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Kate goes to the Brady Pub and tells Roman that it’s amazing that a couple days ago, they didn’t know if Abe would live or die, and now they are going to his wedding. Roman responds that it’s also amazing that Kate gets more beautiful every day. Roman jokes that Kate could never take a compliment so she says that she will. Kate compliments Roman’s smile and says it makes her heart melt.

Steve goes to the hospital and greets Kayla. Kayla guesses he didn’t get her text. Kayla informs Steve that she was called in for emergency surgery so she can’t go to the wedding. Steve asks if she can come later. Kayla doubts it but says she’ll try. Kayla asks him to apologize to Abe and Paulina for her which he agrees to do. Steve adds that he’s also going to have a talk with Marlena at the wedding.

Chanel is shocked after Devil Marlena reveals to her that Lani is not her cousin, but her sister, as Paulina and Lani are mother and daughter.

Lani tells Paulina that she’s confused since she said asking her to be matron of honor was a spontaneous decision she made after finding out Abe was going to be okay, but reminds her that she said she came to talk to her about it the day before Abe was shot when she said she had something to talk to her about. Paulina then admits she lied.

Abe asks Theo what he means since he’s wearing a new suit. Theo tells Abe that his clothes are fine but the problem is his ugly ass hospital cane. Abe asks what he’s supposed to do since he’s still unsteady and doesn’t want to wipe out at his own wedding. Theo says it’s a good thing that he’s got him covered and says he’ll be right back.

Lani questions Paulina saying she lied and says she doesn’t understand after she promised to never lie to her again after Price Town. Paulina claims she didn’t lie to her, but to Chanel.

Chanel asks Marlena how this is even possible. Marlena knows it’s a lot to process. Chanel asks if Paulina had an affair with Abe when he was dating her aunt. Marlena clarifies that Paulina didn’t meet Abe until she came to Salem, so Lani’s father is a guy named Ray. Chanel goes over Abe not being Lani’s father but Paulina being Lani’s mom. Marlena states that is why Paulina chose Lani to be her matron of honor. Chanel complains that it all makes sense now and declares that her mother has been lying to her for her entire life.

Kate tells Roman that she will see him at the church. Roman offers to give her a ride. Kate says she has her own car but Roman says they’re going to the same place so he suggests they go together. Kate appreciates the offer but doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea that it’s a date.

Eli and Paulina’s mom Olivia arrive at the church. Eli talks about Tamara not being able to make it because she’s on tour. Olivia informs him that the tour is not why Tamara isn’t coming so Eli asks what the reason is.

Paulina tells Lani that Chanel put her on the spot when she asked why she chose Lani over her, so she just blurted the first thing that came to her head. Lani questions Paulina calling it a spur of the moment decision when she was planning to ask her all along. Paulina argues that she couldn’t tell Chanel that as it would hurt her feelings. Lani argues that Chanel is tough. Paulina says Chanel just acts tough but she’s very fragile. Paulina adds that Chanel still has a very important role in the wedding since she’s walking her down the aisle. Lani asks Paulina why she would ask her to stand up for her and not her own daughter.

Chanel tells Marlena that this explains so much about how Paulina sees Lani compared to her. Marlena asks how that is. Chanel says Lani’s together while she’s a mess and Lani’s a role model while she’s a cautionary tale. Marlena asks if it’s always been like that. Chanel says not at all as Paulina gave her the best of everything until they got to Salem and now she’s a freeloading gold digger who needed to grow up and get a job. Marlena asks if she thinks Lani had something to do with that. Chanel says of course. Marlena says it’s unfair for Paulina to spoil her for her entire life and then suddenly turns around to belittle her. Chanel complains that Paulina cut her off while giving Lani a big check for the twins’ tuition. Chanel wondered why Paulina was so generous to babies she barely knows but now it all makes sense since they are her grandchildren. Chanel brings up Paulina saying she wished she worked less to spend more time with her little girl and now she knows who she meant. Chanel says she hadn’t seen Paulina in forever until she bumped in to her in Salem, but she dropped everything to come to this lame ass town to be with the daughter who mattered. Chanel complains that Lani is the perfect daughter and they can’t all be like her. Marlena encourages that Chanel has done very well with her bakery which must make Paulina proud. Chanel cries that she thought it would, but no matter what she does, it will never be good enough because Paulina has always loved Lani more than she loved her and always will.

