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Philip goes to see Chloe at the Kiriakis Mansion and brings her flowers as he apologizes for their misunderstanding about her and Brady hugging. Chloe says he was a complete ass. Philip repeats that he’s sorry and gives her the flowers, hoping for a fresh start so they can water their tree together. Chloe instead takes his flowers and dumps them in the trash can.

Brady and Nicole go to work at Basic Black where they find a big arrangement of roses. Brady guesses it’s Philip’s latest grand gesture to Chloe but Nicole finds that they are actually for her from EJ.

Johnny enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where EJ greets him. EJ remarks that no investment is more important than his. Johnny questions EJ going from laughing at his idea of making a movie to not only investing but insisting on playing John Black. EJ claims he’s just been bitten by the acting bug but Johnny guesses that EJ wants to stick it to Chad.

Chad and Abigail wake up in bed together and kiss.

Abigail and Rafe get up to find Gabi has made breakfast. Gabi gives Ava her coffee the way she likes it. Rafe jokingly questions who she is and what she has done with his sister.

Chad knows that just because they spent the night together, it doesn’t mean everything is resolved but he hopes she feels as good as he does about it. Abigail talks about them reading the script really getting to her. Abigail states that Chad being in her bed and in her life is exactly where she wants him to be as they continue kissing. They say I love you to each other. Abigail brings up Chad making a great John Black and asks again if he meant it when he said he was interested in the role. Chad confirms that he did. Abigail reminds him that EJ threatened to make trouble for him at DiMera if he took on this project. Chad says to let him try because he’s not afraid of EJ.

EJ asks Johnny what Chad has to do with him playing John Black. Johnny says it would get under Chad’s skin to have love scenes with Abigail as Marlena. EJ calls it motivation while Johnny tells him to be honest that the only reason he’s even interested in the project is because there’s something in it for him in messing with Chad. EJ remarks that he could take his money and walk if his intentions aren’t pure enough for him. Johnny argues that Abigail and Chad would freak out and says if they both walk out, he’ll lose his leading lady and an investor. EJ says they won’t let them quit then. Johnny questions what the alternative is. EJ opens his briefcase and presents Johnny with contracts, noting that once Chad and Abigail sign and are locked in, then he can deliver the bad news.

Brady remarks that EJ must be overcompensating and asks what the card says. Nicole reads that EJ thanks her for a lovely evening and hopes they can do it again soon. Brady asks if she’s falling for the act, reminding her that he treated her like garbage when they were married. Nicole calls that a long time ago. Brady says that’s irrelevant and insists that EJ is trying to suck her back in to a bad situation, so he can’t believe she’s going to fall for it. Nicole tells Brady to shut up.

Philip asks Chloe to hear him out. Chloe asks how many times she’s supposed to accept the same apology from him. Chloe reminds him that their tree was a symbol of him fixing his behavior and she started to believe they could have a real chance together but it could never work out like this. Philip admits he was a jealous idiot. Chloe says that doesn’t change anything and remarks that if the tree means that much to him, he can go water it herself. Chloe then storms out of the room. Jake walks in and remarks that it looks like Chloe is pretty angry with Philip, which makes two of them.

Rafe questions this being real. Gabi talks about Ava wanting to make peace. Rafe asks what’s going on. Gabi claims that she just realized they were right about living together in peace. Rafe agrees and hopes it’s the start of a better relationship between Gabi and Ava because that would make life a lot easier for them. Rafe mentions promising the guys in the squad room that he would bring them Sweet Bits so he has to go, but says they will celebrate this truce tonight with Jake. Gabi says she can’t wait as Rafe then exits. Gabi then calls Ava a lying hag and accuses her of giving Philip the dirt on Jake. Ava claims not to know what she’s talking about. Gabi brings up the file on Jake’s past in the mob and asks if she thought she wouldn’t figure it out. Ava claims it wasn’t her. Gabi says trying to blackmail her in to signing over Gabi Chic has her stink all over it. Ava then asks what she’s going to do about it.

Jake questions Philip using his past to blackmail Gabi to sign her company over to him and says it won’t work since he didn’t kill Jed Zanetti, Carmine did. Philip responds that it would be Jake’s word against Carmine’s so he can go get ready for court. Philip says it doesn’t change the fact that Jake is nothing but a thug. Jake calls him a spoiled rich kid who is so desperate to feel powerful that he’ll fire Gabi from her own company. Jake says if he wants to fire someone, fire him. Philip agrees and fires Jake.

