his wedding. Xander says he moved on, met someone new, and now he’s happy again, so he wanted to come thank Susan for telling him about Sarah. Susan insists that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and asks when this all happened. Xander informs her it was this past March. Susan then reveals that it wasn’t her, it was Kristen DiMera who told him about Sarah which shocks Xander.

Lucas asks Allie if Belle is sure about Marlena. Allie says it sounded like it. Lucas knows Sami would want to be here and know but she hasn’t kept in touch with anyone. Allie brings up the text that got saying Sami needed time for herself but that was over three months ago. They admit to being worried about Sami. Allie wonders if something happened to Sami.

Sami locks the first door with Jason inside and tries to unlock the second door but the key breaks.

Ava asks Gwen for a drink so she tosses her a bottle. Ava mentions that she already got Kristen out of a jam once but no good deed goes unpunished. Gwen asks what Kristen is holding over Ava’s head then. Ava responds that if Kristen tells Rafe what she knows about her, then she’s going to lose him forever. Gwen calls her a brave one. Ava asks what Kristen has on Gwen. Gwen responds that Kristen has certain information that if it were to get back to the man she loves, she would lose him for sure. Ava says it sounds like they better put their thinking caps on or they are both going to be alone.

Susan reveals to Xander that Kristen switched places with her so she could keep an eye on Brady, Rachel, and Chloe, so Kristen was out free while she was stuck in prison. Xander knew Kristen had escaped but didn’t know she was pretending to be Susan. Xander asks when the switch happened. Susan tells him that it was February so Xander realizes that Kristen was the one who told him. Xander decides he needs to go pay Kristen a visit as he storms out of the room.

Abe tells Eli that he called Lani a couple times but she hasn’t picked up. Eli doesn’t think she knows how to talk to him just yet. Abe says that’s why he kept his distance as he can’t imagine what she’s going through. Eli calls it some scheme that Tamara and Olivia came up with and Lani is furious as she’s not even taking Tamara’s calls. Abe mentions talking to Tamara last night and it not going well.

Lani explains to Kristen how Paulina is her real mother and her biological father was an abusive boyfriend. Kristen says she’s so sorry but she knows how close Lani and Abe are. Kristen asks why she thought Abe was her father. Lani explains that Tamara told her that he was and they thought of everything. Lani says Tamara, Paulina, and Olivia all cooked it up together. Lani talks about the instant connection when she first met Abe and how he was the father she always wanted and needed. Kristen remembers how much Lani missed Abe when they were in the convent. Lani cries about how Abe just wanted to be there for her then, like he has been from the moment she told him that she was his daughter. Lani says she’s been through so much since then and Abe has given so much love and support. Lani cannot believe this is happening as yesterday she had the perfect father and now it hurts so much.

Xander goes to the police station and tells Rafe that he needs to speak with Kristen now. Rafe says she has a visitor so Xander says he’ll wait but Rafe says there won’t be time for that, because the prison van is on it’s way and she’s on her way back to Statesville. Xander declares that Kristen’s not going anywhere until he’s had his say.

Gwen asks Ava if she has any brilliant ideas. Ava asks if she can handle a gun. Gwen doesn’t feel like dying so she says to cross that off her list. Ava asks what Gwen’s skills are. Gwen responds that she drugged her half-sister to put her in the hospital for months and then seduced her husband. Ava calls those impressive skills but she’s not sure how that will help get Kristen out of jail. Gwen suggests drugging the guards but Ava says they don’t have time for that. Ava declares that she’s not losing Rafe over this. Gwen adds that she’s not keen on losing Xander either. Ava informs Gwen that she knows Xander as they spent time in a sort of rehab in Nashville. Ava jokes that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to lose him but Gwen tells her to mind her own business. Gwen asks what Ava’s skills are. Ava responds that you don’t grow up in the Vitali family without learning something. Ava declares that she’s got it. Gwen questions her not telling her what it is. Ava tells her to grab her stuff and go then she will tell her on the way.

Sami goes back in to the room where Jason is knocked out. Sami tells herself that she still has time to figure this out and remembers Jason’s phone. Sami takes the phone back from Jason and tries to make a call but gets a busy signal and then no connection. Sami tries to figure out what numbers she knows by heart that she can call.

Allie reveals to Lucas that Marlena almost killed John and Susan in the DiMera Crypt. Allie remembers when she, Johnny, and Chanel played with the Ouija board on Halloween and it said the Devil was in Salem at the DiMera Crypt, then Johnny went down there and Marlena was there. Lucas can’t believe it. Allie is just glad Marlena didn’t do something bad to Johnny. Allie then gets a call from an unknown number. She answers it and it’s Sami, who says thank God she picked up. Allie is surprised to hear from her mom and asks where she is.

