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Rafe tells Nicole that he shouldn’t have said anything about EJ. Rafe admits that every time he sees Nicole and EJ together, he gets so damn jealous. Nicole tells him not to say that because he’s with Ava. Rafe says he knows but.. Nicole asks but what? Rafe and Nicole almost kiss but EJ walks up and asks if he’s interrupting something.

Philip goes to the Basic Black office and finds Brady and Chloe hugging. Philip asks what the hell. Brady tells him that he can explain but Philip doesn’t want to hear it. Philip walks in and punches Brady down.

Johnny goes to see Allie at Sweet Bits Bakery and presents her a contract to play Sami in his movie.

Marlena is asleep in bed as she dreams about levitating above her bed and the Devil saying he needed her to be his, as she then wakes up in a panic.

Allie thought Roman pulled his financing to she thought Johnny couldn’t make his movie. Johnny then reveals that he got the money from his father.

Nicole tells EJ that he’s not interrupting anything as she just bumped in to Rafe and he offered to share a donut from Allie’s bakery. EJ calls that strange as he thought they were trying to stay away from each other.

Ben picks up a candle in his room and thinks back to when all the candles blew over the night before. Ciara wakes up in the bed and asks if Ben is okay.

John brings Marlena breakfast in bed and asks how she’s feeling. Marlena responds that she’s not sure as she had another upsetting dream. John asks if she has any idea what this one was about. Marlena says she unfortunately does so John asks if she wants to tell him about it. Marlena reveals that she was levitating in her dream and says it felt so real.

Chloe checks on Brady and asks if Philip has lost his mind. Philip complains that Chloe was in Brady’s arms again. Chloe insists that Brady was just trying to be a friend but Philip thinks Brady is trying to take her away from him and he’s somehow the bad guy. Philip remarks that Brady’s lucky one punch is all he got.

Ben tells Ciara that he was just putting the candles away and got reminded of that weird thing last night. Ciara reminds him that they agreed that it was just a random gust of wind. Ciara says they had an amazing night last night and asks if he’s not second guessing trying to have a baby. Ben assures that he’s not. Ciara kisses him and says she’s glad to hear that. Ciara tells Ben that she thinks it’s about time for her to get a job.

Rafe tells EJ that Nicole didn’t do anything wrong. EJ says he’s being supportive since he knows Nicole wants to do the right thing and that Ava is her friend, so she doesn’t want to make any trouble. Rafe says there won’t be any trouble unless EJ causes it. Nicole says they don’t need to talk about this but Rafe wants to hear what EJ has to say. EJ feels that Nicole is trying to move on but Rafe won’t let her, so he wonders how Ava would feel about what he just saw.

Allie brings up EJ being against the movie since the beginning, so she questions EJ just deciding to accept it and wanting to invest. Johnny claims that’s what happened. Allie knows EJ doesn’t do anything without something being in it for him. Johnny admits that EJ’s one demand was that he get a role in the movie. Allie asks what role, so Johnny informs her that EJ wants to play John.

John asks Marlena if she remembers anything else about her dream. Marlena admits that she remembers somebody talking to her while she was levitating. John asks who it was. Marlena responds that she didn’t see him, but she could hear him so clearly. John asks if she recognized the voice. Marlena responds that she hadn’t heard it in so many years, but she does know exactly who it is. John asks who, so Marlena admits it’s Satan, the Devil.

Allie asks why EJ would want to play John when he’s a lawyer and a CEO of a national company. Johnny explains that Abigail is playing Marlena, so EJ is trying to piss of Chad for not trying to convince him to work at DiMera. Allie asks if he’s cool with this. Johnny admits that EJ is not his first choice, but the important thing is, he gets to make his movie, so he needs Allie to sign. Allie responds that she can’t do it because John and Roman are against making the movie. Allie adds that they asked him not to include Marlena’s possession and he instead made it the entire movie. Johnny argues that it’s an important story that needs to be told and claims it honors the strength of Marlena and John’s love story. Allie then decides that she will act in the movie if he gets direct permission from Marlena. Allie says if Marlena is not okay with it then neither is she. Johnny tells her not to worry as Marlena will be okay with it. Johnny then walks away.