Johnny questions EJ wanting him to lock Chad in as an investor before announcing that EJ is playing Abigail’s romantic lead. EJ calls it good business while Johnny calls it underhanded. EJ says if he doesn’t like his deal, he can find another investor. Johnny argues that EJ knows there’s no one else and he’s not going to make the movie unless Lucas, Chad, and EJ invest. EJ asks if they have a deal then. Chad and Abigail walk in. EJ says they were just discussing the movie so they are right on time as he took the time to draw up contracts on Johnny’s behalf. Chad questions EJ helping Johnny after all the crap he gave him about his movie. EJ explains that Roman had a change of heart and pulled out. EJ claims that after witnessing his son’s immense dedication to the project, he felt compelled to help him out, so he’s now a full investor along with Lucas and Chad and couldn’t be more excited. Chad asks if this is true. Johnny acknowledges needing all the help he can get. Johnny gives Abigail the contract to look over. Abigail mentions not doing it for the money as he’s family and there’s nothing she and Chad want more than to help make his project a reality.

Nicole appreciates Brady’s concern but questions him giving relationship advice after he messed up his chances with Chloe. Brady argues that he didn’t mess up his chances with Chloe, he just waited too long to express how he felt about her and Philip beat him to the punch. Nicole points out that would not have happened if he listened to her, so she’s not inclined to take his advice. Brady tells her to do whatever she wants with EJ and promises not to say another word about it. Brady points out that he hasn’t said anything about Chloe and Philip and he gives his blessing to them. Chloe walks in and remarks that she doesn’t need his blessing.

Jake tells Philip that he doesn’t give a damn if he fires him. Philip remarks that it doesn’t look good on Titan to have a murderous thug employed. Jake brings up Philip laundering money for Ava and now judging him. Jake adds that he got himself out of the mob while Philip needed his dad’s help. Philip reminds Jake that only one of them is facing serious jail time, but there’s a very simple solution. Jake tells him to go to Hell. Philip argues that if Gabi signs over Gabi Chic then Jake stays a free man.

Gabi tells Ava that she will never surrender Gabi Chic to Philip, especially when Jake is innocent. Ava questions Jake telling her that. Gabi says she believes him. Ava asks if it really matters since Jake had no problem helping dispose of Jed Zanetti’s body, so killer or not, he’s going to do some prison time for that. Gabi doesn’t get it since this is between her and Philip and asks what is in it for Ava. Ava explains that for months, Gabi has done nothing but try to break up her and Rafe, so when Philip needed a hand, she decided to show Gabi what it feels like when someone tries to take away something you love. Gabi responds that she’ll never take Jake away from her. Ava says she’s talking about what Gabi really loves, her company that she grew. Ava tells her to imagine Gabi Chic rising from the ashes as Ava Chic.

Abigail looks over her contract and says everything looks to be in order. Johnny asks if they shall make it official. Abigail can’t wait to get started. EJ shows Chad that he also drew up contracts for them and Lucas as producers. EJ explains that they all invest the same amount of money and will share the profits if the movie makes money. Chad looks over the contract and agrees to sign it. EJ signs the contract as well. Chad then suggests Johnny have EJ draw up another contract because he wants to play John Black. Abigail acknowledges that Chad was helping her run lines and was pretty wonderful. Johnny questions Chad wanting to play John and says he had no idea. Chad informs him that he told EJ, so he questions EJ not mentioning it. EJ claims he didn’t think it was his news to deliver. Johnny says he’s sure Chad would be great but EJ mentions that he already has a contract for the role of John Black. Chad asks to sign it but EJ reveals that he already signed it, so he will be playing John Black opposite Abigail. Chad questions what EJ is trying to pull. EJ thought he’d be pleased that he’s finally giving his son the support. Chad complains that EJ is doing this to screw with him. EJ argues that it’s always about him. Abigail says this is so wrong and he knows it. EJ is sorry that she doesn’t like it but there’s nothing they can do. Chad tells Johnny that EJ isn’t doing this to support what’s best for him and suggests he rip up EJ’s contract to solve the problem.

Nicole runs in to Rafe outside the Brady Pub. Rafe mentions bringing donuts to the police station. Nicole says she’s on her way to the bakery too but Rafe says he cleaned them out. Rafe offers to spare a donut for a friend and suggests they sit together. Nicole reminds him of their agreement. Rafe says they don’t have to make it a whole thing. Nicole jokes about never turning down a donut and admits she’s in no rush to get back to the office.

