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Allie is setting up for Sweet Bits Bakery opening in the town square. Tripp comes by to wish her luck. Allie tells him that she’s been up all night baking and is really hoping people show up. Tripp encourages that it will be great. Allie thanks him. Tripp mentions that he would’ve given her more of a pep talk earlier but they haven’t really spoken since the other night. Allie says she feels bad but he’s been working and she’s been trying to find a babysitter for Henry. Allie adds that her mind has been preoccupied. Tripp asks if she means with the bakery opening or with Chanel and Johnny.

EJ is at home at the DiMera Mansion and he calls Xander but it goes to voicemail. EJ states that it’s been 24 hours and he still doesn’t have his money, so he better get it to him or he will do exactly as he warned. EJ warns him not to think about crossing him or he will regret it. EJ hangs up as Johnny enters and asks what’s going on. EJ claims it was just work calls, so Johnny asks if that’s the kind of work he’s wanting him to do by threatening people.

Xander listens to his voicemail from EJ and then Gwen shows up at his door. Gwen mentions hearing that Bonnie got arrested, so he was right that she stole a million dollars from him. Xander confirms that Bonnie is in a jail cell as they speak. Gwen asks if he’s going to get his money back. Xander says not exactly.

Jack is on the phone with Kayla at home, telling her about how Doug wasn’t himself yesterday and they would all feel better if she could check him out. Jack tells Kayla that Doug and Julie will see her soon and then hangs up. Julie walks in so Jack asks how she and Doug are doing. Julie insists that they are both fine. Jack knows she doesn’t want to talk about Doug’s memory lapse yesterday but he thinks it would be best if he got checked out by a doctor, so Kayla offered to slip him in today. Julie tells Jack to call Kayla back and cancel because they don’t need to see anybody. Jack goes over Julie getting locked in the freezer and Doug leaving her there. Julie argues that he didn’t mean to. Jack reminds her that Doug mixed up Roman and John as well as Marlena and Vivian. Julie tells him that this is over but Jack brings up how scared Julie was in the freezer. Julie insists that he has absolutely nothing to be worried about. Jack responds that he is worried and she should be too.

Gwen asks Xander about confronting Bonnie. Xander confirms that he got there just as she and Justin were about to get married. Xander explains that he went upstairs and found his money in a bag with a gun so he stupidly called the police because before he could get out, the police found Bonnie’s sister in law shot to death and seized the cash as evidence. Gwen asks if they will give it back to him. Xander says eventually. Gwen argues that he needs that money to give to EJ or else he will call the judge to have those drug charges reinstated and he could go to prison. Xander mentions the voicemail he just got. Gwen assk what he will do. Xander declares that he has to find a way to stall him or he’s screwed.

EJ tells Johnny that what he heard was just business. Johnny questions how he does business. EJ claims that someone he’s working with owes him a million dollars and he won’t let anyone cheat him out of what is rightfully his. Johnny asks if he thinks he will pay up. EJ says within the hour if he knows what’s good for him. Johnny questions why EJ can’t invest some of that. EJ reminds him that he’s not funding his pipe dream. Johnny argues that it’s not a pipe dream or a phase, he wants it to be his career. EJ wants him to work at DiMera and then he can make his own money to fund his project. Johnny doesn’t want to work by threatening people. EJ argues that Johnny doesn’t want to work at all, he just wants to make silly little movies on his phone. Johnny responds that EJ can insult him and belittle him, but he will never be EJ and work for DiMera. EJ suggests he find another relative to hit up for money. Johnny argues that he has plenty of family to support him, even if his own father won’t. Johnny tells EJ to take his job and shove it as he walks out. Chad then enters and asks if EJ was doing some father-son bonding.

Tripp brings up to Allie how she went racing out of her place after he told her about Johnny and Chanel almost sleeping together and he hasn’t heard from her since, so she never told him what happened between her and her brother. Allie asks if they can talk about it another time since she has so much to do and can’t get in to this right now. Tripp says he’ll be thinking of her and encourages her to believe in herself like he does. Tripp calls this the start of something incredible. Tripp and Allie kiss right as Chanel walks up and sees them.

Julie argues that Jack is blowing things out of proportion. Jack brings up when he came back to Salem with no memory and he doesn’t want that for Doug. Julie complains that it was just a little confusion. Jack thinks it would be better if they just got him examined. Julie says they can examine him at his checkup next month. Jack thinks they should do it now but Julie argues that it’s not his choice and she knows Doug does not have dementia. Doug then walks in and says that’s right.

