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Ben and Ciara come home with bags of everything they got in New Orleans. Ciara talks about being married and having tons of memories from their trip together which is all she wants as they kiss. They welcome each other home then Ben asks what to do first. They joke that they both want cheeseburgers.

Allie and Tripp kiss in the town square in front of Chanel until Chanel tells them to get a room.

Johnny asks Abigail if she will play Marlena in his movie, insisting that she will be perfect for it. Chad walks in and questions what she’d be perfect for. Johnny jokes that he’s trying to convince his wife to be his grandmother.

John tells Doug that Marlena is trying to help him. Doug responds that Marlena needs their help because she tried to kill him. John assures that Marlena loves him and only wants him to get well, so he asks why she would try to kill him. Doug urges John to believe him that Marlena wants him dead.

Marlena’s recording has the Devil’s voice asking if she really needs to listen to it as if she already forgot their reunion.

Tripp and Allie apologize to Chanel for making her uncomfortable. Chanel says she was joking but suggests they do tone down the PDA in front of the bakery since they are professionals. Tripp suggests they celebrate with happy hour. Allie agrees to a glass of wine. Tripp invites Chanel too. Chanel says she doesn’t know but Allie insists. Allie and Chanel joke about a past time in France together. Chanel says she’s not used to being on her feet all day so she’s going to close up and go home. Allie tells her that she will see her tomorrow morning then. Allie then exits with Tripp.

The Devil’s voice talks through Marlena’s recording about finding his way to her through Doug. Marlena flashes back to the Devil possessing Doug. The Devil’s voice reminds Marlena that he gave her a choice and she made the right one because he could’ve easily killed Doug, but she spared his life by letting him take control. The Devil talks about all the havoc they can cause together and complains about Marlena turning away from him by listening to John.

John insists to Doug that it’s not true. Doug says he’s sorry. John thinks he’s just a little confused. Doug tells John that Marlena tried to kill him and if he won’t believe him or try to stop her, then she will try again. Doug asks John if he wants him to die.

Allie and Tripp go to the Bistro to have wine. Ciara and Ben arrive and greet them. Allie hugs Ciara and says she had no idea that they were home. Ben and Ciara talk about enjoying the place. Allie and Tripp invite Ben and Ciara to join them which they agree to. Tripp and Ben head to the bar to get drinks while Allie asks Ciara about their honeymoon. Ciara says it was absolutely perfect. Allie wants details.

Chad questions Johnny wanting Abigail to be his grandma and asks if he’s doing a film director roleplay. Abigail clarifies that Johnny wants to make a movie about demonic possession and he wants her to play Marlena. Johnny insists that Abigail would be great and is a natural actress. Chad questions when the Sami Brady Story became about demonic possession. Johnny says audiences like a good horror story and it’s still the Sami Brady Story, but Marlena is a big part of Sami’s story. Chad agrees that the horror genre is a better sell so an easier investment. Johnny mentions Lucas and Roman already agreeing to put money in, while Chad has been really supportive. Chad says he would love to hear his pitch. Johnny says he’s still working on storyboards but those won’t show what Abigail can do as an actress. Chad asks what Abigail thinks about all of this. Abigail says she’s not sure. Johnny sees they need time to talk and make up their minds but he offers a working draft of the script. Johnny hands it to Chad and says he’d appreciate if he can read it soon. Johnny says there is something he has to do, so he exits the mansion.

Marlena continues listening to the Devil’s voice through the recorder, talking about being let in to Marlena until John had to go and invoke God.

John encourages Doug to take it easy as getting worked up won’t be good. Doug says he has to convince him that Marlena really wants him dead. John assures that everything is going to be okay as he and Marlena love him and are really worried but they’re going to figure it out. John says he’ll go get Kayla to give him something to calm him down. Doug argues with him not to go but John leaves the room.

Ciara tells Allie that New Orleans was the best place to honeymoon as it was everything she could’ve wanted, except they were camping and having a romantic morning until she blurted out that she wanted to have a baby. Allie asks what Ben’s reaction was. Ciara says it pretty much killed the romantic mood as he was not super in to the idea. Allie kind of gets it as she loves her son, but people are not kidding when they say having a kid changes your entire life. Allie thinks they deserve time to just be newlyweds and free to do whatever they want. Allie asks if Ciara will keep her motorcycle when she has a baby. Ciara notes that is what Ben said too. Allie believes Ben just wants her all to himself for awhile. Ciara adds that it’s not all that Ben said.

