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Ciara asks Ben to be honest now. Ciara questions if not wanting to pass his genes to his baby means he might never want to have a baby with her. Ben assures that he did not say that. Ciara cries that it sounds like he did. Ciara tells Ben that she wants to have kids and feels if he doesn’t, he should’ve talked to her about that before marrying her.

Chanel questions how Johnny can calls his movie “The Sami Brady Story” if it’s all about Marlena. Johnny responds that Sami has had a very interesting life but with demonic possession, his movie could become a classic like The Exorcist. Chanel worries about messing with this while Johnny feels it’s great material. Chanel wonders if some people might find it sacrilegious.

John sits at home and thinks back to Marlena yelling at him to put the bible away and saying she was just on edge.

Tripp goes to see Allie. Allie mentions that Henry is asleep and dinner is in the oven. Tripp tells her that she didn’t have to make him dinner but she wanted to. Tripp calls it a rough day at work but says he has news to share about Doug. Allie mentions that Roman told her about him having tests done. Tripp is afraid things got more serious.

Julie tells Eli that she wishes Marlena let her go in to Doug’s hospital room with her. Eli encourages her to trust that Marlena knows what she’s doing. Julie reminds him that Doug said Marlena needs help and wonders what he meant by that. Eli suggests he was just confused and that Marlena will get to the bottom of it.

Marlena as the Devil enters Doug’s hospital room. The devil comments on Doug being a tattle tale and declares they will have to do something about that. He calls it ironic that he got in to Marlena to save Doug’s life, but now he’s going to take Doug’s life anyways. The devil says that family and friends will be devastated but they will think Doug died of natural causes. Marlena as the Devil then grabs a pillow and declares it will be anything but natural causes…

Ciara cries that she and Ben talked about wanting kids together. Ben apologizes as he doesn’t want to mislead her. Ciara asks why he didn’t say anything. Ben doesn’t think he admitted it to himself before until she said she wanted to stop using birth control and then everything got real, fast. Ben cries that he loves her so much and wants to give her everything she wants. Ciara responds that he already has and talks about how happy he makes her which is why she wanted to have a baby with him in the first place. Ben repeats that he’s afraid of having a baby that turns out like him as he’s not trying to bring evil in to this world right now. Ciara hugs Ben as he cries.

Marlena tries to stop the Devil from smothering Doug. The Devil says Marlena is trying to stop him from doing what he has to as she hasn’t entirely given in to his powers, but she will. Marlena argues that he can’t make her hurt him. The Devil says he can and will because they can’t have Doug sharing their little secret.

Chanel worries that Johnny is playing with fire. Johnny says you have to take chances. Chanel thinks Johnny is tempting the Devil to walk right through the door. Tony then walks in, startling Chanel. Johnny introduces his uncle Tony to Chanel. Chanel explains that Johnny just had her watch The Exorcist so she’s a little jumpy. Johnny stops Tony and says he wants to ask him about something that he had a front row seat to. Chanel informs Tony that Johnny wants to make a movie about when Marlena was possessed by the Devil. Tony notes that Johnny didn’t mention that when he asked him to invest. Johnny says he didn’t know at the time. Johnny knows Tony can’t help with financing but he could still be a consultant since he saw the whole thing when the Devil tried to tempt John in to sleeping with Tony’s wife. Tony clarifies that he did not see it up close and personal, or at all. Tony reveals to Johnny that it wasn’t him.

John calls Julie and asks if Marlena has seen Doug yet. Julie confirms that Marlena is in with him now but she and Eli haven’t heard a thing yet. John hopes they will hear something soon. Julie feels terrible about asking Marlena to come so late but notes that Doug was asking for her. Julie feels rotten about interrupting their evening. John assures there’s no need to apologize. Julie talks about trying to say the rosary but she can’t concentrate. John relates as he was trying to read the bible for inner peace but had no luck. John offers to come down to the hospital so they can go to the chapel and say a prayer together. Julie says that would be wonderful so John says he’s on his way and hangs up. Julie tells Eli that John is on his way to pray with her. Eli is sure that will make her feel better. Julie responds that what would make her feel better is getting answers and finding out what is going on with Doug and why it’s taking so long. Eli encourages that it’s only been a few minutes. Julie wants to check on Doug and see how he’s doing but she doesn’t want to upset him. Eli offers to go check on him for her and walks away.

Tripp asks Allie about her day. Allie says the bakery did really well again and she’s recognizing repeat customers. Allie mentions that she ran in to Johnny on her lunch break and he forgave her for the issues that she caused for he and Chanel. They are glad she let that go. Allie mentions that Johnny’s mind was on other things like his movie and he was focused on a family secret that he uncovered in Will’s script. Tripp asks what secret that would be. Allie then shocks Tripp by revealing that Marlena was possessed by the Devil.

Marlena has an inner struggle with the Devil, who says she’s not strong enough to resist him. Marlena says he will never win but the Devil declares that Doug has to die because he knows too much. Eli then enters and asks if everything is okay in here.