Xander calls EJ and informs him that he found his money, so EJ asks why he doesn’t have it. Xander brings up Bonnie being arrested and explains that she robbed him, but the police found the money at her murder scene so they confiscated it as evidence. EJ responds that it’s not his problem, it’s Xander’s. Xander says it’s not a problem because the police assured he would get the money back as soon as Bonnie is arraigned, so once he has it, he will bring it to him. EJ warns him to do so or he will be sorry. EJ hangs up. Chad asks if everything is okay. EJ says he’s fine, just in a mood. Chad asks if it’s because of Johnny as things seemed tense between them. EJ says that’s no thanks to Chad.

Johnny goes to the hospital and runs in to Tripp, who asks what he’s doing there. Johnny informs him that he’s come to see Marlena about funding his film. Tripp wishes him luck but Johnny says he won’t need it since Marlena always had a soft spot for him. Tripp stops him and asks if he has a minute because he’s curious about what happened the other night between he and Allie.

Chanel comes to work at the bakery. Allie greets her. Chanel mentions seeing Tripp leaving. Allie says he just came by to say good luck. Chanel questions Allie being stressed out since the moment she showed up. Allie says she didn’t get any sleep and is just nervous about the opening. Chanel asks if she’s sure it’s about the opening. Allie asks what else she would be nervous about. Chanel decides they need to clear the air about her and Johnny.

Xander thinks he bought some time with EJ. Gwen still blames herself for putting him in this mess since he confessed to her crime. Xander assures it will all work out, but he’s more concerned with her and Jack. Xander asks about their conversation. Gwen explains that she told Jack that Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her in to running drugs, but not about her blaming Abigail for her miscarriage which drove her out of town and ruined her marriage. Gwen says she told Jack that she needed time to think so she made up an errand and ran out the door. Xander points out that Jack will want an answer soon. Gwen hopes this crisis with Julie will keep Jack busy a bit. Xander asks if she froze to death. Gwen says she wishes but Doug locked her in the freezer, which they laugh about. Xander jokes about other ways Doug can try to get rid of Julie. They laugh together and end up kissing.

Julie tells Jack that Doug agrees with her. Jack tells Doug that they were just talking about what happened yesterday. Doug responds that he doesn’t know how he could ever leave Julie locked in the freezer. Doug apologizes to Julie and hopes she can forgive him. Julie assures that what’s important is that they are both fine.

Chanel tells Allie that she can take care of herself. Allie says she just wanted to warn her about her brother. Chanel questions her crashing their date and trashing Johnny in front of her. Allie argues that he is a huge player and insists that she did her a huge favor. Chanel responds that she’s been with plenty of sleazy guys but she doesn’t get that vibe from Johnny. Allie argues that Johnny is very good at being charming and sincere, but he doesn’t have the best track record with women. Chanel mentions that she hasn’t spoken to Johnny since and hasn’t had much time to chat with anyone since they are opening a bakery today. Allie thought Johnny would have texted her. Chanel admits that he has, but she hasn’t responded. Chanel then asks Allie if that’s what she wanted.

Johnny asks Tripp if he means when Allie barged in on her and Chanel like a total lunatic. Tripp says he didn’t mean to cause trouble by telling Allie that Johnny and Chanel almost slept together. Johnny complains that Allie completely went off on him and then Chanel walked out the door. Tripp knew Allie would be upset but didn’t know she would go ballistic. Johnny tells Tripp to get a clue and declares that it’s obvious that Allie doesn’t want him with Chanel, because she wants her for herself.

Chad asks EJ what he has to do with the problems between he and his son. EJ reminds Chad that he asked him to convince Johnny to work for DiMera. Chad reminds EJ that he asked what was in it for him and he never got an answer. EJ says that was because Johnny walked in. Chad brings up trusting that EJ wouldn’t try to grab the CEO position for himself. Chad adds that he wasn’t going to let EJ use him to get his kids in the door then screw his kids down the road. EJ complains that Chad told Johnny to follow his passion. Chad talks about following his passion and starting a sports website then opened a coffee shop that turned into a nightclub. Chad admits it wasn’t all successful but he learned a hell of a lot along the way and he ended up back in the family fold, so he suggests EJ let his son explore a little bit. EJ says that’s out of the question and declares that Johnny needs to be put on the proper path. Chad asks if he means a leash. EJ remarks that at least his son is still living under this roof, unlike Chad’s wife. Chad argues that she’s helping her mom in Boston. EJ points out that she was supposed to be back home months ago. Chad guesses Laura’s affairs were more complicated. EJ questions Chad not taking the children to visit her but guesses that Abigail doesn’t want to see him. Chad doesn’t want his pity and says he’s already told Jack to talk to Abigail, but he hasn’t gotten back to him yet. EJ questions Chad standing around waiting for her to come back to him. Chad asks what he expects. EJ advises Chad to go get Abigail. EJ argues that if Chad had any sense, he’d be in Boston right now telling Abigail that her place is here with him and his children. Chad responds that he doesn’t tell his wife what to do. EJ blames Chad’s attitude for why she left. Chad points out that he doesn’t see EJ’s wife around anywhere. EJ says that’s because he threw her out for cheating on him with her ex-husband. Chad suggests he chase her down and drag her back by her hair. EJ responds that he doesn’t want to see that whore ever again and even if he did, he doesn’t know where she is. Chad finds that very hard to believe.

