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Johnny and Chanel kiss in the town square. Johnny thanks her again for convincing Allie to be in his movie. Chanel responds that Allie is her best friend so she usually takes her advice. Johnny asks her for one more favor as he has a lot more parts to cast, so he wants to know how Chanel would feel about playing one of the parts.

At the Brady Pub, John and Roman are shocked when Allie informs them that Johnny changed his movie to “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”. Roman argues that he told Johnny that he would invest because he said he wanted to make a movie about Sami, but now it’s all about Marlena’s possession. Allie assumes Johnny told them as he thought this movie would be a bigger movie maker. Allie admits that it’s pretty exciting because it’s not every day that somebody gets possessed by the Devil.

Marlena questions the Devil as to what kind of plans he has for Ben’s baby. The Devil responds that he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise but warns that it’s imperative that Ben and Ciara conceive a child. Marlena argues that Ben doesn’t agree and she’s not sure she convinced him to change his mind. The Devil argues that Ben always listens to Marlena, so soon he will have what he’s been wanting for so long.

Ciara asks Ben how it went with Marlena and if he talked to her about them starting a family. Ben confirms that he did. Ciara asks if it made him feel any better. Ben responds that it did. Ciara asks what that means. Ben tells her that if she wants to have a baby, they will have a baby. Ciara asks if he’s serious. Ben knows how important this is to her, which makes it important to him, so he agrees to make a baby. Ciara excitedly kisses him.

Chanel asks if Johnny really wants her to be in his movie. Johnny feels the camera would love her. Chanel admits she always thought acting sounded fun when she was a kid. Chanel asks what role she would play if she agrees to be in it. Johnny thinks he has the perfect role for her.

John declares that Johnny is not going to make this movie. John reminds Allie that he asked her to talk to Johnny and begged her to convince him to stay away from this part of Marlena’s life. Allie swears that she did but he’s stubborn and says this is the movie he has to make, so she doesn’t think anything will stop him. John responds that he just thought of one thing that can.

Marlena doesn’t understand what makes Ben and Ciara’s child so special to the Devil. The Devil brings up the child inheriting the genetics of a serial killer, who murdered three women. He says that Ben was right to be worried about passing on his dark, twisted legacy to his child and that’s where he needs Marlena. Marlena argues there is no such thing as a serial killer gene. The Devil points out that certain genes in the right environment could result in psychopathic behavior, like Ben and Clyde. Marlena argues that Ben and Ciara are not those parents. The Devil tells her to leave it to him as the child will be the perfect instrument of evil. Marlena remarks that he doesn’t know Ben like she does and that Ben despises what he has done and he’s not inherently evil. The Devil insists that the capacity for evil still exists in him like it would in his child.

Ciara can’t believe it and asks if Ben really wants to have the baby now. Ben confirms that he does. Ciara exclaims that he’s made her so happy as she keeps kissing him. Ciara asks what Marlena said to change his mind. Ben mentions that she said half of their baby’s gene pool would be from Ciara’s side, so he can’t be afraid of his side or let that stop them from having a baby. Ben adds that it’s also important to him for them to be parents so he wants to have a baby with her. Ciara tells him that she loves him so much as they kiss.

Chad and Abigail continue reading the script and reach the point where it calls for them to kiss. Abigail says that love making has never been an issue for them but they still have a lot to work out, so she doesn’t want to cloud the issue by being intimate too soon. Chad tells her that it’s acting so it doesn’t have to mean a thing and he won’t turn it in to something that it’s not. Chad says they can kiss but still go upstairs and continue sleeping in separate bedrooms. They joke with each other and then decide to continue reading the script. Chad and Abigail almost kiss, but EJ walks in and questions what’s going on.

Johnny suggests that Chanel play Celeste, who was Stefano’s henchwoman and lover. Chanel questions how she fits in to the story. Johnny explains that Celeste is also a psychic so she was the first person to sense the Devil was in Salem. Chanel asks if she’s the hero of the movie then. Johnny says she should be, but when she tried to warn everybody, no one believed her. Chanel asks what makes him think that she would be the perfect Celeste and guesses that she is black, which Johnny admits but insists that’s not why he thought of her. Johnny adds that Chanel also has a connection to Celeste, since she is Theo’s grandmother. Chanel then questions Johnny wanting her to play her ex-boyfriend’s big mama.

