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Recap written by Christine

When someone came to Adam’s office, he thought it was his assistant. It was Sharon, who adopted a silly voice and pretended she was the assistant. Adam was caught off guard, because Sharon was the last person he expected to see. She came by to apologize for mishandling things when he came to Crimson Lights for advice on Connor. He told her that, after all they’d been through, she never had to apologize to him. She thanked him. He was sorry for breaking his promise to give her and Rey space. Sharon noted that Mariah was upset to see Adam. He said Mariah never had use for him, because she was rightfully protective of Sharon, and now Mariah was combustible after all she’d been through. He figured he probably had Mariah’s outburst coming. Sharon said Adam came to the coffeehouse because he needed her help, and she wasn’t here for him, but she was now.

Adam was glad Sharon was here, because he needed her advice. He valued her professional opinion, and no one understood the dynamics better than Sharon. Sharon asked if Adam and Chelsea had the same expectations about what their future would look like. He said not exactly. She said they had to work those specifics out before talking to Connor, because he was going to want to know if there was any hope for his family to be together again. She asked if it was really truly over for him and Chelsea. He’d been clear with Chelsea that their relationship was over, but he didn’t recall ever getting a definitive answer about how she felt. There had been times when he sensed that Chelsea would be willing to reconcile with him. Sharon thought that made sense, because Chelsea and Adam had overcome some huge things. He said that too much damage had been done, but they still wanted to do right by Connor. Sharon thought Adam, Chelsea and Connor needed to have a family conversation soon and tell Connor that his parents were separating. Adam didn’t think he’d be able to do it soon, because he didn’t know when Chelsea was coming back from Anita’s. Sharon advised against putting it off. Adam and Sharon were in agreement that this talk should be done in person. Adam decided that he needed to do this now, on his own.

Sharon said that if Adam felt compelled to talk to Connor on his own, he needed to speak to Chelsea first. He was a little wary of how Chelsea would react when he took away any hope of reconciliation. Sharon advised speaking with respect and empathy for what Chelsea was going through. Sharon said that it might be a good thing Chelsea was with her mother now, just in case this hit her hard. He wasn’t sure Anita was the best influence on Chelsea. Sharon asked if Anita would encourage Chelsea to pull a con to heal her wounds, and Adam said something like that. He wondered if he was worried over nothing; maybe Chelsea still despised him and she was being civil for Connor’s sake. In that case, if he told Chelsea he was talking to Connor alone, it might cause a huge setback for her or provoke a huge negative response. Sharon suggested contacting Chelsea’s therapist, but Adam said Chelsea would consider it a huge violation of her privacy.

Sally was on her way into Adam’s office when she overheard the conversation through the open door. She stopped and listened as Sharon spoke about the importance of handling this situation correctly. She said Adam would be setting up a foundation for how he and Chelsea moved forward as parents. He said he knew Sharon would be the one person to steer him in the right direction. “You always have been,” he said. Adam asked how to frame this with Connor. He got the sense that Connor knew something was wrong with him and Chelsea, so it wouldn’t come as a shock. Sharon advised being open and honest and respectful of Chelsea. She said to let Connor know his parents would always love him. She assured him that he could do this. He said it was nice to know she believed in him. Sally barged in talking about the budget, pretending that she didn’t know Sharon was in the room.

Sally feigned sorrow for interrupting and she said she had something important to discuss. Adam asked her to come back later because he and Sharon were also discussing something important. Sally said okay – it was a private matter anyway. Sharon said they’d cover everything, so she should get going. Adam thanked Sharon. Sally said bye, but Sharon didn’t reply. Sally commented on the way things just got chilly in here. Sally said she was sorry for interrupting again, but Adam knew that wasn’t true because he saw her hanging around outside the door before she walked in. he said he and Sharon were talking about his kid, and he didn’t appreciate games when it came to his child. Sally apologized again, and she said she meant it this time. She swore she didn’t really hear anything. She admitted her actions were foolish and immature. She knew they were trying to keep things professional, but she got jealous. She knew he and Sharon had a history. She promised that she’d try and not act on her jealousy if it came up again. She said his past, present and future relationship with Sharon was none of Sally

s business. He agreed. He asked if she actually had something to discuss about the budget. She said she’d email him because she took up enough of his time already. After she left, Adam called Chelsea and said they had to discuss the future and Connor.

