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In the town square, Gabi asks Jake if he killed Jed Zanetti. Jake asks where this is coming from. Gabi informs him that it’s from Philip, who just fired her for spying on him, and now he’s trying to get her to give up Gabi Chic by threatening to send Jake to prison which can’t happen unless this is all true. Gabi asks Jake again if he killed Jed back in Philly. Jake says not in public and asks to talk at home. Gabi and Jake assume that Ava is behind this.

Brady tells Chloe that he values their friendship more than she knows and he would never want to jeopardize it. Brady accepts that Chloe has chosen Philip, so he hopes it works out and that they are happy together. Chloe thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Brady and Chloe hug as Philip walks by and sees them from behind the bushes then quickly walks away.

Marlena lays on the couch at home, reading an article on her tablet from the Spectator about Doug until she is startled by the voice of the Devil coming through her tablet. The Devil talks about how easy it was for them to get rid of Doug and what all they could accomplish together when she lets him in. He says that Marlena cast him out, but it’s only a matter of time before they are one again. Marlena says no. The Devil tells her to let him in as it’s so much simpler not to fight it. Marlena screams no, so John comes rushing in to question what is going on.

Brady hopes Philip appreciates how amazing Chloe is. Chloe doesn’t think that’s the problem as Philip appreciates her a little too much. Brady hopes he gets past the jealousy. Chloe thinks he finally has and he’s over it, as their new tree is a sign of their new beginning. Brady wishes her luck as she deserves the best. Brady tells Chloe that he will go get Rachel and then take her home.

Philip goes home and pours a drink. Philip thinks back to planting the new tree with Chloe and then finishes his drink.

Maggie goes to see Julie and tells her that she couldn’t believe it when she heard the news about Doug. Julie points out that Maggie had heartbreak of her own again with Summer. Maggie says at least she was there to take care of her until the end. Maggie asks Julie when the trouble with Doug started. Julie says it was a few weeks ago and it all happened so fast. Julie says Doug was himself and then one afternoon at the restaurant, he locked her in the freezer. Maggie says it had to be an accident but Julie informs her that he told Marlena it wasn’t and then he began confusing names, forgetting people, and having inappropriate behavior. Julie adds that at the hospital, he became even more confused and agitated, and that’s when they tell her that he hit her over the head with a tray. Julie mentions that she doesn’t remember it but Marlena told her it happened.

Marlena gives John her tablet, so he asks if the article on Doug is what has her so upset. Marlena claims that it is what upset her. John understands since she was there when Doug assaulted Julie and she had to make the painful judgment to commit Doug to Bayview. Marlena responds that she feels awful about all of it. John declares that unfortunately, Doug became a danger to himself and others and he would never forgive himself if he hurt Julie or anyone else. John feels Marlena did what she had to do in order to protect Doug and everyone he loves.

Gabi and Jake go home but find that Ava is not home. Jake tells Gabi that he was just talking to Ava and she was acting all sweet, talking about making peace. Gabi says that’s what she does, like acting innocent in front of Rafe. Jake says the whole time Ava was plotting with Philip to take them both down. Gabi brings up smelling Philip’s after shave. Jake points out that Ava blackmailed Philip and he almost died because of her. Gabi argues that now they have mutual enemies so Ava gave Philip the dirt on Jake. Jake asks what he said. Gabi tells him that Philip claims there is an eye witness against Jake, named Carmine, who saw Jake commit the murder. Jake confirms that he knows Carmine, so Gabi asks if it’s true.

Ciara and Ben sit together at home. Ciara tells Ben that whatever comes from his talk with Marlena, they will deal with it, but ignoring it isn’t going to help. Ben agrees that Marlena does always help so he then calls Marlena. Marlena answers and asks if everything is alright. Ben hoped to schedule an appointment to see her as he’s working his way through some feelings. Marlena suggests right now as she’s always there for him. Marlena asks him to meet her at her office. Ben thanks her and hangs up. Ben tells Ciara that she can see him right now. Ciara offers to go with him. Ben thanks her but thinks he has to figure this out on his own. Ben adds that Marlena always finds a way to help him see things more clearly. Ciara tells him to call her when he’s done. They say I love you to each other and kiss. Ben then exits. Ciara looks back at their fortune cookies. Ciara then gets a call from Shawn, who surprises her with the news about what happened to Doug.

