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Lani goes to see Paulina. Paulina tells Lani that her babies were perfect and are sleeping as they speak. Paulina says they didn’t give her any trouble. Lani thanks her for watching them so she could work the morning shift. Paulina is glad to get as much time as she can get with the twins and says they clearly love their great Aunt Paulina. Lani then asks if she means Grandma Paulina.

Allie tells John about how excited she is for Johnny and his movie. Allie brings up that Johnny said there was some pretty crazy stuff about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Allie asks John if there’s no way that happened. John says of course not and claims that Will just has a creative imagination, but that nothing like that ever happened.

Johnny reads more of the script and remarks that nobody wanted to produce Will’s script because it’s way too far-fetched. Johnny then gets a call back from Sami’s phone. Johnny answers and asks where she’s been and why she hasn’t answered his calls or texts. Johnny then tells her that he has something to ask her about Marlena.

Julie goes to Marlena’s office but finds Doug collapsed on the floor. She rushes to his side and frantically asks Marlena what happened. Julie begs Marlena to help Doug.

Johnny tries asking on the phone if Sami is there but gets no answer. Chanel then walks up and greets him so Johnny hangs up the phone. Chanel apologizes and says she didn’t mean to bother him while he was on the phone with his mom. Johnny jokes that a guy who calls his mom can’t be all bad. Chanel calls it cute but says it didn’t sound like she was listening to him. Johnny says they had a bad connection and there was just static then the call dropped. Johnny then gets a text from Sami’s phone saying sorry they got cut off but not to call back because she’s tied up at the moment.

Allie asks John if Will just invented the whole demonic possession thing. John blows it off as Sami just deciding to make her life more interesting than it was. Allie feels it’s more than a little but it’s what she thought. Allie talks about loving the battle of good vs. evil. Allie thanks John for telling her the truth and says she knows she can always come to him. Allie can’t believe she asked if Marlena was possessed by the devil and apologizes for bothering him. Allie goes to leave but John stops her.

Tripp runs in to Kayla in the hospital and asks about the lights flickering and the phones going dead, noting he’s never seen the power go off like that. Kayla says she just checked with maintenance and they said nothing wrong so they’re not sure what caused it and assumed it was a power surge. Kayla asks if Tripp knows where Julie is since she left her with Eli.

Marlena joins Julie at Doug’s side and confirms he has a pulse but it’s weak. Julie asks what happened and if it was a heart attack. Marlena says she doesn’t know and calls for help.

Tripp tells Kayla that he hasn’t seen Eli or Julie. Kayla then gets paged to Marlena’s office for a code blue so Tripp goes with her.

Marlena tells Julie that help is on the way. Julie prays over Doug, saying she’s not ready to lose him.

Paulina gets the twins ready to go. Lani asks if she doesn’t think they should talk about her being called Grandma Paulina. Lani guesses she didn’t think Abe would tell her that they discussed getting married which would make Paulina her stepmother. Paulina admits she wasn’t sure. Lani asks why else she would call herself the twins’ grandmother. Paulina asks how she’s feeling about her and Abe. Lani then reveals that she gave Abe her blessing, but says they need to get a few things straight. Lani calls Abe the most loyal and caring man she knows. Lani says he’s done so much since coming in to her life so she will do whatever she can to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Paulina guesses she’s afraid that she will break his heart. Lani responds that they both know that Paulina has had trouble keeping promises and even more trouble telling the truth.

Chanel asks Johnny if he’s okay as he seemed unhappy about his text from her mom. Johnny blows it off as not important and says he just had something to ask her. Chanel asks what it was. Johnny then informs her that he needed to know if it was true or not that his grandma Marlena was possessed by the devil.

John apologizes to Allie for not being honest with her as he then reveals the truth is that it did happen. John confirms that 25 years ago, Marlena was possessed. John says he wants to pretend it didn’t happen but he can’t lie to her about something so important. Allie doesn’t understand. John just wants to protect the people that he loves from ever having to revisit that dark period in their lives. Allie can’t believe it. John says he has a hard time believing it himself and never really wants to talk about it. Allie asks if he will tell her about what happened. John agrees to if she really wants to know. Allie feels it’s part of their family history. John warns her that this story is not for the faint of heart.

Doug gets set up in a hospital bed while Julie prays as Kayla and Tripp watch over him. Tripp asks Julie to wait outside so Kayla can help Doug, assuring that he’s in good hands, so Julie exits the room with Tripp. Julie asks Tripp more about Doug’s condition. Tripp promises to do everything they can to help him. Julie says she’s fine and asks Tripp to just do something for her husband. Tripp heads back to the hospital room while Julie spots Marlena staring off. Julie approaches Marlena and asks her what happened. Marlena says she doesn’t know what she means. Julie talks about walking in with Doug on the floor while Marlena was standing frozen like she had seen a ghost. Marlena says it was not a ghost. Julie then asks if she’s alright.

