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Update written by Joseph

Chad brings Abigail home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail walks in and sees the stairs, causing a flashback to when Gwen fell down the stairs.

Doug and Julie sit at home with a photo album. Julie goes through pictures, asking Doug to identify various family members. Doug tries to joke but Julie says this isn’t a time for humor. Doug thinks they have tested his memory enough for one day. Julie knows it’s tedious. Doug wishes he could explain his recent behavior but he doesn’t know what has come over him. Julie tells him that Kayla will be over soon and hopefully she will have answers.

Kayla gets a latte at the Brady Pub from Roman. Roman brings up hearing Doug was having tests. Kayla says she’s heading to get the results now. Kayla exits the Pub so Roman goes over to where Lucas and Kate are at a table. They brought Roman some donuts from Sweet Bits Bakery, made by Allie. Roman calls it a great way to start the day. Kate points out that Allie and Chanel had a line going out the door. Lucas talks about being proud of Allie, but he wishes Sami was here to celebrate Allie’s success. Roman notes that he hasn’t heard a word from Sami since her marriage to EJ fell apart.

EJ goes to Johnny’s room at the DiMera Mansion and declares that it’s take your son to work day. Johnny feels they keep having this conversation over and over. EJ hopes he will eventually come to his senses. Johnny insists that he’s fine and he’s all in on making his film about Sami.

John and Marlena eat from Sweet Bits Bakery at home. John mentions that it was nice of Paulina to bring her some. John calls Allie and Johnny ambitious. Marlena brings up Johnny wanting them to invest in his movie. John asks what the film is about. Marlena responds that it’s about Sami because Johnny wants to work on something that he’s personally close to, so she suggested he talk to Will and now Johnny is going to direct the script that Will wrote, “The Sami Brady Story”. Marlena asks if John has feelings about that. John admits he thinks it’s a really terrible idea.

Johnny shows EJ the script, which he recognizes as Will’s old script. EJ points out that it’s already been rejected by several studios. Johnny says it just needs some tweaking and a fresh vision. EJ feels it’s exploiting his own family and asks what if he objects. Johnny remarks that he could always write EJ out since he’s not vital to the story. EJ asks how he couldn’t be since he was the love of Sami’s life. Johnny then remarks that he’d say that title belongs to Lucas.

Marlena tells John that she knows it’s a risky investment. John is more concerned about drudging up the past and putting it out there for the world to see. Marlena asks what he means. John guesses that there is one significant moment in Sami’s history that will be in the film, which she witnessed that changed her life forever. Marlena thinks back to when Sami walked in on her and John.

Kayla goes to visit Doug and Julie to check on Doug. Doug says he’s fine and assures he hasn’t grabbed anyone else’s behind. Doug doesn’t understand why he did that .Julie says Kayla is here to give them answers and asks about the results of the MRI. Kayla goes over what they looked for in Doug’s brain, so Julie asks what they found.

Marlena doesn’t think Johnny will portray how Sami found out about Marlena and John’s affair. John calls that moment of betrayal the catalyst that drove Sami’s actions for years, so he doesn’t see how Johnny tells her story without it. Marlena supposes he’s right but what happened between them is really no secret. Marlena isn’t proud of it, but she’s adjusted to it. John says he has too, but asks what about Roman as he’s not sure he would appreciated being reminded of that really tough time in his life. Marlena thinks Johnny will check with Roman. Marlena points out that they are all good friends now and she thinks Roman has moved on with his life.

Kate helps Roman wipe powder from a donut off of his face. Roman brings up how their wedding cake got ruined by the Salem Stalker and then Alice saved the day. Kate says it was a beautiful reception until the groom appeared to be killed. Lucas jokes that they need one normal wedding in Salem. Roman talks about ending up on an island which Kate laughs about. Roman says it was good to see them and heads back to the kitchen. Lucas then questions if Kate and Roman are hooking up again.

EJ tells Johnny that Lucas is not the great love of Sami’s life. Johnny suggests he read the screen play as you can tell they are meant for each other. EJ argues that Will made it sound that way since Lucas is his father. Johnny remarks that almost 30 years later, Lucas and Sami still can’t keep their hands off each other despite EJ’s great love. EJ warns Johnny to watch himself as if he takes it too far, he might just live to regret it. EJ then storms out of the room.

Abigail sits in the living room with a welcome home card drawn by her kids, Thomas and Charlotte. Chad enters and asks if she’s okay. Abigail responds that their kids are the best. Chad points out how they didn’t want to leave her but they had to go to school, so he promised them a special welcome home mom dinner tonight. They joke about the kids just wanting dessert. Abigail thanks Chad for making her realize that it was time to come home. Chad wants to get her settled in and offers to bring her bags up to their room but Abigail asks to wait a second on that.