John encourages Marlena to not think about it as it was just a dream. John tells her to focus on her patients and reminds her that Doug and Julie will need her to be on top of her game. John reminds her that she was so concerned about Ben last night. Marlena thinks back to the Devil saying he needs Ben and Ciara’s baby for himself. Marlena then tells John that she needs to get to Ben right now, so she’s going to shower and then to go see Ben.

Ben recalls Ciara thinking about going to get her job back at Titan. Ciara confirms that she’s going to see Victor. Ben wishes her luck. Ciara says she won’t leave until Victor gives her the answer she wants. Ben kisses her and she suggests trying to have a baby again later. Ciara then goes to get ready.

Brady argues that Philip sounds like a crazed idiot. Philip mocks the idea of Brady just being a supportive friend with no ulterior motives. Brady insists that he was trying to set the record straight. Chloe says there’s no point. Brady suggests hitting Philip twice as hard as he did but says he’ll take the high road. Brady warns Philip to get out of his office or he’ll have security throw him out.

Rafe asks EJ if it’s fun being a troll. EJ claims that he’s just asking questions. Rafe argues that he’s inserting himself into something that’s none of his business and trying to make everyone uncomfortable while doing it. EJ argues that the only person making Nicole uncomfortable is Rafe. Rafe questions EJ judging him after how he’s treated every woman he’s been with, including Nicole. Rafe remarks that it’s no wonder things didn’t work out with EJ and Sami. EJ asks how he’s the bad guy when he gave Rafe and Ava a $300 bottle of wine to smooth things over. EJ thinks he should thank him for getting Nicole out of a very tense situation at Julie’s Place which saved Rafe’s ass. Rafe argues that everything was fine. EJ accuses Rafe of mooning over Nicole in public and declares that Rafe is playing silly games with Nicole and Ava. Rafe tells EJ that’s enough. Nicole tells them both to stop it. EJ asks if Rafe wants to hit him and tells him to go ahead. EJ points out someone near by could be filming so it will go viral. Rafe says it might just be worth it. Nicole tells Rafe to just go, so he walks away. EJ says that was fun and remarks that he’s lucky he came along when he did. Nicole really wishes he hadn’t.

Philip asks Chloe to go somewhere to talk alone. Chloe tells him to leave. Brady warns that his security team plays rough. Philip agrees to go home and tells Chloe they will talk about this later as he exits. Chloe tells Brady that she’s so sorry and asks if he’s sure he’s alright. Brady says he’s fine but he’s upset about how Philip is treating her. Chloe thinks Brady may have been right about Philip all along. Brady wishes he wasn’t. Chloe doesn’t think Philip knows how to change, so it’s up to her to fix this.

Johnny goes to see John and asks if he can talk to Marlena. John says he just missed her but asks if he can help. Johnny informs him that he got the money needed for his movie from EJ. John thought EJ was against the project. Johnny claims that EJ changed his mind and decided to support his vision by signing on as a producer and actor. Johnny reveals that EJ is playing John which John can’t believe. Johnny says that everything is set but he needs one more thing to take care of as Allie won’t sign on to play Sami without Marlena’s permission. John tells him that he’s afraid he’s out of luck because there’s no way in hell she’s going to give him that.

Ciara goes to see Allie at Sweet Bits Bakery and asks what she recommends for her to butter up Victor. Allie gives her recommendation then asks what Ciara needs to butter him up for. Ciara explains that she wants her old job back at Titan, hoping it will put her and Ben in a good financial position for when they have a baby. Allie excitedly asks if that’s happening and questions what happened to Ben’s doubts since last time they talked, she was afraid he might never want kids. Ciara tells her that he was afraid of passing on his mental illness to their kids, but he talked to Marlena and she helped him work through his issues so she owes her big time. Ciara tells Allie that Ben felt a lot better, so they went right down to it and she threw away her birth control pills. Allie is surprised all it took is one session with Marlena and wonders what she said to him.

