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Allie and Chanel walk through the town square, talking about selling everything in the Bakery. Chanel asks about Allie’s date. Allie says it was fine and asks what Chanel ended up doing last night. Chanel says it was good she didn’t go with them, because she ended up involved in a surprise engagement. Allie then questions if she and Johnny got engaged.

Johnny goes in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and hands Abigail his rewrite of his movie script, focusing on Marlena being possessed by the Devil. Abigail questions him writing another script that fast. Johnny said he worked all night but it practically wrote itself. Johnny remarks that the Devil was his muse.

Roman joins Kayla at the Brady Pub and asks what’s going on. Kayla informs him that she just committed Doug to Bayview and he was extremely upset, insisting that he didn’t belong there and he just kept asking about Julie over and over.

Ciara tells Julie it seems she’s more ready for a family than Ben is. Julie asks if Ben doesn’t want children. Ciara explains that he just has his own issues to work out before he can commit. Julie understands, considering Ben and his family’s history. Ciara mentions that Ben is in a session now with Marlena, so hopefully she can help him work through his feelings because there’s no one she trusts more than Marlena. Julie adds that she’s sure Marlena will help Doug and Ben too. Julie declares that she has complete faith in Marlena and that she should too.

Marlena tells Ben that she’s sorry. Ben thanks her for taking the time to see him. Ben gets up to leave but Marlena begins hearing the Devil’s voice come through her recorder again, telling Marlena not to let Ben leave as she must convince him that he and Ciara must have this baby. The Devil warns Marlena not to let him down or there will be a steep price to pay…

Allie questions Chanel getting engaged. Chanel tells her to relax as she’s not engaged to Johnny after three dates. Chanel informs her that Abe proposed to her mom last night and she said yes. Allie says Paulina is a total catch. Chanel calls it a really romantic night all around. Allie doesn’t want any details on her and Johnny. Chanel then reveals that Johnny brought out his guitar and serenaded her. Allie calls Johnny a player. Chanel responds that if he is, so far he’s playing it exactly right.

Abigail comments on Johnny changing the name of the movie. Johnny says he had to because it’s not The Sami Brady Story anymore. Abigail feels Sami won’t be happy, but Johnny notes that she’s not returning his texts or calls, so she doesn’t get a say. Johnny says that Abigail and Chad do have a say, so he wants them both to read the script over and to let him know if they have questions as he wants them to be brutally honest. Johnny appreciates them believing in his vision. Abigail thanks him for the opportunity and admits she’s excited. Abigail can’t believe how much she’s looking forward to it after her last few crazy months. Johnny decides to leave her to it and jokes that she should read it with the lights on as he exits the room. Abigail then begins reading “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”.

The Devil questions if Marlena is listening to him, demanding that she stop Ben from leaving now. Ben stops and asks if Marlena is alright. Marlena questions Ben not hearing that. The Devil clarifies that Ben can’t hear him as he has a direct line in to Marlena’s head and soul. Ben then asks what Marlena heard. Marlena claims it was just a sound outside and that it was nothing. Ben asks what it sounded like. The Devil warns Marlena to change Ben’s mind about having the baby or else he will have to pay a visit to Doug. Ben asks if Marlena is sure she’s alright. Marlena responds that she’s actually not feeling very well at all. Ben suggests she go home and rest. Ben hopes she feels better and goes to leave but Marlena stops him and declares that he can’t leave.

Allie asks if Chanel recorded Johnny singing to her. Chanel says she didn’t as it was a lovely private moment. Allie thinks it’s cringe and cheesy. Johnny then approaches and gives Chanel a heart shaped box of chocolates. Chanel tells Allie that he’s good while Allie rolls her eyes.

Chad enters the living room and startles Abigail, who says she was so caught up in the script. Abigail informs him that Johnny practically started over and wants them to read it to give him feedback. Chad calls it a nice diversion from his day at the office. Abigail asks if he was confronted by the Devil. Chad says not quite, but EJ is not speaking to him and will only communicate through his assistant because he’s furious about him funding a movie about Sami’s past. Abigail tells Chad that he can’t pull out now because it would break Johnny’s heart as well as her’s.

Roman tells Kayla that it breaks his heart since he knows Doug was mixing up names, but it sounds like it’s getting a lot worse. Kayla thanks him and says they know better than most about dementia. Kayla adds that Doug’s case seems to be progressing alarmingly. Roman brings up a miracle with Caroline. Kayla says it will take that and more for Doug to recover.

Julie encourages Ciara that she just got married and has her whole life so there’s no rush in having a baby. Ciara guesses not but never thought she’d have to make the decision. Julie suggests adoption but Ciara doesn’t think they are the perfect candidates, given Ben’s history. Ciara thinks Ben is also afraid of the kind of parent he will end up becoming or afraid that he’ll turn in to Clyde.

Ben asks Marlena why he can’t leave since they are finished with their session. The Devil encourages Marlena that she has to do this. Marlena tells Ben that she doesn’t want him going home to Ciara and telling her that he can’t have a child because that would be a terrible mistake..