Chloe tells Brady about Philip seeing them together at the river, hugging in front of their tree, so he went ballistic. Brady talks about how they were there with his daughter and they were only there to water their tree. Chloe tells him that she explained how Brady finally accepted she and Philip were a couple and he was going to respect that, but Philip didn’t believe it was innocent and then Maggie came in so she left. Chloe declares that she and Philip are now barely speaking.

Jake tells Philip that he’s not going to prison and Gabi’s not signing her company over. Philip guesses he hasn’t been paying attention. Philip explains that he knows they’ve been scheming for weeks to get him fired from Titan so they could take over. Philip says they key logger move wasn’t too bright. Jake argues that he has no proof. Philip says that he does have proof that Jake was involved in a murder in Philly. Jake questions him going low enough to use it. Philip responds that Gabi started this, so he’s just fighting back.

Gabi argues that there is no chance in Hell that she’d give her company to Philip so that Ava can run it. Ava asks if she’d rather send Jake to prison for 20 years. Gabi argues that he’s not going to prison. Ava tells her that she can’t have it both ways, it’s either her business or her man. Gabi remarks that the only person who should be worried about losing their man is Ava, as she questions what she thinks Rafe is going to do when he finds out she’s trying to steal her company.

Chloe understands that seeing her in Brady’s arms could upset Philip, but she doesn’t understand why he wanted to play a stupid game by asking her to go water their tree together, knowing that she just did. Chloe admits she should’ve just told Philip the truth but she’s so tired of his jealousy and being afraid of setting him off. Brady assures that none of this is her fault. Chloe calls it her mistake to not listen to Brady about Philip in the first place, so he can go ahead and say “I told you so”.

Jake questions Philip turning to Ava for help as fighting back. Philip points out that Jake has a partner in crime, so he asks why he shouldn’t too. Jake argues that he and Gabi are a team while Ava is a viper who isn’t helping him out of the goodness of her heart but because she hates Gabi. Philip says it happens to serve his purpose. Jake questions Philip thinking he’s in control when Ava would feed him to the wolves to save herself and he won’t even see it coming.

Ava tells Gabi that Rafe would be furious if he found out that she helped Philip steal Gabi’s company, but he isn’t going to find out, because if she goes running to Rafe then she’ll have to tell him that Jake was involved in a murder that he helped over up. Ava asks what the police commissioner will say about that. Gabi asks if she thinks Rafe won’t be suspicious of Ava suddenly running her company. Ava says not if Gabi tells him that running the company no longer sparked joy. Gabi says Rafe will never believe that. Ava tells her to make him believe it by telling him that she wants to focus on her life with Jake. Ava suggests Gabi jump on a plane and move in with her daughter. Gabi warns her to shut up about her daughter. Ava tells Gabi that the reason doesn’t matter as long as she signs Gabi Chic over to Philip and then he will need someone to run it and hire her. Ava thinks Rafe will be relieved knowing that someone close to the family is running Gabi Chic. Gabi remarks that she doesn’t know Rafe as well as she thinks then.

Rafe and Ava have donuts together. Nicole is still shocked that Julie turned over the recipe to Sweet Bits. Rafe mentions preferring the atmosphere at Sweet Bits lately. Nicole acknowledges the other night at Julie’s Place being awkward. Rafe hopes she and EJ didn’t leave early because of he and Ava. Nicole admits it was because of him as she’s trying to stick to their agreement to keep their distance. Nicole jokes that he got to enjoy a fabulous bottle of wine that EJ ordered. Rafe points out that Ava enjoyed it but he had beer. Rafe questions accepting anything from EJ and still doesn’t understand why she was with EJ but stops and says it’s none of his business and that Nicole already knows how he feels. Rafe questions why Nicole would do anything with EJ after the way he has treated her.

EJ argues that Johnny wouldn’t have hired him unless he thought he would make an excellent John Black. Chad accuses EJ of strong arming him in to this and tells Johnny to do the right thing. Johnny says he’s sorry but the decision has already been made. Abigail argues that Johnny has creative control so he can un make the decision. Johnny points out that he’d lose all the money he needs to make the movie. Chad offers to give him the money but EJ points out that the contracts have been signed so he suggests they all focus on working together to make the best film possible. Abigail calls that impossible. EJ says the show must go on. Johnny tells Abigail that he’s sorry but promises it will be a professional set with no egos. Johnny repeats to Chad that he’s sorry but it was the only way he could get the movie made, so it’s not personal, just business.

Gabi argues that Rafe knows better than anybody how much Gabi Chic means to her, so if she signs it over to Philip, he will know that she has been blackmailed. Gabi calls the idea of Ava running her company ridiculous since she has zero experience. Ava points out that she hired Jake and his resume is not that much different, though he is turning out to be quite the liability. Ava guesses that Gabi just figured out that it’s over, and she’s won.