Kayla questions Steve about Marlena still not getting back to her. Steve confirms he called again this morning but it went straight to voicemail. Kayla wonders why Marlena would deliberately avoid him. Steve has no idea. Kayla asks if he’s tried Brady. Steve confirms he called Brady, talked to Belle, and called Paul in San Francisco but nobody knows anything. Steve insists that something is off about all of this so he needs answers and Marlena won’t be able to avoid him at the wedding. Kayla points out that Marlena will be busy officiating. Steve says he’ll figure something out. Kayla questions if Steve is going to interrupt the wedding to demand to know where John is. Steve responds that he will do what he has to do.

Roman tells Kate that it would just be riding with a friend and not a date, so Kate accepts as long as there is no confusion. Roman reminds her that he’s made it clear that he would be very interested in a relationship with her but she said she needs space because of what happened with Jake, so he respects that. Roman brings up how they leaned on each other when Abe got shot and it seemed like they really connected. Roman says he felt really close to her when they found out Abe would be okay. Kate admits she felt close to him too but that she’s not going to jump in bed with him. Roman asks who said anything about bed. Roman then tells her to forget he ever brought it up. Roman adds that a lot has happened in the years since they were together but the one thing that never changed is that she’s the most captivating and beautiful woman he’s ever known. Roman declares that Kate is obviously never going to give him the chance so he doesn’t know why he keeps asking. Kate then stops him and says “Chowder”.

Eli tells Olivia that he thought Tamara had to be in Vegas because of her contract. Olivia says no, so Eli questions why she wouldn’t come to her sister’s wedding. Olivia thinks back to warning Paulina about Lani and Abe not finding out the truth. Eli asks if Olivia is going to tell him or not. Olivia then claims that Tamara is not coming because of Abe.

Theo presents Abe with a fancy new cane to use. Abe is impressed and says Paulina will be surprised. Theo explains that he got Paulina’s approval first as he thought it could be his wedding gift to them. Abe says Theo didn’t have to get him anything because having him home is gift enough. Theo responds that he wouldn’t miss his big day for anything in the world. Theo and Abe then exit together for the chapel.

Paulina tells Lani that she chose her to be her matron of honor because she wants her to know how special she is to her. Lani assures that she knows that because she tells her all the time. Paulina felt she had to show her because words aren’t enough. Lani calls it unnecessary but Paulina insists that it is because she’s let Lani down so many times. Lani reminds Paulina that she had forgiven her. Paulina is blessed that she gave her another chance and allowed her to stay in her life. Lani tells Paulina that she loves her. Paulina says she loves her too and wants her to know how grateful and proud she is of her which is why she chose her to be her matron of honor as they hug.

Chanel apologizes to Marlena for losing it like this. Devil Marlena understands that she’s been so hurt by her mother. Chanel questions how Paulina could have kept something like this from her for so long and if she loves Lani and Abe, how could she lie to them about something so huge. Chanel asks how Paulina can marry Abe, knowing what she knows. Marlena says she did everything she could to persuade Paulina to tell Abe before the wedding and thought she had convinced her, but she decided that she couldn’t do it because she didn’t want to hurt Abe or Lani after Abe was shot. Chanel questions never telling Abe the truth. Devil Marlena confirms that Paulina is not going to so Chanel declares that she’s going to have to do it herself.

Eli asks Olivia what she means. Olivia claims that Tamara is having trouble accepting the fact that her ex-boyfriend is marrying her sister. Eli thought Tamara and Abe had talked and that Tamara gave them her blessing. Abe and Theo then arrive to the chapel. Abe tells Olivia that they are thrilled she could make it. Abe introduces her to Theo. Eli compliments Abe’s new cane. Abe calls it a gift from Theo and they joke about Paulina being tired of the old one. Abe wants to make this the perfect day for his bride.

