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Abe is cooking at Paulina’s apartment. He stops to call Lani and asks how things are going. Lani is in the town square and informs Abe that she and Paulina are almost done shopping and then heading home. Abe tells her that she can’t let Paulina come home this early, reminding her that she promised. Lani says that since it’s important, she will take care of it. Lani tells Abe to text her when he’s ready as they hang up. Paulina then approaches Lani and asks if everything is okay.

Nicole is getting ready at the Basic Black office when she gets a text from EJ, saying he will be there in 5 and hopes she’s hungry. Nicole wonders if she is ready. Nicole then loks over at her and Rafe’s teddy bear Duke.

Rafe works in his office at the police station. He looks over at his coffee from the Brady Pub and recalls running in to Nicole outside the Pub.

John goes to Marlena’s office and finds it empty. John thinks back to asking Marlena if she recorded her session with Doug and then her going to find it. John then picks up the recorder from Marlena’s office.

In his hospital room, Julie starts to get Doug some water. When Julie turns her back to to get Doug’s water, Marlena stands up and knocks her out with a food tray. Marlena as the Devil declares that it’s nothing personal, but he has to take care of Doug, and Julie will be the one who helps shut him up, because he can’t have Doug telling the whole world about him.

Chanel comes home to find Abe cooking dinner. She assumes he’s making it for Paulina, which he confirms. Chanel guesses that’s what he wanted to talk to her about at the bakery. Abe informs Chanel that he wanted to tell her that he’s proposing to her mother tonight.

Lani tells Paulina that she just had a misunderstanding and that Eli is taking care of the kids so that she can spend more time with her. Paulina says that’s sweet but she’s ready to go home and have a glass of wine. Paulina hands over her bags and starts to walk away but Lani stops her.

Kayla finds John in Marlena’s office and says she heard that he was looking for her. John adds that he was also looking for Marlena and explains how she was looking for the recording of her session with Doug because she was hazy on what happened before he collapsed and thought it would refresh her memory. Kayla reminds John that the tape is protected under doctor-patient confidentiality. John admits he was tempted to listen to it because he’s concerned about Doug. John informs Kayla that it’s why he was trying to find her because he just came from Doug and Julie and Doug is saying crazy stuff like that Marlena tried to kill him.

Doug looks shocked at Marlena and tries to call for help.

Ava goes to Rafe’s office to surprise him but sees that he looks distracted and questions what he was thinking about.

EJ shows up at the Basic Black office to pick up Nicole and comments on how gorgeous she looks even after a 12 hour work day. Nicole responds that he looks pretty spiffy himself. EJ comments on her teddy bear and questions if that means she’s still pining over Rafe. Nicole assures that she’s not. EJ is glad because the purpose of this date is for them both to move on.

Lani asks Paulina to stay a little longer, claiming that she has something to talk to her about. Paulina then agrees to stay and asks what is on her mind as they sit down at a table in the town square. Lani claims that she’s thinking about surprising Eli with a trip for Christmas. Paulina asks where to. Lani says she’s not sure and they’d have to schedule their time off and worry about the babies. Paulina offers to take the babies. Lani says she doesn’t know where to go, so she wanted to get her advice. Paulina mentions Greece and Italy being two of her favorite countries. Lani thinks Eli would prefer more of a city, so Paulina suggests Paris. Lani mentions that she’s never been. Paulina remembers that’s all because of her.

Chanel questions Abe proposing to her mom. Abe says that’s what he wanted to discuss with her. Abe explains that he and Paulina have gotten very close lately and at this point in their lives, he questions why wait, so he wants to ask her to be his wife. Abe adds that this means he would be Chanel’s stepfather, so he wants to know what she thinks. Chanel calls him the best thing to happen to Paulina in forever, so she knows he will make her happy. Abe says that’s so nice to hear. Abe asks about being her stepfather. Chanel brings up her dad dying when she was really young, so she doesn’t really remember what it was like having a dad, but guesses it will be nice having a stepdad like him. Abe thanks her and guesses it would be wonderful having a stepdaughter like her. Abe asks if this means he has her blessing to marry her mother. Chanel confirms that he definitely does as they hug.

Kayla questions Doug thinking that Marlena tried to kill him. John guesses it’s obvious that Doug is not in his right mind. Kayla gets paged via the call button from Doug’s room so she and John hurry out of Marlena’s office.

Doug gets up from his hospital bed and tells Marlena to stop and leave Julie alone. The Devil warns him that he can barely walk. Doug grabs the tray that Marlena used to knock Julie out and says he won’t let her hurt Julie. Kayla and John then walk in to see them fighting over the tray and question what is going on here.

Rafe claims to Ava that he was just thinking about a work thing, so he asks what brought her by. Ava informs him that Gabi and Jake are in the kitchen at home, so she thought maybe she could take Rafe out to dinner. Rafe asks if she’s asking him out on a date, which she confirms. Ava suggests going to the Brady Pub, pointing out that he has coffee from there.

