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Abe and Paulina plan their wedding at Paulina’s apartment. Abe says he wants to do whatever makes her happy. Paulina says he’s so good to her and mentions having a mile long list of things to do for the wedding. Abe says he did his part in proposing as he praises her and says nothing else matters. Paulina wants her wedding to be as perfect as him. Abe then agrees to help her with the lists.

Jake sits in bed looking worried. He reaches under the bed and pulls out his gun. Jake remarks that Philip better watch his back because there’s no way in Hell that he’s going to let him steal Gabi’s company from her. Gabi then comes in to the room.

Ben and Ciara kiss in bed until Ciara asks him what’s wrong. Ben says absolutely nothing and talks about enjoying the baby making process.

Marlena with the Devil inside her sits at home, texting Ben that she was very encouraged by their session and hopes he felt the same way, then asks how the procreation is going. Marlena/the Devil remarks that they want the process to move along quickly since Ciara and Ben’s child is most important to the plan. John then walks in and questions who Marlena is talking to.

Lani gets up from bed and finds Eli finishing their key lime pie. Lani jokes that he can ask Chanel to come over and bake him another one. Eli jokes that then he couldn’t sit around half naked. Lani jokes that would be tragic as she sits with him and they kiss.

Gabi questions what Jake was doing as he puts his gun back under the bed. Gabi mentions how they hardly slept and blames Philip for keeping them up. Gabi declares that they need to stop Philip as there’s no way Jake is going to prison and there’s no way she’s giving up her company. Jake says that’s not going to happen. Gabi feels they need a plan and wonders what they can do to stop him. Jake responds that the only thing on his mind right now is her looking sexy. Jake tells Gabi that he would do anything to make her happy as they kiss.

Paulina tells Abe that they won’t need to worry about wedding cake as Chanel will be in charge with the bakery. Abe suggests Marlena officiate their wedding. Paulina thinks back to revealing her secrets to Marlena that she is Lani’s mother and Abe is not her father. Abe questions if she doesn’t like the idea of Marlena marrying them. Paulina jokes about Marlena being a shrink and marrying them. Abe remarks that there is a lot more to Marlena than meets the eye.

Marlena claims she didn’t hear John and that she was just speaking to a colleague about his plans for the future. John thought he heard a man’s voice. Marlena claims she had him on speaker and asks if he has any more questions. John apologizes and comments on Marlena getting up early this morning. Julie then shows up at their door. John asks how she is. Julie responds that she’s not good and won’t be any better until she gets Marlena’s permission to see Doug.

Ben and Ciara lay in bed after having sex. Ben asks if she thinks they made a baby this time. Ciara jokes that compared to last time, there were no gusts of wind or candles blowing out but she calls it her own spiritual experience. They say I love you to each other as they kiss. Ben adds that he already loves their baby and that they’re just going to have to keep trying. They decide to get up and shower together.

Eli and Lani continue kissing at home. Lani talks about how she thought their time together would get lost with their babies but they are making it work. Eli says they will be on honeymoon for life. They talk about Abe and Paulina being together. Lani says it was nice celebrating them as they are crazy in love. Eli laughs at the idea of Lani calling Paulina “mama”.

Abe reminds Paulina that he officiated John and Marlena’s wedding, so Marlena made him promise to let her return the favor if he ever tied the knot again. Paulina acknowledges that it means a lot to him so she agrees to it. Abe thanks her as they kiss. Abe suggests they go to John and Marlena’s to get on the road to happily ever after.

