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Recap written by Christine

Elena showed up at ChancComm to talk with Lily. Elena wanted the job, but… Lily interjected to try and convince Elena to accept. Lily promised that they’d work around Elena’s schedule. Elena actually thought they should change the format of AskMDNow. Right now, people had to go to the site to look up information. Elena wanted to emulate the model at the clinic, where they engaged with the community and they were proactive about reaching out to them. Lily asked how to translate that to an online setting. Elena said they’d do advertising outreach and focus on preventative care instead of just treating symptoms. “Elena, we are gonna do some great things together,” Lily stated, with a smile.

At the main house, Adam went over the agenda for the launch party with Victor. Victor objected the fact that he was scheduled to speak four times while Adam was only going to speak once. Adam knew people would expect to hear from Victor, but Victor felt that, as CEO, Adam needed to take a more public role. Adam agreed to do more speaking. Nikki showed Nick into the house. Nick was here to follow up on the conversation from earlier. Adam was finished, so he told Nick to go ahead, but Nick said it was a private matter. Adam understood and got up to leave. He thanked Nick for convincing Phyllis to let them have the launch party at The Grand Phoenix, even though two of her least favorite people would be hosting. Victor said they paid her a hell of a lot of money, and she’d also profit from selling out all those suites. Victor looked over the guest list and was unhappy to see that Billy was somehow on it. Adam said he invited Lily and Billy as a matter of professional courtesy. He figured that if he didn’t invite Billy, he’d show up anyway. Nikki said that if it was Adam’s goal to trick Billy into declining, it didn’t work, because he RSVP’d yes. Adam didn’t mind – Billy would have a few drinks, make an ass of himself and pout. Victor told Adam not to be so glib – this was an important evening, and Billy would love nothing more than to throw a wrench into it. Victor thought they should’ve squashed that company like a bug. Nick said doing that would’ve unfairly affected Lily, which could cause friction with Devon, and Victoria wouldn’t be happy either. “Who gives a damn?,” Victor asked. He didn’t understand why Victoria defended Billy after all he’d done to her. Nick noted that he was the father of her children. Nick added that he and Billy had found some common ground on certain issues. Adam and Nikki both had some separate things to do before the party, so they left.

Nick was there to talk about their investigation. Like Victor, Nick didn’t think they should share anything they uncovered with Billy. However, Nick wanted to keep up to date with Billy’s investigation, just in case Billy’s team found something. Victor didn’t want Nick to communicate with Billy at all. Nick pointed out that Billy’s team might be the one to find skeletons in Ashland’s closet, if said skeletons existed. He said that if they truly believed Victoria could be in trouble, they should use every resource they could. Nick promised that he wouldn’t share anything that Victor’s team uncovered with Billy. Victor noted, as Nick and Nikki had pointed out, there might not be any dirt to find on Ashland. He excused himself to get ready for the party. Later, after Nick was gone, Victor spoke with Abby on the phone. She couldn’t make it tonight. He understood she had to keep an eye on that beautiful boy. He was glad she, Mariah and the baby were healthy. Victor saw Nikki after she got ready for the party, and he admired her beauty.

The Grand Phoenix was decorated for the Newman Media launch party. Phyllis made some last minute arrangements for the event, and she said through her headset that they had the pickiest, most pain-in-the-ass people coming tonight. Billy showed up and told Phyllis he was there for a drink. She thought it was odd that he was getting a drink now when he’d be here at the party tonight. He found it odd that she was hosting the party, but she said she was getting paid, while he was here voluntarily. He joked that he was here for the oysters, but she knew he didn’t like oysters. She asked what he was up to.

Phyllis stated that Billy’s half-smile told her that she wouldn’t like what he was up to. “All you need to know is what you already know. We protect our own,” he replied. He stated that she went to the mat for Summer, and he was prepared to do the same for Johnny and Katie. She realized he was talking about Ashland and Victoria. He asked what Phyllis knew about Ashland. She said he was bossy, obnoxious and arrogant. She stated that he gave temporary custody of Harrison to Kyle and Summer. In a mocking tone, she added that everyone thought it was so selfish and generous, but she thought Ashland was definitely dark. Those weren’t great qualities for a stepdad. Billy said Victoria needed to know the facts before she married Ashland. Phyllis said Newman women loved men with dark streaks, which Billy should know, since Victoria was with him once. Phyllis told Billy that if he dug up something from Ashland’s past, it had to be something terrible, not a shady business deal, or Victoria wouldn’t care. Billy didn’t know about that. Phyllis predicted that if Billy found out Ashland stole from an orphanage, Victoria would say that it was a long time ago, and Ashland had changed. “Yeah, she’s got a big heart,” Billy replied, and Phyllis scoffed. Phyllis warned Billy that he’d get hurt if Victoria found out he did a background check on Ashland. He noted that she wasn’t the first to warn him about that.

