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Allie questions Tripp about Chanel and Johnny almost having sex, asking when Chanel told Tripp that. Tripp tells her it was when he ran in to her in the town square earlier. Allie argues that it’s a very private thing to tell a guy that she barely knows. Tripp agrees but thinks that Chanel was just really excited as she seems very in to Johnny.

Chanel asks if Johnny believes her now that she’s over Allie. Johnny calls it a start but thinks he’ll need more convincing so they continue kissing.

Philip is at the Brady Pub when he gets a call from Chloe. Philip asks how New York is. Chloe reveals that she’s not there yet because the DiMera Jet had some type of mechanical problem mid-flight. Chloe says she’s fine but she and Brady are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Shawn finishes a call with Claire as Ben and Ciara enter. Ciara asks how Claire is. Shawn says she’s good and loving her job in South Africa. Ciara asks if Claire said anything about Theo. Shawn assures that he’s doing alright. Shawn asks what Ciara and Ben are doing here. Ciara then informs Shawn that she and Ben are leaving Salem. Shawn questions them leaving town right after Claire. Ciara clarifies that they aren’t leaving permanently. Shawn says she should’ve said vacation then instead of leaving town. Ciara apologizes. Shawn says he was just getting used to having her back. Shawn asks what it is. Ben brings up that they never had a real honeymoon, so they are going to take off for a little while.

Philip asks Chloe where they are. Chloe says they are on a private air strip near Wilkes-Barre and they are stranded until they fix the jet. Philip calls it a nightmare. Chloe says she had to tell Parker she won’t be seeing him tonight and they had to reschedule their meeting. Philip knew this trip was a bad idea and hopes that Brady is taking charge to get her out of there as soon as possible. Chloe assures that it’s not Brady’s fault. Chloe mentions staying at a motel. Philip gets upset and questions her and Brady staying in a motel. Chloe assures that it’s just for tonight. Philip says it better be and tells her to call him when she gets to New York. They say goodnight and hang up. Brady then shows up at Chloe’s door, soaking wet and declares it’s officially the business trip from Hell.

Belle enters the Brady Pub and sees Philip slam his laptop shut. Belle asks what’s wrong. Philip responds that Brady is still after Chloe and he’s not being subtle about it.

Tripp hopes he didn’t betray Chanel’s confidence by telling Allie about her and Johnny. Allie says that Chanel would’ve told her eventually and asks if she mentioned why they didn’t hook up. Tripp says it was because neither of them had a condom. Allie says thank God for that which Tripp questions. Allie points out that Chanel could get pregnant. Allie says she loves Henry but he deserves to have a father. Tripp asks if she doesn’t think Johnny would step up. Allie calls Johnny more of a love em and leave em type, which is why she doesn’t think it’s a good idea that he and Chanel are dating. Allie declares that somebody is definitely going to get their heart broken.

Johnny tells Chanel that it’s the cook’s day off so all he has is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which she accepts. Chanel looks to the portrait of Stefano and asks who he is. Johnny informs her that it’s Stefano DiMera. Chanel comments that he looks like the guy you don’t mess with. Johnny admits a lot of people were afraid of Stefano, but he was always good to him. Johnny adds that Stefano is the one who called him Giovanni. Chanel asks which he prefers to be called. He says he’s used to either one, so she can call him whatever she wants, as long as she calls him.

Philip informs Belle that now Chloe and Brady are staying in a motel tonight. Belle doesn’t see how Brady is trying to take Chloe away from him. Philip doesn’t think the jet just happened to have mechanical problems as Brady could’ve paid off the pilot to fake an emergency landing. Belle asks what he’d get out of that since they were staying overnight anyways. Philip argues that in New York, Chloe would’ve been with Parker and her parents while now Brady has her all to himself in the middle of nowhere. Belle questions him believing that Brady would deprive Chloe of seeing her son just to get her alone. Philip thinks Brady would stoop to anything to get Chloe back as he does not trust him one bit.