Kayla declares that Doug had no signs of bleeding, a stroke, or a tumor and nothing that raised red flags. Kayla adds that shrinkage in brain volume is not unexpected at his age. Doug asks if they can rule out Alzheimer’s. Kayla says not yet since not every patient shows a clear marker. Kayla suggests ordering a PET scan but it’s expensive. Julie agrees to do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this. Kayla promises they will find out what’s going on with Doug. Kayla suggests Doug see Marlena because she could assess if he’s having some kind of dementia. Kayla asks if she should call Marlena.

Marlena asks if John really doesn’t want Johnny making this movie. John asks if he could film a different script because the past is sometimes best left in the past. Marlena asks if John is concerned about revisiting their affair. John says the scandal of what they did destroyed Marlena’s marriage and her family and left her alone in a town that loved her. John adds that it led to the darkest time of Marlena’s life.

Kate asks why Lucas would think she and Roman are involved. Lucas says they were blatantly flirting. Kate jokes that they aren’t secretly seeing each other like he and Sami. Lucas thinks Kate and Roman were great together back in the day. Kate says that was the past. Lucas points out that it doesn’t have to be since Roman was interested months ago. Kate notes that Roman hasn’t said anything lately. Lucas suggests she talk to him. Kate says it’s not his business. Johnny then arrives and greets Lucas and Kate. Kate mentions that EJ is so excited to have Johnny back in town and in to the family business. Johnny responds that he has his own plans and with any luck, he’s about to be one step closer to making his dream come true.

Chad asks Abigail what’s wrong. Abigail says it’s just that before she went to Boston, they were sleeping in separate rooms. Chad admits he was hoping things would be different. Abigail notes that they have a lot to work out, so she’d be more comfortable doing that if they are sleeping in separate beds. Abigail asks if that’s a problem. Chad agrees to whatever she needs but says they will have to have a conversation with the kids. Abigail thinks they will understand. Chad asks what about everyone else, because certain people are going to have an opinion which Abigail questions. EJ then walks in and calls Abigail a lovely surprise.

Marlena tells John that he’s right that she was in a bad place after Sami found out about their affair, but this movie is about Sami, not her. John argues that what happened next affected Sami as well and this is not a subject that Johnny should be messing with. John states that Marlena knows what he’s talking about, but Marlena gets a call from Kayla. Kayla tells Marlena about Doug’s test results not showing anything definitive so she asks Marlena to see him for an assessment. Marlena agrees to come to the hospital now so Kayla thanks her and they hang up. Marlena tells John that she has to go to the hospital and asks if they can pick up this conversation about Johnny later. John agrees to do so and tells Marlena that he loves her. John kisses her goodbye and Marlena then exits.

Lucas asks about Johnny’s big plans. Roman comes back over and jokes that he was beginning to think Johnny was avoiding him. Johnny says he’s been busy working on his dream project. Johnny announces that he’s going to make a movie and hopes Roman will invest in his future. Roman jokes about that being why he finally came to see him. Roman asks how much he needs. Johnny says he’s hitting up multiple investors, including Marlena, who gave him the idea for the movie. Kate asks what it’s about. Johnny says he will direct Will’s screenplay about Sami’s life. Roman calls that a great idea. Johnny is glad he thinks so since EJ hates it. Lucas asks why. Johnny explains that EJ thinks Sami won’t like it which is ridiculous since she approved Will’s script years ago. Johnny wanted to get Roman’s input first because there’s the whole thing about Marlena’s affair and he didn’t want to bring up any stuff. Roman calls that ancient history and assures that he’s good, joking that he get somebody handsome to play him. Johnny thanks Roman and says he will make him proud. Johnny then asks if Lucas has any interest in backing his movie.

EJ says he didn’t know Abigail was there and hugs her. Chad notes that they just got back. EJ mentions finally being back to his old self. Abigail says it’s good to see him healthy and home. EJ remarks that he’s glad Chad took his advice to go fight for her. Abigail wasn’t aware it was EJ’s idea. Chad argues that it wasn’t as he wanted to bring her back. EJ says it doesn’t matter and all that’s important is that she’s home.

Doug goes to Marlena’s office and asks if she thinks he has dementia. Marlena says nothing is conclusive but she hopes to know more after running tests. Doug asks if he can confess something to Marlena. Marlena confirms anything he tells her will be held in strict confidence. Doug then admits that he’s been insisting to Julie that he’s fine but deep down, he can feel something is wrong with him. Doug prays that Marlena can help him. Marlena agrees to do everything she can.

Lucas asks if Johnny is sure he wants to take money from a guy who ruined his dad’s marriage. Johnny says that’s between Lucas and EJ while Lucas has always been good to him and he is Allie’s father so they are family. Johnny adds that Lucas kind of has a big part in the movie as the way the script reads, he was the love of Sami’s life, not EJ. Kate bets Johnny couldn’t wait to tell EJ that. Lucas is sure that went over well. Johnny admits it might have pushed a few buttons. Lucas jokes that it’s good enough for him, so he’ll sign the check right now. Johnny turns to Kate but she says there’s no chance as she doesn’t want to get in hot water with EJ since he signs her pay checks. Johnny says he understands and still has other investors to hit up. Johnny thanks them for their support and says it means a lot, especially since EJ has been a jerk about all of this.

