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In the town square, Allie and Chanel talk about the day they had at the bakery. Allie says people really loved the free pumpkin cookies but notes that she didn’t even get to try one. Chanel reveals that she saved her one. Allie calls her the best and takes a bite as they get close.

Chad and Abigail are dressed up for Halloween as they return to their room, talking about how they and the kids got their cookies from the bakery. Chad asks if there’s any word from Kayla. Abigail says not yet but she really hopes Kayla lets her take a look around Dr. Snyder’s office. Abigail wishes she would get back to her. Chad is sure she will and that she just has her hands full taking care of Abe right now.

At the hospital, Lani finishes a call as Theo then arrives and hugs her. Theo asks how Abe is.

Paulina sits at Abe’s side in his hospital room. Paulina says he gave them the scare of their lives yesterday but thankfully he made it. Paulina adds that she’s realized she’s been happier the last 8 months than she’s been in her entire life. Paulina calls Abe the best thing to ever happen to him. Abe wakes up and tells her to go on which excites Paulina.

Marlena is dressed up for Halloween as the Devil at home. The Devil inside Marlena remarks that with John out of the picture, he can finally be who he really is.

Chanel and Allie look like they are about to kiss when Johnny pops up in a wolf mask to scare them. Johnny tells them to have a sense of humor as it’s Halloween. Chanel questions him being a little old for trick or treating. Johnny explains that he was in the attic looking for a costume when he found an Ouija board in a box of old toys.

Abigail hopes Kayla didn’t throw away all of Dr. Snyder’s belongings after he died because she thinks it’s possible that there’s something in his office that would help them figure out what he was really holding over Gwen. Chad knows she’s anxious to get to the truth but there’s not much she can do until hearing from Kayla, so he has a way they could pass some time. Chad points out that they just started sharing a bed together so it’d be a shame not to use it. Abigail asks if he wants costumes on or off. Chad says off which Abigail agrees with as they kiss onto the bed until EJ walks in. EJ remarks that he hopes he’s not interrupting but he’s dressed as Father John Black to perform an exorcism on Marlena, so he tells Abigail that she should be dressed as the Devil.

The Devil declares that he knows what to do next with John as Marlena grabs a pitchfork when Belle suddenly comes in to surprise Marlena but is shocked to see her dressed as the Devil.

Lani tells Theo that they were all so scared as they didn’t know if Abe would survive or wake up and it brought her back to when Theo was shot which she calls a really dark time. Lani points out that now Theo is strong and healthy, so Abe will get there too because he has them and Paulina. Lani adds that ever since Abe and Paulina got engaged, he’s been walking on air.

Paulina tells Abe that he doesn’t need to try to talk and jokes that she has enough to say for the both of them. Paulina encourages him to just keep smiling while he relaxes and lets them take care of him which he agrees to. Lani and Theo enter the room to greet Abe. Abe notes that Lani is still there. She asks how he’s doing. Abe responds that he’s good and grateful. Abe acknowledges Theo coming all this way. Theo says he got on the first flight out. Abe says he didn’t have to. Theo adds that he wanted to and he was going to anyways for their wedding unless they plan on postponing. Paulina declares that they have to postpone because they can’t put Abe through a wedding in his condition. Paulina knows Theo came a long way but says Abe’s health comes first. Theo and Lani agree. Abe responds that it’s his health so he has something to say on this subject. Abe then declares they are not postponing the wedding.

Abigail tells EJ that now is not the time or place. Chad tells EJ to get the hell out now. EJ remarks that Chad’s still so insecure. Chad argues that EJ doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. EJ brings up that there won’t be much space between he and Abigail when they start filming and that Chad can’t handle that. Chad tells EJ to leave. EJ tells Chad that he will still have to come to terms with the fact that he and Abigail will be on the big screen making passionate love for all the world to see. EJ then exits the room. Chad says he knows EJ is his brother, but he loathes him.