Ciara tells Ben that he’s not evil and their child wouldn’t be either. Ben says maybe not evil but mental illness runs in his family. Ben adds that he was a murderer and so was his sister. Ciara blames Clyde abusing them. Ben doesn’t want anyone to feel the way Jordan felt when their mother was pregnant with him. Ben doesn’t want anyone to think that his child would be better off dead than with him as a parent. Ciara encourages that no one will think that. Ciara says that Ben has faced his demons and overcame them. Ciara reminds Ben that he said her love fixed him and asks him to let her love do that again because she wants to help him face this. Ciara talks about how they have overcome every challenge they’ve ever faced, so she has no doubt they can overcome this. Ben declares that no matter how much she loves him, she can’t change his DNA or control what traits he passes on to their children. Ciara argues that his genes don’t control his destiny. Ciara brings up how she was born with great genes but was still heading down a bad path and her parents guided her in the right direction, so it was the way that she was raised that mattered the most. Ben states that he was raised by a monster. Ciara understands that he had demons, but later in life he got the nurturing that he was deprived of as a kid in the form of therapy. Ciara says that Ben is now on the right path, so she knows their child will be too because they will give them unconditional love. Ciara knows that Ben would be the most amazing father and that would make all the difference.

Johnny questions Tony saying it wasn’t him when he shows in Will’s script that Tony was married to Kristen but Kristen was in love with John. Johnny questions how that happened anyways since Tony and Kristen are brother and sister. Tony explains that they aren’t related by blood. Johnny goes over Kristen not wanting to leave Tony because he was blind and John was apparently a priest at the time. Tony reveals that everyone thought it was him, including Kristen, but it was his evil cousin Andre, who had plastic surgery to look just like him. Tony tells Johnny that he was stranded on a deserted island when Andre was running around Salem posing as him. Chanel jokes that white people are crazy. Johnny questions Tony not witnessing any of the Devil stuff. Tony confirms that he wasn’t here when all of this allegedly happened to Marlena. Tony suggests Johnny find someone who actually lived through it back in the 90s when it all went down.

Allie explains to Tripp that back in the 90s, Marlena was possessed by the Devil and terrorized the town for months. Tripp questions her just now hearing about this. Allie says that it’s not something the family likes to talk about. Tripp suggests Will could have made it up for his movie. Allie admits she thought that too but she asked John, who said it was all true. Tripp questions believing that but Allie says she was convinced. Tripp still doesn’t buy it.

John goes to the hospital and hugs Julie, who thanks him for coming. John says he and Marlena love Julie and Doug and are very concerned about this. Julie talks about Kayla’s tests being inconclusive and then Marlena offering to give her assessment. Julie says she was grateful because no one is better than Marlena, but then they had their session and Doug collapsed. John encourages that Doug is stable now and Marlena is trying again. Julie knows she’s asking a lot of Marlena and tells John to let her know if this is a burden to her, because she seemed a little stressed. John notes that Marlena is dealing with something, but it’s nothing compared to what Doug is going through. Julie is counting on John to tell her if it gets to be too much. John declares that right now their spouses are together and one is trying to heal the other. John suggests they go to the chapel to pray for both of them.

Eli asks if everything is okay. Marlena says yes and that she was just trying to make Doug a little more comfortable. Eli asks how Doug is doing and if she was able to ask him what he meant when he said “he went in to her”. Marlena says not yet and that they were on the verge of that conversation when he came in. Marlena asks Eli to step outside so they can continue, but Doug pleads for Eli not to go.

Johnny asks Tony who else in the family he can talk to about what happened. Tony mentions that Andre is no longer with them, so he suggests asking John. Johnny informs him that Allie spoke to John and he said the whole story was true, but he made it very clear that he never wanted to discuss that topic again. Johnny adds that Sami hasn’t called him back and no one knows where aunt Kristen is which Tony says is probably for the best. Tony suggests Johnny go directly to the source and ask Marlena. Johnny doesn’t think John would be cool with that. Tony thinks that’s a sign and remarks that sometimes, the past is best left buried. Tony tells Chanel it was nice to meet her and then exits the room. Chanel tells Johnny that she thinks he’d be doing everyone in town a big favor if he just dropped the whole movie idea.

Eli questions why Doug is so freaked out. Marlena thinks he’s just tired of being in the hospital and promises he won’t be there much longer. Marlena asks Eli again to leave them alone but Doug asks Eli not to go. Eli mentions Julie and John going to the chapel to pray and he thinks Julie wanted Marlena to meet them there. Marlena says fine and exits the room while Eli remains at Doug’s side.

Tripp tells Allie that he thinks there has to be a rational explanation like Marlena suffered from a disorder like schizophrenia. Allie doesn’t think that would explain Marlena levitating several feet off her bed. Tripp asks if there’s proof that it happened. Allie says not that she knows of, but John saw it first hand as did a few other people. Tripp suggests it could be mass hysteria and asks to borrow her laptop to prove that he’s right.