Ben and Tripp get their drinks at the bar. Ben stops Tripp to ask him about being a doctor now as he has a medical question for him. Tripp asks if he’s sick. Ben says not in the way he’s thinking. Ben then asks Tripp that if somebody committed a horrible crime more than once, if it’s possible to pass that evil onto their own child.

Marlena continues listening to the Devil talking about feeling Marlena fighting him but he was certain that she would succumb to his desires and be his willing instrument once again. He talks about trying to get rid of Doug until John said that prayer which loosened his grip and he was cast out again. The Devil declares that it’s time for Marlena to let him back in as he will not allow her to leave him when they have so much work to do.

John runs in to Julie at the hospital and tells her that Doug woke up but is saying some very strange things. Julie wants to know what he said. John informs her that he said Marlena is trying to kill him. John knows it doesn’t make any sense but that is what Doug said, leaving Julie shocked and confused.

Johnny plays guitar and sings to Chanel in the town square. Johnny tells her that he’s come to woo her as he continues his song.

Chad talks to Abigail about going over the numbers for the stockholders in DiMera, while Abigail reads Johnny’s script. Chad makes a joke, noting that Abigail is distracted by the script. Abigail jokes that she gets to turn in to a panther in her role. Abigail knows it all sounds out there, but it would be her job to make it all sound believable. Chad questions if she’s seriously thinking about doing this.

Julie tells John that it has to be Doug’s medication making him paranoid and when it wears off, he’ll know it’s not true. John says Doug just got really upset that he didn’t believe him, so he’s trying to find Kayla. Julie decides she will go sit with him. John hopes that he’s calmed down a bit as Julie heads to Doug’s room.

Marlena argues that the Devil can’t make her help him and refuses to do it. The Devil warns that he always wins in the end and asks if she remembers the fun they had together. He says this time, he has an even grander agenda, but first they have to tie up a few loose ends. He says they can’t have Doug telling everyone about their encounter.

Johnny finishes singing to Chanel and repeats that was him wooing her. Johnny says for awhile, he wanted to be a rock star but that was before he wanted to be a film maker and after he wanted to be an FBI agent. Chanel relates so Johnny says they are perfect for each other. Chanel says he could definitely be a rock star as she had no idea he could play guitar like that. Johnny responds that he’s a man of many talents.

Ciara tells Allie that Ben worries he’s going to pass the genes that made him mentally ill on to their chlid. Ciara says that Ben is convinced of it and he wasn’t just mentally ill, he killed three people. Allie argues that it doesn’t mean the child will and compares it to not thinking Henry will turn out like Charlie, who was a rapist. Ciara explains that she tried convincing Ben that his problem was being beaten by his father and he would be an amazing dad. Ciara asks what if Ben doesn’t change his mind and never wants to have kids with her.

Ben clarifies that he’s asking Tripp if he and Ciara’s child would potentially be mentally ill and homicidal like he was. Tripp tells him there’s not a homicidal gene so he can’t pass something like that onto children, but if he did those crimes in a psychotic state. Ben mentions still taking the meds to control it. Tripp confirms that psychosis can be genetically inheritied which means his kid would have a genetic predisposition towards having it too. Ben asks if that means he’s right.

Abigail tells Chad that she was just as surprised that Johnny asked her to play the part but asks what’s so crazy about it. Chad says she just got back from Boston, so he doesn’t think she should be jumping in to something she knows nothing about. Abigail argues that she’s seen movies. Chad tells her that she can’t act. Abigail jokes that she was the lead in a play in second grade. Abigail adds that Johnny doesn’t want to use real actors and he thinks she can do it. Abigail adds that the kids will be in school, so she has time. Chad asks about her job at the Spectator. Abigail points out that she’s been on leave of absence for 4 months and run smoothly without her, so she thinks it would continue for awhile longer. Chad is surprised that Abigail is serious about this.

Julie goes in to see Doug. Julie tells him that she’s there and everything will be alright as he’s just a little confused. Doug asks where John is. Julie tells him that he went to get Kayla because she will know what to do. Doug pleads that he wants no more drugs. Julie thinks it will calm him down. Doug just wants people to believe him. Julie says that she believes he’s having a hard time right now so it’s important he understands they are all here for him. Julie says they all want him to be well and he will be fine. Julie tells him that she loves him and he will be himself again soon.

