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Carter: Yeah, but your

[ Upbeat music ]

Quinn: Still feels so wrong.

Carter: Yeah, but your husband wants this for you. More importantly… we want this.

Brooke: Quinn and carter. I still can’t believe it. He was done with her, katie. He had the divorce papers right in front of him.

Katie: And he still hasn’t said why he changed his mind?

Brooke: He refuses to talk about it. He says that everything is fine.

Katie: Well, he’s never wanted to burden anyone with his problemS.

Brooke: Especially when it involves quinn. I still can’t believe what that woman’s done to him.

Katie: It would have broken your heart to hear him talk yesterday. This vibrant, confident man, doubting whether he was good enough for quinn. I mean, she’s never gonna be worthy of him. You know what, I’m gonna go see him again.

Brooke: Well, if his cheating wife can’t be there for him, at least somebody should be, right?

Katie: Oh, hi!

Ridge: Oh, hi, katie. What’s that? She late for a meeting or something?

Brooke: She’s going to see your dad. We’re not the only ones who noticed a change in your father. She’s determined to do something about it.

Brooke: Katie stopped by eric’s house last night after we left and guess what? Quinn still wasn’t back.

Ridge: How long was she out?

Brooke: I don’t know. She could have been out all night.

Ridge: No. Dad wouldn’t allow that.

Brooke: I really don’t know about that. I feel like quinn could do whatever she wants and eric would justify it somehow. It’s just not like him.

Ridge: None of this is like him. He doesn’t show up in the office anymore. He’s just holed up in that house.

Brooke: All by himself. But that makes sense when he broke up with quinn because he was upset about it, but now that he’s back with her, he just seems–

Ridge: Just seems lost. Right? Troubled.

Brooke: And he shouldn’t be. Not if he’s as happy with quinn as he wants us to believe.

Ridge: Something is wrong. But I can’t get him to open up.

Brooke: Maybe katie can.

[ Eric sighing ]

[ Door opening ]

Katie: Eric?

Eric: Katie. Hi. Come in.

Katie: Uh, I hope you don’t mind me stopping by like this again.

Eric: Not at all. It’s my pleasure. Always glad to have a visit from my favorite next door neighbor.

Katie: If you’re spending the afternoon with quinn, I don’t have to stay.

Eric: No, she’s not here.

Katie: Oh.

Eric: That all you’re gonna say?

Katie: Well, I don’t want you to think I stopped by to badmouth quinn.

Eric: No. Why would I ever think that? No, of course not. Obviously you’ve stopped by to check on me.

Katie: Is that so obvious?

Eric: Yes. And also that you’re caring about me. Thank you very much. I’m having a productive day working at home. That’s what I’m doing.

Katie: If quinn isn’t here then where is she? Rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. That’s how you rolo. Smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode.

Ridge: See, this is what I want my dad to have. Someone who’s there for him. Someone who has his back when everything else falls apart. Someone who says that everything is gonna be okay.

Brooke: And that’s how he wants quinn to feel. Safe and protected. But who’s gonna protect him?

Ridge: We will.

Brooke: If he’ll let us. I really thought that quinn was exposed, that eric saw her for the lying, selfish person that she is.

Ridge: He did, for a minute.

Brooke: Well now he just seems more chained to her than ever.

Ridge: I would be okay with that. They can be chained together. Just as long as they love each other and they get their hands all over each other but that’s not what’s happening. They’re not happy together. He just wants her happiness. That’s all he’s concerned about. It’s almost like he feels he did something wrong. It’s absurd.

Brooke: This reunion feels like it’s just another maneuver of quinn’S.

Ridge: Well, maybe we should treat it like one.

[ Door knocking ]

Ridge: Come on in. Justin. Right on time.

Justin: You wanted to see me? Maybe we should talk in private.

Ridge: Spoken like bill spencer’s right hand man.

Justin: Former.

Ridge: Well, I hope you haven’t lost your touch because I need you to make good on our agreement.

Justin: You kept your end. Thomas didn’t press charges against me. So, what do you need?