Chloe gives Brady a towel and asks why he’s so wet. Brady informs her that he walked in to his motel room and found an elderly couple going at it. Brady says he tried to leave but the old man called him a pervert and dumped a bucket of ice water on him as he was walking out. Chloe laughs at the story. Chloe jokes that she’s grateful that the old man didn’t hurt him. Brady jokes that he’ll never be able to forget what he saw in there. Chloe guesses they double booked the room. Brady mentions that they don’t have any other rooms available because they are painting. Chloe asks what he’s going to do then. Brady was hoping he could stay in Chloe’s room. Chloe questions if Brady is telling her the truth.

Shawn asks Ben and Ciara where they are going for their honeymoon. Ciara mentions that Ben wanted to just go back to the cabin. Ben points out that he just fixed it all up. Ciara tells him he did a great job but they just got back from there and it’s not honeymoon material, which Ben and Shawn agree with. Ciara informs Shawn that they decided on a place important to Hope and Bo, New Orleans. Shawn recalls Hope and Bo’s first wedding being there. Ciara calls it a big turning point for them. Shawn says they had some great years after that. Ben says they will too.

Brady questions Chloe thinking he made this up. Chloe says it sounds a little convenient and that he has been open about his feelings for her. Brady jokes about the idea of paying off the pilot and the desk clerk then the old man who dumped ice water on him. Chloe points out that he still hasn’t answered her question. Brady tells her no, he did not plan any of this and he thinks she knows her too well to do something this underhanded. Brady remarks that it’s more Philip’s style. Chloe tells him not to start on Philip since he’s not a saint either. Brady admits that he doesn’t like that Chloe is with Philip, but he respects her decision. Brady adds that if she’s not comfortable with sharing a room with him, he will go sleep in the lobby. Chloe stops him and agrees to let him stay the night. Brady thanks her but Chloe notes that Philip won’t be happy about this.

Belle tells Philip that he’s being paranoid as no one is trying to take anything from him. Belle adds that his fries are getting cold while he’s ranting about Brady. Philip insists that he’s not wrong about this and that Belle could help him prove it. Philip says Belle works for DiMera, so she must know how to get in touch with the pilot. Philip asks Belle to give him a call and say she heard about the emergency landing. Belle tells him that Brady is still getting over Kristen, so he’s not spending his time trying to win Chloe back. Philip points out that Brady found time to take Chloe as his date to Eric and Nicole’s anniversary party. Belle calls that platonic but Philip points out that Brady also kissed her. Belle points out that Brady being interested in Chloe doesn’t mean she is interested in him. Belle tells Philip that Chloe chose him and asks if he trusts her. Philip tells Belle to call the pilot.

Chanel and Johnny finish their food. Chanel asks what they do now. Johnny suggests going to the pool. Chanel notes that she doesn’t have a swimsuit. Johnny says he doesn’t either but they can still go. Chanel doesn’t want everyone looking and says she was raised with class. Johnny doesn’t know if she will like his next suggestion then. Chanel says she’ll probably go for it if it’s not being naked in front of everybody. Johnny suggests they run upstairs to his room and pick up where they left off last night. Johnny adds that he came prepared this time. Chanel asks how she could say no.

Tripp tells Allie that he thinks Johnny was just as in to Chanel as she was in to him. Allie argues that if Johnny truly liked Chanel and respected her, he wouldn’t have tried to get her in bed after one date. Tripp guesses the feeling was mutual but Allie insists that Johnny is using Chanel. Allie decides that she has to go have a talk with her brother and it can’t wait. Tripp offers to go with her but Allie says this is between her and Johnny, so she’ll be back in a little while. Tripp questions if that’s really a good idea as Allie hurries out the door. Tripp then wonders what just happened.