Marlena tells Julie that she’s sorry that she’s upset. Julie doesn’t care and wants to see Doug today. Marlena responds that she can’t let her or anyone else see Doug right now. Julie asks why the hell not. Marlena claims that he tried to kill Julie by slamming her over the head with a tray. Julie argues that she still wants to see her husband. Marlena says seeing her might set him off. Julie argues that Marlena could be wrong and she knows her husband better than she does. Julie doesn’t get how seeing her wouldn’t make him feel better. Marlena tells her no. John asks if one visit can really hurt since Doug is sedated and would be supervised. Marlena thinks she knows what is best for her patient. John says he was just trying to help. Marlena asks Julie if there’s anything else. Julie questions what gave Marlena the right to play God with people’s lives. Marlena claims that playing God is the last thing she wants to do, but asks what if Doug stabbed her in the heart. Julie calls that ridiculous and says Marlena is treating Doug like a patient instead of a friend. Marlena argues that she has to be objective. Julie asks what if it was John and she wasn’t able to see him. Marlena hopes someone would do something to help him if he tried to kill her. Marlena claims that she has all of their best interests at heart and that if there’s any change in Doug, she’ll let her know. Julie feels sick that she ever let Marlena talk her in to signing the commitment papers. Julie declares this is not over as she storms out. Abe and Paulina then arrive. Abe questions what that was about as Julie seemed pretty upset. John explains that Julie wants to visit Doug at Bayview. Marlena adds that she had to tell her that Doug is a danger to himself and others. Paulina mentions that Doug seemed so harmless.

Lani agrees with Eli that Paulina asking her to call her “mama” was definitely weird. Eli doesn’t think it will come up again. Lani knows it comes from a place of love but Paulina can overstep.

John asks what brings Abe and Paulina back. They reveal that they are getting married. John is excited so Marlena goes along with it. Abe says they would be honored if Marlena would perform the ceremony. Marlena says that before she agrees, there is something he needs to know.

Jake and Gabi to the Brady Pub. Ben and Ciara walk by and greet them. Ciara says she’s really glad that she ran in to them as she wanted to talk to Gabi about something. Jake calls it perfect timing as he has to chat with Ben about something. Jake tells the girls to go ahead inside and they will meet them in a few. Gabi and Ciara then enter the Pub. Ben asks Jake what’s going on. Jake tells him that he’s in a bit of a situation and reveals his gun. Ben questions what the hell he’s doing with that. Jake responds that someone is trying to hurt Gabi and he has to stop it.

Abe asks Marlena what he needs to know and jokingly asks what dark secrets she’s keeping from him. Marlena responds that it’s about Paulina, which worries her. Marlena explains that she got to thinking about Tamara and how she couldn’t possibly officiate over a wedding involving Paulina and her sister’s ex without knowing how she feels about it. Paulina assures that they have Tamara’s blessing. Marlena wants to hear it from Tamara and says then she would be thrilled to marry them. John suggests they celebrate with drinks. Abe wishes they could but they have to get ready for the wedding, starting with buying a suit. Paulina asks John to go with Abe, so she can stay and chat with Marlena about what they have in mind for the ceremony. John doesn’t know how much he can help but agrees to go. Paulina encourages keeping it simple so the groom doesn’t outshine his bride. Abe calls that impossible. John says they will be right back as he and Abe exit. Marlena guesses Paulina doesn’t want to talk about the ceremony which she confirms. Paulina remarks that Marlena had her sweating bullets just now by saying she had to talk to Abe. Paulina got the impression that Marlena was going to out her secret about lying to Abe and Lani. Marlena jokes that the thought did cross her mind.

Eli and Lani kiss at home until Julie shows up at the door. Eli asks if everything is okay. Julie complains that Marlena won’t let her see Doug. Lani thought the visitor restriction was just temporary. Julie responds that it’s become permanent and if this keeps up, Marlena won’t let her see him until Hell freezes over. Eli points out that Marlena is Doug’s doctor. Julie argues that she is his wife. Lani points out that he attacked her. Julie complains that everyone knows Doug is no danger, except Marlena. Julie remarks that if this keeps up, she’s going to end up the danger to others. Lani doesn’t think they can do anything if Marlena won’t allow it. Eli points out that actually there is.