Tripp tells Johnny that it’s not true. Johnny asks Tripp why Allie would bring up ancient history about a friend of hers that he dumped back in high school. Tripp explains that Allie said she cares about both of them and if they started dating and something went wrong. Johnny disagrees and declares that Allie doesn’t want them dating because she’s still hung up on Chanel. Tripp notes that she told him that she’s not. Johnny adds that Allie is doing anything she can to keep them apart. Tripp says even if she was, she doesn’t control Chanel as Chanel can make up her own mind about him. Johnny reveals it looks like she already as because she ghosted him and won’t respond to his calls or texts, which he states is all Allie’s fault.

Allie apologizes to Chanel for storming in to Johnny’s and admits it wasn’t cool. Chanel says leaving wasn’t cool either but she didn’t know what else to do. Allie blames herself for Chanel being stuck in the middle. Allie says she should’ve talked to him in private but when Tripp told her that she and Johnny almost slept together, she just reacted. Allie knows they only didn’t because they didn’t have protection and she was scared that Chanel would end up like her friend Katie, who Johnny dated in high school. Allie tells Chanel that Johnny has a way with women and knows how to get what he wants. Allie explains that Johnny got Katie in bed and the next week, he dumped her and broke her heart. Chanel says that happens but Allie says she doesn’t want that to happen to her, so she felt like she had to stop it. Allie apologizes for causing a scene, but says she only did it because she cares about her so much. Chanel suggests they get back to work. Allie asks her if she can please forgive her first.

Xander and Gwen lay in bed together after having sex. Gwen says this is not why she came over but she didn’t want EJ to throw him to the wolves. Xander says he just kept her because he was concerned about her relationship with Jack. They agree that they got caught up in the moment and didn’t intend to end up back here. Gwen reminds him that they decided not to see each other. Gwen adds that Jack would die if he saw her in bed with him like this, even though she told Jack that Xander is not a drug runner. Xander feels Jack still hates his guts. Gwen worries that if Jack finds out about her miscarriage, he’s going to hate her guts too.

Doug gives Jack his word that he will not leave anyone in a freezer again. Jack points out that’s not all that happened. Doug acknowledges that he was confused about a number of things yesterday since he called Roman, John and mixed up Marlena and Vivian. Doug notes that his doctor says a lot of people have minor memory issues when they get older. Julie says she told Jack that but he won’t let it go. Doug thinks he actually knows why it happened and blames it on sleeping terribly the night before as he was restless and had bad dreams, but last night he slept like a baby. Doug thinks he and Julie should get going as they have a very important place to be. Doug reminds Julie that Allie and Chanel are opening their bakery today. Julie admits she didn’t remember. Doug blames himself for her having a difficult day yesterday. Julie wants to put that behind them and agrees they should go to the town square to support Allie and Chanel. Jack asks if they’re sure they won’t go to their appointment with Kayla first. Doug questions having an appointment with Kayla. Julie explains that Jack took it upon himself to get him an appointment to get checked over, but obviously that is not necessary. Julie knows Jack’s heart is in the right place but she assures that they are both fine and Doug is as healthy as a horse. Doug and Julie then exit together.

Gwen knows how much Xander’s friendship with Jack meant to him. Xander says not as much as a building a father-daughter relationship with Jack meant to Gwen, and if Jack finds out that Gwen let Abigail believe it was her fault that she lost her baby, he doesn’t think Jack will ever forgive her. Gwen acknowledges that Jack has loved Abigail her whole life. Xander argues that Gwen is every bit as much Jack’s child. Gwen points out that they don’t have the history. Xander tells Gwen that she needs a really convincing story about Dr. Snyder’s blackmail. Gwen says she’s trying but it’s very difficult. Gwen says she can normally come up with lies but this time she is stumped. Xander reminds her that Jack is an investigative reporter, so it has to be something he would just believe without looking in to. Gwen says it has to be something where she is scared enough for it to come out, but not so bad that he’d turn his back on her. Gwen worries about the pressure but Xander encourages that they can do this. Xander suggests they put their heads together and think of something.

EJ questions what Chad is insinuating. Chad says that EJ is not the type to lose track of people. Chad brings up EJ being the only one in touch with Kristen when no one else knew where she was. EJ points out that Kristen is their sister. Chad points out that Sami is his wife. EJ repeats that he is through with her and has turned his full attention to DiMera. Chad says he’d bet a million dollars that EJ knows where Sami is, or is very close to finding out. EJ denies that and says Sami could fall off the face of the earth as far as he’s concerned. EJ reminds Chad that they weren’t talking about his wife, but Chad’s, so he asks Chad what his plan is.