Kayla asks Steve if he would really interrupt the wedding. Steve admits he wouldn’t do that to Abe, but he will corner Marlena to make sure she answers his questions, starting with where John went after leaving the church. Kayla asks if he really thinks Marlena is hiding something. Steve doesn’t want to think that but notes even John told him that Marlena hasn’t been herself. Kayla agrees that it’s completely out of character for Marlena to show suck lack of compassion towards Julie and to ban everyone from seeing Doug. Steve has a theory about what might be going on with Marlena and admits it’s a little out there. Kayla says to tell her. Steve suggests maybe Marlena has been taken over by somebody else. Kayla asks what he means.

Devil Marlena stops Chanel and says she can’t say anything because Paulina told her the story in therapy so it’s completely confidential and she’s legally bound. Chanel doesn’t get why Marlena told her then. Marlena claims she could just see how much she was suffering and she wanted to help, but she can’t say anything about it. Chanel asks what if she doesn’t reveal her source or tell anyone who told her. Marlena assures that Paulina would know and feel betrayed and then she could lose her license. Marlena admires Chanel’s desire to tell the truth and knows it must be hard to stay silent but that’s the way it has to be. Marlena says she has to get going to the church. Chanel questions how she can marry Paulina and Abe, knowing what she knows, since Abe is her friend. Marlena says Abe being her friend is why it’s so difficult to stay silent but that’s how it has to be. Marlena offers Chanel a ride to the church and says they can talk more on the way. Chanel responds that she’s not going because Paulina’s first lie was bad enough but after this, she can forget it. Marlena insists that she has to go to her mother’s wedding. Chanel asks how she is supposed to walk her down the aisle and watch her take a vow to love, honor, and cherish Abe while knowing that she’s been lying to him about something life changing. Marlena says sometimes they just have to dig deep and figure out the right thing to do. Marlena then declares that in this case, that’s up to Chanel.

Kate tells Roman that saying chowder is giving him the word. Kate explains that she is saying yes to pursuing a relationship and to him romancing the hell out of her. Roman says he sees. Kate questions if that’s it after everything he said and if he’s going to leave her hanging like this. Roman jokes that she took forever so he would think she could wait a few seconds as he then kisses Kate. Kate is glad he finally understood what she was saying. Roman jokes that he was just having way too much fun messing with her and apologizes. Kate is glad they have everything clear now. Roman and Kate decide it’s official that they are going on a date to the wedding together as they exit the Pub.

Kayla questions who Steve is talking about when he says Marlena was taken over by somebody else. Steve brings up Hattie Adams and notes that it wouldn’t be the first time. Steve adds that no one has heard from Hattie in months. Kayla reminds him that Hattie was on good terms with Marlena when she left and she practically saved the day when Steve was Stefano, so she doesn’t think Hattie is the one causing trouble. Steve wonders what the hell is wrong with Marlena if it’s not that.

Devil Marlena arrives at the church and remarks that she loathes this place.

Abe can’t wait to see Paulina walk down the aisle. Eli says he has to go give Paulina something so he’ll be right back. Eli exits as Devil Marlena enters. Marlena praises Abe and Theo. Olivia tells Marlena that it’s been a long time but it’s nice to see her again. Marlena asks Abe how he is. Abe says he’s walking on air and shows off his new cane. Theo goes to make sure everything is set up. Abe assumes that Paulina told Olivia that Marlena is officiating today. Marlena calls it her great pleasure. Olivia jokes that she doesn’t look like any preacher she’s ever seen.