Allie asks how John can stop Johnny. John explains that Johnny never got the rights to Marlena’s story. Allie notes that he said Marlena encouraged him to make the movie. Roman is sure that Marlena didn’t know the movie was about her, like them. John is sure Marlena will stop Johnny from doing this. Roman believes the law will be on Marlena’s side. John decides he’ll go to her office now since she had an appointment with Ben, but he’s sure she’s now alone.

Ciara asks Ben about the dream he told Marlena about. Ben explains that while in New Orleans, he dreamed that they had a son, who killed his babysitter with a necktie. Ciara questions him not telling her about this. Ben says they were on their honeymoon and he didn’t want to burden her. Ben adds that Marlena reassured him today that she’s not even sure his illness is hereditary, but if there is then there is treatment. Ben says they can look for signs and he’s still not 100% but he knows he can live with his fears if it means they start a family together. Ciara comments that it sounds like Marlena gave him some really good advice. Ben confirms that she did but notes that she was a little different though. Ben explains that usually Marlena doesn’t tell him what to do and lets him make his own decisions, but today she made it seem like he would be making a huge mistake if he decided to never have kids, like she really wanted him to listen to her. Ben adds that it was almost like Marlena had a personal stake in them having a baby…

Marlena tells the Devil that even if Ben and Ciara’s child was predisposed to evil behavior, it doesn’t mean that would ever surface because they would raise their child in a kind and loving environment. The Devil argues that Ben was conditioned by Clyde to become the Necktie Killer, so Ben couldn’t escape the evil that Clyde put inside him. The Devil says he chose Ben very carefully. Marlena argues that Ciara would be the mother and comes from the Bradys and Hortons. The Devil says there will be a struggle but that’s what makes this all so perfect.

EJ says he just came down for a night cap and tells Chad and Abigail to feel free to continue with their reconciliation, as he pours a drink. Abigail explains that they were just reading a scene from Johnny’s movie, so they were pretending to be John and Marlena. EJ asks if it’s not enough to fund Johnny’s project. Chad says he was helping his wife with her lines like a supportive husband. Abigail points out that the role of John hasn’t been cast yet. Chad jokes that maybe he should audition since it’d be a real kick to act with his wife in his nephew’s movie.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s heard enough if he wants her to play Theo’s granny. Johnny explains that she’d be playing her as a young woman, not a granny. Johnny adds that she could always play her daughter, Lexie instead, but it’s a smaller role. Chanel questions her only options being Theo’s mother or grandmother. Johnny argues that Allie is playing their mother so it’s not that strange. Chanel feels Theo would think it’s strange. Johnny asks if she’s turning him down then. Chanel responds that she’s going to have to think about it.

Ciara knows it wasn’t easy for Ben to change his mind and that he did it mostly for her, so she has to ask if he’s sure this is what he really wants. Ciara says as much as she wants to have a baby with him, she doesn’t want him to think he has to because he owes her or something. Ben tells her how much he loves her and if he wasn’t scared of what his genes might do to their baby, then he would’ve been on board from the start. Ben assures he’s not doing it just because she wants it and that Marlena made him feel a lot better about the whole idea so he can’t wait to make a baby with her. Ciara says she can’t wait either. Ciara asks if they should take the first step by getting rid of her birth control pills. Ben tells her to go for it so she dumps them in the trash.

The Devil tells Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s bloodlines are the perfect combination for having enormous potential for evil but also a pure and innocent soul that can be easily corrupted. He says it’s what he’s been wanting for so long. Marlena asks what that means. Marlena complains that he forced her to persuade Ben to have this child and now he’s saying he had plans for the baby all along. The Devil says that Ben becoming Marlena’s patient was like the stars aligning. Marlena refuses to let him use Ben. Marlena grabs her phone, saying she’s going to warn Ben. The Devil tells her not to so Marlena tells him to try to stop her, but John knocks on the door and interrupts her. John comes in and notes that Marlena is alone but he could swear he heard another voice…

EJ accuses Chad of trying to get under his skin, while Chad says EJ thinks everything is about him. Chad thinks he and Abigail playing a married couple who have problems could be good for them. Abigail admits she never thought of it that way. EJ asks when Chad will do his job at DiMera. Chad insists he can do both. EJ argues that they are supposed to be sharing the position of CEO but he’s the only one putting in long hours. Chad remarks that he can’t help if he’s better at time management. EJ thinks Chad is not pulling his weight and if he expresses that concern to Mr. Shin, he thinks he will agree.