Brady questions Chloe thinking that Philip would have a problem with them sharing the same room for just one night. Chloe argues that he knows that he would since he hates the idea of them even taking a trip together. Brady informs Chloe that Philip said he would kill him if he was inappropriate. Chloe notes that Philip would definitely think it’s inappropriate that they are sharing a motel room. Brady asks if he really has to know. Chloe questoins lying to Philip. Brady suggests just not telling him. Chloe calls that a lie of omission. Brady jokes about it then says she can tell Philip and watch him freak out, but adds that he’s not afraid of him. Chloe asks how she gets herself into these messes. Brady thinks she should ask herself why she wants to be with someone that she can’t be honest with.

Belle argues that Philip isn’t thinking this through. Philip asks what there is to think about. Belle says even if Brady paid off the pilot to make an emergency landing, the pilot wouldn’t admit it. Philip agrees and suggests offering him a lot of money. Belle says she won’t help him bribe somebody. Philip calls it a favor for an old friend. Belle notes that he’s starting to sound a little desperate. Philip says that he is as he feels like this is his last chance at getting things right with Chloe, so he can’t let her slip through his fingers again. Belle calls it a short trip and asks what could happen. Philip brings up the time Brady and Chloe went to North Dakota to find Chloe’s biological father in the summer after high school. Philip notes that things were going well for he and Chloe but Brady came in and stole her away from him. Belle argues that Brady didn’t set out to do that and was just trying to help her. Philip feels it doesn’t matter because he still lost her. Philip declares that he’s not going to let history repeat itself, so he’s going to get himself to Wilkes-Barre, Pennyslvania before it’s too late.

Shawn asks when Ciara and Ben are heading out. They say they are leaving tonight. Ben says they should get going but Shawn invites them to stick around for dessert that Belle is bringing from the Pub. They agree to stay. Shawn adds that as they wait, he can give them their wedding present which ties in to their honeymoon.

Ava goes to Allie’s apartment where Tripp answers the door and asks what she’s doing there. Ava explains that she made too much food for dinner so she thought she’d use it as an excuse to come see her grandson. Tripp informs her that Henry isn’t there as Steve and Kayla are babysitting. Ava says that’s disappointing but asks if Tripp and Allie already ate. Tripp informs her that Allie isn’t home either. Ava questions her leaving him there all alone and where she went.

Allie goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Johnny, interrupting he and Chanel. Johnny asks what she thinks she’s doing. Allie responds that she could ask him the same question.

Philip remarks that no one better be using the Titan jet. Belle takes Philip’s phone and says she’s saving him from making an ass of himself. Philip argues that Brady could be making his move right now. Belle suggests they play this out. Belle says if Philip goes to Wilkes-Barre and barges in to Chloe’s room, where she’s most likely sleeping alone. Philip points out that she said most likely so she left room for doubt. Belle asks how that will make him look to Chloe. Philip feels like a man in love while Belle says he’d be like a total psycho. Philip says he can bring flowers and champagne and say he came to surprise her. Belle feels she would see right through that and that Philip doesn’t trust her, which could drive her right in to Brady’s arms. Belle tells Philip to stop his paranoid jealousy and chill out.

Chloe tells Brady that she can be honest with Philip about everything except Brady. Brady asks why that is. Chloe says for one thing, they used to be married. Brady reminds her that a couple months ago, she said she wanted him back. Chloe reminds him that he said he wasn’t interested so she got over him, even when he kissed her. Brady notes that he wasn’t aware she had gotten over him when he kissed her. Chloe assures that she has and she’s still over him. Chloe states that Brady is just a touchy subject with Philip. Brady says that Philip is just insanely jealous. Chloe argues that Brady pushes his buttons. Chloe feels there was no reason for her to come on this trip and that Brady only asked her to come because he knew it would upset Philip. Brady says he asked her to come because she’s a vital asset to the company. Chloe questions him having no other agenda and tells him to be honest. Brady admits he likes spending time with her and asks if that’s wrong. Chloe says it is wrong since she has a boyfriend. Chloe declares that the problem here isn’t Philip, it’s Brady.