Paulina knows she hurt Lani and Abe in the past but she thought they were beyond that and making a fresh start. Lani assure that they are with a fresh start and now secrets. Lani declares that if Paulina can trange that with regards to her relationship with Abe then they are all good. Paulina asks if she’s sure. Lani tells Paulina that she loves her, but for her whole life she’s been a mystery and she can’t have that anymore. Lani wants Paulina to promise to never hurt Abe. Paulina thinks back to telling Marlena the truth that Abe is not Lani’s father. Paulina then tells Lani that there is something she has to tell her.

Chanel asks Johnny if he really believes Marlena was possessed by the Devil. Johnny admits that he’s starting wonder as the script came from Will and Will said everything it is true. Chanel feels the story is like a horror film. Johnny talks about the Devil wanting to use Marlena as his vessel to turn Salem in to Hell on Earth.

John explains to Allie that Stefano opened the door and there was no closing it. John says that the encounter with the Devil nearly killed him, Marlena, and destroyed the whole town but it was the strength of their connection and power of their love that drove the demon out of here and straight back to Hell. Allie questions it all being true. John says he couldn’t make it up and 25 years later, the details of every event is still crystal clear. Allie doesn’t understand how she’s never heard of this before. John remarks that it’s not a bedtime story to tell children as he still has nightmares about it. Allie asks if there was an excorism to drive the demon out. John says there was something like that, so Allie asked who performed it. John thinks back to the exorcism and reveals to Allie that it was him.

Marlena tells Julie that she was just asking Doug some questions. Marlena thinks back to the beginning of her session with Doug. Julie asks what is wrong with Doug. Marlena claims that she doesn’t know and said they were just talking about what had happened. Julie insists that Doug locking her in the freezer was an accident and asks what Doug said. Marlena thinks back to Doug saying he locked that bitch in there on purpose. Julie wonders what has gotten in to her Doug.

Paulina tells Lani that they were talking about grandparents and talks about decisions people make sometimes affecting the lives of their children and even grandchildren. Lani asks what this is about. Paulina assures that she would never hurt her or her children. Lani says this is making her nervous. Paulina tells her that it’s hard to say. Lani tells her to just say it. Paulina then tells her about Doug grabbing her butt. Lani asks if she’s sure it was intentional. Paulina assures her. Lani can’t believe it. Paulina tells her that it happened right in front of Julie, who said Doug hasn’t been acting like himself lately. Lani says that’s awful but asks what it has to do with Paulina and Abe. Paulina claims she’s just not sure if she should tell Abe. Paulina talks about jealousy in her previous relationship but they know Abe is not like that. Lani thinks Abe would just be worried that they are both okay. Paulina hopes Doug is doing better. Lani mentions that if anyone can help him, it’s Marlena.

Johnny reads more of the script to Chanel about Marlena being possessed. Johnny is surprised to learn that Chanel has never seen the movie “The Exorcist”. Chanel says she’s not in to horror movies. Johnny talks about good vs. evil in film. Chanel jokes that she makes a mean devil’s food cake. Johnny points out how watching a scary movie is a good excuse to get closer. Johnny invites Chanel to his house tonight, so they can watch the Exorcist and she can bring over donuts from the bakery. Chanel laughs so Johnny asks if she doesn’t want to see the movie or him.

Allie questions John performing the exorcism. John confirms that he battled the Devil for Marlena’s body and soul, but ultimately their love saved her. Allie says she thought their love story couldn’t get more romantic. John says it didn’t feel romantic at the time, but like the end of the world.

Julie tells Marlena that she’s known Doug for over 50 years and he’s never talked to or about her without respect. Julie asks if Marlena confronted what he said about her. Marlena said she reminded Doug that he locked her in the freezer. Julie asks what he said to that. Marlena thinks back to their session where Doug said it was the most fun he had all week and that he’s not Doug. Julie questions who Doug thinks he is then.

Tripp goes over Doug’s tests with Kayla and says it’s not what he was expecting so he wonders if the power outage affected things. Kayla instructs Tripp to check Doug while she makes sure the monitors are working. Tripp then leans towards Doug, but Doug suddenly grabs hold of his arm.

Allie asks John about telling the story. John talks about trying not to let these thoughts in because he finds himself going right back there and flashes back to each event where he still feels the same emotions. Allie can tell it took a lot of him as he looks tired. John admits that he’s scared and he can’t even explain what it’s like to come face to face with pure evil. John calls it the most traumatic thing they’ve ever been through and they barely survived it so he never wants Marlena to have to relive that again. John tells Allie that she’s going to have to convince Johnny to find another story.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s not trying to pressure her but he didn’t know where they stand. Johnny says things were going really great for awhile until Allie. Johnny admits he had his fun back in the day and wasn’t exactly a one woman man, but Allie seems to think all he cares about is getting Chanel in bed and that’s just not true. Chanel asks what he does care about. Johnny tells Chanel that he likes her and hopes she feels the same way. Chanel admits that when they first met, before she knew he was Allie’s brother, she really liked him too. Chanel says seeing his passion for his movie is something she can relate to because she’s making her dream come true with the bakery. Chanel tells Johnny that maybe they can pick up where they left off.