Jake tells Ben that either Gabi signs the company over to Philip or Jake goes to prison and that Philip already has an eye witness, who is lying. Jake insists he did not kill anybody. Ben encourages him to relax. Jake thought he was done with this life but now here it is in his face, being used to hurt Gabi. Ben relates to trying to escape the man he was and says there’s nothing easy about it. Jake never thought he’d hold a gun again. Ben says there has to be another way. Jake says sometimes words don’t do the trick. Ben knows he wants to protect Gabi but promises that he’s doing the wrong thing even if it’s for the right reasons as nothing good can come of it.

Gabi and Ciara sit together in the Pub. Ciara enjoys her coffee and says she’s going to miss it as she informs Gabi that she and Ben are trying to get pregnant. Gabi says that’s great and asks if that’s what she wanted to talk to her about. Ciara says she actually wanted to talk to her about work because with the baby coming, she thought it might be good to have a fund so she talked to Victor about going to Titan. Ciara then reveals she wants to work at Gabi Chic. Gabi says that’s flattering but it’s not going to happen because Philip fired her. Ciara questions that he can do that. Gabi adds that Philip is trying to steal her company.

Jake argues that Gabi built her company from nothing while Philip has been handed everything in his life and is trying to take it away. Jake declares he won’t let it happen. Ben asks if Jake is planning to kill Philip Kiriakis.

Ciara argues that Philip must be crazy to fire Gabi and questions how there can be a Gabi Chic without her since she is the brand. Gabi says Philip is too stupid and greedy to realize as he thinks she can be replaced. Ciara asks if anything can be done about this. Gabi suggests she share her opinion with Victor since he’s the only person that Philip will listen to. Gabi warns that if Philip doesn’t start listening to reason very soon, then he will live to regret it..

Jake tells Ben that he’s never killed anybody before and doesn’t intend to start now. Ben asks if the gun is just a prop. Jake explains that it’s the only language some people understand, like Carmine Morino, who is the guy that Philip got to testify that he beat a man to death. Ben guesses that Carmine is the real killer which Jake confirms. Jake plans to convince Carmine to come to Salem for a sitdown so he can convince him that it’s in their best interest for him to keep his mouth shut. Ben asks what if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut. Jake hopes the threat of some heat might show him some reason. Jake gest a text from Carmine and says to wish him luck .Ben wants to go with him to watch his back. Jake tells Ben that he and Ciara are finally living happily so he’s not letting him anywhere near this. Ben doesn’t want him to go by himself but Jake assures he’ll be fine. Jake tells Ben to just tell Gabi that he had an appointment he had to keep. Jake then walks away.

Eli tells Julie that if Marlena is worried about her safety then he will go to Bayview with her and stay with her the entire time. Julie argues that it won’t help since Marlena’s order bans all visitors. Eli reveals that his badge will get them past doctor’s orders. Julie says that would be wonderful. Eli assures that they will go to Bayview and not take no for an answer as Julie hugs him.

Paulina argues that Marlena said what they talked about was private and protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena says that’s why she didn’t say anything to Abe. Paulina complains about Marlena saying it crossed her mind. Paulina says that won’t do and she has to know if she can trust her, or else they’ll have a big problem. Marlena remarks that she doesn’t have a problem of trust with her because she’s not the person she’s marrying. Marlena tells Paulina that before she marries Abe, she’s going to have to come clean and tell Abe and Lani the truth.

