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Recap written by Christine

Rey showed up at Adam’s office. Sighing deeply, Adam asked what Rey was going to try and arrest him for this time. Rey was actually there with Connor’s baseball cap. He explained that he ran into Connor and the nanny at the park, and they talked. When Connor left, he forgot his cap. Adam said it was Connor’s favorite. Rey turned to leave, but Adam said that thought Rey deserved props for rescuing Mariah. Rey gave the credit to Devon, who followed up on his feeling about Stitch. Adam had no idea things got so far off course. Rey thought Adam was insinuating that he should’ve gotten updates on the case, as if he were part of the inner circle. Adam said he cared. “About Mariah or about Sharon?,” Rey asked. Adam commented that this was the longest conversation they’d ever had without Sharon coming up. He felt that Rey’s jealousy was constant.

Adam said that not everything was about Sharon. Abby was his sister, and the baby was his nephew. Rey sarcastically replied that he forgot how close Abby and Adam were. Adam stated that he cared about Mariah, but Rey contended he only cared because she was Sharon’s daughter. “So you’re saying that I should just hit the off switch on my feelings? That Sharon doesn’t deserve any of my concern?,” Adam asked. Rey noted that he never said that, but Adam thought that’s what he meant. Adam said that his past with Sharon couldn’t be erased. She was the most decent loving person he knew, and he only cared about what was best for her and the people who mattered to her. He said Rey could accept that or he could fly into a rage every time he heard the name Adam.

Rey felt that Adam had enough to deal with in his own family without inserting himself in anyone else’s. “Stop worrying about Sharon’s daughter. Worry about your son,” Rey snapped. Adam asked why – because he lost his hat? When Rey talked with Connor at the park, he could tell something was going on with him. He said Adam was here, and Chelsea was out of state, which could get confusing for a kid. Adam was adamant that his family was under control. It didn’t sound like that to Rey. Adam ordered Rey to leave. Rey said that Connor was wondering when he and his parents would be a family again – he was smart and he could tell things were different. Rey wasn’t telling Adam how to handle things, but he asserted that things needed handling. He told Adam to focus on that and not what was going on in Sharon’s life.

Moses bumped into Faith at the park. She was going to see Mariah, and she invited him along, but he declined, because he assumed Mariah wasn’t up for meeting someone new right now. He said they’d catch up later. He’d spend his time brainstorming about their first date.

Tessa and Mariah went to Crimson Lights to get coffee, but Mariah quickly became entranced by a woman with a baby, and she didn’t hear Sharon asking for her order. After the mother left, Sharon gave Mariah a drink. Mariah felt reassured because it tasted just like it did before she got kidnapped. Sharon was concerned because Mariah didn’t answer her earlier. Mariah said she just spaced out. Sharon could tell there was something going on, and she assured Mariah that she could talk. Mariah admitted things had been difficult. For so long, it was just her and Bowie. She spent her time talking to the baby. She promised him she’d keep him safe and that they’d make it out alive. Tessa said that was a lot of pressure Mariah put on herself, especially when she didn’t know what was going on. Mariah said that it was her job, more than a job, Bowie had been her reason for living. Then came the intense and urgent rescue and birth. Then Bowie – Dominic went home with his mother. Sharon stated that Mariah bonded with the baby, and now she felt something had been taken from her.

Mariah said she and the baby had a real bond, which she wasn’t supposed to feel. She knew he wasn’t her baby. Tessa thought it was okay for Mariah to feel a bond with the baby. Mariah asked what to do with the feelings. Sharon said that the connection wouldn’t go away – he was Abby’s son, but he wouldn’t be there without Mariah. Mariah thought she had to train herself out of calling him Bowie, but Sharon felt it was okay for Mariah to have a special nickname for him. Tessa thought that Dominic would be happy to have such a cool nickname. Sharon thought it was really important for Mariah to tell Abby all this. Mariah wasn’t sure, but Sharon said Abby was a friend, and she wanted what was best for Mariah.

