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Xander praises Gwen for getting the judge on tape. Gwen declares that as soon as Justin plays the recording, Judge Smails will realize he’s finished. Xander hopes their plan works but he hates putting Justin this position. Gwen points out that thanks to them, Justin will have a future with Bonnie. Xander acknowledges that Justin has more morality than the rest of the family so blackmailing a judge won’t come easy for him.

Justin then plays the recording of Judge Smails and Gwen, where he promised to let Xander go if Gwen slept with him. Judge Smails questions him being with Xander’s girlfriend. Justin tells him that he won’t be sleeping with Gwen and he will be dropping the case against Xander and Bonnie. Judge Smails argues that Bonnie killed two people. Justin tells the judge to make it all go away or the recording will be given to Jack, who will share it to the world thus destroying his reputation and ending his career.

Brady tells Chloe that maybe he should have Justin talk to Victor about the idea that him stealing her from Philip is ridiculous. Chloe isn’t sure it would work. Brady believes Victor has more respect for Justin. Chloe thinks that has changed since Justin got engaged to Bonnie. Brady gets a call from John. Brady says he’s sorry to hear that and asks if Marlena will be okay.

Jake tells Ava that he doesn’t blame Gabi for being suspicious since she was laying it on thick this morning. Jake questions Ava suddenly acting all sweet. Ava claims she realized things don’t have to be that way and she could use her power to change the dynamic between her and Gabi..

Gabi questions Philip threatening to send Jake to prison for murder if she doesn’t sign over Gabi Chic to him and calls that ridiculous. Gabi declares that she will never give away her company, even if he makes up some story about her boyfriend. Gabi insists that Jake has never killed anyone. Philip asks if she’s sure about that.

Xander wishes he could see the look on the judge and EJ’s faces when he is free. Gwen adds that the million dollars would no longer be evidence so they would have to give it back to him. Xander remarks that he will enjoy spending every bit of it but Gwen reminds him that he has to give it to EJ, so he’ll hire him back at Basic Black. Xander questions why he’d want to work for him after how he treated him. Gwen then agrees that EJ doesn’t deserve to have Xander work for him. Xander says he could maybe see rewarding Justin with some cash, but he probably wouldn’t take it anyways. Gwen says Justin is loaded anyway but his reward will be getting Bonnie back. Xander admits he’s never seen the attraction there but that Justin must really love Bonnie if he’s agreed to fight this dirty.

Justin asks Judge Smails if they have a deal. He says that over the years, Justin has always impressed him with his command of the law so he’s surprised and dismayed that he of all people would blackmail him. Justin talks about how he was dismayed when the judge reinstated Xander’s case right after he was dropped as a client by EJ. Justin warns that he’s losing patience and asks if they have a deal. The judge argues that he doesn’t want to do this. Justin admits that it makes him sick because he believes in playing by the rules, but he also believes in justice and there will be no justice unless Bonnie and Xander are set free. Justin asks if he will dismiss the cases or if he will have to use the recording to have him thrown off the bench.

Brady tells John to keep him posted if there’s anything he can do as he hangs up. Brady informs Chloe that Marlena is not feeling well, so John thinks she may be overworked. Brady mentions that John and Marlena were supposed to take Rachel to the pumpkin patch today, but he can just do it himself. Chloe says she’ll love that and asks him to send some pictures. Brady then invites her to come with them.

Jake questions Ava wanting a truce with Gabi. Ava explains that Rafe doesn’t want to live in a war zone and neither does she. Ava talks about Gabi being nasty to her and she’s done nothing to deserve it. Ava adds that Gabi spends all her time fighting her instead of being happy with Jake. Jake mentions he and Rafe always being caught in the middle. Ava says they both want peace then. Jake notes that he wants to believe her but Gabi would call him a fool to trust her.

Philip asks Gabi how well she really knows Jake. Gabi says well enough to know he’s not a killer. Philip brings up his past in the mob. Philip informs Gabi that he has proof that Jake isn’t the man that she thinks he is. Philip directs Gabi to the folder that reveals that Jake was a hitman.

Xander tells Gwen that he knows exactly what they should do with at least some of the million dollars. Xander wants to take Gwen on a tropical vacation. Gwen says she’s never been anywhere warm in her life and that it sounds lovely. Gwen asks where they would go. Xander says he’s talking about somewhere exclusive, having dinner under the stars, as he wants to go somewhere far away where they can be alone and start getting to know each other properly. Gwen says she really wants that too. Gwen says they haven’t really had a chance to focus on them because they’ve been busy putting out fires. Xander declares that an island getaway is just what they need.

Philip hands Gabi the folder but Gabi says whatever is in there is all lies. Philip reveals to her that Jed Zannetti owned a bar in Philadelphia and he made a habit of stiffing the Vitali family when it came to collect, so Jake was sent in to rough him up a little and he ended up beating Jed to death and dumping his body. Gabi doesn’t believe that Jake killed anyone. Philip reveals there was an eye witness who saw it all and he’s prepared to testify in court that Jake is a killer. Gabi then angrily takes the folder.