Marlena goes to see Ben and says she’s sorry to come by unannounced, but she knows he was a little conflicted after their last session so she just wanted to make sure he was alright. Ben thanks her and says he appreciates that as he invites her in. Marlena asks how he is. Ben informs her that he took her advice, so he and Ciara decided they are ready to have a child and she even threw away her birth control pills last night. Marlena calls that a big step. Ben says they took it thanks to her. Ben adds that afterwards, they both had a strange feeling that they made a baby. Marlena calls that wonderful. Ben tells her that he was feeling really hopeful until the wind blew open the window and blew out all the candles. Ben notes that the night was completely calm otherwise but when the wind entered the room, it sent a cold shiver through his entire body. Ben knows it sounds silly but he was afraid maybe it could’ve been like an omen. Marlena responds that maybe it was, so Ben asks what she means. Marlena thinks back to arguing with the Devil about using Ben. Ben asks Marlena if she actually thinks the wind could’ve been a sign that they shouldn’t have a baby. Ben knows it makes no sense, but asks if he should be worried about the strange feeling he got when the wind blew through. Marlena gets a text so Ben asks if she needs to take that, but Marlena says no as she came to talk to him. Marlena gets two more messages so Ben tells her it could be a patient so it’s okay. Marlena then checks her phone and sees an animated video message from The Devil, warning her not to tell Ben as his plans are for him and her alone. Ben asks Marlena what it is.

Ciara tells Allie that whatever Marlena said must have been very persuasive since Ben left not wanting to have children but came back very open to the idea. Allie asks if he’s not worried at all anymore. Ciara notes that Ben still has doubts but said whatever happens happens and they will get through it together. Allie encourages that they will be great parents. Ciara hopes she’s not pressuring Ben in to doing something he doesn’t want to do. Allie guarantees that when they have the baby, any uncertainty will go away as Ben will fall in love with the child just like she did with Henry. Ciara decides she better go see Victor. Allie hugs her and wishes her luck with everything as Ciara then walks away.

Chloe can’t believe how many times they’ve been through this where Philip goes too far and explodes with jealousy, then apologizes and promises to never do it again, so she gives him another chance and he blows it again. Brady tells Chloe that it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse as Philip is starting to lose more control. Chloe acknowledges that so Brady asks what she’s going to do. Chloe cries that all she knows is that she needs to do something now before someone gets really hurt.

Nicole tells EJ that Rafe was right that he’s acting like a troll and a jerk. EJ thought he was going a good thing since she said she wanted to get over Rafe. EJ asks what would’ve happened if he hadn’t come along. Nicole responds that she doesn’t know, but EJ says he does and asks if Nicole really wants to be making out with Ava’s boyfriend in public. Nicole says of course not, so EJ says he wasn’t just saving her from Rafe, but from herself. Nicole responds that she doesn’t need to be saved from Rafe or herself. Nicole then admits that EJ did stop her from doing something that she might have regretted. Nicole still thinks EJ could have handled it differently. EJ acknowledges that Rafe gets under his skin. Nicole points out that EJ loves getting under Rafe’s. EJ apologizes, but insists that he’s on her side. Nicole says that she knows. EJ asks if he was right about what he saw, that she was about to kiss Rafe. Nicole confirms that she was.

Rafe walks through the town square frustrated. Allie comes over and asks if everything is alright. Rafe tells her that he had a little run in with EJ and almost forgot what a piece of work he is. Allie agrees and asks what he did. Rafe says it’s not worth talking about as he and EJ never really got along, mostly because of Sami. Rafe asks if Allie has spoken to Sami. Allie says she hasn’t and that Johnny has been trying to get in touch with her too. Rafe wonders if everything is okay. Allie guesses it’s probably better that Sami isn’t around, as she’s not sure how Sami would feel about her playing her in Johnny’s movie.

