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Steve comes home to Kayla baking a pie. Kayla complains that she left it in too long but she’s glad Steve is home as she kisses him. Kayla hopes to hear that Steve found John, but Steve reveals he did not and doesn’t think he was meant to as he’s pretty sure someone sent him on a wild goose chase. Kayla wonders who would do that as Devil Marlena then shows up at the door, declaring that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday of all.

Shawn and Belle enter the Horton house where Julie is looking through a photo album, talking about how much Doug enjoyed Thanksgiving and now it’s Thanksgiving and Doug is all alone. Belle says she’s so sorry. Julie says she’s hardly to blame since she took her case against her own mother, so she put her in a horrible position. Belle just wants to settle this. Julie asks if there’s any news then guesses by her look that there is and that it’s not good.

Allie runs in to Tripp and Henry in the town square. Allie thought she was seeing them back at the apartment. Tripp responds that Henry couldn’t wait to show her the Happy Thanksgiving Mommy drawing that he made for her.

Chanel has a nightmare about Paulina being so mad at her that she said she’s no longer her daughter and then Paulina having a heart attack. Chanel wakes up in a panic in bed with Johnny. Johnny asks about her nightmare. Chanel responds that the dream was so real and in the dream, she killed Paulina.

Paulina sits alone at home with her locket and says she sure made a hot mess of it this time. Olivia walks in and says she got that right.

Belle informs Julie that it’s not bad news but just frustrating. Belle explains that she put in a motion to rescind Marlena’s medical power of attorney and if the judge rules in their favor, then Julie will be able to make all the decisions for Doug’s care and she’ll be able to see him without Marlena having anything to say about it. Julie asks when that will happen. Belle reveals that she didn’t hear back from the judge yesterday and today begins a long holiday weekend. Julie laments that she will not get to see Doug anytime soon.

Kayla mentions that unfortunately their kids, Joey and Stephanie, can’t come home for Thanksgiving. Devil Marlena says that’s a shame since Thanksgiving really is all about family. Kayla explains that they will be with family as they are going to be with Roman and Kate to the Brady Pub for Thanksgiving Dinner and then they will video chat with the kids after. Marlena guesses that’s something and says maybe she will stop by after all of her holiday calls. Steve asks if that’s why she’s here. Devil Marlena claims that she came to apologize for not being herself lately.

Allie jokes that Henry did not get his art ability from her and starts to say he must have gotten it from his dad but Allie says to forget that as it’s Thanksgiving and she doesn’t want to talk about ‘him’. Tripp encourages her to say whatever she wants. Allie doesn’t want to talk about Charlie. Tripp points out that she did and it’s a good thing. Tripp tells her not to pretend the past didn’t happen but to hold onto the fact that Charlie is dead and buried, so he can never hurt her again. Allie brings up Halloween and says they can’t be sure of that. Tripp reveals that actually they can because Rafe was worried, so he ordered Charlie’s grave to be exhumed and he’s still there, undisturbed. Allie wonders who or what they saw that night then.

Devil Marlena knows Steve and Kayla have been leaving lots of messages and she hasn’t gotten back to them. Kayla says they were worried about her. Marlena says they must have felt like she was ghosting them. Steve knows she is busy. Marlena brings up Abe’s wedding and then realizes Kayla and Steve haven’t heard so Steve asks what happened. Devil Marlena explains that Chanel stood up in front of everybody and announced that Paulina is Lani’s mother and that Abe is not Lani’s father. Kayla and Steve are shocked as Marlena talks about how it was just devastating for Abe and Lani. Kayla asks if Tamara was in on the deception which Marlena confirms and adds that she’s sure it made Abe feel foolish and like a chump. Steve remarks that it’s not hard to figure out how Abe is feeling. Marlena says it’s one thing to hear about it compared to being there, but she hasn’t seen Abe that upset since he lost Lexie. Steve decides to give Abe a call. Marlena remarks that he’s such a good friend and says she should get going. Kayla adds that she was going to call Marlena about Doug as she thought maybe Marlena could let Doug and Julie see each other for Thanksgiving. Devil Marlena doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Kayla strongly disagrees and asks what the harm is in a supervised visit. Kayla thought she would change her mind because they are like family. Devil Marlena claims that she couldn’t bare it if Doug attacked Julie again on her watch so she can’t help her. Steve responds that maybe she can help him find John then.

Chanel tells Johnny about how Paulina had a heart attack and died in her nightmare. Johnny talks about how they both have larger than life moms but if they do one thing to cross them, they feel like they killed them and it all pops up in their dreams. Chanel talks about how she did a very crappy thing. Johnny thinks Chanel felt her back was against the wall with all of Paulina’s lies, so she snapped. Chanel says it’s weird how much he gets it. Johnny comments that Sami left town and couldn’t be bothered to tell anyone where she is, so he somehow thinks it’s his fault. Chanel comments that it’d be a lot easier if they didn’t love them. Johnny believes they have to lead their own lives and not feel guilty about it. Chanel wishes it was just them and they can stay here forever so she wouldn’t have to face Paulina, Abe, and Lani. Johnny doesn’t know about forever but says they could have a hell of a nice day. Johnny reminds her that he has a full staff on call so he could have Harold bring them breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed if she wants. Chanel says that sounds like heaven. Johnny then tells her that he was in Heaven last night and he’d love to go back as they kiss.