Ciara tells Ben that just tonight, they proved he’s going to be an amazing father since she was a wet and sloppy mess, but he told her she looked perfect which is exactly what he would say if their daughter had a messy drawing. They talk about possibly having a girl or a boy. Ciara knows she’s right about how amazing Ben would be as a father, but she also knows she can’t change his mind in just one conversation so they don’t have to settle this tonight. Ben asks if she’s sure she’s not upset with him for hiding how he really felt. Ciara assures that she’s not and she’s just glad he told her the truth, so they can just put this baby conversation on the backburner because right now, she just wants to be with him and for them to love each other. Ben and Ciara then kiss on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Johnny refuses to give up on his film. Chanel asks if he really wants to spend the rest of the night talking about the Devil. Johnny confirms that he does not so Chanel suggests they do something else. They start kissing until Chanel stops and worries that Tony could come back. Johnny suggests they go upstairs for total privacy and he mentions that he does have protection this time.

Tripp shows Allie an article that there has never been substantial proof of demonic possession. Allie talks about successful exorcisms and how to explain the victims getting better. Tripp argues that it’s the power of suggestion since if you truly believe you’re possessed and then a priest performs a ritual, you will believe it worked. Tripp would bet money that’s what happened to Marlena.

John and Julie pray together in the chapel as Marlena peeks in from the doorway.

Doug tries to talk to Eli but Eli encourages him not to get worked up and to relax. Eli says it can wait but Doug disagrees and says he needs to say it now.

John and Julie continue praying as Marlena watches from the doorway behind them. John tells Julie that he knows Doug is suffering right now and how hard that is. Julie calls Doug her world. John encourages that her love and prayers will get him through this. John says he’s been thinking a lot lately about a time years ago when he almost lost Marlena, when she was taken from them and doing things that were truly evil. John calls it a horrifying dark time but he never gave up and he knows that his love and prayers brought her back to him. Julie says it must have been terrible for him. John argues that it didn’t tear us apart but brought them together and reinforced their bond. John declares that no matter what life throws their way, they can get through it together because together they can face anything. Marlena remains watching from the doorway.

Allie gets what Tripp is saying and she would agree, but when John told her about it, he was visibly shaken and said he was scarred since he had to perform the exorcism. Tripp questions if John used to be a priest. Allie says she’s fuzzy on that part but she trusts John, so if he says Marlena was possessed then that’s enough for her.

Marlena enters the chapel and joins John and Julie. Julie asks about Doug. Marlena says he’s been through a lot but that he’d like to see her. Julie thanks Marlena for coming back tonight and says Doug thanks her too. Marlena is not sure how much she helped him, but says she tried her best. Julie says he really needed her. Julie adds that in his confusion, Doug says that Marlena was the one who needed help. Marlena suggests maybe he was right and that she did need some help, but she found it.

Chanel asks Johnny if he thought they were going to have sex tonight. Johnny says not at all but he wanted them to be safe if and when it happens. Chanel tells him that it’s not happening tonight. Johnny asks if it’s because of everything Allie said about him, insisting it’s not true and that he’s very interested in spending time with Chanel. Chanel talks about how they moved really fast when they met, but suggests they just slow things down a bit. Johnny suggests they could watch more movies. Chanel jokes that as long as no one’s head is spinning around. Johnny thinks she liked it, even though she was scared. Chanel admits it was fun. Johnny responds that everything is fun with her. Chanel suggests they can just have fun for awhile before they end up in bed.

Ciara and Ben sleep in bed together. Ben has a dream about he and Ciara having their 10 year wedding anniversary which turns in to a nightmare of their son murdering the babysitter with a necktie. Ben then wakes up in a panic. Ciara asks if he’s okay. Ben says he just had a nightmare so Ciara asks what it was about. Ben claims he doesn’t really remember. Ciara encourages that it was just a bad dream that doesn’t mean anything. Ciara kisses him and says she’s right here so she promises everything will be okay.

Johnny guesses Chanel wants him to woo her which she admits. Johnny tells her to get prepared because he’s going to wine and dine her. Chanel says she can’t wait as they kiss. Chanel then asks Johnny again to please not make that movie, warning that he’s playing with fire.

Doug tells Eli that he needs to tell him now. Julie walks in and asks how Doug is doing. Eli explains that Doug’s been trying to tell him something but’s been wearing himself out. Julie encourages that Doug doesn’t have to talk right now. Julie encourages that Marlena was trying to help him and will try again but for now he can just rest, then they will talk about everything in the morning.

John sits with Marlena in the chapel. Marlena says she’s glad he’s here as if he knew that she needed him. John says Marlena gives so much to the people she loves and he’s always there for her to lean on. Marlena calls him her rock. John says he loves her as they hug.

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