John knows how talented Johnny is and thinks he has a great career ahead of him but argues that this is not the movie he wants to make. Johnny asks him to just try reading the script. John argues that he lived it and he definitely doesn’t want Marlena to read it because it’s already upset her. John explains that they talked about the movie last night and then Marlena had a nightmare that really shook her up. Johnny asks what kind of nightmare it was. John informs her that she dreamed that she was levitated above the bed and heard the Devil’s voice in her head. John worries that this movie is bringing back horrible memories and insists that Johnny doesn’t want to put her through this. John tells Johnny to prove that he really loves his grandmother by dropping this whole project right now.

Ben asks who the text was from. Marlena says it doesn’t matter because she came to talk to him about the omen. Ben asks if she actually thinks it was a bad sign. Marlena claims that she thinks of it as a good omen. The Devil encourages Marlena. Marlena tells Ben that with all the love he and Ciara have to give a child, she thinks the baby would be good for everybody. The Devil says especially him. Ben thanks Marlena for always being there for him and coming to check on him. Marlena then exits.

Philip goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and has a drink. Ciara walks in and asks if Victor is around. Philip tells her that he’s in the living room. Ciara asks if everything is okay. Philip says no and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Ciara tells him to enjoy his drink then and exits the room. Chloe comes home. Philip tells her that he’s sorry for hitting Brady as he shouldn’t have done that. Chloe says she’s not accepting his apology this time. Philip wishes she could see it from his perspective as every time he sees her, she’s in Brady’s arms. Philip asks why he can’t get her to see what’s right in front of her. Chloe shouts that she can’t do this anymore. Philip asks if she’s breaking up with him. Chloe clarifies that she didn’t say that so Philip asks what she is saying. Chloe feels like they should take a step back so she can breathe and figure out what she wants. Chloe then tells Philip that she’s moving out. Philip says she doesn’t have to as he can give her all the space she needs. Chloe doesn’t want him to give her anything and says she’s going to pack her things as she then exits the room. Philip blames Brady.

Nicole can’t believe she almost let her and Rafe kiss out in the open. EJ says it wasn’t her fault, pointing out that Rafe is the one who has a girlfriend. Nicole says she has to get past these feelings and she does not want to come between Ava and Rafe. Nicole admits that when she’s with Rafe, she wants to kiss him but she doesn’t. EJ then tells Nicole to kiss him instead as he then kisses her.

Rafe questions Allie recreating Sami’s life on screen. Allie explains that Johnny is remaking the script to be more about Marlena now so Allie would be more of a supporting player. Allie notes that she told Johnny that she wouldn’t do it unless he got permission directly from Marlena. Rafe asks if she thinks Marlena will say yes. Allie admits that if it were her, she definitely wouldn’t, but she doesn’t know what’s going on in Marlena’s head.

Marlena goes home and starts to pull out her key to the door but gets another message from the Devil, saying she did well by talking Ben out of his doubts. Marlena tells him to leave her alone now. The Devil says he can feel her giving in again and that they are almost one.

Ciara goes home and tells Ben that she is the new junior executive at Titan as Victor couldn’t say no to her and was very complimentary of her work from before. Ben points out that Victor still hates him. Ciara says she will work to change that but they agree to take it one thing at a time. Ciara asks what Ben has been up to. Ben tells her that Marlena stopped by to check on her to see how he was feeling after their conversation. Ben notes that Marlena made him feel even better about them having a baby and put his mind at ease about the gust of wind blowing out the candles. Ciara questions if he wasn’t at ease last night then and was only telling her what she wanted to hear. Ben admits he was a little bit but only because he wants her to be happy. Ciara asks what about now. Ben responds that he wants them to have a baby just as much as she does as they kiss.

Johnny tells John that he’s been so focused on raising money for this movie that he didn’t stop to think about the consequences it has for his own family. Marlena then comes in and asks what Johnny is here for. Johnny says he actually came to see her and brings up the movie being about her, so he came to ask for her permission but actually talking to John, he’s having second thoughts. Johnny adds that he had everything lined up but now he’s thinking it’s a bad idea and he should scrap the whole thing. Marlena disagrees and claims she thinks it’s a good idea, so she wants him to make the movie which surprises both Johnny and John.

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