Ridge: I need what you promised me. Loyalty and discretion. You kept a of secrets for bill. Now, I need you to uncover some.

Justin: Going after bill?

Ridge: No, I don’t care about bill. He’s irrelevant. This is important. It’s about my dad.

Eric: Here we are.

Katie: Thank you.

Eric: Sure.

Katie: So, I have to be honest. I’m a bit torn.

Eric: Torn? About what?

Katie: Quinn’s absence. I mean, on the one hand, it gives us an opportunity to relax and talk and I do enjoy talking with you.

Eric: Okay.

Katie: But on the other hand, it makes me concerned because if I had just reconciled with my husband then I would want to spend every moment with him.

Eric: Well, quinn hasn’t abandoned me. She’s at work. You didn’t see her there?

Katie: No. That’s one of the reasons I thought she might be working from home with you. That and she was out last night.

Eric: Well, quinn and i don’t have to do everything together to feel connected.

Katie: Sure, yeah, I know. I mean, I’ve never doubted quinn’s dedication to her work, I’m sure. Wherever she is, she’s giving it her all.

Eric: You have that in common with her, you know.

Katie: I guess so. I love my job. But at the end of the day, I’m excited to go home and be with my son. He is my happiness. I’ve always felt like my home was kind of an oasis. Is that how you feel about your home?

Eric: You mean since quinn has come back and is living with me again?

Katie: I know you don’t like being alone.

Eric: I’m not alone. I mean, I’m here with you.

Katie: Well, I am here because you are my friend and I can see that you’re lonely even though you’ve just reconciled with your wife. And you can make light of it and pretend like it’s no big deal. But I can see that it is. I’m sorry. I don’t want to ask you a bunch of questions that you’re reluctant to answer but I’m worried about you… and your marriage.

Eric: I don’t expect everyone to understand my connection to quinn, I really don’T. I think everybody feels it’s a bit unconventional. And it is. But she and I have an arrangement and it seems to be working.

Quinn: Whenever we’re together, no matter how hard I try, I just– I can’t stop.

Carter: Neither can I. Eric swears he’s okay with it.

Quinn: Yeah, I know. But we still need to be careful. Were at the office.

Carter: You’re right. It’s only a matter of time before someone notices the door is locked and that’s how rumors get started. If ridge and brooke found out–

Quinn: No, they can’T. Ever. They wouldn’t understand. I still don’t understand. It would blow their minds to know eric is the one who wants this.

Katie: You and quinn have an arrangement? That sounds… almost business-like.

Eric: That’s poor choice of words. We have an, uh, understanding.

Katie: About what?

Eric: Well, about her situation in life. How she’s married to an older man and, uh–

Katie: Well, last I checked, you were both mature adults.

Eric: Yeah, well one’s a little more mature than the other, right? Look, quinn has a lot a lot of additional chapters to write in her life and I’m sort of contemplating wrapping mine up. Sort of an epilogue.

Katie: Oh, wow! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you even just said that. That is ridiculous. I mean, ask anyone– anyone in business, you are creating the most innovative designs of your entire career.

Eric: My creativity has never been as vital and as strong as it is now. It’s never faded at all. I don’t know what I’d do if I felt that waning too.

Katie: See, this is– this is what I mean. To hear you talk about yourself like this. This is not who you are. You are confident and optimistic. That’s who you are. I mean, no one appreciates beauty the way you do or appreciates the wonder of life.

Eric: I appreciate beauty.

Katie: But does it move you? Because it used to.

Eric: It did.

Katie: Please tell me you haven’t lost that. Eric, you have many, many, many wonderful years ahead of you. Your life should be brimming with things that bring you joy and satisfaction and pride. Is it?

Eric: Katie, this is the life I’ve chosen for myself. Not many people can say that.

Katie: Does it make you happy? I guess that’s what I really want to know. Does quinn make you happy?

Justin: You’d like me to help you with your father?

Ridge: His wife. How well do you know quinn?

Justin: She’s bill’s ex. Wyatt’s mother. Considering what she did to eric, I know she’s not welcomed around here.

Brooke: No, she shouldn’t be.

