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Paulina and Chanel walk in to the church together. Paulina tells Chanel to smile as they walk down the aisle. Paulina hugs Chanel while Chanel exchanges looks with Marlena. Devil Marlena then begins the ceremony. Marlena asks if anyone objects. Devil Marlena’s yellow eyes shine as she glares at Chanel. After a brief pause, Paulina tells Marlena to continue but Chanel suddenly stands up and announces that she has something to say.

John remains tied up in the crypt while Susan bangs on the door, yelling for help and saying the Devil locked them in here. John then tells Susan to shut the hell up.

Belle goes to the police station and informs Shawn that she just came from seeing her new client, so she came to say hi. Shawn asks if she is taking the case. Belle responds that it depends on whether or not she’s willing to sue her mother.

Paulina asks Chanel what’s going on and if she has something to say to her before she gets married. Chanel responds that she has nothing to say to Paulina but she has something to say to Abe and Lani.

Susan asks John if Satan has possessed him too. John says he’s not possessed, just annoyed. John complains about being locked in here forever, so the sound of Susan pounding and screaming is making his head explode. John remarks that he’s surprised she hasn’t woken the dead by now. Susan says she can feel the dead souls in the crypt. John responds that they can’t help them, so if no one comes to save them then he’s afraid they are going to join their ranks.

Paulina asks Chanel if this is about her not being matron of honor and she thought they talked this all out together. Chanel reveals that she knows damn well why she asked Lani and it’s because Lani is not really her niece, but her daughter, shocking everyone in attendance. Lani asks Chanel what she is talking about. Chanel tells Lani that she’s sorry but it’s true. Lani doesn’t understand and states that Chanel’s aunt Tamara is her mother. Paulina tells Chanel to sit down because this is her wedding. Chanel tells Lani that they have been lying to them for their whole lives. Lani asks why she is doing this. Chanel says she’s trying to tell her they are not cousins, they are sisters. Lani calls this not right. Paulina argues that she’s not making any sense and tells Chanel that’s enough. Lani then decides to let Chanel talk. Chanel knows it sounds crazy as she just found out herself but when Lani was born, Paulina gave her away to her sister to raise as her own. Paulina claims that she doesn’t know where Chanel is getting all of this nonsense. Paulina wants to get back to the wedding. Abe asks Chanel who told her this.

Susan tells John not to give up and let Satan have Marlena’s body. Susan says she knows the horror of being possessed by the Devil and talks about what little she remembers from it. Susan asks John what she did under the spell of Satan. John then reveals that she tried to seduce him.

Abe asks Chanel again who told her that Paulina is Lani’s mother. Chanel thinks back to Devil Marlena telling her that she can’t say anything about the secret. Chanel says it doesn’t matter who told her or where she heard it as she knows the truth. Chanel tells Paulina to tell everyone about how she’s been lying all these years. Paulina claims that Chanel is her only daughter and she’s lying. Abe asks why Chanel would make up something like that. Paulina guesses she’s trying to hurt her or because she’s not maid of honor or because she cut her off. Lani tells Chanel to tell the truth. Chanel offers to swear on a bible. Paulina tells her not to do this and to let it go. Paulina claims that whoever told Chanel was mistaken and is wrong about this. Olivia then stands up and declares that Chanel is not wrong and she cannot let Paulina bear false witness in the house of God. Olivia announces that Chanel is right, Tamara is not Lani’s mother, Paulina is.

Susan tells John that she would never betrayed Marlena. John explains that she didn’t and that the Devil transformed her in to someone else. Susan wants to know what form she tempted him in. John reveals that she was turned in to Kristen DiMera. Susan can’t believe that she was doubly possessed.

Lani doesn’t understand and asks how her mother is not her mother. Olivia informs her that they made a decision as a family all those years ago. Lani questions giving Paulina’s baby to her sister to raise as her own. Olivia says she thought they were doing the right thing. Lani cries about what this means as Abe realizes he is not Lani’s father. Abe asks if it’s true. Abe tells Paulina not to try to deny it as he can see it written all over her face. Paulina claims she can explain everything and promises she will later. Paulina says to let Marlena finish the ceremony and then they can deal with this as husband and wife or as a family. Paulina doesn’t want to give up but Abe declares that there is not going to be a wedding ever. Abe then walks out of the church despite Paulina pleading with him not to go. Paulina rushes out after him in tears. Eli hugs Lani as she cries. Devil Marlena looks on with a smile while everyone else remains shocked.

Belle shows Shawn documents that Marlena convinced Julie to sign, waiving her rights to make any medical decisions as Doug’s spouse and gives it all solely to Marlena. Belle guesses she could argue that Julie didn’t know what she was signing away as she was desperate and distraught. Shawn notes that it means casting doubt on Marlena’s judgment. Belle says normally she would never but lately, her judgment seems off. Belle brings up Marlena dressing as the Devil on Halloween and then the way she treated that poor cat…

Susan wishes she stayed a cat instead of making John cheat on his wife. John clarifies that he didn’t cheat on his wife, but the Devil made it clear that he’s not giving up and that he still plans on using Susan so that he’ll betray Marlena. John explains that the Devil needs to corrupt Marlena’s soul so he can completely possess her. Susan begins to worry about the Devil coming back for her and starts banging on the door again.