Paulina wipes her tears and says she’ll have to fix her mascara. Lani says there is first something that she has to talk to her about but there’s a knock at the door. Paulina assumes it’s Chanel but it’s Eli. Paulina jokes that this is girls only. Eli apologizes for interrupting but says Julie wanted him to give her something. Lani questions Julie not coming. Paulina explains that Julie called this morning to say she was too upset about Doug. Eli assures that she’s thinking of them both but wanted Paulina to have the key bracelet as something borrowed. Paulina confirms it will be returned when she becomes a married lady. Lani presents Paulina with blue earrings as something blue and something new, saying that each earring is from one of her twins. Paulina thanks her and calls them gorgeous. Lani says now she just needs something old, so she brought a couple of options. Paulina tells her that she has that one covered. Paulina pulls out a locket that she has had for many years and calls it a family treasure. Lani calls it beautiful. Paulina didn’t think it would be possible to be this excited. Paulina exclaims that Abe is going to make a full recovery, she’s about to get married, and she has Lani has her matron of honor so everything is perfect. Paulina hugs Lani as Chanel arrives and declares that she couldn’t agree more that today is going to be one of the happiest Days of their Lives. Eli says he’s going to check on the kids since they have a new babysitter so he wants to call and make sure everything is going smoothly. Paulina sends her love while Chanel looks uncomfortable as Eli then exits. Paulina asks Lani about saying she needed to talk to her about something. Lani decides that can wait as they need to get her ready. Paulina tells Chanel it’s about time she showed up as she was starting to wonder. Chanel tells her that she’s here so she can stop wondering. Paulina points out that Chanel is late and she doesn’t want to keep everyone waiting. Chanel complains that she was late because she had to drive her 3 tiered wedding cake to the reception. Chanel says it looks like Paulina is all set so she doesn’t need her for anything else. Paulina insists that she needs her as she’s the one and only person to walk her down the aisle, her only baby girl. Lani asks if they are all good then. Paulina says they are so Lani says it’s time to get her in the dress.

Abe talks about Marlena performing a number of weddings in Salem and she is a superb officiant. Olivia argues that in her day, people got married by a male preacher. Marlena says it’s a different time and people are more enlightened now. Roman and Kate arrive. Roman hugs Abe and tells him how great he looks. Kate is glad Abe is okay and agrees that he looks fantastic. Abe introduces Olivia to Roman and Kate. Roman says Abe is marrying a terrific woman and jokes that they might not have ended up together without a push from him. Kate knows she and Paulina had differences but notes that Abe is radiating joy, so anyone who makes him that happy is good with her. Marlena then remarks that Kate looks delightful, so she thanks her. Roman mentions getting a text from Kayla that she has to be in surgery, so she won’t be able to make it, but Steve should be there any minute and he seems anxious to talk to Marlena. Devil Marlena then steps away and declares that it’s time for Steve to go on a wild goose chase.

Kayla tells Steve that she has to go, so they will talk later. They kiss goodbye as Steve says he’ll miss her at the wedding. Kayla mentions texting Roman that she wasn’t coming and that Steve was on his way. Steve says he’ll get going but then gets a call from an unknown number. Steve answers the call and asks who it is.

Paulina puts on her wedding dress. Lani tells her that she is stunning. Paulina asks what Chanel thinks. Chanel responds that it doesn’t matter what she thinks. Paulina asks if everything is okay. Chanel complains that she’s just tired because she was up all night, baking her wedding cake. Lani is sure it’s perfect. Chanel agrees with Lani that Paulina looks beautiful. Paulina jokes that Chanel wouldn’t lie to her. Chanel responds, emphasizing that she would never do that. Paulina then says it’s time to get the show on the road.

Kayla asks Steve about his call. Steve says it was someone who might have a tip on a possible location of John. Kayla asks if it will pan out. Steve says it might so he should get on it right away. Kayla questions missing the wedding. Steve insists that this is important. Steve decides he’ll get in touch with Abe to tell him that they will make it up to him soon. Steve kisses Kayla and says he’ll keep her posted as he exits the hospital.

Abe gets Steve’s text that he won’t be able to make it. Devil Marlena calls that a shame and goes to take her place at the altar while glaring at the bible. Devil Marlena remarks to herself that she’d like to burn that thing. Theo asks Abe if he’s ready. Abe says with him by his side, he is. Lani enters and walks down the aisle to join Abe as they hug. Paulina and Chanel walk in together. Paulina tells Chanel to smile as they walk down the aisle. Paulina hugs Chanel while Chanel exchanges looks with Marlena. Devil Marlena then begins the ceremony. Marlena asks if anyone objects. Devil Marlena’s yellow eyes shine as she glares at Chanel. After a brief pause, Paulina tells Marlena to continue but Chanel suddenly stands up and announces that she has something to say.

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