Ridge: No, she shouldn’t be. But he tore up the divorce papers and took her back.

Justin: He forgave her?

Ridge: Kind of guy my dad is. That’s why he’s vulnerable to a woman like quinn.

Justin: I’ll take a look at his finances. Make sure his assets are okay.

Ridge: Justin, justin. I don’t need a lawyer. I need the guy who did all the dirty work for bill. The guy who put my son in a cage like an animal. Guy who threw me out of a helicopter. The guy who now is gonna do anything that I ask.

Justin: What would you like me to do?

Ridge: Well, justin, I would like for you to follow quinn. Make sure she’s the loyal, loving wife that my dad deserves. And if she sways from that, if she goes– meets with carter or does anything else that is disrespectful to my father, you let me know.

Carter: So, you should know that, um, eric, he had a talk with me earlier. Said it didn’t have to be awkward but it was. Did you tell him we had sex?

Quinn: He asked. I had to be honest. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?

Carter: Okay. That couldn’t be easy for him to hear.

Quinn: It wasn’t easy for me to say. But he wanted to know.

Carter: Your happiness means that much to him.

Quinn: You know, it’s overwhelming. I’m married to eric who wants me to be fulfilled in my life and you, carter walton, fulfill me in ways no man ever has.

Katie: I don’t mean to put you on the spot. I’m only asking because I care about you.

Eric: I know. I’m touched how much my happiness means to you.

Katie: I realize it’s not fun to be bombarded with questions. There was a time in my life when I was depressed. So I get it. And I’m not saying that that’s what’s happening with you, but I just want you to know where I’m coming from.

Eric: Don’t you dare apologize.

Katie: ‘Cause I was going to.

Eric: I know you were. It’s the kind of thoughtful, wonderful woman you are. That’s why you mean so much to me. And to the company.

Katie: Thank you. That means a lot coming from you. But as flattered as I am, it doesn’t answer my question. Are you happy with quinn as your wife? Please, no. I don’t want you to feel judged. I just want you to know that you can open up to me. You can talk to me about anything and you don’t have to feel defensive or exposed. I am only here to help.

Eric: I have, um–

Quinn: Have what?

Eric: I have… erectile dysfunction and I can’t– I can’t make love to you. I can’t do the things for you that a younger man can. This man.

Katie: Please, eric, talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.

Justin: You think quinn’s being unfaithful to eric again?

Brooke: She better not be.

Justin: But has quinn done something to make you suspicious?

Brooke: You want the whole list or just the highlights?

Ridge: My dad taking her back, it just doesn’t make sense.

Justin: You mentioned he might be vulnerable right now.

Ridge: He is, to her.

Brooke: Eric should have signed the divorce papers. Quinn fuller is never gonna be worthy of him. Ever.

Ridge: What do you say?

Justin: I’ll look into it. But it seems all you need is someone to keep an eye on quinn. You could do that yourself.

Ridge: If quinn is up to something, she’ll know exactly what the family’s doing. But you? The great justin barber? She’ll never see you coming.

Quinn: It’s time to get back to the real world. You go first. I’ll watch.

Carter: Not yet.

Quinn: Ah, ah, ah, ah.

[ Carter groaning ]

Carter: Okay, you’re right. We have to be careful. Eric doesn’t want this getting out and we have to respect that.

Quinn: Yeah, we do. We do. I don’t want to embarrass or humiliate him in any way. But you do need to know, I did tell shauna.

Carter: Quinn!

Quinn: What? She’s my best friend. I needed to talk to somebody about this and don’t worry, eric knows that I told her. She was so disappointed in me the first time I betrayed eric but, you know, this time… it’s different. I agree. We need to hide this from everybody. But I’m so conflicted. I’m in love with two incredible and very different men. Eric is my husband. He’s my partner. He’s my love. And you? You’re my friend. You’re my confidant. You’re my lover.

Justin: I’m on it, ridge. See what I can find.

Ridge: Hey, justin. I want you to look in every corner of her life. Where she goes, when she comes back, who she sees and why. She’s made a fool of my dad for long enough.

Quinn: This is too good to be true.

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