Olivia hugs Chanel as she cries while Eli hugs Lani. Lani doesn’t understand any of this and declares that her whole life is a lie. Eli suggests they go talk in private, so they exit the church. Kate asks Roman if he’s okay. Roman feels so bad for Lani and Abe for this to happen on his wedding day. Kate asks if he wants to go find Abe. Roman knows Abe will want to be alone to process this and that he knows he’s there for him when he’s ready. Chanel stands up and tells Roman and Kate that she’s sorry that she ruined the wedding. Roman responds that they are not the ones she needs to apologize to. Theo tells Chanel that she didn’t have to do this. Chanel complains that Paulina was lying to Abe and Lani. Theo argues that this was Abe’s wedding day and Chanel made it about her because she was upset that she wasn’t picked as maid of honor. Theo thinks Chanel wanted to be center of attention and didn’t care who she hurt. Chanel shouts that it’s not true. Theo calls her a self-centered brat but he never thought her selfishness would destroy their family. Devil Marlena watches on looking pleased.

Eli hugs Lani and tells her they will get through whatever this is. Lani doesn’t know how to process what just happened and asks how her dad can not be her dad. Eli asks if she ever had a test after finding Abe. Lani says no because her mom said Abe was her father and she believed her. Eli understands and asks why she would lie. Lani cries about feeling so lucky to have a dad that she didn’t even question it as she couldn’t have asked for a better dad. Eli assures that this does not have to change anything but Lani argues that it changes everything.

Paulina catches up to Abe in the town square and says he can’t outrun her with a cane. Abe tells her this is not a joke. Paulina wants to talk. Abe argues that she lied to him and Lani. Paulina says Lani will always be his daughter, but Abe responds that she’s not and never was, so Paulina has cost him the most important thing in his life.

Roman and Kate go back to the Brady Pub. Kate talks about how she never trusted Paulina from day one and she just didn’t like her. Roman feels they still don’t know the whole story. Kate declares that Paulina lied to Abe so he’s better off without her. Roman thinks Kate is still mad because Paulina beat her out of the lease in the town square. Kate admits she is because Paulina tricked her in to changing the zoning to tear the town square down. Roman agrees that was a dirty trick. Kate adds that the whole town started to turn against her because of that but Abe forgave her, so everyone else did, and now she broke his heart all over again.

Paulina asks Abe to let her explain. Abe argues that she’s been lying to him since the day they met about what matters most to him. Paulina says she’s so sorry. Abe asks if she understands what it meant to him to find Lani so late in life and having a daughter like Lani was a big part of who he is as a man. Paulina says that’s a big part of the reason she fell for him. Abe argues that she made him fall for her too, but the difference is that he was honest to her about everything while she stayed silent and let him give his heart, knowing how he felt about Lani and that he loved her as his own. Paulina says she never meant to hurt him. Abe asks why she did then and how she could walk down the aisle to marry him with Lani as her matron of honor, knowing it was based on a myth. Paulina insists that what she feels for him is real. Abe argues that if she truly loved him, she could never keep this kind of secret from him. Abe declares that Paulina’s love is like everything else; one big damn lie. Paulina swears that she wanted to tell him and Lani the truth but she didn’t have a choice. Abe says of course she did, but she chose to give Lani up. Abe adds that he didn’t have that choice today, but he lost his daughter because Paulina kept the secret to cover her guilt. Paulina says she didn’t keep the secret for herself, but for Abe and Lani.

Lani talks about all the years she grew up without a father. Eli knows it must have been hard. Lani says she loved Tamara but she wasn’t always there either. Lani recalls teaching herself how to ride a bike, stand up to a bully, and build a sandcastle. Lani says she missed out on all the father-daughter moments that Eli will have with Jules. Lani adds that she came to Salem and found a father, a brother, and a family but they are not her family. Lani cries that Abe is not her father and Theo is not her brother, so it’s just her. Eli hugs Lani as she breaks down crying.

Chanel argues that Abe had a right to know that his bride was keeping this secret from him. Theo says Paulina was wrong to keep the secret but asks why Chanel had to out it this way and set fire to the wedding instead of trying to protect the people she loves. Chanel complains that the truth would’ve still broken their heart. Theo says it wouldn’t have turned their pain into a spectacle. Theo asks what on earth possessed her to do this, as Devil Marlena watches on.

Susan continues banging on the door and yelling for help. Susan complains about being used as the Devil’s tool. John points out that Susan has hair pins to pick the locks in his chains. Susan calls that a great idea and gets excited as she begins trying to free John from the chains. John instructs Susan on how to do it to bend the lock but they have no success. John decides maybe the crypt door will be easier so he tells her to hurry and try that. Susan asks what to do when she gets out. John instructs her to tell all of Salem that the Devil has Marlena. Susan vows not to let the Devil have Marlena. Susan then works on picking the lock to the crypt door.