Olivia asks if Paulina has heard from Chanel, Abe, or Lani. Paulina says no. Olivia wants to sort out her mess. Paulina blames Chanel. Olivia warns her to watch her tone. Paulina complains about how Olivia felt about her coming to Salem and says this is her big ‘I told you so’ moment. Olivia assures that she’s not enjoying this. Paulina cries that she just wanted to see Lani again and felt she had to be there for her daughter having a baby. Olivia asks how that worked out for her. Paulina doesn’t want to hear it. Olivia declares that’s too bad because she’s the only one left who can talk sense in to her and this time, she’s going to listen. Paulina decides it’s best to just sit down and get it over with. Olivia questions why she couldn’t just leave well enough alone. Paulina complains about watching her daughter grow up alone. Olivia reminds her that they all agreed. Paulina argues that she didn’t agree, but she caved because she was pregnant and scared while they helped her clean up her big mess and now she’s making another mess. Paulina says she just followed her heart. Olivia tells her that it’s time to start using her head instead.

Tripp and Allie go over their Thanksgiving plans as Ava and Rafe want them at their place for dinner, while Roman and Lucas want them at the Brady Pub where Steve and Kayla will also be but they also want to do something at their place. Tripp says they have all of their options and wonders how to make a decision. Allie has an idea and says she’ll be right back.

Devil Marlena tells Steve that all John told her is that he was going on a mission for Black Patch. Steve says that’s not true as John has not checked in with him and is not following any of their usual protocols. Marlena suggests he’s on a mission for the ISA and just used Black Patch as a coverup. Steve clarifies that he checked in with Shane, who said John is not doing any work for them and he’s gone completely off the grid. Marlena remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Kayla questions it not bothering her for John to be gone on Thanksgiving and not letting her know that he’s okay. Steve asks if she’s sure she has no idea where he could be.

Shawn hugs Julie and encourages her about Doug. Julie complains that they’ve been through everything together but they are not together now. Julie worries that Doug hasn’t been told that she’s not allowed to see him and he might think she doesn’t care. Shawn reassures her as Belle finishes her call and announces that they won’t have to worry because somehow they got a compassionate judge, who said the case was heartbreaking and he didn’t want to wait until Monday. Belle reveals that Julie officially has medical power of attorney, so she can see Doug today. Julie is relieved and hugs Belle as she thanks her.

Chanel tells Johnny that he was right that staying in bed all day, making love, and ordering room service was a wonderful idea. Johnny says he has a better idea and suggests they leave Salem together.

Paulina complains to Olivia about Tamara following her heart and being a singer, while she had to be the logical one. Olivia argues that this is not about her rivalry with Tamara. Paulina says that’s what it’s always been about as she grew up in her shadow and then when she finally gets something, Olivia decided Tamara would be the better mother. Olivia insists it was on protecting her and the baby. Paulina argues that she ended up losing both of her babies. Olivia says she may think Tamara was her favorite, but Paulina always had her heart. Olivia hugs her and assures that she loves her.

Julie puts together a bag for Doug and talks about feeling nervous like it’s a big date. Belle encourages that it is. Julie says Doug will always be her prince charming. Julie then realize that she still has to cook the turkey. Shawn questions her making Thanksgiving dinner. Julie says it’s Doug’s favorite so not making it would seem like she had given up hope. They decide that Shawn will take Julie to see Doug while Belle will take care of dinner. Julie calls them angels as she then exits with Shawn.

Devil Marlena claims to have no idea where John is and that it does bother and terrify her but these things happen with John. Steve questions her not wanting to try to track him down. She claims it would be disrespectful and show a lack of trust. Kayla doesn’t get it. Marlena says John is doing his job and when it’s done, he will come back to her. Steve questions her not being interested in finding him. She claims that if she could do anything, she would, but in times like this they just have to trust in a higher power. She wishes them a happy Thanksgiving as she then exits the house. Kayla asks Steve bought any of that. Steve says not a word. Kayla decides she’s going to see Julie to tell her that she could make no head way with Marlena. Steve says Marlena just isn’t making any sense these days and questions her wanting a higher power to find John or thinking Doug should be alone on Thanksgiving. Kayla says she just couldn’t get Marlena to see how Julie feels. Kayla tells Steve that she will see him at the Pub. Steve decides he will head to the Pub early to see if Roman has been talking to Marlena. Kayla says keeping Doug isolated is cruel and unusual punishment. Kayla then exits.