Johnny pleads with Chanel to play Celeste. Chanel suggests he stop playing director and woo her more then. Johnny mentions leaving his guitar at home but suggests they go back to his room. Chanel gives him a hard time but says she wouldn’t be opposed to him taking her to dinner. Johnny brings up that EJ has cut him off financially but they could go to the Brady Pub where he could talk Roman in to a free meal. Chanel asks if he thinks he can just charm his way through the world. Johnny remarks that he usually can. Chanel and Johnny then walk off together.

John thought Marlena might still be in her session with Ben and asks if she was on the phone with him. Marlena claims she was just listening to the recording of their session. John asks how it went. Marlena says for some reason, she thinks she might have led him down the wrong path so she thinks she needs to talk to him. John questions doing that now. Marlena thinks it shouldn’t wait but John doesn’t think it’s a good idea since she’s more pale now than when she left the house. John asks what is going on that has her upset. Marlena claims it was a very emotional session and she thinks Ben still needs her. John knows how dedicated she is to her patients but right now, he tells her to shut it down so he can take her home and she can talk to Ben tomorrow. Marlena tries to argue but John says he’s not taking no for an answer, so Marlena exits her office with John.

Ben asks Ciara how soon after she stops taking the pill will she get pregnant. Ciara decides to look it up on her computer and finds out that she can get pregnant immediately or it could take up to a year, so that doesn’t narrow it down. Ciara adds that it also says it’s rare but it does happen right away. Ben suggests now is a good time as they start kissing.

Chad tells EJ that he wants to work harder but that EJ has been inching him out of the process since the moment they took over the job. EJ claims he entered their agreement in good faith and wanted it to work out. Chad disagrees and argues that EJ has been planning this all along. Chad says he’s funding Johnny’s movie, so EJ is making his move. EJ remarks that he has a hard time trusting people who betray him. Chad says he believes in Johnny and is supporting him, so this is EJ’s way of paying him back. EJ mocks that he’s not serious about running DiMera if he’s acting in a stupid movie and he doesn’t have time for side jobs. Abigail points out that EJ just worked a side job as Xander’s attorney. EJ responds that what he does is none of her business. Abigail argues that EJ knows Chad has all the time to be in Johnny’s movie and still put in a full day at DiMera. EJ doesn’t think Mr. Shin will agree and says he’ll call him now. Chad points out that he doesn’t even have the part in the movie yet and EJ is just drooling at the chance to dump him. EJ warns that he never should’ve undermined him with his son as he then exits the room.

Johnny and Chanel go to the Brady Pub where they find Allie. Johnny questions her closing the bakery and coming here instead of going home to learn her lines. Allie explains that she called Nicole and she said Henry was already asleep so she came to see Roman and get some dinner. Johnny asks if Roman is still there. Allie tells him that he’s in the back. Johnny mentions needing to talk to him. Allie advises him that John was there earlier and saw her script so he knows the movie is about Marlena now and he’s flipping out. Allie adds that John is going to tell Marlena not to give him the rights. Johnny insists that he will convince her. Roman comes over and says that won’t make much difference as he saw John’s reaction to the script, so he can’t in good conscience invest in his movie anymore.

John puts Marlena in bed, encouraging that she will feel a lot better in the morning. Marlena says she’s still just so worried about Ben. John asks if she’s figured out why yet. Marlena calls it a gut feeling. John thinks he might know what’s going on here. Marlena wishes she did. John thinks she’s just obsessed with Ben because she tried so hard to help Doug and she couldn’t. Marlena talks about just wanting to get through to Doug and then she feels awful about trying to convince Julie to let her commit him to Bayview. John says she didn’t have a choice. John knows Marlena always wants to try to help everybody and says she’s done a really good job with Ben, but she doesn’t need to talk to him tonight as tonight she just needs to take care of herself. Marlena agrees that it will be fine and can wait until tomorrow.