Julie hopes all of Ciara’s hopes and dreams come true. Ciara thanks her but says she’s worried about Doug and Julie as she’s sorry for what they are going through. Julie says they’ve had a long and exciting life together, so she has no regrets. Ciara says you never really think that something like this would happen. Julie talks about preparing for illness or the day you say goodbye, but she never expected that Doug would want to hurt her or stop loving her. Ciara assures that he would never, no matter how sick he gets, as she hugs Julie.

Kayla thanks Roman for the chowder and says she’s going to check on Julie. Roman sends his love. Kayla goes to leave as John arrives. Kayla asks about Marlena. John says she’s better but not 100% and went to work as she’s putting everyone’s needs above her own. John asks Kayla to keep an eye on Marlena. Kayla agrees to do so and exits. John then goes to Roman and brings up Johnny telling him that Roman is investing in his film. John declares that he’s here to talk him out of that.

Chad comments on Abigail being excited to do the movie. Abigail feels it’s a new challenge and an opportunity to learn about Salem’s history. Abigail asks if Chad’s excited. Chad says he wouldn’t be investing in it if he didn’t believe in it. Abigail asks if he won’t let EJ change his mind. Chad assures there’s no chance. Abigail talks about how the story is insane and she hopes she can do justice to everything Marlena went through. Chad encourages that she’s succeeding in everything that she’s done, so she will be great. Abigail wants to read the words out loud. Chad suggests they read it together and he’ll be her scene partner. Chad jokes that he’s no professional but he’s game to play John Black.

Chanel tastes the chocolates that Johnny brought her and praises them. Allie points out that it’s almost dinner time. Johnny wants Allie to admit that he bought something nice for Chanel as he is a pretty good boyfriend. Allie says she’ll go if he is here to woo her more. Johnny stops Allie and says he’s here to woo her too as he hands her his new script. Johnny promises Allie won’t turn him down after she reads this draft. Allie responds that she’s sorry but she’s turning him down right now.

Ben questions Marlena telling him that it would be a mistake to not bring a baby in to the world, fully knowing it could possibly be sick like he was. Marlena encourages that he’s not ill anymore. Ben understands that it could come back and he knows his child could go through that same thing. Marlena argues that the odds are so low. Ben points out that they aren’t zero. Marlena says “God forbid” so the Devil quickly warns her not to bring God in to this. Marlena tells Ben that they all have traits they don’t want to pass onto their children as that’s part of parenting and being human. Marlena states that if his child became ill, they’d get medical attention. Ben argues that when he was ill, it didn’t just make him sick, it caused him to kill people. Marlena says they just didn’t catch it soon enough but he will be so vigilant with his own child. Ben argues that no amount of vigilance can head off evil. Ben declares that he’s sorry, but he can’t do that. The Devil warns Marlena that she has to stop him now. Marlena asks why so Ben questions what she means.

Johnny pleads with Allie to play Sami in his movie. Allie asks why when the movie is about Marlena now. Johnny argues that Sami has really pivotal scenes including the moment when she walked in on John and Marlena on top of the Titan conference table since the fallout from that affair is what pushed Sami over the edge and is why she changed Belle’s paternity test results and kidnapped her. Johnny says a lot of people say that’s what birthed the Sami Brady that they all know. Chanel asks what happened to Marlena after Sami caught her. Allie explains that Roman divorced her. Johnny adds that it left Marlena alone, vulnerable, and full of shame which is how the Devil found his way in.

Roman tells John that he won’t go back on his word to Johnny. John brings up that it will include the moment that he and Marlena cheated on Roman. Roman says he came to terms with that years ago and understands they fell in love. John flashes back to a past night with Marlena, where she told him that she was with Roman and not to touch her.

Abigail and Chad finish reading that scene and then continue reading their lines where Chad ends up reading a line that asks her what she’s running away from. Abigail decides that’s enough for one day so Chad guesses it hit a little close to home.

Julie tells Ciara to cheer her up by telling her about her honeymoon in New Orleans. Ciara talks about the food and mentions visiting Oak Alley. Julie mentions Hope and Bo’s wonderful memories from there. Ciara notes that it’s changed a lot and talks about it’s legacy. Julie says it’s important to re-examine scenes of the past. Ciara mentions it caused Ben to look back at his own sins. Julie guesses that’s why he’s having problems with having kids. Ciara declares that she will respect Ben’s decision as she won’t pressure him in to doing anything he doesn’t want to do.

Ben questions Marlena asking why he doesn’t want to bring a potential evil seed in to the world as he thinks that’s obvious. Marlena insists that it’s very unlikely. Marlena acknowledges that anything is possible but there’s a difference between healthy fear and unhealthy avoidance. Marlena thinks any child he has is going to grow up in a wonderful and loving home which Ben never had. Marlena adds that Ciara loves Ben so much and wants to have a family with him. Marlena warns that if Ben denies Ciara the chance to be a mother, she’ll accept that on the surface but there could be a level of resentment as she has seen that in her practice. Marlena adds that it really could damage a marriage. Marlena tells Ben to go home, make love to his wife, and see if they can make a baby together.