JJ reminds Allie that they used to play the Ouija board all the time and he felt there was no better time to pull it back out than Halloween. Chanel warns that bad things can happen but Johnny calls it harmless. Allie talks about how she used to be so scared of it as a kid. Johnny insists they try it out. Chanel says no thanks but Johnny asks her to do it for him and promises it’s fun. Chanel knows she will regret it but gives in. Johnny instructs Chanel to ask it a question but she passes, so he decides to do it. Johnny says he’s been dying to ask if Marlena was really possessed by the Devil.

Belle questions Marlena as to what is going on. Marlena calls it a Halloween costume. Belle points out her yellow eyes which Marlena claims are contacts and says is kind of fun but Belle calls it creepy. Marlena claims she was just trying to get in the holiday spirit but notes that Belle clearly objects. Belle explains that she’s just surprised with one of her closest friends in the hospital as she and Shawn were on the same flight as Theo coming back from South Africa and Theo said Abe’s injuries are really serious. Marlena assures Belle that Abe is going to be just fine. Belle says thank God. Marlena tells her not to credit God for that and says it was really Kayla and the hospital staff that saved him. Marlena then asks for a hug and says she’s really missed her. Belle says she’s going to have to take her contacts out first because they are really freaking her out.

Paulina asks Abe if he’s sure. Lani says they know how much he wants to get married. Abe knows they are all concerned about his health but assures that the best thing for his health would be to marry the woman he loves and that is his final answer. Paulina guesses it’s settled then. Abe brings up Lani being here all day and tells her that she needs to rest so she should go home to her children. Lani responds that Eli is with them and she was not going to leave his side until she knew he was okay and she could tell him how much she loved him. Lani doesn’t know what she would’ve done if she lost Abe, adding that they haven’t had that much time together. Abe tells her that no one regrets those missing years more than him, but now they have the rest of their lives to make up for it. Lani mentions that Kayla said she will be in to check on him and won’t want all three of them in here. Lani suggest she and Paulina step out so Theo and Abe can catch up.

Johnny asks the Ouija board again if Marlena was really possessed by the Devil. The board goes to yes. Chanel and Allie accuse Johnny of doing that on purpose but Johnny insists it was the spirits telling them that the possession was real. Johnny warns Allie not to doubt the Devil.

Marlena returns to Belle without her yellow eyes which Belle says is much better. Marlena feels she still seems disapproving. Belle doesn’t understand why Marlena would dress up like that after everything that happened to her. Marlena claims she’s embracing her past. Belle questions what that means. Marlena says for 25 years, her possession was a topic not to be discussed by anyone. Belle says that’s because it was incredibly painful. Marlena responds that what’s really painful is being ashamed of yourself and she’s done feeling like that so she wants everything out in the open now. Marlena says that’s why she agreed to let Johnny make his movie which Belle questions. Marlena tells her that it’s “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”. Belle is shocked and questions her letting Johnny make a film about that. Marlena says she thinks it’s time people knew a little more about that sort of thing. Belle asks what John has to say as she can’t imagine he’d go along with that. Marlena admits John is not thrilled about the idea. Belle asks where John is anyways..

John is tied up in the DiMera Mausoleum.

Marlena tells Belle that John is gone. Belle questions what she means. Marlena claims that John had a call about an important case for Black Patch. Belle is surprised John would leave when someone he’s so close to is in the hospital. Marlena says that John realized Abe would be fine before he left and when duty calls, you’d have to chain him up to keep him away…

John wakes up wondering where he is then questions how he got here. John recalls going to the church to find Julie and Marlena, only it wasn’t Marlena…

EJ sits in the living room, going over the movie script. Abigail comes in so EJ says he’s glad she came to go over lines with him as they really should get comfortable with the scenes before their first rehearsal. Abigail then reveals that she came to tell him that Johnny will have to find someone else to play Marlena, because she quits.