Allie returns to Tripp with bags from the bakery and says they will bring dessert to everybody so they have an excuse to stop by each place. Tripp asks about Johnny. Allie is sure he’s at the DiMera Mansion with Chanel, so they can eat cake. Allie and Tripp then walk off with Henry.

Chanel tells Johnny that she can’t just leave Salem and brings up the bakery. Johnny says that Allie can handle it while they are gone. Chanel says he can’t speak for her and she can’t just expect Allie to do the work for her while she goes to Italy with him. Johnny tells her to just leave Allie to him. Johnny talks about all they can do in Italy and he can show her where he grew up. Chanel knows he never gives up. Johnny asks what she says to just running away.

Olivia informs Paulina that Lani invited her over for Thanksgiving and that Eli is coming to pick her up, so she’ll wait outside. Paulina questions being ostracized while Olivia gets a spot at the table. Paulina argues that Olivia lied too, came up with it, and kept it going all these years. Paulina remarks that maybe Tamara can fly in too. Olivia says she was just as surprised that Lani invited her, but she did. Olivia suggests Paulina reach out to Chanel as she’s sure she is hurt too and she’s still her baby. Paulina says that last night she was thinking about it over and over. Paulina questions how Chanel could possibly have known. Olivia tells her that it was Marlena. Paulina argues that Marlena is a doctor and would have to break confidence and she’s also Tamara’s friend. Olivia responds that something in Marlena’s spirit didn’t sit right with her. Paulina wants something more concrete. Olivia brings up the smug look on Marlena’s face when Chanel stood up, like she knew already that Paulina was Lani’s mother. Paulina thinks back to revealing the truth to Marlena. Paulina then admits to Olivia that she told Marlena. Olivia questions why she would do that. Paulina talks about Marlena being bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Olivia thinks she broke that and put all her business on the street. Olivia insists that Marlena is no damn good as she then exits.

Chanel asks about Johnny’s movie if they take off to Italy. Johnny says that he’ll work on the script in Italy and they’ll only be gone for a couple of weeks. Chanel questions EJ just handing over the DiMera Jet to him. Johnny jokes that he might as well capitalize on EJ not being a jerk right now. Johnny says that Allie is at the Pub, so he will go let her know that she has to handle the Bakery while Chanel just has to go home and pack her bags. Chanel brings up that packing her bags is how her nightmare began. Johnny says they can get her stuff in Milan then. Chanel reminds him that she still has to get her passport. Johnny offers to go with her, but Chanel says she will just try and sneak in and out without seeing Paulina. Chanel can’t believe they are doing this and that he’s doing this for her. Chanel thanks him as they kiss.

Tripp and Allie go to the Brady Pub. Allie reminds him that they have 3 or 4 dinners to get to. Allie jokes that the Brady family measures a man’s worth based off how much he eats at Thanksgiving. They then head in to the Pub.

Kayla goes to the Horton House looking for Julie but Belle informs her that Shawn just took her to Bayview to see Doug. Kayla informs Belle that she just got off the phone with Marlena, who was adamant that Doug have no visitors so they will turn her away. Belle reveals that it’s not Marlena’s call anymore as she got a court order, giving Julie her medical power of attorney. Kayla wonders how Marlena will react to that. Belle admits that she’s not looking forward to finding out, but she had to something because Julie was miserable. Belle adds that now it’s really hitting her that she got a court order overturning one of her mom’s medical decisions like she was questioning her confidence. Belle wonders if Marlena was right and she’s wrong. Kayla says she’s had questions about the decision herself. Belle guesses that something is wrong since Marlena is the most compassionate person she knows. Kayla comments that Marlena is not the doctor or person that she has loved and admired for so long. Belle worries about what is happening to her.

Devil Marlena returns to the Crypt. The Devil talks about how all of John’s friends are looking for him which means he has to find a way to make sure John and Susan disappear, permanently.

Chanel goes to Paulina’s. Paulina comes out and says “Look what the cat dragged in”, just like in the beginning of Chanel’s nightmare.

Johnny runs in to Steve outside the Pub. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Steve asks if he can talk to him for a minute. Steve says they were just talking to Marlena and asks if he’s noticed anything strange about her lately. Johnny asks strange in what way?

The Devil declares it’s time to kill two birds with one stone or maybe a dagger.

Belle tells Kayla that she’s relieved that she thinks she did the right thing but it also scares her that Kayla is worried about Marlena too. Kayla talks about how she tells herself that Marlena is too close to the situation and loves Julie and Doug so much. Belle points out that it’s not just this one decision as it just doesn’t seem like that. Belle feels Marlena is doing all these things deliberately. Kayla suggests they just focus on Thanksgiving and being grateful that Doug and Julie are back together again. Belle would love to be able to see them together again. Julie then returns and tells her to turn around then. Shawn then wheels in Doug in a wheelchair and announces that Doug is home as Julie, Kayla, and Belle are overjoyed to see him.

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