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Ben and Ciara lay together inside of a tent. They talk about their honeymoon and camping out under the stars as they kiss.

Gwen sits at home with her tablet, reading the Spectator article about Xander getting off free despite the drug charges and the death of Dr. Snyder. The article alleges that Xander paid EJ to pull some strings and the citizens must fight this abuse of power to put Xander behind bars. Gwen remarks that Xander is being publicly crucified for something he didn’t even do. Gwen knows they promised not to see each other, but she pulls out her phone. Jack then walks in and asks if everything is okay. Gwen informs him that she just read the hatchet job he did on Xander and asks how could he.

Xander wakes up in bed and thinks back to kissing Gwen until he’s interrupted by a knock at the door. Xander gets up hoping that Gwen is back but it’s EJ. EJ shows him the article and says it’s a complete hatchet job but he thought Jack was his friend. Xander says not anymore. EJ informs Xander that he came to collect his million dollars.

Steve gets dressed for the wedding while Kayla is on the couch, not feeling well. Steve remarks that it must have been some bachelorette party. Kayla asks what she was thinking by letting Bonnie talk her in to doing shots when she should’ve been smart like he and Justin. Steve says they just had a couple beers and smoked cigars. Kayla says she would’ve rather done that than throw vodka down her throat. Steve points out that last night, she said she had a great time. Kayla says last night she was feeling no pain, but doesn’t think she could say the same about Bonnie. Kayla mentions that Bonnie wasn’t bubbling over with excitement as there was definitely something bothering her.

Justin and Bonnie are in bed together. Justin says he told her that she didn’t have to worry about the bad luck of the bride and groom not seeing each other on their wedding day, because they spent the night together and are waking up together but nothing bad has happened. Calista then walks in and declares there is not going to be a wedding, unless Justin wants to marry a murderer.

Gwen can’t believe Jack would write that about Xander as she thought he was his friend. Jack argues that Xander is the one who ruined their friendship. Gwen questions him slamming him and destroying his reputation. Jack calls him a career criminal. Gwen feels he should’ve handled this privately. Jack says it’s his job to expose corruption and Xander is as corrupt as they come. Jack adds that he teamed up with Dr. Snyder to push pills on the street and then he dumped his partner’s body. Jack argues that Gwen could’ve ended up dead or in jail but Xander hired EJ to use his influence to make it all go away. Gwen thinks Jack could’ve hired a reporter to tell the story so that they would’ve all just moved on and forgotten about it, but Jack had to scream on the editorial page, so now everyone thinks Xander is a monster and he doesn’t deserve this. Jack shouts that Xander risked her life and questions why the hell she is defending him.

EJ tells Xander that he could sue Jack for libel, but he’s not doing him any more legal favors until he gets his money back. EJ orders him to hand it over. Xander reminds him that he will, after he gets his job back at Basic Black. EJ assures that he will have his contract today, but warns that he better not have one penny missing. Xander says the money will be there so EJ says he’ll be back and exits.

Bonnie’s nightmare continues of Calista revealing to Justin that Bonnie murdered Calista’s husband and then Justin calling the wedding off. Bonnie then wakes up in a panic. Justin asks her what’s going on and what’s wrong. Bonnie tells him it was horrible as someone showed up out of nowhere and ruined their wedding. Justin tells her it was just a bad dream and everything is going to be fine as he hugs her. Justin hugs her until Calista walks in and declares that she has something for Bonnie, just like in her dream.

Ben pulls out the book of poems that Shawn gave them. Ciara calls it a lovely wedding gift. Ben says he was going through it and found a Shakespeare sonnet that hit home for him, reminding him of where he was in his life before he met her and where he is now because of her.

Kayla declares that she’s never drinking vodka again. Steve asks how Bonnie must be feeling since he’s sure she knocked back her share too. Kayla says she tried to warn her that she wouldn’t want a hangover on her wedding day but she wouldn’t listen as there was definitely something bothering her and she was determined to get smashed. Steve asks if she thinks Bonnie is getting cold feet. Kayla is sure she can’t wait to marry Justin. Kayla says something is bothering her, but all she would say is that it had to do with Calista Lockhart. Steve questions who the hell that is.