EJ informs Nicole that the first thing he did after Sami left, was remove everything of hers from the house which he calls cathartic. Nicole assumes there’s a lesson there. EJ states that if Nicole wants to move on from Rafe, getting rid of Duke the teddy bear which he calls a silly reminder, might do the same for her. Nicole says she can’t just give it back to Rafe. EJ asks if that’s because they are avoiding each other. Nicole claims they aren’t, they are just maintaining a certain distance. EJ suggests finding Duke a new home altogether then as he then drops him in to the trash can.

Chanel asks Abe what’s on the menu for tonight. Abe explains that he called her grandmother in Florida to get the recipe for all of Paulina’s favorites. Abe adds that Lani is stalling Paulina while he’s cooking. Chanel sees that he’s making pecan pie and reveals that her grandmother screwed up, because Paulina hates pecan pie.

Paulina talks about knowing going to Paris was Lani’s dream as a little girl and because of her, that trip never happened. Lani tells her it’s okay and she’s sorry to upset her. Paulina says she’s the one who is sorry for breaking her heart when she was eight years old, asking what kind of person does that to a child. Paulina thinks it’s time they talk about what happened back then.

John tells Doug to get back in bed. Kayla checks on Julie on the ground and wakes her up. Julie comes to while Kayla asks if she remembers what happened. Doug tries to answer, but Marlena claims that Julie took a blow to the head from Doug.

Abe doesn’t understand since Olivia said she was sure that pecan pie was Paulina’s favorite. Chanel reveals that Olivia is confused because that’s Tamara’s favorite, while Paulina’s favorite is key lime. Abe guesses he has to make a key lime pie then. Abe says everything has to be perfect and asks if they have any limes. Chanel thinks they do and says she will go check while Abe plans to look up a recipe. Chanel then suggests they make it together and they’ll have it done in 20 minutes. Abe says she is the best and hugs her. Chanel heads to the kitchen while Abe texts Lani.

Lani tells Paulina that it’s alright as it was a really long time ago. Paulina never meant to cause her pain and knows it’s still there, so she wants to clear the air now. Lani gets a text from Abe and then tells Paulina that they can do it another time as she thinks they should both go home since Paulina is tired and she wants to put the kids down with Eli. Paulina pleads with her to let her get this out once and for all so Lani agrees. Paulina talks about all those years ago when she would visit, nothing made Lani smile more than dreaming about Paris. Paulina says she wanted to be part of that dream, so she promised her that summer trip. Lani recalls all of their plans from reading Paulina’s letters. Paulina acknowledges that she broke Lani’s heart by never showing up and never apologizing. Lani understands that she had an important business trip but Paulina reveals that Tamara lied and she let her. Lani questions why they both lied to her. Lani asks for the real reason that Paulina didn’t take her to Paris.

EJ asks Nicole if there’s a problem. Nicole says no and that she doesn’t even know why she held on to Duke the teddy bear that long. Nicole tells EJ that she is hungry. They walk out but Nicole claims that she forgot her phone, runs back inside to remove Duke from the trash can and puts him back on her desk. Nicole then hurries back out and exits with EJ as they head for Julie’s Place.

Kayla questions if Doug attacked Julie. Julie says no. Marlena claims she came to check on Doug but when she walked in, she saw Doug attack Julie with the tray so she grabbed it and that’s when they came in. Doug argues that it’s not what happened. John tells Doug to try to relax. Doug warns Marlena not to touch Julie. John insists she’s just trying to help. Kayla asks if Julie remembers what happened. Julie says she turned to get Doug some water and then something hard hit her and it all went black. Marlena claims that’s when she saw Doug hit Julie over the head. Julie argues that she knows Doug would never do that. Marlena says she knows how hard it is to accept but Doug hasn’t been himself. Doug argues that he is himself while Marlena is not. Doug then tells them that Marlena did it. Marlena questions why she would hit Julie and ask if they need any more proof that Doug is confused. Doug insists that Marlena tried to kill Julie and he has to protect Julie. Marlena says this needs to stop and suggests sedating Doug. Doug argues that he knows who she is and what she did. Kayla agrees with Marlena that it’s for Doug’s own good. Julie pleads with her not to. Kayla tells Doug that she’s sorry. Doug cries that he loves Julie as Kayla sedates him.

EJ and Nicole go to Julie’s Place for their date. EJ pours them his favorite wine and they toast to moving on. Nicole notes it’s also the most expensive wine on the list. EJ says he always enjoyed the finer things in his life and recalls that she does too. Nicole says when it’s affordable. EJ remarks that it’s good that she’s not with Rafe then, as he assumes he is more of a beer and pretzels kind of guy.