Tripp gets why Johnny is pissed, but insists that Allie and Chanel are just friends. Johnny calls them friends with benefits. Tripp acknowledges that Allie and Chanel kissed a couple times, but Allie said she wants to be with him and he believes her. Johnny questions if Allie is so in to Tripp, then why is she so determined to mess things up for he and Chanel. Johnny asks why she even cares what happens between them.

Chanel forgives Allie and knows she was just looking out for her. Allie thanks her for understanding. Allie says she’s going back to work but Chanel stops her and says they are not done as she thinks there might be more to it. Chanel reminds Allie that she made it clear that she was in to her, but Allie made it clear she wanted to be with Tripp. Allie says she does. Chanel brings up Allie losing her mind when she got with Johnny. Chanel asks if it’s possible that this is a situation where Allie doesn’t want her, but doesn’t want Johnny to have her either.

Gwen asks Xander to help her come up with a lie. Xander suggests Gwen telling Jack that she used to be a hooker and that Dr. Snyder was one of her clients then she ran in to him here and he recognized her, so he threatened to expose her past if she didn’t be his drug mule. Gwen refuses to tell Jack that she slept with Dr. Snyder. Xander can’t think of a better story. Gwen responds that she can. Gwen declares that she will tell Jack the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Tripp tells Johnny that Allie is just being a good friend by trying to keep Chanel from getting hurt. Johnny complains about her convincing everyone that he’s a jerk, who uses women. Tripp remarks that his sister knows him better than anyone so as far as he’s concerned, she’s right. Johnny insists that he likes Chanel a lot and he thought she liked him too but now he doesn’t know if he will ever hear from her again.

Allie tells Chanel that she’s trying so hard to do the right thing and she really thought she was. Allie argues that she couldn’t let Johnny use Chanel. Allie says she felt she had to get over there and stop them from going upstairs together. Chanel asks what happened after she left. Allie informs her that Johnny let her have it and stormed off, then she went home and had a long talk with Nicole about everything. Allie notes that Nicole told her she had to be honest about why it bothered her so much that her brother was involved with her best friend. Allie explains that at first, she thought confronting Johnny really was just to protect her, but she didn’t consciously realize the real reason she was doing it. Allie says she should’ve known that she didn’t just go over there because she was worried and upset, but also because she was jealous.

Xander tells Gwen that she can’t just rush out as she has to think about this. Gwen assures that she wants to tell Jack the truth as it will be a huge weight off her shoulders. Xander worries that it could also be the end of her relationship with Jack. Gwen decides she can’t live with this lie anymore, so if Jack hates her then at least he’ll stop hating Xander. Xander isn’t sure about that since he’s known about her miscarriage for months and didn’t say a word, so Jack might end up just hating both of them. Xander adds that on the bright side, if Jack finds out the truth, then there’s no need for them to not see each other but then they aren’t seeing each other. Xander reminds Gwen that yesterday she seemed open to the possibility. Gwen reminds Xander that this is not why she came over, but to make sure he could pay EJ. Xander reminds her that he only kept her to find out what she decided to tell Jack. Gwen responds that now she is leaving. They say goodbye to each other as Gwen then kisses him on the cheek and exits the room.

Johnny tells Tripp that he has to go talk to Marlena, but he hasn’t seen Allie since she went psycho. Johnny gives Tripp a message to give to Allie and says to tell her to stay the hell out of his business from now on.

Doug and Julie join Chanel and Allie at the bakery. They thank them for coming and suggest a sample. Allie and Chanel then go in to check the oven. Julie tells Doug that it’s a day to celebrate as they taste the muffins and donuts. Julie declares that she is so thrilled that their family recipe will be available to everyone in Salem right here in the square. Julie calls it a wonderful occasion and that the donuts taste exactly like Alice’s. Doug stops her and asks who the heck is Alice.

Gwen goes home and greets Jack. Gwen asks about Doug and Julie. Jack says they are much better and Doug seemed like his old self again. Jack notes that they are out so maybe they can finish their conversation. Gwen says that’s why she came home because she thinks it’s time he knew the truth about Dr. Snyder and what he was holding over her.

EJ goes to Xander’s room and informs him that he just called the courthouse and found out that Bonnie was arraigned over an hour ago, so he asks where his money is. Xander responds that he was just about to go get it. EJ doesn’t believe him. Xander doesn’t understand why such a rich man cares about one million dollars. EJ says that it’s the principle as he finds it maddening that his hypocrite of a wife used his money to expose Nicole’s infidelity, when she was cheating on him. EJ tells Xander that he gave him fair warning, so now he’s calling the judge so he can expect to be in handcuffs shortly. Xander argues that he just said he was going to get the money. EJ responds that the only place he’s going is to jail.

Chad arrives in Boston and sees Abigail.


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