Calista informs Bonnie that she has a present for her. Bonnie says she doesn’t need any presents but Calista calls it the perfect thing for her wedding. Calista reveals it belongs to her late husband, Harrison Lord. Bonnie says she doesn’t need any presents and thinks she should keep it. Justin says they have a big day ahead of them so he’s going to start getting ready. Justin kisses Bonnie and says he will meet her downstairs for breakfast. After Justin exits, Calista asks Bonnie where her money is. Bonnie responds that she doesn’t have it. Calista questions why the hell not, since she told her to get it from Xander at the Salem Inn since he’s sitting on a million dollars which is exactly what she owes her.

Xander opens his briefcase of a million dollars and declares that EJ better come through with that contract, or he’s not getting a damn dime.

EJ goes to the Basic Black office where Nicole informs him that she read Jack’s article and he didn’t paint EJ in a very flattering light. EJ responds that he’s not worried about that in the least. EJ says it’s better to be feared than respected. EJ informs Nicole that he’s come to discuss a personnel matter as he would like her to give Xander his job back. Nicole tells him that will happen over her dead body. EJ reminds her that he’s the co-CEO of the company and he’s telling her to hire Xander back. Nicole asks if Chad signed off on this. EJ says to forget Chad, as she answers to him. EJ presents Nicole the contract and orders her to sign it, but Nicole says no. Nicole knows EJ has been out of the game but reminds him of the terms of her contract, because it includes a provision that states the executives in charge of Basic Black have full autonomy over all personnel decisions. Nicole is confident that she can speak for Brady when she says there is no way in hell that they are hiring Xander.

Jack questions why Gwen would hire Xander after what he did to her. Gwen thinks back to Xander covering for her. Gwen tells Jack that she already explained that she sympathizes with Xander, because she knows what it’s like to be in his situation. Jack questions it being okay to drag Gwen in to his criminal enterprise because he’s broke, putting everyone under this roof in danger. Jack asks how she can excuse that. Gwen says she just understands it. Jack complains that he doesn’t. Gwen asks what he wants from her. Jack wants the truth about her and Xander.

Kayla informs Steve that Calista is Bonnie’s sister in law. Steve notes that he’s never heard of her. Kayla doesn’t think they have seen each other for a long time, then Calista showed up out of the blue so Bonnie got carried away and invited her to the wedding. Kayla adds that Calista’s husband was named Harrison Lord. Steve jokes about the similarities in names between Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford. Kayla thinks that Bonnie said Harrison is dead. Steve asks what Calista is like but Kayla says she wasn’t there last night. Steve questions Calista coming all the way to Salem for the wedding, but not going to the bachelorette party. Kayla thinks there is some kind of bad blood between them. Steve suggests maybe that’s why Bonnie was so nervous last night. Kayla felt like Bonnie was dying to say it but never did. Kayla says Bonnie would just clam up and order another drink. Steve wonders what that was about.

Calista reminds Bonnie that she saw Xander walk in to the Salem Inn, carrying a briefcase with a million dollars, and asks why she didn’t steal it. Bonnie says she couldn’t as she can’t risk going back to prison. Calista remarks that Justin doesn’t know the real person he’s marrying. Bonnie assures that he knows all about her past and believes she has changed, so now they are in love. Bonnie screams that it’s her wedding day and has a lot on her mind so she asks if she can pay her later. Calista declares that she screwed her once so she’s not going to let it happen again. Calista warns that she only has a couple hours or else she will show Justin the gun and her love story will be over.

Ciara reads the poem that Ben shows her. Ben relates to being an outcast and alone when he first met her. Ciara has Ben continue reading it. Ben says it’s exactly how he feels about her, because when they are together, he wouldn’t trade places with anybody in the world. Ciara feels the same as they kiss.