Theo asks Chanel if she decided to blow up the wedding on her own or if she talked to somebody about it. Devil Marlena interrupts and tells Theo that’s enough as Chanel was just doing what she thought was right. Theo asks if what it did to Abe was a good thing. Marlena says judgment won’t help anything. Marlena suggests Chanel take Olivia home as it’s been a very trying day for everyone. Olivia stands up and argues that Marlena doesn’t know her life, so she can’t just send her home like some old woman. Marlena says she was just thinking it’s been difficult for everybody today. Chanel agrees that there’s nothing for them to do here. Olivia glares back at Marlena as she and Chanel exit. Devil Marlena declares her work here is done as the Devil whispers that he loves destroying a good wedding. Theo asks if Marlena said something but she says no and then exits the church.

Roman makes dinner for her and Kate as their first date this time around since even though the wedding is over, their date is not. Kate thinks Roman and Abe are both good guys, who deserve to be happy. Roman asks if this is Kate’s way of warning him that he can’t trust her either. Kate responds that he knows who she is. Roman says he may better than she knows herself, but that doesn’t scare him as she is worth the risk. Kate hopes so. Kate asks if Abe and Lani will be okay. Roman thinks they will need all the support from the people who love them if they are going to save their family.

Eli encourages Lani that she’s not alone as she has him and their kids. Eli is positive that she’s not going to lose Abe and Theo. Lani cries that it won’t be the same. Eli asks why not since he didn’t have his biological father but the father he did have loved him and that’s what mattered most. Eli knows Abe loves her, so he is her father in every way that counts and always will be. Lani asks how Eli always knows the right thing to say to make her feel better. Eli calls that his job. Lani agrees that she’s not cutting Abe out of her heart and couldn’t if she wanted to, but still feels things will change whether they like it or not because of Paulina. Eli notes that they don’t know the whole truth yet. Lani says she needs to and she needs to know why, so Eli tells Lani to go get the truth from Paulina.

Paulina reminds Abe of when she told him about her possessive and abusive boyfriend all those years ago. Paulina reveals that man was Lani’s father and when she got pregnant, she didn’t tell him because she knew he would hold on forever, so it was Olivia’s idea to hide her until she gave birth and then give the baby to her sister. Abe questions Tamara agreeing to that. Paulina says that Tamara was ready to be a mother so they made it work, but she had no idea that all these years later that Abe would assume he was Lani’s father and that Tamara would just go along with it. Abe asks if she’s saying this was Olivia or Tamara’s fault. Paulina assures that she blames herself because it was ultimately her choice and she’s had to live with that every day since. Paulina says she lived an exciting life, made a lot of money, and traveled the world but not a day went by that she didn’t think of Lani and the life they could’ve had together. Paulina says when she came to Salem and saw Abe with Lani and how happy they were, she knew she made the right choice because she protected her daughter from a very bad man and she ended up getting the very good father that she deserved. Paulina declares that she apologizes for all the lies and the way she hurt them both, but she won’t apologize for the way it turned out. Abe questions who she is coming clean for; him, Lani, or just herself? Abe adds that Paulina can tell herself all the lies she wants, but he is not going to listen anymore. Abe then turns and walks away. Paulina sits down on the bench in tears.

Kate tells Roman that this date didn’t go as she expected but she will give him a chance to make it up to her the next time. Roman asks if there will be a second date then. Kate assures there will be many dates. Kate decides she should go change. Roman kisses Kate and they hug. Roman tells Kate that he’ll be here if she decides to come back down. Kate then heads upstairs. Abe then enters the Pub. Roman asks if he can get him something. Abe says just a friend. Roman tells him that he came to the right place and hugs him.

Theo goes to Eli and Lani’s. Eli answers the door so Theo asks if Lani is okay. Eli says not really. Theo wants to talk to Lani and tell her that she’s still his sister no matter what. Eli assures that he told her that, but there’s something she had to handle first. Theo asks where she went. Eli responds that she went to confront the truth.

Lani confronts Paulina in the town square.

Chanel brings Olivia home to Paulina’s. Chanel asks Olivia if she hates her for ruining the wedding. Olivia asks if she did what she believed was right. Chanel says she thought so. Olivia says then she has nothing to feel sorry about. Chanel questions Olivia’s look. Olivia guesses it was Marlena that told Chanel to blow up the wedding. Chanel asks what makes her say that. Olivia responds that she’s been around long enough to know when the Devil’s got somebody’s tongue…

Belle finishes a call with Julie and tells her to hang in there. Shawn asks what she decided. Belle reveals that she has decided to take Julie’s case, so she is taking Marlena to court. Belle prays to God that Marlena sees the light as Shawn hugs her.

Susan tells John that picking the lock is not working so she can’t do it. John encourages her not to give up. Susan complains that it’s so rusty that it will take a miracle. Susan then successfully picks the lock to the crypt door. John instructs her to try the door. Susan opens the door so John orders her to hurry out. Susan declares that she’s going to rescue him and stop Satan in his tracks, but Devil Marlena then appears in the doorway and asks if Susan was going somewhere.

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