Julie tells Maggie that she didn’t know how to deal with what was happening to Doug and then Marlena recommended that they commit him to Bayview, so she signed the papers and they took him away. Julie calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. Julie worries that Doug needs her and she’s turning him over to strangers as Maggie hugs her.

Marlena tells John that she has an appointment with Ben. John questions her doing that now. Marlena says that he needs her. Marlena adds that she couldn’t do anything for Doug, but now maybe she can help Ben. John supposes that she knows best. Marlena says she does and she won’t be long as she kisses John and then exits.

Gabi reminds Jake that she asked him the other day if he killed anybody and he didn’t give an answer. Jake informs Gabi that he did not kill Jed. Gabi starts saying she knew he was innocent and that’s what she told Philip. Jake clarifies that he’s far from innocent as it’s a lot more complicated than that. Gabi says either he killed the man or he didn’t. Jake says they shouldn’t be talking about this as it’s not good for either of them. Gabi needs to know all of what happened and exactly what they are dealing with, so they can figure out a way to fight Philip.

Philip calls Henderson and orders him to have the gardener bring him a saw. Philip thinks back to when he chopped down he and Chloe’s first tree. Philip declares that this one will be a lot easier to cut down. Chloe then walks in and notes that Philip is home from work early. Philip notes that she is too. Chloe asks where he was heading to. Philip claims he was just going to water their tree and invites her to come.

Jake tells Gabi that he never wanted to think about this again. Gabi sees how hard this is for him, but says she loves him no matter what it is. Jake tells her about how the Vitalis would make deals with local business and it was his job to apply pressure if there was any pushback. Jake says there hardly ever was, but this one time it went too far. Jake tells her that Carmine was not a witness, but they worked together. Jake brings up the local bar owner, Jed Zanetti, who was behind on his payments, so their boss wanted to scare him. Gabi asks what he did. Jake admits he roughed him up a little bit but Carmine wouldn’t stop and before he knew it, Jed was coughing up blood. Jake adds that he tried to pull Carmine off but it was too late. Jake confirms that Jed died right in front of him. Gabi tells him that Philip said that Carmine is willing to testify that Jake was the man who beat him to death. Jake assures that he didn’t do it, he was there, but he tried to stop it. Gabi tells him that she believes him and that it must have been awful. Jake calls it the worst day of his life.

Philip questions why it seems like Chloe doesn’t want to go with him to their tree and asks if there’s something he should know. Chloe says she would love to go with him as it would be nice to spend some time with him there. Philip agrees and remarks that if they don’t nurture the tree, it could wither and die. Philip adds that they could also over water a tree which could drown the roots and kill the tree. Philip asks if they need to worry about that. Philip then tells her that he’ll save her the trouble of lying as he saw her at their tree, in Brady’s arms

Brady goes home to John and Marlena’s with Rachel and has Rachel go start drawing to carve pumpkins. John remarks that he hopes she doesn’t have nightmares as there’s enough of those going on these days. Brady asks how Marlena is feeling. John says that she says she’s better and she went to work but she’s still pretty upset about Doug. Brady questions if Doug really attacked Julie. John says it looks that way, although he keeps denying it and said that Marlena assaulted Julie.

Ben goes to see Marlena at her office and thanks for seeing him on such short notice. Marlena is glad to see him and says she’s always happy to help. Ben says it means a lot to him. Marlena pulls out her recorder to record their session. Marlena thinks back to the Devil’s voice coming through the recorder so Ben asks if something is wrong.