Abe admits to Eli that he lost his cool with Tamara. Eli understands since she let him think Lani was his daughter when she knew damn well that was a lie. Abe says it’s one thing to keep Paulina’s secret after taking the baby in but he doesn’t understand why they let he and Lani think they were father and daughter all these years. Eli asks if he asked Tamara to explain that. Abe says she just said what Paulina said about how Lani grew up, became a cop, and wanted to look for her dad and he was the only man that Tamara was involved with around the time that Lani was conceived, so Tamara let her think she was right so she would stop looking and not find out the kind of man her father really was. Abe states that Tamara thought it was better for Lani to gain a father then lose a mother. Eli notes that now she feels like she’s lost both.

Kristen tells Lani that just because Abe is not her birth father doesn’t mean the connection isn’t still there. Kristen relates to being adopted and knows family ties are more than blood. Lani agrees. Kristen asks if they’ve talked since this all came out. Lani says no as Abe has called but she can’t bring herself to pick up. Kristen asks why not. Lani is pretty sure Abe will want to see her and she keeps thinking that if she avoids seeing him, she could pretend like none of this is real. Kristen tells her that she’s going to have to see Abe at some point. Lani cries that she doesn’t know if she’s strong enough. Kristen encourages that she is. Kristen reminds her that they have faced a lot of heartbreak in life and have always found a way to get through it. Kristen promises that even though they have new rotten things to face, they will get through this too no matter what it takes.

Rafe questions if Xander is here to delay Kristen’s transfer. Xander gives his word that he wouldn’t lift a finger to help Kristen. Rafe blows off Xander’s word. Xander says he has to talk to Kristen. Rafe tells him to find out when visiting hours are at prison. Xander argues that this can’t wait as it’s about Maggie’s daughter, Sarah. Rafe asks what about her. Xander says he can’t explain until after he’s talked to Kristen and he’s not leaving until he does. Rafe reminds him that Kristen is in with a visitor. Lani then comes out of the interrogation room and thanks Rafe as she then exits the station. Xander points out that Kristen is now all alone.

Ava and Gwen go to Statesville prison and approach the guards. The guard says this is restricted area and tells them to get lost. Ava introduces herself as part of the Vitali family and says she knows they are there to pick up Kristen to take her to prison, but she’s here to tell them it’s not going to happen.

Allie tells Sami that she’s so relieved that she called as they’ve been so worried about her and now something has happened to Marlena. Sami reveals that she already knows Marlena has been possessed again which Allie questions. Sami tells Allie that she’s in deep trouble and needs her help. Allie asks what she has done now. Sami reveals that she was kidnapped. Lucas asks what she is saying. Allie tells Lucas that Sami has been kidnapped. Lucas then grabs the phone and asks Sami what the hell is going on.

Ava instructs the guards that when they pick up Kristen, they are not to take her to prison and that Kristen will tell them where she wants to go. The guards say they don’t take orders from Ava and no one does anymore. Ava warns that they would be foolish to think she doesn’t have power in the family anymore so they shouldn’t cross her. The guard mocks her being intimidating. Gwen then tells the guards that Ava is the one who killed Carmine. The guards say they don’t want any trouble. Ava says to do as she says and they won’t regret it. Ava claims that she has people looking in on their families right now and she’d hate to have to send Gwen after them. Ava asks the guards if they are going to cooperate or should she give Gwen her orders.

Rafe brings Xander in to the interrogation room. Kristen questions what Xander is doing here. Rafe says they are about to find out and tells Xander to make it quick. Xander brings up how on his wedding day last March, he got a call from Susan Banks, warning him that Sarah and Rex were about to hook up but it just came to his attention that it wasn’t Susan who called him, it was Kristen. Kristen asks what if it was and suggests maybe she was trying to do him a favor. Xander asks why since Kristen despises him and never helps anyone else which Rafe agrees with. Kristen asks what she gets out of informing on Sarah and Rex. Xander doesn’t know yet but his gut tells him that Kristen had a hand in Sarah dumping him for Rex. Kristen calls that ridiculous but remarks that she did the right thing. Kristen claims she didn’t have any influence on Sarah one way or the other. Xander asks if she convinced Rex to come back to Salem to seduce Sarah. Kristen says no but Xander doesn’t believe her as he knows there’s something she’s not telling him. Rafe gets a text that the prison van is here and says it’s time to go. Kristen stops him and says since she’s going back to prison, she might as well set the record straight. Kristen then declares that there is something Rafe and Xander need to know.