Abe and John have coffee in the town square. Abe apologizes for forgetting that the men’s store is not open today. John is glad because it gives them a chance to talk a little bit. Abe notes he seems preoccupied and asks what’s on his mind. John asks Abe if Marlena seemed like herself to him. Abe asks what he means. John talks about Marlena doing things that are out of character lately and brings up that she still won’t let Julie see Doug and took a hard stance that just made everything worse. Abe knows that Julie won’t want to listen to what she doesn’t want to hear. John says it’s more than that and adds that Marlena has an edge, even with him. John notes that she’s been off for quite awhile. John informs Abe about how Johnny’s movie is now all about Marlena’s possession. Abe doesn’t get it since they all agreed that chapter of their lives was best left in the past and that was the position that Marlena took. John says he thought so but then Marlena announced to Johnny that she was all on board. John adds that Marlena was engrossed in the script last night while wearing dark sunglasses. John reminds him about how Marlena was always trying to hide her eyes in the past. Abe asks John if he thinks Marlena is possessed again. John says he doesn’t think she’s possessed, but that she’s in trouble and needs his help, though he doesn’t know where to start. Abe asks when he first noticed her acting differently. John says it was right after her first session with Doug. Abe guesses it was upsetting for her to see Doug collapse in front of her. John talks about Marlena being fuzzy about what happened there and recalling that she forgot Doug threatened to kill Julie. John argues that Marlena is a professional and never loses her cool so something’s not right. Abe asks if he thinks there’s something she hasn’t told him. John is pretty sure there is something on Doug’s session tape that would tell a hell of a lot. Abe questions if he’s thinking of playing that tape, bringing up the ethics of that. John argues that he has to do something or he’ll never figure out what’s going on with his wife.

Paulina complains that a shrink is supposed to listen to people, not tell them what to do. Marlena argues that she’s known and cared about Abe longer than she has. Paulina responds that she loves Abe. Marlena asks what is love really and calls it honesty. Paulina brings up swearing to keep that secret to her grave as she might have her daughter but Abe would lose his. Paulina asks how she can break the heart of the best man she’s ever known. Marlena asks how she can vow to be true to Abe while he’s lying about being Lani’s mother. Paulina argues that it’s not like lightning will strike her through the chapel window. Marlena knows she’s a woman of faith, so she calls it imperative that she tells Abe and Lani the truth. Marlena remarks that if she doesn’t, then God have mercy on her soul.

Eli and Julie go to Bayview to see Doug. The worker says that Doug is not allowed visitors but Eli reveals his badge and says it’s a police matter.

Ben joins Ciara and Gabi in the Pub. Gabi asks where Jake is.

Jake meets Carmine in the park. Jake brings up hearing that Carmine is thinking of testifying that he killed Jed Zanetti when they both know that’s a lie. Carmine responds that it’s his word against Jake’s. Jake argues that they were both there, so it’s in his best interest to keep his mouth shut. Jake asks how much Philip is paying him. Carmine asks who said anyone is paying him. Jake questions why else he’d be lying about this. Carmine says he has nothing to say to him. Jake offers to pay him whatever Philip is paying him and then some. Carmine says he’s sorry but he’s not interested. Jake then pulls his gun on him and warns that if he lies about him, he’ll lose his life and asks if that works for him.

Paulina goes to see Lani, who asks what brings her by.

Marlena/The Devil sits at home and calls Paulina an arrogant fool, who should’ve listened to her instinct for self survival. Marlena remarks that now Paulina is going to tell Lani that she’s her mother and Abe’s not really her father and laughs that then all hell will break loose. Marlena then gets a call from Bayview. The nurse informs her that Julie is there with Eli, insisting on seeing Doug.

John goes to Marlena’s office at the hospital and breaks in to her drawer to retrieve the recording of Doug’s session. John asks God to forgive him but he has to get to the bottom of this. John then plays the tape.

Ben tells Gabi that Jake said he had something to take care of and he’d catch up with her later. Gabi asks if he said what it was. Ben responds that he just said it’s something that couldn’t wait.

Carmine laughs at Jake with a gun and calls him a pussycat, arguing that they both know there’s no way he would shoot him. Carmine then grabs the gun from Jake and turns it on him. Carmine remarks that Jake couldn’t do what needed to be done, just like with Jed Zanetti. Carmine says luckily, he has no problem doing what needs to be done. Abe approaches and questions what the hell is going on here. Carmine turns to him. Jake tries to stop him but Carmine fires the gun and shoot Abe in the chest.

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