Victoria and Ashland had coffee at home. They talked about their schedules. She had a breakfast meeting with Nikki. He had to review some Newman Media paperwork, and he had a call with Harrison. She encouraged him to rest, too. He revealed that he’d made an executive decision and invited Elena and Nate to the wedding. Victoria was glad. He was happy she approved, because he’d spontaneously asked Nate to be his best man. He wanted someone who mattered to him and Victoria going forward and someone who wasn’t from his past. Ashland thought of asking Victor, but he’d be walking Victoria down the aisle, or Jack, but that was a complicated situation. The other option was Billy. Victoria was shocked, but Ashland was just kidding on the last one. He liked Nate and thought it’d be good to have someone like Nate by his side.

Victoria thought Ashland’s choice made sense. They were both focused on work and family, which didn’t leave time for much else. He said, like long-lasting friendships. He moved his life to Genoa City, and he didn’t miss anyone he used to socialize with in NY. All his so-called relationships were built for networking. Tara introduced him to her friends, but they didn’t have much in common. He’d always enjoyed being somewhat of a loner, even before he started Locke Communications Group. Then once he developed a reputation he knew she know what it was like to be in a powerful position. She did – most new acquaintances either deferred to you or wanted something from you. Ashland said Nate did neither. Ashland stated that Nate came to his aid and reminded him that he still had some power over his disease, and that made a strong impression on him. He thought it spoke to Nate’s integrity. He’d like to call Nate his friend and have him by his side at the wedding.

A gift for Victoria from Ashland arrived. He said it was a merger/wedding present. She opened it and was speechless when she saw the large painting of herself. He knew Victor used to have a similar one in the CEO’s office. She said it was in the boardroom now. He thought that it was time for her portrait to hang in its rightful spot in her office, to exemplify the changing of the guard. She thought It was just beautiful, and she didn’t know what to say. She looked at it again and asked if this was a Meryl Londeree. It was, and she was impressed that he’d managed to get her to paint this. He said it wasn’t easy, but he convinced the artist that Victoria deserved this. He wanted to prove his love for her. She said she had, again and again.

Victoria met Nikki at Society. Nikki reported that the staff at the palazzo was preparing for their arrival. Victoria was grateful Nikki was helping with this. Nikki asked how Ashland was doing. Victoria said that he had a rough day the day of the launch party, but now he seemed to be handling treatment well. Nikki asked how Victoria was. She was fine, and she was choosing to stay optimistic about Ashland’s treatment.

Victoria told Nikki that she received a beautiful thoughtful gift from Ashland. Nikki didn’t realize that artist was still painting. Victoria said she wasn’t, but Ashland made it work. She thought the gift demonstrated how well he knew her in such a short time. She’d been wanting to replace Victor’s picture for some time. It wasn’t a slight. She just wanted to step out of Victor’s shadow. Nikki said Victoria had always shone, and she was glad Ashland saw that as clearly as Nikki and Victor did. Victoria said it was like Ashland saw her for who she was, and she tried not to think about time slipping away. She wondered what she’d do if she lost the man she loved before they’d barely began their lives together. Nikki had been concerned about this the whole time, and the whole family was worried. Nikki said it was okay to admit this engagement had been abrupt. Victoria asked if Nikki was saying she should call off the engagement.

Elena and Nate were at Crimson Lights after their night together. She suggested going back upstairs, and he was tempted, but they both had things to do today. She guessed that was the official end to their date. They both enjoyed last night with Victoria and Ashland, but they were shocked Ashland asked Nate to be his best man. It still didn’t make sense to Nate that Ashland asked him and not one of his actual friends. He was honored, but he didn’t understand.