Nicole questions why EJ would want to hire Xander when he’s a nightmare to work with. Nicole says if she goes along with this, EJ will live to regret it. EJ questions regretting getting his money back as he reveals that Sami paid Xander a million dollars to expose her. Nicole complains that she knew it even when he wouldn’t admit it before. EJ says the point is, there’s no way he’s letting either of them get away with it. Nicole says to leave her out of it. EJ explains that Xander won’t give him his money back unless he gets him his job back. Nicole repeats that she won’t work with him. EJ says that Xander was paid a small fortune to do what he did and asks if she’s okay with that. Nicole asks how EJ would feel if she told him to hire Lucas. EJ calls it not the same but Nicole feels it’s similar. Nicole declares that she won’t work with the person who destroyed her marriage. EJ argues that they all have to put up with colleagues they don’t like. Nicole says she doesn’t dislike Xander, she hates him with every fiber of her being as he is a living and breathing reminder of the worst mistake of her life. Nicole says she’s not going to work with him and asks if EJ really needs the money. EJ calls it a principle as he can’t let Sami win. Nicole responds that she can’t let Xander win. EJ tells her to suit herself, but warns that if she doesn’t sign the contract, she’s fired.

Justin joins Calista in the living room. Calista says Bonnie said to make herself at home and calls it a fabulous home. Justin is surprised that Calista is here when Bonnie has never even mentioned her before. Calista says they haven’t been in contact since her husband died, but she wouldn’t miss Bonnie’s wedding for the world. Justin asks where Bonnie is anyways since they were supposed to have breakfast together. Calista informs him that she just left and said she had an important errand to run.

Bonnie goes to Xander’s room at the Salem Inn and claims she came to invite him to her and Justin’s wedding. Xander finds that a little weird even for her. Bonnie tells him to just say yes but Xander says not until he figures out what’s really going on. Xander asks what he’s missing.

Gwen tells Jack that the truth is, Xander is not the terrible person that he thinks he is. Gwen reminds him that Jack told her to give him a chance. Jack says that’s before he turned her in to his drug mule. Gwen argues that he can’t just write Xander off. Gwen reminds Jack of all the terrible things she did to him and his family, but he forgave her. Jack argues that Gwen is his daughter and she’s proved that she’s changed while Xander is the same selfish, deceitful liar he’s always been. Gwen says that’s not true. Jack continues to question how she can feel sorry for him. Gwen relates to feeling like she had no choice. Jack says if he was in that much trouble, he could’ve come to him but he didn’t and now he’s compounded his deceit by manipulating the justice system and he can’t stand for that. Gwen asks what more he can do. Jack says the article was just the beginning as he knows there’s a lot more to the story. Jack hopes they can get the charges reinstated against Xander and he can go to prison where he belongs. Gwen pleads with him not to, saying she doesn’t want him to cross paths with the DiMeras because they are ruthless. Jack says Chad’s his son in law and shouts that he’s not afraid of EJ. Jack declares that Xander is guilty as sin and he needs to pay. Gwen stops him and tells Jack that he’s wrong because Xander is not guilty, she is the one who is guilty.

Ben tells Ciara that being together like this is more amazing because she’s his wife again. Ciara agrees so Ben suggests they stay like this forever. Ciara is really excited to show him New Orleans. Ciara says last time she was there, she was a kid, but even then she knew it was an amazing place. Ciara talking about it makes Ben want to get there. Ciara wants to make breakfast first as they kiss.

Nicole tells EJ that this is the second time he has threatened to fire her since being back. EJ says he was riled up the first time, but he’s calm now. EJ says he doesn’t want to fire her because she is good at what she does. Nicole asks how she can be good at what she does if she’s working with someone she hates. EJ calls hatred a powerful motivator. EJ suggests she use it to make Xander’s life a living hell since Brady and Chloe will side with her. EJ bets that Nicole could get Xander to quit by the end of the year. EJ tells Nicole to just sign the contract.

Kayla complains that her head is still pounding. Steve asks if she’s sure she’ll be okay for the wedding and suggests she call in sick. Kayla says she couldn’t do that to Bonnie and that she’s coming over soon to get ready. Steve decides he should get to the Kiriakis Mansion to see if Justin has any last minute requests for his best dude. Steve kisses Kayla and she says she’ll see him in a bit.

Justin asks if Calista is upset about something. Calista doesn’t want to be a downer on his wedding day but says it’s so hard to be happy for other people who were just skirting their lives together. Justin mentions losing his wife. Calista says she’s sorry. Justin asks about Calista’s husband, Harrison. Calista says he was taken from her far too soon, murdered for his money, leaving her a widow and they got away with it. Justin remembers her mentioning that. Calista thinks a criminal like that should be brought to justice.