Sally went to Crimson Lights. Jack was there, and she thanked him for stopping her from losing her cool with Phyllis. She appreciated him being a good influence on her. He was polite, but distant with her. She told him that she was working for Newman Media. He already knew. She saw the guest list, so she knew he’d be at the party. She just wanted him to know in advance that he’d be there too, so he wouldn’t be surprised to see her. “Just how fragile do you think I am?,” he asked. She just didn’t want him to think she was following him. He said the thought never occurred to him, and it wouldn’t have mattered if it did. She seemed thrown by his response. She said okay and walked away.

Sally came back and accused Jack of going out of his way to make her feel small and insignificant. She said he was deliberately hurtful, and that was beneath him. He asked if she was finished. She scoffed and said she was finished trying to play this game she couldn’t win. She was who she was, and she was proud of herself and what she accomplished. She had the tools and drive to make a success of herself. He said she always did, which was the shame of it. She was uninterested in him giving her lectures, pitying looks or brilliant advice. She snapped that she was making a fresh start with people who accepted her, and it felt really good. She no longer gave a damn what he thought of her. She stormed off to the patio. Sally noticed Jack leave. She called Adam and thanked him for the invitation to accompany him to the launch party. She said she’d love to be his date.

Victoria and Ashland were at home. He admitted he’d had a hard day, due to the chemo. She suggested they skip the launch party. He said Cyaxares was his baby before it became Newman Media, and he was still on the board. It would be bad form not to attend. He said Dr. Hastings gave him some vitamins, so he’d probably be able to stay on his feet for a couple hours. Victoria was sure Nate wouldn’t want him pushing himself to exhaustion. She suggested they skip the non-essential events so he would be ready for the most important one – their wedding. He promised he’d be ready for that. She didn’t want to go to the launch party anyway. Part of her really wanted to see Adam and Newman Media fall flat on their smug faces.

Ashland knew that Victoria and Adam’s history went deeper than Cyaxares, but he wondered how deep it went. She knew Ashland read Billy’s article on Adam, which should provide answers. Ashland conceded that Adam did some terrible things, but Victor was no saint, and Victoria seemed to have made her peace with him. Victoria said Victor was her dad – she’d idolized him since childhood, and she’d always seen the good in him. She didn’t think of Adam the same way she thought of Nick and Abby. She didn’t get to know Adam until they were adults, and by then he was… “Competition?,” Ashland asked. Victoria said no – this wasn’t about their rivalry – Adam was conniving and vicious. She saw the anguish he caused the people she loved. He assumed she was speaking of Delia. She said Delia was special, then she was gone, and Billy would never be the same. Ashland could understand why Billy relentlessly went after Adam and why he was so fiercely protective of his own children. Ashland assumed Billy wouldn’t let up on him, but he didn’t mind. He’d experienced worse. However, it bothered him that these articles Billy published on him would be online after he was gone. He hated to think Harrison would read these stories when Ashland wasn’t around to defend himself. “I’ll be happy to pass on anything you want me to to Harrison about your life, or your past,” Victoria offered. Ashland appreciated that. She noted that he’d already told him about the older woman who mentored him. Smiling, she asked if there were any other secrets she should know about.

“Secrets? It sounds so mysterious when you put it that way,” Ashland stated. Victoria recapped the story she’d been told – a woman took Ashland under her wing, she died, then he bought her two television stations. That was mysterious, in Victoria’s opinion. Ashland didn’t think it was a secret. The story had been around for so long. He was glad to answer any questions Victoria had about it. He suddenly grabbed his head and said he needed to rest. She said she’d go get him some chicken soup from Society – Sharon swore it got her through chemotherapy.

Victoria saw Nick having a beer at the Society bar, and she commented on him drinking alone in the afternoon. He said he needed a quiet place to think. She accepted his invitation to join him. She was sure he knew Victor was having Ashland investigated. It was a slap in the face, in her opinion, but Nick said it was coming from a place of love. Victoria assumed Nick wasn’t okay with this. Nick didn’t know. He’d told Phyllis to stay out of Summer’s business, then it turned out that her instincts about Sally and Tara were right. Victoria said that this was different – this was about Victor not trusting her judgment. Nick didn’t think that was true. He said Victor just wanted Victoria to be able to make an informed decision. She asked what dastardly deeds Victor uncovered. Nick admitted it wasn’t incriminating, but it was puzzling. He went on to tell the story of Ashland, the older lady and the two television stations. He added that nobody knew where twenty year old Ashland got the money to buy the stations. Victoria said Ashland already told her the entire story. Nick asked if Ashland mentioned where he got the money. Victoria didn’t think it mattered, unless he stole it.