The Devil tells Marlena that she can’t resist him and they can take care of Doug. Marlena refuses to hurt Doug. The Devil asks why she cares so much about a weak old man when he can give her the power. The Devil declares that he will take care of Doug with or without her. Marlena pleads with him not to hurt Doug. The Devil says there may be another way to get him out of the picture, but only if Marlena backs him up. The Devil warns Marlena that she has a choice to make and it’s Doug or him.

Allie tells Ciara that she’s sorry that she’s going through all this. Ciara says it Ben’s worries never occurred to her. Allie suggests that they could adopt but Ciara says they can’t go down that route. Ciara says they’d have to find an adoption agency that doesn’t mind that the father used to be a serial killer. Allie explains that they don’t have go through an agency and can just hire a lawyer since she planned to do an open adoption when she was pregnant. Allie thinks they could even find someone in town so they would know that Ben’s not that person anymore and they would know the birth parents, while Ben wouldn’t have to worry about his genes. Ciara admits that never occurred to her. Ciara knows they would love any baby, no matter if it was theirs biologically or not. Ciara hates that Ben thinks he’s cursed as that breaks her heart.

Ben questions if Tripp is telling him that if he and Ciara have a kid, he can potentially end up just like him. Tripp confirms they could inherit Ben’s mental illness, but it’s also entirely possible that they wouldn’t. Ben informs him that his sister wasn’t right either. Tripp says there is still no way to prove it. Tripp wishes he could tell him something to make him feel better. Ciara and Allie join them at the bar. Ciara asks what they were talking about. Tripp claims they were just talking about what’s in Allie’s drink.

Julie doesn’t know what is tormenting Doug but encourages there is no need to be afraid as he’s surounded by love from everyone including Marlena. Doug says not Marlena. Julie insists that Marlena just wants him to be well and to take care of him. Julie asks him to believe her that Marlena is on his side as she is their great friend. Marlena then appears seated in the room with yellow eyes once again.

Chanel asks if Johnny had any other careers that he considered. Johnny jokes about going through an astronaut phase and wanting to be Spongebob as a kid. Chanel says she wanted to be a mermaid as a kid. Chanel admits Johnny is good at wooing her. Chanel yawns so Johnny acknowledges that she has to get in bed early. Johnny puts a flower in her hair and says goodnight as he kisses her on the cheek. Johnny then takes his guitar and walks away.

Abigail guesses she is serious as she would like to do something out of her comfort zone. Abigail thinks it would get her out of her head and to stop focusing on her problems and also get her over what happened in her second grade play. Abigail knows it seems silly but she was the lead and at dress rehearsal, she kept forgetting her lines so she got recast in front of everyone. Abigail recalls having to tell her whole family that she’d no longer be in the play and she remembers her mom being disappointed in her. Chad tells her that he’s sorry as he had no idea that happened. Abigail then reveals that she never forgot her lines and she was just acting. Abigail tells Chad that she told him that she could act which Chad acknowledges.

Allie and Tripp go home. Henry wakes up crying so Tripp gets up to go take care of him. Allie remarks that Ciara should be careful what she wishes for.

Ben and Ciara go home. Ciara is glad they ran in to Tripp and Allie at the bar as it was really fun. Ben agrees. Ciara asks what he and Tripp really talked about. Ciara reminds Ben that she’s the daughter of two cops so she wasn’t going to buy their story. Ben tells her it was nothing and says he was just acting Tripp’s medical opinion on whether or not he thought their baby could end up with his psycho genes. Ciara argues that he doesn’t have psycho genes and no one can predict what kind a baby can have. Ben notes that Tripp did say it’s possible that mental illness can be genetic but admits it didn’t exactly answer his question. Ciara tells Ben that she thinks Marlena can. Ben thought she just said no doctor could tell them how their baby would turn out. Ciara thinks Marlena could give him some advice since when it comes to helping people, she always knows exactly what to do.

Julie tells Doug that she will get him some water so she goes to get it without noticing possessed Marlena is in the room.

John goes to Marlena’s office to ask if she has seen Kayla but finds the office is empty so he wonders where the hell she has gone.

When Julie turns her back to to get Doug’s water, Marlena stands up and knocks her out with a food tray.

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