Ciara goes to see Julie and hugs her, saying she just heard about Doug. Julie says she’s very glad to see her and that Maggie is back. Ciara hugs Maggie and welcomes her home. Ciara asks if Hope knows. Julie confirms that she spoke with her and she wanted to come rushing back, but she told her there’s no point because Doug is not allowed visitors as he’s been declared a danger to himself and others, so he’s in isolation until he’s further evaluated. Maggie encourages that will change soon. Ciara can’t believe Doug would try to hurt Julie. Julie insists that he wouldn’t and didn’t. Maggie asks what Julie is saying. Julie responds that the person that hit her with a tray is not her Doug. Ciara asks who else could’ve hit her with the tray. Maggie notes that she said the only other person in the room was Marlena. Julie says she just meant that the person who meant to hurt her could not possibly have been Doug. Julie talks about loving Doug for most of her life. Julie says she didn’t want to believe Doug had dementia but now it’s becoming clear that he’s losing touch with reality. Maggie says that may be so, but he’ll never lose her. Maggie encourages Julie to hang on to that. Maggie decides to let them talk and promises to light a candle for Doug at church. Maggie tells Julie to call her any time she needs her. Maggie hugs Julie and then exits. Julie hugs Ciara.

Marlena tells Ben that she’s fine. Ben notes that she seems distracted. Marlena claims she’s not at all and asks Ben what is on his mind. Ben tells her that he and Ciara just got back from their honeymoon and they have been talking about having a baby. Marlena calls that a big step. Ben agrees and says given all the horrible things he’s done in his past, he’s worried it might be a big mistake because he’s already responsible for enough pain.

Gabi tells Jake that he may not believe her but she understands how he feels. Jake argues that she couldn’t but Gabi reveals the exact same thing happened to her, which Jake questions. Gabi explains that a long time ago, she was married to Nick and after they split, he tried to rape her so she hit him with a rock and then Kate and Sami convinced her to cover it up and helped dump his body in the river, only he wasn’t dead. Gabi adds that he came back and wouldn’t stop trying to hurt her so she shot him and this time, he did not come back. Jake tells her that he’s sorry. Gabi remarks that when someone is that obsessed with trying to control you, they will destroy your life if you let them.

Philip asks Chloe if Brady and Chloe had sex right there at their tree after he left. Chloe asks if he hears himself and tells him that Rachel was with them. Philip says he did not see Rachel. Chloe explains that Brady asked her to join them at the pumpkin patch. Philip mocks that but Chloe continues that she is the one who asked to stop at their tree to water it and when they got there, Rachel asked about how they fell in love. Chloe says after that, Brady finally realized that she is with Philip and not interested in being with him. Chloe adds that Brady said he would back off and let them be together. Philip doesn’t believe that. Chloe insists that it’s the truth and that Brady agreed because he thought Philip got over his crazy jealousy, but she sees now that his dangerous obsession has gotten worse.

Gabi assures Jake that this is not his fault. Gabi says it will be Carmine’s word against his. Jake says it won’t be easy to convince a judge or jury. Gabi asks if he thinks they could convict him after all these years. Jake worries that the worst case scenario, he takes the fall for a murder he didn’t commit and the best case scenario is he’s guilty for being an accessory after the fact. Jake asks what Philip wants Gabi to do. Gabi responds that he wants her to choose between her company and Jake, but she’s already made her decision. Gabi declares there is no way in hell that she’s losing Jake.

Philip asks Chloe what he was supposed to do when he saw her and Brady together. Chloe argues that he could’ve asked her or give her the benefit of the doubt for once. Philip says he trusts her. Chloe complains that he doesn’t trust Brady and she thought he was fine with her and Brady being friends that work together. Philip insists that he is. Chloe questions what this was then. Philip complains that he didn’t find them at a meeting in Basic Black. Chloe accuses him of spying on her at their tree that is supposed to symbolize the hope for their future. Philip questions thinking her in Brady’s arms was just innocent. Chloe shouts that she expects him not to be a jealous ass. Maggie then walks in and questions what is going on here.