Tripp eats with Ava and comments that he can’t believe Rafe didn’t finish it. Ava points out that Rafe didn’t eat any of it since he called at the last minute and said he was working late. Tripp tells Ava about Allie’s twin brother Johnny just showing up a few days ago and he’s already dating Allie’s friend Chanel. Tripp adds that Allie just found out tonight and she’s not too happy about it. Ava asks why. Tripp says that she said Johnny is a player so she went to tell him to back off. Tripp notes that she was pretty worked up. Ava asks what has Tripp so bothered about this. Tripp explains that Allie says she needs to stop Johnny from hurting her best friend, but this friend is pretty good at taking care of herself. Tripp wonders if Allie is so protective because she’s jealous.

Chanel questions what Allie is doing here. Allie says she’s here to talk to her brother and asks what Chanel is doing here. Johnny says they are on date so Allie can wait until tomorrow. Allie questions if they are going upstairs to finish what they started last night. Johnny asks how she knows about that. Chanel apologizes for over sharing. Johnny argues that it’s not a problem. Allie says it is because she doesn’t want Johnny charming her friend in to bed like he does every other girl he meets. Allie warns Chanel that if she sleeps with Johnny, he will just move on to the next one. Johnny argues that she doesn’t know anything about him. Allie says he used to come home and brag about it to her. Johnny says that was five years ago. Allie questions if she’s really changed. Johnny doesn’t like Allie trashing him in front of Chanel and tells her to go. Allie says she’s sorry but she’s not going anywhere.

Ava brings up Tripp telling her that Allie and Chanel kissed once. Tripp reveals that it happened twice and that Allie admitted that she felt something for Chanel. Ava questions if she found herself attracted to an old friend. Tripp says it doesn’t matter because she chose him instead. Ava asks why Allie is so bothered that her brother is friends with Chanel. Tripp doesn’t know and it bothers him. Ava tells Tripp that if an old friendship is suddenly turning in to something new, he can’t tell himself that it doesn’t matter or it’s not happening. Ava advises Tripp to talk to Allie and find out exactly where he stands, or else he might find himself as the odd man out and that’s a lonely place to be.

Johnny tells Allie to go. Allie argues that this is what Johnny always does, sleep with girls and then toss them aside. Johnny swears he would never do that to Chanel. Allie thinks he is already playing games. Johnny tells her it’s none of her business. Johnny tells Allie to go live her own life with Tripp and stay out of his. Johnny tells Allie again to go but Chanel decides she will leave and let them sort this out. Johnny tries to stop her but Chanel says it’s getting late anyways and exits. Johnny asks Allie if she’s happy now.

Shawn’s wedding gift to Ciara and Ben is a copy of the book of poetry that Bo gave Hope for her 18th birthday. Ciara tells Ben that her grandpa Shawn gave it to Bo right before he joined the marines. Shawn notes that Hope gave him a copy when he and Belle got married so he felt it was his responsibility to carry on the tradition. Ben says it means so much to him and thanks Shawn. Ciara says the same. Shawn mentions bookmarking a poem that Bo and Hope read to each other at their weddings. Ben jokes that he’s starting to feel pressure to live up to that love story. Shawn calls it an incredible one, much like Ben and Ciara’s. Ciara agrees. Shawn wonders what’s taking Belle so long and says if they have to go, they can. Ben decides they should get going to find a place to stop. Ciara thanks Shawn for the book and suggests maybe they’ll give it to a kid of theirs someday. Shawn tells them to have fun on their honeymoon as Ben kisses Ciara.