Allie tells Johnny that she’s not an actress. Johnny points out that Abigail is not either but they have the life experience to play these parts. Johnny argues that Allie knows how Sami acts and thinks so she would kill it. Chanel agrees that Allie looks like Sami. Allie argues that she doesn’t have time as she’s so busy. Johnny feels it wouldn’t take that much time since she’s not the star of the movie and they’d work around her schedule. Johnny adds that he would owe her forever. Chanel thinks that could come in handy. Johnny is sure Allie would enjoy holding that over him. Chanel asks how she could turn it down. Allie then agrees to play Sami in his movie but she hopes it doesn’t all come back to haunt them.

Roman snaps John out of his flashback and asks where he just went. John says he just kind of drifted off. John then flashes back again to his past with Marlena, talking about Buddah.

Abigail agrees with Chad that she was running away from him and her feelings, just like John said in the script, but she’s not doing that anymore. Chad understands if this is too much but Abigail decides he can keep going. Chad asks if she’s sure. Abigail tells him to go ahead so they continue reading their lines from the time that John just flashed back to with Marlena.

Julie thinks Ciara should head home to Ben. Ciara is unsure about Julie being alone but Julie encourages her to spend time with her husband as they’ve lost enough time as it is. Ciara agrees as long as she’s sure she will be okay. Ciara adds that she will be praying for Doug and asks her to let her know when she can visit him. Julie hopes everything works out for her and Ben as she wishes them luck since they deserve to be happy as they hug.

Marlena asks Ben what he’s waiting for and tells him to go on home. Ben points out that this does not sound like her since she never tells him what to do, she just asks questions but leaves him room to make his own decisions. Marlena claims that she just doesn’t want him going down the wrong road since he’s worked so hard to end up with Ciara. Marlena asks if that clarifies everything. Ben says it actually does and thanks her. Ben tells Marlena to get some rest as he then exits her office. The Devil tells Marlena that he knew she could do it.

Johnny encourages that Allie doesn’t have to commit right now, so she can go home and read the script. Johnny notes that she won’t even have any lines in her first scene as she’ll just have to look horrified when she walks in on Marlena and John having sex. Allie jokes that shouldn’t be hard. Johnny wants to see how deeply the shock and betrayal hurts since it was a moment that broke Sami and changed her forever. Johnny calls it the event that sets everything in motion since that cardinal sin invited the Devil in to Salem, so there wouldn’t be a story without it.

Abigail and Chad continue reading lines from the script of John and Marlena’s past.

John tells Roman that one fateful night changed everything for them, Sami, and Marlena, and now they are having that part of their lives recreated on the big screen. John questions Roman not being worried that it will bring it all rushing back as they don’t know what will happen if they open that door. Roman asks why he’s not okay with it. John tells him that it’s about Marlena being possessed by the Devil.

The Devil tells Marlena that using Ben’s own love for Ciara as a weapon against him did him proud. Marlena shuts off the recorder but the Devil says she can never get rid of him.

Johnny thanks Chanel for helping him convince Allie to do the movie. Chanel says he did the heavy lifting. Johnny thought she was terrified of the story. Chanel admits she’s still properly afraid of the Devil, but she sees how passionate he is about this story and that he’s not going to give up, so she wanted to move the conversation along so she could be alone with him. Johnny jokes that he can demonstrate his passion in a different way as they kiss.

Chad and Abigail continue reading lines. Chad reads John offering to stay out of Marlena’s life. Abigail then points out that the script then calls for them to kiss.

Kayla goes to see Julie and tells her that there’s been no change with Doug as he’s still very upset and confused. Julie asks if she can visit him tomorrow. Kayla thinks they should wait 24 hours to make sure the doctors think he’s not a danger to her anymore. Julie hates this and feels helpless as she’s not there to jog his memory or hold his hand. Kayla hopes she can soon. Julie asks if there’s anything she can do. Kayla believes in the power of prayer. Julie agrees to keep on praying for her husband until her last breath.

John tells Roman that he tried to convince Johnny to leave the possession part out of the script. Roman questions what he’s worried about. John asks if he really has to say it. Roman asks if he thinks they are inviting the Devil back in to their lives. John questions why take the risk. Roman agrees to talk with Johnny since Sami has had a lot of big moments so he thinks Johnny could make the movie without that. Allie arrives and greets them. Roman asks how it’s going. Allie responds that it’s not great as she can’t believe it but she just let Johnny talk her in to playing Sami in his movie. Roman questions if that means she’s the star of the Sami Brady Story. Allie explains that she’s just a supporting character now since Johnny totally rewrote the script and it’s a horror movie now, even changing the title to “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story” which shocks John.

Marlena doesn’t understand why the Devil is doing this. The Devil tells her that she has a lot of work to do. Marlena questions what any of this has to do with Ben.

Ben and Ciara go home together. Ben is glad she could be there for Julie. Ciara asks how it went with Marlena and if he talked to her about them starting a family. Ben confirms that he did. Ciara asks if it made him feel any better. Ben responds that it did. Ciara asks what that means. Ben tells her that if she wants to have a baby, they will have a baby.

The Devil asks Marlena what she thinks has to do with Ben. The Devil declares that he has big plans for Ben Weston’s baby.


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