Ava tells Jake that she’s at a loss as to how to win Gabi’s trust and asks how she gets Gabi to stop seeing her as the enemy. Jake says that’s tough as just saying Ava’s name makes smoke come out of Gabi’s ears. Jake says this reminds him of when the Vitali and Ligami families were fighting over the docks. Jake worries that they have to find a way to peacefully co-exist.

Chloe reminds Brady that she has a job to do. Brady says he’s her boss and believes in keeping his employees happy while there is nothing urgent to do at the office. Chloe would feel unprofessional. Brady questions if she doesn’t want to miss work or if she’s worried how Philip would react. Chloe questions him making this about Philip when she’s just trying to be a good employee. Chloe admits Philip has over reacted in the past but he’s over that now, knows they are friends and colleagues, and he’s fine with it. Chloe argues that he knows how hard Philip has been working to get over his past jealousy, but Brady keeps dragging them back in to it and provoking them. Chloe just wants to prove that she’s loyal to the company. Brady says he and Rachel would still love the chance to be with her today. Chloe asks why he didn’t just say that instead of making it about Philip. Brady apologizes and asks Chloe again if she would accompany he and Rachel to the pumpkin patch, adding that it would be very good for Rachel who misses her mom a lot. Brady notes that he’s been doing the best he can but Rachel could use some female energy. Brady says Marlena has been supportive but she has a lot on her plate. Brady then apologizes and says he doesn’t want to pressure Chloe or upset Philip and they will be fine. Chloe decides that she doesn’t think Philip would object to them taking Rachel to have some fun. Chloe adds that she can water her and Philip’s tree on their way back.

Gabi argues to Philip that this Carmine person is lying. Philip says he might agree if he didn’t provide specifics of how he and Jake beat up Jed until they realized he was dead and they had to get rid of the body. Gabi insists that Jake is not a killer. Philip asks if she really trusts him that much. Gabi says she does and doesn’t trust Philip because he’s desperate for leverage to steal Gabi Chic. Gabi questions where he got all this inside information on the mob anyways and then guesses it was Ava.

Ava and Jake continue talking about not wanting a battleground between the two couples. Jake brings up the two families getting together to make peace and how it didn’t start well. Jake suggests that’s what they need, an old fashioned sit down to figure out how to make peace. Ava agrees.

Gwen shows Xander an island on her phone that they could go to. Xander tells her to go ahead and book it. Justin returns to the room. Xander asks if he played the recording. Justin confirms that he did. Gwen assumes that means Xander and Bonnie are off the hook but Justin says not exactly. Xander questions what happened. Melinda Trask then walks in and announces that Justin was busted for trying to blackmail a judge. Xander questions what she’s talking about. Melinda reveals that Judge Smails was offput by Gwen’s visit and contacted her afterwards, so he was prepared with his own recording device. Melinda then plays the recording of Justin attempting to blackmail Judge Smails. Melinda declares Gwen will now be charged for soliciting. Melinda remarks that Xander will go down for drug trafficking, Justin for blackmail, and Gwen for solicitation. Melinda adds that Bonnie will be going down for murder.

Jake tells Ava that they can tell Gabi and Rafe to have a dinner and once everyone is loosened up, they put their cards on the table and Ava can show Gabi respect. Ava decides that if she can convince Gabi that she’s all about respecting her, then she won’t feel so threatened by her. Ava repeats that it’s not like she could do anything to hurt her…

Gabi complains about Ava but Philip says that Ava forced him to launder money for her so he questions why he would go to her. Gabi asks where he got it then. Philip claims Titan runs a background check on his new employees and initially, they didn’t find any major red flags but they dug deeper. Gabi calls the story ludicrous and she doesn’t believe it. Philip says it happened and now they have to decide what to do. Gabi argues that Philip fired her so she retains control of Gabi Chic. Philip warns her that if she signs her company over to him, he won’t go to the police with this but if she doesn’t, he will and Jake could go to prison for life. Gabi questions him blackmailing her. Philip declares that he’s telling her to choose between her company or her boyfriend, which one is she going to lose?

Brady and Chloe go to the park with Rachel after finishing up at the pumpkin patch. Rachel asks Chloe to help her carve her pumpkin, which she agrees to do. Brady says they can go home now but Chloe remembers to water her and Philip’s tree first.

Ava tells Jake that she likes the sitdown idea but questions how to bring Gabi to the table. Jake says to leave that to him as he will convince her that for Rafe’s sake, the fighting needs to stop because nobody wins. Ava agrees to talk to Rafe when he gets Gabi on board. Ava asks where Gabi is today. Jake mentions that she had an unexpected meeting with Philip. Ava claims she hopes everything is okay..

Gabi calls Philip scum. Philip argues that he hired her and she betrayed him. Gabi argues that she saved him by relaunching Gabi Chic at Titan. Gabi says Philip is only CEO because Victor took pity on him and Xander quit. Philip argues that he’s doing an outstanding job. Gabi says that’s because of Gabi Chic’s great business which is going to double. Gabi then smells Philip’s after shave and recognizes it as the same smell from her house, meaning Philip was there. Gabi then guesses that Philip and Ava are teaming up to take her down.