Elena thought it made sense. She said that Ashland just went through a divorce, so he might not want to ask any of his friends who knew his wife. Nate thought that was a good point. He added that Ashland said most of his friends were business associates. Elena said Ashland might want to choose someone who had a connection to Victoria and her family. She added that Nate went above and beyond and showed Ashland compassion, like a human being and not like a big shot billionaire.

Elena asked if Nate was going to accept. Nate liked Ashland, but he wasn’t ready to say yes. She asked if they weren’t going to Tuscany if he said no. He assured her that they were definitely going to that wedding. He teased that he ate all the pasta in Italy the last time he was there. He was happy to celebrate Victoria and Ashland, and he wanted to spend time with Elena in the most romantic place on earth.

Billy and Lily were at home, and he was waiting for one of the investigative journalists to get him some information on Ashland’s mentor. Lily noted that this investigation was causing a rift between Billy and Victoria. She asked if the team found something new. They hadn’t uncovered anything on that time in Ashland’s life, which Billy found suspicious. He thought Ashland’s history had been scrubbed. There was nothing to be found about where he was born or what happened to his parents. Lily said they died when he was young. Billy stated that every article on Ashland said his parents, Mary and Ian Locke, died when he was a teenager, but there were no death certificates proving that. There was no birth certificate for Ashland either. It was as if he and his family never existed. Lily admitted it was intriguing. Billy hated to bring up Victor, but Victor had talked for decades about his early years as an orphan and how he rose to the top. Why didn’t Ashland want to discuss that part of his life? Lily thought it might be too painful for Ashland to revisit, or maybe he wasn’t close to his parents. As for the missing records, things weren’t digitized when Ashland was young, so maybe they were lost. Billy added that there were no anecdotes about his family or information on his school days. Lily said that, given all the lives Ashland wrecked, maybe no one wanted to go on the record about him. He asked why she was fighting him – did she want him to give this investigation up that badly? She just wanted him to have facts before he jumped to conclusions.

Billy and Lily went to Crimson Lights and ran into Elena and Nate. They chatted about AskMDNow and agreed to have dinner soon. Elena joked that she and Nate were popular lately. Elena mentioned the dinner with Victoria and Ashland and she said they discussed the wedding. Billy was interested in details. Nate didn’t think it’d be appropriate for him and Elena to repeat what they were told. Elena noted that Billy had a vested interest in publishing stories on this. Billy didn’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable – he clarified that this was off the record. Elena said they didn’t know anything anyway. Lily suggested that Billy could just ask Victoria what he wanted to know. Elena mentioned that she might have to dodge paparazzi for the wedding. Lily was surprised they were invited. Billy asked who made the invitation – Victoria or Ashland. Lily was sure it was Victoria, since she and Nate went way back. Elena clarified that it was Ashland – he and Nate hit it off. Nate said he liked Ashland.

Billy and Lily’s order was finished, so they left the table. At the counter, Lily said she was glad Billy stopped fishing for details, especially since it seemed like Nate and Elena didn’t know anything. Billy, however, was struck by something that Nate said. Elena and Nate left. Billy thought it was suspicious that Ashland was trying to befriend Nate. Billy said that Ashland donated to the hospital, then the couples had dinner together, and now all of a sudden Nate and Elena were invited to the wedding. Lily said Nate was a great guy, and Ashland was getting treatment at the hospital where Nate worked. Billy said Ashland built a career being intimidating and aloof, and now he was charming people he barely knew. Lily said Elena and Nate were doctors, not moguls Ashland had to worry about screwing him over. Billy said men like Ashland didn’t seek friendships unless there was something they were hoping to get out of it.

Billy and Lily went to work. He said that the investigative journalist hit another dead end. It was almost like Ashland didn’t exist until he met the woman who became his mentor. He didn’t see how it was possible for anyone in this day in age to have no record of the first 20 years of his life. Lily asked who cared if Ashland was hiding where he came from. Billy said if that was true, that meant Ashland was a lie, and his empire was a lie. People would want to hear about this story and Victoria deserved to know.

Ashland was at home staring at Victoria’s portrait. He got a text that said “You’re a hard man to keep track of.”

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