Faith rushed in and hugged Mariah. Tessa and Sharon thought the sisters needed time, so they went out to the patio. They smiled as they heard Mariah and Faith laughing inside. Mariah told Faith that her pledge to torture and destroy Stitch would get her and Mariah locked away forever. Mariah liked how protective Faith was, though. Faith asked if Mariah was okay. Her parents wouldn’t tell her much, because they didn’t want her to freak out. Mariah understood that, because Faith had a rough year. Faith asserted that she was stronger now, and she wanted to help. Mariah suggested that they do a girls’ night soon and they’d talk about everything. Mariah wasn’t ready to talk just yet. Faith told Mariah not to feel pressured to move on. She thought Mariah should focus on the people who cared about her now. Mariah said that Faith had changed in the short time Mariah was away – she was more positive and solid. She asked if this had anything to do with Moses. Faith confirmed that it did.

Later, Sharon and Mariah were alone together. Tessa was on the patio on the phone. Mariah said Tessa was canceling her gig to spend as much time with Mariah as possible. Mariah was grateful Tessa wanted to take care of her, but they worked so hard on Tessa’s career, and she didn’t want Tessa to start canceling things because of her. Sharon said that they might seem clingy because, for weeks, they were all upset and frustrated, thinking Mariah was pushing them away, then when they learned the truth, they were kicking themselves for not realizing Stitch manipulated them. Mariah didn’t want them feeling guilty. She didn’t want to have to keep reassuring people that she didn’t blame them. Sharon said she’d try not to blame herself. Mariah knew Sharon and Nick shielded Faith from what happened. Mariah said that Faith was growing up fast, and she was strong, so they should treat her that way.

Sharon was caught off guard, and Mariah got nervous, when Adam walked in. Adam was happy Mariah was safe and back home. She mumbled thanks, and he asked if he’d said something wrong. “Yeah, sorry if I’m a little tense around people like you right now, but I was just freed from the clutches of a madman who kidnapped me without a care for the life of an unborn baby because he wanted to win back a certain woman and get her to like him again,” she replied. She got up and put distance between them. Adam was sorry for what Mariah went through. He was just trying to express sympathy, and he knew he wasn’t one of her favorite people. Sharon said Adam wouldn’t try to do anything to make Mariah uncomfortable. Adam said he wouldn’t interrupt, and he walked away. Mariah felt like Sharon always took Adam’s side. Sharon said she wasn’t taking his side, she was just trying to defuse the situation. “Point taken,” Mariah said. Tessa returned – they wouldn’t let her out of the gig. Mariah was glad, because she felt fine. She just needed to go home and pump for the baby. Sharon asked Mariah to let her know if she needed anything.

After Mariah and Tessa left, Sharon asked Adam what he was doing here after he’d said he was going to keep his distance. He’d come to get her advice, as Connor’s former therapist, on how to talk to him about Chelsea. Adam thought he’d made a mistake coming here, so he left. Rey arrived later and Sharon thanked him again for bringing Mariah home safe. He thought Devon deserved a lot of the credit. He thought he should’ve paid more attention to Sharon’s intuition that something was wrong. Sharon said all that mattered was that Mariah was home now. She hoped Mariah wouldn’t be scarred for life. Rey said Mariah was a warrior, which got her through this ordeal. He thought what she needed most was to know the people around her loved her and had her back. The way Sharon reacted made Rey ask if something else happened. Sharon said that Mariah got hostile and aggressive with Adam, and when Sharon tried to keep the peace, Mariah accused her of taking his side. Sharon said she wasn’t doing that, it was all about Mariah’s reaction. She hoped she didn’t upset Rey. He said it was fine. She agreed that Mariah was a warrior, but it was going to take a lot for her to get through this, and she hoped Mariah got the hope she needed. Rey said that he had his own run in with Adam today. He said they got into it about Adam’s refusal to stay out of Sharon’s life. He wasn’t surprised Adam showed up here and tried to get into the middle of things with Sharon and Mariah. Sharon mentioned that Adam said he came to get her advice on what Connor was going through. She believed Adam was sincere about wanting to be a better person, she just didn’t know if he had the skill set yet.