Johnny wants to ask the Ouija board something else. Allie thinks he cheated. Johnny swears he won’t even touch it this time and that Chanel and Allie can do it themselves. Allie agrees to one more question but that’s it. Johnny asks if the Devil knows they are making a movie about him. Chanel and Allie put their hands on and it goes to yes. Johnny asks if the Devil approves and it goes to yes again. Johnny exclaims that it’s awesome that the Devil is cool with his movie. Allie suggests Chanel could be cheating for him too which she denies. Allie decides they have to ask it more than just yes or no questions. Johnny then decides to change the subject and asks who Chanel really wants to be with; him or his sister? Allie tells Johnny that’s so out of line. Chanel asks what’s wrong with him. Johnny says he was just kidding. Chanel decides she’s done with this Ouija board nonsense and needs to go check on Paulina at the hospital so she walks away. Allie calls Johnny a dumbass. Johnny insists that he was joking. Allie asks why he would even ask that when he knows there’s nothing going on with her and Chanel. Johnny points out that’s not what it looked like when he first showed up.

Lani asks if Paulina has eaten and offers to go to the cafeteria. Paulina insists that she’s fine and asks Lani to go home to her kids. Lani says she just spoke to Eli and they are fine. Paulina praises Lani for being there for her and Abe but insists the kids needs her too. Lani wants to stay awhile longer to make sure Abe is okay. Paulina asks if she’s still shaken up. Lani recalls Eli coming home to tell them about Abe being shot. Lani remembers that before Eli came in, Paulina had said she wanted to talk to her about something that was important and that Marlena gave her some advice about her and that she hadn’t spoken to Abe about it, but prayed he would understand. Lani adds that she said it had something to do with wanting her to call her mama and asks what it is. Paulina says they don’t have to talk about this now but Lani insists because it sounded serious. Paulina then claims that she just wanted Lani to be her maid of honor. Lani is confused as to why that’s something she would keep from Abe. Paulina says she just didn’t want to get Abe all excited about it before she knew that she would accept, but now they know Abe will be okay, so she asks her to do it. Lani says of course so Paulina hugs her and says that’s wonderful. Lani then asks what about Chanel and if she’d be upset about her not asking her. Chanel then arrives at the hospital and says that’s an excellent question.

Allie tells Johnny that she has no idea what he’s talking about. Johnny tells her that he saw Chanel feeding her a cookie and it looked intimate. Allie explains that Chanel just saved her a cookie and she just fed her a bite but there was nothing intimate about it. Allie asks why he has to be a jerk. Johnny asks why she’s being defensive and asks if he struck a nerve. Allie quickly says no and says all he did was screw things up with Chanel and questions why he would do that. Johnny says he didn’t mean to since obviously Allie is with Tripp and Chanel is with him. Allie says not much longer if he keeps acting like this. Johnny assures that he will apologize to her. Allie says they’ll see if she’ll accept it and jokes that they can ask the Ouija board.

Marlena says Belle must be exhausted from her trip. Belle says she’s feeling pretty good. Marlena suggests Belle go home, unpack, and take a nap. Belle assures that she’s okay. Marlena insists that she could have jet lag and should take a nap then they will touch base later. Belle feels like Marlena is trying to get rid of her. Marlena asks why she would do that.

John complains about the Devil being back after all these years but warns that underestimating him is a big mistake because he will never stop fighting him.

EJ tells Abigail that she can’t quit because she signed a contract. Abigail responds that she will break it. EJ warns that as a producer, he could sue her. Abigail tells him to go for it. EJ asks what about Johnny and how disappointed he will be. Abigail tells him to cut the crap and says he doesn’t care about Johnny as he was totally against the movie until he knew he could bother Chad. EJ asks why he would want to bother Chad. Abigail suggests that since Sami cheated on EJ, he wants everyone to be as miserable as he is. Abigail tells EJ that the stunt he pulled earlier was pathetic and says he can’t stop playing these petty, vindictive games. Abigail adds that she’s tried to be a good sport but she doesn’t need this. Abigail declares that she’s out and there’s nothing he can say or do to change her mind. Abigail says she’s done with him and because of that, she’s done with the film. Chad then walks in and says she’s not because if someone’s going to quit, it’s EJ. EJ asks why the hell he should quit. Chad says because no one wants him involved, not even his own son. Abigail tells Chad that it’s okay as she doesn’t mind backing out. Chad argues that this movie means a lot to Abigail so he’s not going to let her quit. EJ tells Abigail that even her husband agrees. Chad tells EJ to shut his mouth. Chad tells Abigail not to let EJ ruin this for her since she’s been so excited since reading the script. Chad encourages that Abigail will make a great Marlena and praised her script reading. EJ remarks that she’ll be amazing opposite him. Chad gets that EJ is trying to bother him but it doesn’t work as he will never distrust his wife again as he’s done with two of his brothers, so he’s not going to do it with him. Chad declares that their love is strong so EJ is not going to come between them and there’s nothing he can do to change that. EJ tells Abigail that he will see her at rehearsal and then exits the room.