Ciara tells Julie that she knows what it’s like to look at someone you love and not know what’s going on in their brain or worry they might hurt you. Julie says her and Ben is different. Ciara knows how lucky Doug is to have Julie fighting for him. Julie says that over 50 years of marriage, the better has always outweighed the worse. Julie says she and Doug hit the lottery every day of their lives. Ciara encourages that better days are to come. Julie wants to hear about Ciara and Ben. Ciara tells her that they are finally together again and they are so happy. Julie asks what’s next after the honeymoon.

Marlena asks Ben if he wants to have children with Ciara. Ben responds that he loves her more than anything in the world and the idea of starting a family with her is everything he could possibly hope for, but he has battled his demons for his entire life. Ben brings up his father and sister both being troubled. Ben adds that Tripp also confirmed that his condition could be hereditary. Marlena asks if he’s discussed this with Ciara. Ben confirms he has and that she’s willing to deal with whatever comes of it. Ben says he was really getting there but then he had a dream that shook him. Marlena asks about the dream. Ben explains that they were in the future where they had a young son who hurt somebody with one of his neckties. Marlena understands how disturbing the dream must have been. Ben acknowledges that he’s done some evil things in his life and he has learned to accept it in order to try and get better. Ben says he tries every day to make up for what he did but he doesn’t know if he can risk bringing another soul in to this world that might be capable of doing more evil.

Brady questions Doug accusing Marlena of attacking Julie. John notes that Doug was adamant about it. Brady guesses it’s a symptom of dementia. John says maybe. Brady asks what other explanation there is. John informs him that according to Doug, Marlena tried to kill him.

Gabi tells Jake that she will tell Philip that she will take the deal. Jake stops her but Gabi says she’s choosing him. Jake brings up how they’ve joked about who would be CEO if they took over Titan. Jake praises Gabi and how she built Gabi Chic up for nothing. Gabi argues that if her company goes away, she’ll still have him. Jake appreciates her trying to protect him but he’s not going to let anybody take her company away from her. Jake declares that they will have to find another way to stop Philip.

Chloe tells Maggie that Philip is trying to destroy any relationship working out. Chloe declares that she’s done and sick of Philip’s obsession and not trusting her. Philip argues that he never said he didn’t trust her as Chloe storms out. Philip tells Maggie that Chloe is right that he was being a jerk and she doesn’t deserve that, but he’s not going to sit still while Brady steals her away from him again.

Brady questions John saying that Doug believes Marlena tried to kill him. John says it could just be that Doug is feeling guilty for attacking Julie and blaming Marlena. Brady can’t imagine how Julie is feeling.

Ciara tells Julie that they don’t have to talk about her and Ben right now, but Julie wants to as she feels it would be a distraction from all the misery and confusion. Ciara then informs Julie that she and Ben have been discussing having a baby. Julie calls that wonderful but Ciara says it seems she’s more ready for a family than Ben is. Julie asks if Ben doesn’t want children. Ciara explains that he just has his own issues to work out before he can commit. Julie understands, considering Ben and his family’s history. Ciara mentions that Ben is in a session now with Marlena, so hopefully she can help him work through his feelings because there’s no one she trusts more than Marlena…

Ben asks Marlena if he’s being too cautious or paranoid. Marlena thinks his fears are understandable as having a child is the most important decision a couple can make since it is a lifetime commitment. Marlena thinks every child has the right to be loved and wanted without reservation. Ben knows how much Ciara wants to have a baby with him, but the more they talk about this, the more convinced he is that it’s just not the right thing to do. Marlena asks if he’s sure. Ben knows how much pain he’s caused and even though he found a way to process it, the guilt and shame will never fully leave him. Ben declares that he can’t chance his child suffering that same fate or him being responsible for more suffering or death. Ben worries that he’d spend his days standing over the crib, watching and waiting for signs of something bad to happen. Ben says he can’t do that to Ciara or his child. Marlena tells him that she’s so sorry. Ben thanks her for taking the time to see him. Ben gets up to leave but Marlena begins hearing the Devil’s voice come through her recorder again, telling Marlena not to let Ben leave as she must convince him that he and Ciara must have a baby.

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