Ben lights candles around the bed as Ciara changes in to her night gown. Ben looks at her and says they should’ve been making babies a long time ago as they kiss onto the bed.

Chad asks Abigail if they should try the scene again. Abigail asks if he’s not worried about EJ getting to Mr. Shin. Chad doesn’t care what EJ says since he’s been killing it at the office, so he doesn’t see Mr. Shin making changes with the way profits are. Chad then asks if they should resume but Abigail says she’s tired and thinks she’s rehearsed enough for the day. Chad feels they were just getting to the good part. Abigail decides to head upstairs, check on the kids, and then take a long hot bath. Chad offers to check on the kids together and then walk her to her room. Abigail admits that sounds nice so they exit together.

Johnny argues that Roman can’t do this to him when he’s counting on him. Roman admits he feels bad about breaking his word but argues that Johnny pulled a bait and switch on him which is not fair or right. Roman doesn’t think Johnny gets what a really bad idea this story is. Roman complains that it can’t just be about what he wants since this movie could mess people’s lives up. Johnny thanks him for trying to help him. Roman says he has to run and then exits. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so sorry. Johnny questions what the hell he’s supposed to do now that he’s tapped every investor he could think of. Allie suggests crowd sourcing but Johnny worries that would take forever. Chanel suggests they order food and brainstorm over dinner but Johnny is no longer hungry and says he just needs to think this through on his own. Johnny tells Chanel that he’s really sorry. She says she understands and assures they will figure this out. Johnny then exits the Pub. Chanel comments on never seeing Johnny like that. Allie recalls when they were kids.

Marlena admits to John that she does feel kind of worn out and wants to turn off the thoughts going through her head about her patients. John offers to turn on a white sound machine that Abe recommended. Marlena agrees to try it. John offers her a cup of hot tea and kisses her. John turns on the machine and tells her to just close her eyes while he goes to get her tea. As Marlena lays down, the Devil’s voice comes through the machine, urging Marlena to listen to John and forget all about Ben.

Ben and Ciara continue kissing and have sex in bed.

Johnny goes home to the DiMera Mansion, looking upset. He finds Abigail’s copy of the script on the couch and tosses it across the room as EJ walks in and asks if something is wrong. Johnny complains that EJ will love it but Roman doesn’t want to fund his movie anymore, so his dream project is over before it ever even got started. EJ tells him that he won’t gloat. EJ then asks what if he offered to cover Roman’s investment. Johnny asks what the catch is because he knows there is one. EJ tells him that he’s right.

Chad walks Abigail to her room and suggests they check on the kids together every night which Abigail says she would love. Abigail asks if Chad was really serious about playing John in the movie or if he was just trying to get in EJ’s face. Chad admits it may have been a little bit of both, but when he started talking about them doing it together, he started really liking the idea because it seems like it would be a fun adventure for them to go through together and he wouldn’t have to worry about her doing sex scenes with some random guy.

Johnny yells at EJ that he’s not going to work at DiMera Enterprises as he would rather wait tables at the Brady Pub. EJ says that’s not his condition as he made himself clear. Johnny tells him to stop playing games and asks what he wants. EJ then reveals that he wants to play John in the movie.

While John is making Marlena’s tea, Roman shows up at the door and informs him that he told Johnny that he will not help fund his family. John thanks Roman and knows it wasn’t easy. Roman agrees that the last thing they want is for Marlena to have to relive that time.

Marlena lays in bed and whispers to herself that she needs to warn Ben. The Devil’s voice comes through the white noise machine, telling Marlena to let it go, leave Ben to him, and stop fighting.

Ben and Ciara lay in bed together after having sex. Ciara felt like it felt extra special which Ben agrees with. Ciara wonders if they just made a baby. Their window then suddenly blows open and all of their things start to blow across their room, leaving them confused.

The Devil urges Marlena to let go and give in to him. Marlena then begins levitating above her bed.

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