Theo tells Abe that he’s so glad he’s okay. Abe says ever since he met Paulina, he’s been more than okay. Theo notes that they got engaged pretty quick but knows he’s not one to talk. Abe encourages that he can talk to him any time. Abe assures that no one will replace Theo’s mother. Theo knows that she would want him to be happy. Abe responds that he is happy as Paulina has made him happier than he ever thought he would be again.

Chanel tells Paulina that she came to see how she was holding up but apparently she’s just fine. Lani decides to go check on Abe and heads to his room. Chanel questions Paulina asking Lani to be her maid of honor. Chanel knows she’s been through a lot and she’s glad that Abe is going to be okay but hearing she wants Lani by her side at the wedding and not her really hurts. Chanel asks if she couldn’t have told her first. Paulina says she wasn’t planning it. Paulina adds that when she first got engaged, she thought Chanel would be her maid of honor but her and Lani have been through so much in the last 36 hours because Abe was hurt and Lani was so terribly worried so she wanted to extend herself in some way to distract her. Paulina says she just blurted it out when they found out Abe wasn’t going to die but she knows it was insensitive to Chanel, so she owes her a big apology. Chanel remarks that she’s not the only one.

Allie questions if Chanel should forgive Johnny for being a dumbass. Allie tells Johnny that he can’t go around saying hurtful, obnoxious things and expecting people to laugh it off. Allie remarks that Johnny is acting like EJ. Johnny tells her that she knows he hates when people say like, just like Allie feels when people say she’s like Sami. Johnny apologizes for being the way he is and asks her to forgive him. Allie says fine but she doesn’t know if Chanel will. Johnny says he should’ve never changed the subject as he was on a roll, running with the Devil.

John tells himself that Marlena will keep fighting for him and their love and she will never stop. Devil Marlena then enters and asks if John missed him.

Lani goes to Abe’s room to check on him. Abe tells her he’s all good. Lani informs him that Paulina just asked her to be her matron of honor. Theo says that’s great but asks about Chanel. Lani says she had the same question and they are out there talking now. Lani asks what Abe thinks. Abe loves the idea of both of his children standing up for them as he asks Theo to be his best man. Theo accepts so Abe calls it perfect. Lani says that’s only if Chanel is okay with it.

Paulina tells Chanel that she didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and she would never leave her out of the ceremony. Paulina assures that she will have a very important role which Chanel questions. Paulina asks Chanel to walk her down the aisle to give her away. Chanel agrees if she lets her make her wedding cake. Paulina says she wouldn’t think of anyone else as they hug.

Johnny talks Allie into trying the Ouija board again and asks if the Devil is here in Salem. The board goes to yes so Johnny asks where in Salem. The board spells out DiMera.

Abigail tells Chad that it was impressive how he stood up to EJ. Chad says she stood up to him too since threatening to quit took guts and made it very clear that there is more important things in life than playing this part. Chad adds that he’s glad she’s doing it. Abigail asks if he’s sure. Chad confirms they are united 100% in wanting her to do this movie and in knowing that EJ isn’t and never will be a threat to them.

Johnny questions the Ouija board just spelling out DiMera. Allie wonders what it means. Johnny asks the spirits to tell them more and asks if the Devil is at the DiMera Mansion but the board goes to No, so Johnny asks where the Devil is. The board then spells out Crypt which Johnny and Allie both question.

Devil Marlena asks if John is comfortable among all the dead DiMeras. The Devil recalls when John thought he was Stefano’s brother but he was just a pawn. The Devil thought it would be fitting to bring John here as his last resting place. The Devil says Marlena stopped him from killing John at the chapel but now he’s back to finish what he started…

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