Philip tells Jake that he’s not naïve about Ava. Jake points out that Philip was under Ava before and came back for more, so he sure is stupid. Philip gets that Ava is dangerous but calls this different. Jake argues that this is the mob and brings up that Jed Zanetti crossed the wrong person so Carmine didn’t hesitate to take him out. Jake warns that if he plays, there’s a price. Philip asks if that’s a threat. Jake tells him to take it however he wants, but reminds him that last time he got mixed up with the mob, Brady took a bullet that had Philip’s name on it but he might not be so lucky next time. Jake then walks out of the room.

Brady tells Chloe that he would never said I told you so and he’s genuinely sorry for what she’s going through. Chloe thanks him for not rubbing it in but guesses he was right all along that Philip is the same jealous jerk he was in high school and no matter what she tells him, he can never get over the fact that she and Brady were once in love. Brady admits that what they had was intense, wonderful, and passionate. Brady says they weren’t just in love, they couldn’t get enough of one another. Brady states that if he was Philip, he might be having a hard time with it all as well.

EJ tells Chad that if he’s still determined to be in the film, perhaps he could play Roman. Abigail holds Chad back from going after him and says that’s exactly what EJ wants. EJ thanks her for maintaining the peace and says he’s very much looking forward to working with her. Abigail wishes she could say the same but says she will do her best to give a good performance but it just got a lot more difficult. EJ brings up that they’ve had their own special chemistry which they will no doubt channel in to winning performances as Salem’s star-crossed lovers.

Nicole tells Rafe that EJ is her boss, so she can’t just say no to his invitation. Rafe argues that it wasn’t a business dinner. Nicole then admits it was a date and maybe she had suppressed memories of how EJ treated her in the past, but their marriages imploded and they are both alone so maybe this was her way of getting past the misery to feel attractive and alive again. Rafe argues that Nicole can do so much better than EJ. Nicole agrees and remarks that if she had it her way, she would’ve gone to dinner with Rafe instead.

EJ says he better get to learning his lines as he wouldn’t want to let down his leading lady, especially for the conference room scene. EJ suggests method acting and laughs as he then exits the room. Chad questions Johnny knowing what EJ was up to and letting them sign the contracts. Johnny argues that he didn’t know Chad wanted to play John. Chad shouts that this is not what it’s about as Johnny scammed them in to signing the contracts, so he could get what he wanted, integrity be damned. Chad remarks that EJ would be proud. Johnny says he has to finish casting the rest of his movie and walks out. Chad calls it unbelievable. Abigail suggests not being so hard on Johnny. Chad says he’ll try to remember that when EJ is taking her on the conference table. Abigail says maybe it won’t get that far. Abigail brings up that EJ threatened to tell Mr. Shin that Chad was too distracted by side projects to get him ousted, so he can flip it on him and convince Mr. Shin that EJ is incapable of properly running DiMera because he has a side gig of his own, so maybe it will scare him out of doing the movie. Chad doubts that EJ will quit when he wants something and he wants to come between them. Abigail says that EJ will be disappointed then because Chad is the man that she loves and not EJ or anybody can come between them. Abigail kisses Chad and they hug.

Chloe is sorry to lay all of this on Brady yet again. Brady says no apology is necessary and he admits he’s egged Philip on more than once. Brady offers to try talking to him again to make him understand that nothing is going on between them but Chloe worries that would just make things worse. Brady wants her to tell him if there’s anything he can do as he doesn’t like seeing her unhappy because it makes him unhappy. Chloe holds back tears and says she’ll be okay when she calms down which Brady has helped her do so much already. Brady assures that he’s always here for her. Chloe says that means so much to her as Brady hugs her. Philip then walks in to the office and sees them hugging again.

Jake walks outside with a paper bag and then pulls a gun from the bag.

Gabi warns Ava not to take a victory lap just yet because she’s not giving up on her company or Jake. Ava acknowledges her fighting spirit. Gabi assures that she’s going to win and when Rafe finds out what Ava tried to pull, she will have chased him straight in to Nicole’s arms.

Rafe questions Nicole saying she’d rather have dinner with him. Nicole admits she misses their friendship but they have an agreement to keep their distance because he’s with Ava, so she’s going to honor that agreement. Rafe states that he shouldn’t have said anything about EJ. Rafe admits that every time he sees Nicole and EJ together, he gets so damn jealous. Nicole tells him not to say that because he’s with Ava. Rafe says he knows but.. Nicole asks but what?

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