Victoria received her order of chicken soup, and she and Nick talked about how hard the chemo was hitting Ashland. Nick thought that was rough, and Victoria said the last thing Ashland needed was his future father in law accusing him of God knows what. Nick mentioned that Victor hoped he didn’t find anything in Ashland’s past. Victor liked and respected Ashland. Victoria said she’d hate to see what disrespect looked like. “You already did. Billy – remember that,” Nick replied. Victoria didn’t think telling Ashland that Victor treated Billy worse would help. Victoria asked Nick to give their parents her regrets, because she wouldn’t be at the party. He asked if she’d like to send a message to their brother. When she scoffed, he pointed out that Adam saved her niece’s life. Victoria relented and said to tell Adam “Good job.” Nick knew that if Victor came to Victoria and said Ashland’s past was clean, she’d be relieved, and she might even thank him for his efforts. Victoria didn’t know about that, but she might forgive Victor by her wedding day. She told him to have fun at the party, then she left.

Later, Victoria came into the living room, and Ashland was asleep on the couch. She offered him another bowl of soup, which he turned down, and he thanked her for taking such good care of him. He was going to bed, and he suggested she go to the party. She didn’t want to go. He said that this would probably be a way for her to score points with her father, and she’d probably get under Adam’s skin as well. She said he made it sound tempting, but all she wanted to do was spend time with him. She asked if he was really tired, or if he was just saying that to get her out of the door. He had been tired, but he said she was right about the restorative power of the soup.

Nikki and Victor arrived at the hotel, and Phyllis made small talk with them. She congratulated them on the birth of the new grandchild. They said thanks, and Victor asked if Adam was around. Phyllis hadn’t seen him. Phyllis showed Victor continued to the lounge, where one of the board members was waiting, while Nikki took a call from Victoria. Nikki was disappointed Victoria wouldn’t be coming. Nick arrived and overheard Phyllis trying to deal with the incompetence of the people running the event. She ended the call and vented to Nick. She said that these people weren’t her employees – it was a group that she hired to handle the party. The group kept screwing up, and she’d need pampering after this. They started flirting, which she stopped when she saw Nikki walk over. Shortly afterward, Phyllis had to walk away because the party planners had messed up something else. Nikki told Nick that Victoria and Ashland weren’t coming. She doubted they would’ve come even if Ashland were feeling well, since Victoria was frustrated with Victor over the investigation. Nikki assumed that Nick went to the main house to talk about that. He saw Lily and Billy walk in and said they’d talk about that later.

Lily hoped Devon didn’t feel weird about coming here after what happened last time. Their family had come so far since then. Billy didn’t engage in the conversation Lily tried to start, leading her to assume that he was going to focus on Victoria and Ashland all night. Nick walked over and said Victoria wasn’t here, so if that was the only reason Billy showed up, he didn’t need to stay. Billy intended to stay because there were a lot of powerful people here that he needed to talk to, and Phyllis’s party always had fireworks. Lily asked if Victoria wasn’t coming because she found out Victor was investigating Ashland. Nick said Victoria did find out, and she wasn’t happy, but she skipped the party because Ashland had his second chemo session, and he didn’t feel well. Lily understood. Billy wondered if it was a cover story, and Nick stated that he saw Victoria picking up soup for Ashland. Billy was curious if Nick asked Victoria about Ashland and the widow. Lily pulled Billy away to talk with Nate and Elena.

Jack showed up and complimented the way Phyllis and the hotel looked. She tried to talk to him about some pictures Summer and Kyle sent of themselves and Harrison, but he didn’t seem to want to discuss it. She understood since those pictures were like a dagger to her heart. He said he was tempted to ask Billy to bring his kids over to visit, because the Abbott house felt so empty. She mentioned that Billy was here. Jack wished Billy would stay away from Adam. Things were going well for Billy in his personal and professional life, so why borrow trouble, Jack asked. Phyllis noted that a lot of Billy’s success at ChancComm was tied to his relationship with Adam and Victor. Jack said it was a double edged sword. He didn’t think they should get sucked into all that misery.

Elena was excited about getting dressed up, and she lamented that there weren’t more opportunities for that. Lily suggested that she, Billy, Elena and Nate all get dressed up for a double date sometime, and they all liked the idea. Elena got called to the hospital. Nate offered to go with her, but she told him to stay. She hoped she’d be back before the party was over.

Victor asked Nick to keep an eye on Billy. Nick already talked to him, and it sounded like he was just here for the party. Victor didn’t buy it. Nick agreed to keep an eye on Billy. Nick walked away, and Nikki joined Victor. She assumed, by the look on his face, that Nick told him the news. Victor didn’t know what Nikki meant. Nikki’s jaw dropped when Adam walked in with Sally on his arm.

All eyes turned toward Sally and Adam. “Son of a bitch,” Phyllis muttered. Jack said Sally told him she was coming, but she didn’t mention with whom. Phyllis decided to kick Sally out, but Jack said she couldn’t make the co-host’s date leave. He noted that Phyllis had an event to run, and he told her not to get side tracked. Phyllis predicted that Sally and Adam would bring each other down.

Sally noted that everyone was staring, and Adam said good – it was a Newman Media launch, so everyone should pay attention to the employees. Sally thanked Adam for the invitation and said it wsa going to be fun. Adam and Billy locked eyes from across the room, and Billy raised his glass. “It is, indeed,” Adam replied to Sally, and they clinked glasses.
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