Devon was at the Chancellor house. He wistfully picked up a pair of baby booties, which he quickly dropped as Abby returned and reported that Dominic was napping. Abby sensed that Mariah was going through a hard time, and not just with the kidnapping, and she got the feeling that Devon was going through a hard time too. He said if he seemed like he was having a hard time it was because he was trying to figure out how to best support her. He noted that she had to figure out how to parent without Chance for the time being. She pointed out that women took care of babies with or without partners for centuries. He didn’t want to burden her by being here too much, but he also didn’t want to leave her hanging. She assured him he’d never be a burden. She wanted him to come by whenever he wanted. She stated that he was her best friend, and she could talk to him about things she couldn’t share with Mariah, Nina or Ashley. She hoped that he didn’t start hiding things from her. He agreed to be open and honest with her.

Devon asked what Abby noticed with Mariah. Abby mentioned Mariah’s nightmare. She thought Mariah was just pretending to be okay. Devon thought that was understandable, given what she went through. Abby noted that Mariah was trapped in the room, with no way of knowing if anyone was looking for her, and she was trying to protect the baby. Devon was sure Mariah felt like it was her and the baby against the world. Abby said Mariah gave birth, and she had to hand the baby over. She must feel overwhelmed. Devon said Stitch took Mariah from her friends and her family, and she wasn’t able to make plans, go shopping for the baby, go to the doctor’s appointments together. He was sure Mariah had some things to work through, but it wasn’t about Abby or the baby. It was about what Stitch put her through. He advised Abby sit Mariah down and talk to her.

While Abby was upstairs, Devon talked to Christine on the phone. Abby returned, and Devon broke the news that Chance had gone even deeper undercover, and Christine couldn’t get a message to him. Abby choked back tears. She was trying to be patient, but Chance deserved to know he had a son, and Dominic deserved to meet his father. Devon told Abby to remember there was nothing Chance wanted more than to get back to her. Abby was stunned when Devon said it might be a good thing that Chance didn’t know about Dominic’s birth. Devon explained that if Chance had to go that deep undercover, things must have gotten intense, and if he knew the baby was born, that might distract him, or make him feel more guilty than he already felt. Abby said that Devon always knew just what to say.

Faith went back to the park, and Moses was there with Devon. Devon had just spoke with Sofia on the phone, and he’d tried to convince her that it was worthwhile for Moses to stay in Genoa City even though he was no longer pursuing a career in medicine. Moses’ mom had been noncommittal, so Devon said it was up to Moses to convince her to let him stay, if that’s what he wanted. Moses stared at Faith and said that was what he wanted.

As Devon was leaving the park, Tessa and Mariah arrived. Devon said he was there for Mariah if she needed him. She thanked him, but he’d already done so much. She said everything would be fine – she had the best support team in the world, him included. “You’ll always be the guy who delivered my baby,” she said. Tessa said she should get Mariah home, and Devon asked if everything was okay. Mariah said she was fine; she had to get home to pump for Bow- Dominic. She said Devon would always be a hero. The rest of the conversation played out as a voice over, while a scene of Abby and Dominic was on the screen. Abby walked around holding Dominic as Devon said he was in the right place at the right time, which didn’t make him a hero. He said he was struggling with things too, just like everyone else.

Abby put Dominic in his bassinet and told him she’d be right back. While she was upstairs, Mariah came in and called for Abby. She didn’t see her, but she saw Dominic and she went over and cooed over him. “Did you miss me? Cause I missed you so much,” she said. She hummed the lullaby Tessa wrote. Abby came in and stopped in the doorway and watched with a concerned look on her face.

Devon went home and looked at a picture of himself with Neil. He then flashed back to Dominic’s birth.

Faith told Moses that this was the most important phone call of his entire life, and she wanted to make it a success. She said she’d play his mom, so he could rehearse, and he laughed because she didn’t look a thing like his mom. She didn’t think that was important. She told him to take out his phone and pretend to make the call. He did so, and as “Sofia” Faith asked Moses if he was wasting his time on girls. Moses said there was one girl, but she was not a waste of time. “Sofia” demanded that Moses tell her all about this girl, or she’d make him come back to NY. He said Faith was one in a trillion, and she had a great family – her grandfather used to work with his father. He thought Faith was smart, beautiful, funny, fun and she made him happy. He thought she was honest, thoughtful and fearless, and she was one of the reasons he couldn’t come home yet. “Sofia” asked what about her. Moses said his mom could come visit him in Genoa City. He stated that this place and these people were part of Neil, which made them part of Moses too. He promised that his mom would never lose him. The fake call ended, and Faith told Moses that he’d do great.

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