EJ asks if he heard that Abigail and Chad are staying in separate rooms. Chad calls that none of his business. EJ mentions his marriage imploding and encourages that he wants them to make it. EJ insists that Chad feels regret and disgust for letting Gwen manipulate him. Chad tells EJ to shut up and says he doesn’t need him speaking for him. EJ claims he’s just trying to help. Chad suggests he give them privacy. Chad thought EJ was taking Johnny to the office with him. EJ says he was but Johnny is refusing to even consider working for DiMera, which he blames on Chad. Chad questions him still being on that and says it’s not his fault that Johnny doesn’t want to work at DiMera. EJ complains that Chad encouraged him to follow his ridiculous dream of making movies. Chad thinks Johnny is a grown man and should be able to make his own decisions. EJ argues that Chad is supposed to be working with him to steer the family in the right direction, yet he eggs Johnny on to defy him. EJ suggests Abigail persuade Chad to remember where he’s loyal to. Abigail thinks EJ is trying to put Chad in between himself and Johnny, and is now trying to put her in between but she won’t take the bait.

Kate calls it very generous of Lucas to invest in Johnny’s film, although his ulterior motives were completely transparent. Lucas says he’d do anything for family. Kate points out that he got to stick it to EJ. Lucas would rather go back to talking about Kate and Roman. Kate says there is no her and Roman. Lucas encourages her to give Roman a chance. Roman then comes back over and asks a chance for what.

Johnny goes to see John. John mentions that Marlena said he’s been busy. Johnny asks if Marlena is around. John says he just missed her as she got called in to work. Johnny asks if she mentioned his project to him. John confirms they were just discussing it. John admits he has a few concerns about the script. Johnny didn’t realize he was such a film critic. John explains that he’s a little apprehensive about putting their life out there like that. Johnny guesses he means Marlena’s affair. John doesn’t think Roman would be comfortable. Johnny reveals he just spoke to Roman and he’s on board and investing. John adds that he has other concerns as well. John says he’ll finish the conversation with Marlena and then get back to him. Johnny says he’s good with whatever they decide. Johnny adds that he’s going to get back to reading the script. John questions him not finishing the script yet. Johnny admits he hasn’t yet but he’s got to know the major plot points of Sami’s life. John stops him and asks how he feels about movies with talking dogs instead but then says nevermind as Johnny exits.

Doug allows Marlena to record their session. Marlena wants to start by discussing some of his recent moments of cognitive dissonance such as mixing up peoples’ names. Doug confirms he apparently confused Marlena with Vivian. Doug says he feels worse about forgetting Tom and Alice when they meant so much to him. Marlena argues that a lapse of memory doesn’t make them any less meaningful to him. Doug feels guilty for groping Paulina Price and that was completely inappropriate but he has no idea why he did it. Doug talks about how all of this has been hard on Julie. Marlena brings up Julie telling her that he accidentally locked her in the freezer. Doug then suddenly remarks that it was no accident as he locked that bitch in there on purpose.

EJ sees Chad and Abigail are still a united front even if they are sleeping in separate bedrooms. Abigail agrees that it’s none of his business. EJ apologizes and tells Chad that he will see him in the office and tells Abigail it was lovely to see her. EJ exits. Chad then apologizes to Abigail as that was not how he planned to welcome her home.

Lucas claims he has errands to run and steps away. Roman then asks Kate what that was all about. Kate explains that Lucas was just giving her advice. Roman questions that but asks if it was good advice. Kate then informs Roman that Lucas thinks they should get back together. Roman asks what she thinks about that.

Kayla sits with Julie at the hospital and says she knows how hard this is, as she went through something similar with her mother. Julie worries about Doug having Alzheimer’s and says all the Days of their Lives have been wonderful for years. Julie cries that she wants more and apologizes for being selfish. Kayla assures that she’s not giving up hope and Julie shouldn’t either.

Marlena questions what Doug said. Doug repeats that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose and it was the most fun he had all week. Marlena thinks he must be confused. Doug then responds that Marlena is the one who is confused because he’s not Doug.

John opens up a box at home and pulls out a bible along with an old article on when Marlena became possessed by the Devil.

Johnny reads through Will’s script in the town square and is shocked to learn that Marlena was possessed by the Devil.

Marlena encourages that Doug is Doug and she is Marlena Evans. Doug responds that he knows exactly who she is. Doug then becomes possessed by the Devil and his voice changes, telling Marlena that it’s been 25 years and questions if she really thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

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