Rachel goes to get water to water Chloe and Philip’s tree. Brady questions having to do this now. Chloe points out that they are right here. Brady notes that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Chloe would rather be safe than sorry and questions why he’s annoyed by this when she told him before they left that she wanted to do it. Brady apologizes and says it’s fine. Rachel comes back with the watering pot and asks Chloe why it’s a special tree. Chloe explains that she and Philip were high school sweethearts and carved their initials in a tree nearby. Brady points out that Philip then cut the tree down like a spoiled brat. Chloe argues that Philip realized his mistake and fixed it by buying this new tree to symbolize a new beginning.

Justin asks Melinda to hear him out before arresting them. Melinda tells him how disappointed she is as she thought he was one of the good guys but clearly not anymore. Melinda says she is truly shocked that Justin would get involved with Gwen and Xander. She questions how he could let them talk him in to this horrendous scheme. Justin says it’s because he’s sure Judge Smails is in EJ’s pocket. Melinda argues that he should’ve tried to prove it through legal means then. Melinda says her office could have launched an investigation, but instead the Spectator will run a front page story on Justin’s arrest. Melinda says she’s going to see about Gwen and Xander getting booked as she walks out of the room. Xander tells Justin that he is so sorry. Xander says it’s all his fault for forcing Justin to go along with their plan. Justin clarifies that no one forced him as he knew how risky it was and that the judge would retaliate. Justin feels he was off his game and not thinking clearly as he was operating under fear that he wouldn’t be able to find a legal way to keep Bonnie from going back to prison, but the odds are stacked against her. Justin felt he had to protect her. Gwen understands he did it for love. Justin says that now he and Bonnie will be prison pen pals instead of husband and wife. Xander says they will find a way out. Justin asks how when he’s about to be charged with a felony. Melinda comes back and takes Justin, warning that she’s coming back for Xander. Xander wishes he kept Justin out of this as he feels awful. Gwen tells him not to because it was her stupid idea.

Chloe thanks Rachel for helping her water the tree. Rachel wants to go water more trees so Brady tells her to just stay close by. Chloe asks Brady if it was really necessary to tell her about Philip chopping down their original tree. Brady apologizes and admits he shouldn’t have said that. Chloe asks why he did then. Brady tells her that she knows that he’s having a hard time accepting the fact that he lost her to Philip. Chloe appreciates his honesty but asks him to try harder or their friendship is going to suffer. Brady doesn’t like to give Philip credit for anything but acknowledges that it was gracious of him to invite him to dinner and thoughtful of him to plant this tree. Brady remarks that maybe Philip has finally changed his ways and for Chloe’s sake, he hopes he has.

Philip questions Gabi being convinced that he’s working with Ava because of his after shave. Gabi wants him to admit he got the dirt on Jake from Ava. Philip argues that Jake committed a murder so it doesn’t matter how he found out. Gabi argues that if it came from Ava, she’s positive it’s fake because she hates her and wants to ruin her life. Philip knew this would be tough for her but he figured she loved Jake more than her company. Gabi questions handing over her life’s work and her daughter’s legacy just because of a folder. Philip tells Gabi to take the folder and show it to Jake and then she will have to decide what she wants to do. Philip warns that if he doesn’t hear from Gabi soon, he will take a copy of that to the police, who will charge Jake with murder.

Ava tells Jake that despite a bumpy start to the day, she’s glad she ran in to him as they had a good talk. Jake feels they can figure out a way to make peace. Ava comments that Angelo always said Jake was a smart guy, so she’s surprised he let him go. Jake says that he knew his heart wasn’t in it anymore. Ava remarks that he’s turning out to be very valuable to her. Ava tells him to let her know how things go with Gabi as she walks away.

Gwen tells Xander that she lied to Jack about being a sex worker, but now she’s being arrested for solicitation for real. Xander guesses they should’ve left well enough alone and let Jack think he was the drug dealer. Gwen feels she couldn’t let him go to prison for her crimes, so she had to do something, but it’s completely out of control now. Gwen declares that she has to find a way to explain this to Jack without him hating them both. Xander offers to tell him that she was just trying to get his charges dropped. Gwen argues that he’s facing the charges because of her as he sacrificed so much because she blamed Abigail for her miscarriage. Xander assures that he has no regrets. Gwen thought their problems would be over as they are finally on good terms with Jack and they were going to be together. Gwen cries that for the first time in her life, she was feeling positive about her future but she worries they are going to lose everything. Xander points out that they always find a way to get back up and promises this time is no different. Melinda comes back and tells Gwen that she is up, so she exits the room.

Chloe questions if Brady actually said something nice about Philip. Brady acknowledges that Philip wants to be worthy of her love and he can’t think of a stronger motivator to turn over a new leaf. Brady tells Chloe that he values their friendship more than she knows and he would never want to jeopardize it. Brady accepts that Chloe has chosen Philip, so he hopes it works out and that they are happy together. Chloe thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Brady and Chloe hug as Philip walks by and sees them from behind the bushes.

Gabi finds Jake in the town square. Jake guesses it didn’t go well with Philip. Gabi tells him to answer her question first, as she asks if he killed Jed Zanetti.

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