Rafe finishes a work call. Ava asks if he’s ready to go to the Brady Pub. Rafe informs her that he actually had breakfast and lunch at the Pub, so he suggests going to Julie’s Place. Rafe adds that Ava could check on her job application there too. Ava says that sounds great but notes that she’s been reconsidering her career goals lately. Rafe brings up her plan to work for Philip. Ava says she’s been putting the word out everywhere to see who is hiring. Rafe suggests she tell him all about it over dinner. Ava doesn’t want to bore him. Rafe says she never could as they kiss. They then exit Rafe’s office together.

Paulina tells Lani that the real reason the trip never happened is because she was being selfish when she made that promise of seeing Paris together. Lani asks how. Paulina says it was all about her wanting to be the one to give Lani her hearts desire and do something special. Paulina claims she cut Tamara out and she had no right as that was unfair. Paulina then thinks back to confessing to Marlena that Abe and Tamara are not Lani’s parents and that she is Lani’s mother. Lani asks Paulina what it is. Paulina responds that she couldn’t take Lani on the trip because Tamara shut her down when she told her about her plan. Lani guesses Tamara thought Paulina was being too extravagant and trying to spoil her. Paulina says Tamara was right in how she raised her. Lani knows her heart was in the right place. Paulina still feels bad for breaking Lani’s heart and wouldn’t blame her if she never forgave her. Lani reminds her that she’s already forgiven her and asks her to never worry about this again. Lani tells Paulina that she loves her so much. Paulina tells her how much this means to her as they hug. Lani then gets another text from Abe, reminding her that all is clear. Paulina guesses Eli wants her home as they hug again.

Abe compliments Chanel’s baking skills as he can’t believe they made a pie that fast. Abe worries that the table is not ready as he needs candles and music. Chanel tells him that she’s on it. Abe feels she’s got to be exhausted but Chanel says she’s in to it now. Chanel tells him to get on the romantic playlist and asks if she can hang around a bit so she can see the reaction on Paulina’s face when she gets there. Abe says there’s nothing he’d like more.

Nicole questions EJ mocking Rafe again and says that defeats the whole purpose of this dinner. EJ agrees that they are putting Rafe and Sami behind them. Rafe and Ava then arrive at Julie’s Place and see Nicole and EJ.

Julie argues that Doug would never hurt her and that it doesn’t make any sense. Julie says she turned away for a second and Doug can barely walk, so she questions how Doug could have leaped up and hit her so hard to knock her out. Kayla brings up when Doug suddenly almost violently grabbed Tripp’s arm when they were checking on him and they were amazed at his strength. Julie argues that Doug doesn’t have dementia and he didn’t do this. Kayla points out that there was no one else in the room. Julie notes except for Marlena…

John and Marlena sit together at the hospital. Marlena tells John that as a professional, she’s trained to be objective, but when it comes to Doug, she finds this heartbreaking. John asks if she wants to tell him what happened. Marlena says she already did. John questions why she left her office and went to Doug’s room when she said she wanted to listen to the recording of her session, so he asks if it jogged her memory. Marlena claims it did so John asks what she learned. Marlena remarks that she learned that Doug is more of a threat to Julie than she thought. John asks in what way. Marlena then claims that Doug said he wanted to kill Julie.

Rafe and Ava greet Nicole and EJ. Rafe mentions that they were going to go to the Pub, which EJ mocks. Ava asks if EJ remembers her. EJ calls her one of his most notorious clients and says she’s looking well. Ava brings up EJ making a full recovery from being in pretty bad shape. EJ confirms that he’s much better now. Rafe asks if they are out celebrating business. EJ informs him that this is pure pleasure.

Paulina comes home and is surprised to find a candle lit dinner setup. Paulina asks Abe what the occasion is. Abe says he was inspired to make all of her favorite dishes including a homemade key lime pie. Paulina questions who told him that was her favorite because she hates key lime pie…

Marlena claims to John that is why she went racing to Doug’s room. John questions if she really thinks Doug would have killed Julie. John calls it hard to process. Marlena believes Doug has lost his mind. John holds her and reveals that Doug also told him something that upset him as well. John informs her that Doug earlier said that Marlena had tried to kill him. Marlena questions why he would say such a thing. Marlena insists that Doug is trying to kill Julie and calls it tragic. Kayla and Julie come over. Kayla tells them that Doug is finally resting so she is taking Julie for an x-ray to make sure everything is alright. Julie complains that she’s just worried about Doug. Julie tells Marlena that she is wrong as Doug would never attack her.

Doug remains in bed, repeating that he did not hurt Julie and that it was “him”. Doug prays for God to not let Him hurt Julie anymore.

Marlena tells Julie that she knows how difficult this is to accept. Julie argues that Doug didn’t do it and she keeps accusing him over and over when he said he’s innocent. Julie blames them all for frightening Doug. Marlena says she’s sorry but she needs to face the truth. Marlena talks about how painful it is for all of them, but claims that in her professional opinion, Doug has become a danger to himself and others, so it’s her recommendation that Doug be committed to Bayview.

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