Lucas asks Sami where exactly she is. Sami says she can’t tell him but she’s been locked in a tiny room for months. Lucas asks who did this to her. Sami explains that he doesn’t know as all she sees are guards and they aren’t very chatty but she finally stole a phone from one of them. Sami mentions calling Marlena but she has her own problems right now which Lucas says he just heard about. Sami says Lucas has to help her. Sami mentions that she called EJ. Lucas asks if he refused to help her. Sami says no but the phone died before she could even talk to EJ and now it’s charged, but she knocked out the guard and she’s really afraid of what he’s going to do when he wakes up. Lucas asks if there’s a map feature on the phone. Sami says no as it’s just a burner phone. Lucas tells her that she will have to check the guard’s pockets then. Jason starts to wake up so Sami hits him again with the tray to knock him out and then begins searching his pockets.

Eli brings his son Carver down to Abe. Abe holds Carver while Eli gets his juice. Abe talks about Carver almost turning a year old. Abe then asks if Eli is thinking of changing Carver’s name. Eli says hell no. Eli tells him that Theo is still their uncle and Abe is their grandfather. Eli adds that Theo may be in South Africa but he’s going to make sure they video chat. Abe knows Theo will be in Salem as often as his job allows. Eli says he better because his niece and nephew love him very much. Eli assures Abe that he’s their grandfather and will be as long as he’s on this planet. Abe thanks him and hands Carver back to Eli. Eli still thinks Abe is the greatest father in law a man could ever have. Abe thanks him as they hug. Abe then goes to leave just as Lani comes home.

Kristen tells Xander that he’s right that it was her who called him on his wedding day to tell him about Rex and Sarah. Kristen starts to tell him what he didn’t know but Gwen comes in and says she’s sorry to interrupt. Xander asks what she’s doing there. Gwen says she’s here to see him. Xander questions how she knew he was here. Gwen claims she was just passing by and saw his car outside so she thought maybe he was in trouble. Xander explains that he came to have a word with Kristen. Gwen asks what about. Kristen responds that Xander thinks she had something to do with Sarah leaving with Rex. Xander says that Kristen just admitted that she had something to confess about that. Rafe argues that the van is waiting so it’s now or never. Kristen then claims her confession is that she wasn’t doing Xander a favor as she took great joy in puncturing his dream of happiness. Xander questions making a call being all she did and if she didn’t manipulate Sarah in to choosing Rex over him. Kristen claims she was just in the right place at the right time and that she couldn’t have planned it better herself…

Lucas asks Sami if she’s still there. Sami finds Jason’s smart phone in his pocket. Lucas instructs her to go to maps. Sami worries that it’s not loading. Lucas encourages her to be patient. Sami complains that she’s been locked in this room since August. Lucas can’t believe she’s been held against her will this entire time. Allie realizes Sami didn’t ghost them and regrets not looking for her. Lucas assures it’s not her fault. Sami says the phone is stalling and blames the reception. Lucas tells her to text whatever she can to Allie. Sami says she’s sending it and hopes that it goes through.

Rafe brings Kristen out and tells the guards that he’s sorry for the delay but she’s all theirs. They tell Rafe not to worry as they will take it from here.

Xander and Gwen walk through the town square together. Gwen notes that he hasn’t said much. Xander doesn’t think Kristen was telling him the truth as she hates him. Gwen questions why Kristen would go through so much trouble to break him and Sarah up and what she would get out of it. Xander talks about how Rex just showed up out of the blue. Gwen suggests Rex found out about the wedding and decided he didn’t want to lose Sarah to someone else. Xander guesses Sarah could’ve realized she was on the rebound when she fell for him, but either way she chose Rex and not him, so that’s all there is to it. Xander and Gwen then walk off together.

Ava walks past the Brady Pub and calls Rafe to ask if they can meet for dinner. Rafe says that sounds like a plan and informs her that he just turned Kristen over to the guards at Statesville, so she’s their problem now.

The prison guards free Kristen from her handcuffs and ask where she wants to go now. Kristen says she hasn’t decided yet but she wants to get as far away as possible from this God forsaken place. The guards then escort Kristen outside.

Lani didn’t know Abe was coming over today. Abe says he wanted to see how she was doing but maybe that was a mistake. Eli goes to check on the babies. Abe tells Lani that the last thing he wants to do is put more pressure on her but he just wants her to know that he’s here whenever she is ready. Abe then turns to leave but Lani stops him and asks him to stay. Lani thinks it’s time they had a chance to talk.

Sami asks if Lucas has gotten her location yet but he says not yet. Sami cries that this has to work as the guard will wake up any moment and she has no idea what he’s going to do to her. Allie encourages Sami to stay calm. Sami argues that she’s trying. Lucas then gets the text with her location and tells her to hang on as he’s on his way. Lucas then gets up and rushes out of the Pub.

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