Bonnie tells Xander that she was just on her way to Kayla’s and decided to pop by here first. Xander asks if she ran this by Justin. Bonnie insists that Justin would want him there since he’s his cousin, so she suggests he just get in the shower and get to the house. Bonnie says she won’t take no for an answer. Xander actually feels awkward. Bonnie feels he’ll be the life of the party. Xander then agrees to be there. Bonnie says she will see him soon then and steals Xander’s key card on her way out the door. Xander then heads to the shower.

Gwen tells Jack that she’s the one who is guilty. Gwen reveals that Xander lied when he said he was the one delivering drugs for Dr. Snyder and that he brought her in. Gwen says that Xander just did that to cover for her. Jack goes over Xander saying that Snyder was his business partner. Gwen insists it’s not true as they never worked together, it was Snyder and her, so she was the one delivering drugs. Gwen says she wanted to stop but he wouldn’t let her and one day she was completely fed up, so he showed up with a package and she told him to find somebody else to do his dirty work then Xander walked in and started defending her. Gwen explains that Xander was trying to get her out of this horrible mess that she had gotten in to, and then Dr. Snyder just dropped dead right in front of them. Gwen says that’s when things got really complicated, so she is not an innocent victim in this, but the one who got Xander in to this whole mess. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so sorry and that he must think she’s a terrible person. Jack responds that he’s confused and asks why she would agree to run drugs for Dr. Snyder in the first place. Jack thinks she’s just trying to get him to write a retraction and refuses to do it. Jack doesn’t get the 180 she has done on Xander and argues that for the longest time, they couldn’t stand each other. Jack then stops and remembers Julie walking in on them on the couch, which Gwen said was a momentary lapse of judgment. Gwen says they aren’t talking about that and that’s beside the point, but Julie is right that Xander did lie to him. Gwen explains that Xander didn’t want Jack to know that she was running drugs so he wouldn’t think less of her. Gwen states that Xander was trying to protect her relationship with Jack. Gwen declares that Xander lied, so she wouldn’t have to tell the truth. Jack asks what it is the truth and questions why she would agree to run drugs for Dr. Snyder. Gwen says he forced her to by blackmailing her. Jack asks what he was holding over her.

Calista tells Justin that they are talking grand larceny and murder and that person should pay. Justin thinks anyone proven guilty in a court of law should pay. Calista complains that they didn’t and it makes her blood boil. Justin encourages that in time, the anger and pain will be less acute and she’ll be less about the past and more hopeful about the future. Calista agrees to drink to that. Justin notices Bonnie’s makeup bag and suggests Calista bring it to her, so she can meet the matron of honor, Kayla. Calista says she’s had a couple drinks and is tired from her trip so she shouldn’t drive. Justin agrees and decides to take care of it himself and exits.

Bonnie sneaks back in to Xander’s room using the stolen key card while he is in the shower. Bonnie opens up Xander’s briefcase and steals the one million dollars, stuffing all of the money in to her purse. EJ then shows up at the door, knocking and calling for Xander to open up.

Ben and Ciara eat breakfast together outside. Ciara looks her bag and realizes that she is out of birth control pills. Ben is sure there is a pharmacy in between here and New Orleans, so they can just have her doctor call in a prescription. Ciara then says or not. Ben is not sure what that means. Ciara asks what if she didn’t refill her prescription. Ben asks if she’s saying she wants to use a different kind of birth control. Ciara clarifies that maybe they shouldn’t worry about that. Ciara asks Ben what if they have a baby.

Steve goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Justin but Calista informs him that Justin is not there. Calista tells Steve that it looks like it’s just them.

Justin goes to Kayla’s. Kayla asks if everything is okay. Justin says he just came by to bring Bonnie her makeup bag but Kayla reveals that Bonnie is not here.

EJ continues knocking on Xander’s door, asking if he’s in there. Xander shouts out from the shower to hold his horses as he’s coming, leaving Bonnie trapped inside trying to steal the money.

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