Philip tells Belle that she knows the history between he, Brady, and Chloe, so he thought she would be a little more understanding. Belle says those that ignore the past are condemned to repeat it. Philip asks what that has to do with him. Belle reminds him that she told him in high school that jealousy would ruin his life and she’s still trying to get that through his skull. Philip complains about sitting back and doing nothing. Belle brings up tracking down Chloe in North Dakota and paying off the sheriff to arrest Brady. Philip worries that they were going to stay in the same room if he hadn’t showed up. Belle argues that nothing would’ve happened since Chloe was faithful to him, but he couldn’t believe it so he screwed it all up and now he’s doing it all over again. Belle advises Philip to finish his food then go home to sleep. Belle suggests he try trusting Chloe for a change and seeing how that works. Philip decides that Belle got through to him, so he won’t do anything stupid. Belle says she has a pie to deliver to Shawn. Philip thanks her for talking him down and hugs her, calling her a good friend. Belle then exits the Pub.

Brady doesn’t know what Chloe is so afraid of. Brady says even if he wanted to come between Chloe and Philip, he wouldn’t be able to since her relationship is so solid. Chloe tells Brady that she gave them a chance to be together and opened up about her feelings for him, but he couldn’t do that to Kristen. Chloe declares that Brady made his choice and even though she thought Kristen was bad for him and that she could make him happy, she kept her distance and even offered to quit her job to give him space. Chloe cries that now that she’s chosen to be with Philip, Brady won’t do the same thing and she doesn’t think that’s fair. Brady argues that Chloe only made that choice was because Philip said that if she was with him, Kristen would be a threat. Chloe stops him and calls it a rotten, long night. Chloe doesn’t want to argue with him so she suggests just calling it a night as she storms off to the bathroom.

Tripp and Ava walk through the town square. Ava thanks him for walking her home. Tripp doesn’t think Allie is coming back anytime soon so he’s going to head home. Ava is sorry things are a mess and asks him to keep her updated. Tripp thanks her for the dinner and says Rafe doesn’t know what he’s missing. Ava hugs Tripp and says she loves him so much. Ava then walks away. Tripp turns around and runs in to Chanel. Tripp comments that tonight was crazy as he can’t believe her new guy is Allie’s brother. Chanel notes that Allie is definitely not happy about that. Tripp mentions Allie taking off after him to have it out. Chanel informs him that she was there when Allie showed up. Tripp asks how it went. Chanel tells him to talk to Allie about that and says goodnight as she walks away.

Johnny blames Allie for Chanel leaving. Allie remarks that she got out just in time. Johnny asks what that’s supposed to mean. Allie brings up Johnny hooking up with her friend Katie and then dumping her a week later. Allie says he didn’t care what that did to her, but she saw that Katie was a wreck and she was afraid she would hurt herself. Johnny insists he’s not like that anymore. Allie points out he was trying to get Chanel in to bed after their second date, so it’s a good thing that she got there before he could. Johnny asks if she’s jealous. Allie says she’s with Tripp and Chanel is her friend and that’s it. Johnny doesn’t know if he believes that and doesn’t think that Allie does either.

Brady prepares to sleep in the chair. Chloe says he’ll need another blanket but Brady insists he will be fine. Chloe brings up Brady being shot and being in a car accident recently. Brady assures that he’s comfortable and tells her to go to bed. Brady says goodnight as Chloe gets in to bed. Brady suddenly feels he’s not sleepy and asks if she minds if he reads. Chloe tells him to just get in the bed. Brady doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Chloe tells him to just stay on his side. Brady agrees if she is sure. Brady then gets up and gets in to bed next to Chloe, putting a blanket in between them. Brady admits the bed is much nicer and thanks her.

Philip remains at the Brady Pub on his laptop. Philip stops and declares that Brady is going to try something. Philip then calls to have his plane available and ready to go. Philip says he’s on his way to the airfield, heading to Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Belle goes home to Shawn and says sorry she was late as she ran in to Philip at the Pub. Shawn asks what’s new with him. Belle says she will tell him after he has his pie. Belle asks if she missed anything while she was gone. Shawn informs her that Ben and Ciara stopped by and just left for their honeymoon.

Ben and Ciara prepare to leave, while reading the poem book to each other. They kiss and get on to Ciara’s motorcycle to ride away.

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