Paulina points out that Lani gave Abe her blessing to get married, but she hasn’t officially given it to her yet. Lani responds that she will but she has one more condition; she is not about to just start calling her “mom”. Paulina admits that would be kind of weird. Lani is more than happy to just have her as her aunt. Paulina says she is too as they hug. Paulina cries that she just wants the best for her. Lani asks if she’s okay as Paulina hugs her again. Abe walks in and asks to get in on this with his two favorite ladies. Paulina questions Abe bringing home so much food. Abe then reveals that he invited John and Marlena to dinner. Paulina stops and declares that Marlena can’t come here.

Marlena tells Julie that she’s not sure what to make of Doug’s condition. Julie asks if it could be a physical problem causing this behavior. Marlena says maybe or it could be psychological. Marlena thinks back to Doug becoming possessed by the Devil. Julie notes that she still hasn’t explained what happened and how Doug ended up on the floor. Marlena claims that he just collapsed.

Tripp asks Doug to let him go. Kayla helps get Doug to release his grip but then his blood pressure begins dropping. Kayla worries that they are losing him.

Abe questions why Marlena can’t come to dinner since he thought Paulina liked her. Paulina says she does very much. Lani points out that it didn’t sound like it. Paulina claims that she just doesn’t feel like entertaining tonight. Abe decides they can ask them to come another time. Paulina suggests they go out to dinner just the two of them. Abe agrees and mentions that John seemed to have something else on his mind anyways. Paulina asks what it was. Abe says it was just something that happened a long time ago.

John tells Allie that he would never want to step on Johnny’s dream of being a director, but he’s really going to need to find another script to make. Allie asks if it’s because of the bad memories it stirs up or something else. John questions what else it would be. Allie says he and Marlena are the toughest people she knows and it’s not like he’s forgotten any of the horrible things that happened. John assures he thinks about it every day and admits it’s not just the bad memories that worry him. John worries that it could be tempting the Devil. John doesn’t want Allie to concern herself with this but worries about speaking of the Devil leading to him appearing. Allie asks if he really believes that. John says it’s been a quarter of a century, so he doesn’t believe something like that could happen again in Salem but he doesn’t want to take chances.

Johnny asks Chanel if she will come over tonight to watch The Exorcist. Chanel asks if he minds if she keeps her eyes covered the whole time. Johnny promises not to let the Devil get her…

Julie tells Marlena that something doesn’t feel right about any of this. Marlena understands she’s upset as it’s all been very sudden. Julie says something must have happened in her office that she’s not telling her about. Kayla comes out so Julie asks if Doug is okay.

Paulina tells Lani how much her blessing means to her. Lani hopes she and Abe have a great life together as they both deserve it. Lani reminds her that she promised no more secrets and lies. Paulina assures that she loves Abe and will move heaven and earth to make him happy. Lani says that’s all she could ask for as they hug.

Allie walks through the town square and finds Johnny and Chanel kissing. Allie remarks that it looks like someone kissed and made up. Johnny confirms they have. Chanel asks if Allie is cool with that. Allie responds that Chanel is a grown woman who can do what she wants. Johnny notes that it didn’t sound like a yes. Allie states it’s none of her business. Johnny asks what John said about the script. Allie reveals that John said it’s all true that Marlena was possessed by the Devil.

Marlena goes home. John asks her if everything is okay. Marlena tells him that it’s Doug. John asks what happened. Marlena informs him that during a session in her office, Doug collapsed and is still unconscious. John asks what caused it.

Tripp asks Kayla if she thinks Doug is going to pull through. Kayla says he’s stable and they will monitor him very closely. Tripp worries about not knowing what caused it. Kayla says at Doug’s age, every moment is a blessing. Kayla adds that they will do everything they can. Kayla tells Tripp that as doctors, sometimes the best thing they can do is pray. Tripp hugs her.

Julie sits at Doug’s side in the hospital until he opens his eyes.

Marlena assures John that Doug is going to be just fine. Marlena admits that Doug gave them a good scare but assures it’s going to turn out just fine for everybody.

Doug wakes up and tells Julie that he left him and went in to her.

John hugs Marlena and says he’s there for her. Marlena responds that she’s there for him too.

Julie questions what Doug is talking about and what he means.

As John hugs Marlena, her eyes turn yellow.

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