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Allie goes to the hospital with Henry and greets Kayla after Henry’s one year checkup. Allie talks about Henry doing great. Kayla tells her that she’s off but it was good to see her. Allie stops her to ask her how Tripp is doing.

Chanel walks through the town square while carrying a heavy box. Tripp appears and offers to help her.

Tony and Anna sit at home in the DiMera Mansion. Tony offers to take her out but Anna says she just wants to spend the afternoon with him alone at home. Anna comments that it’s almost like they have privacy. Tony suggests they make the best of it. They kiss until someone seems to be watching from the doorway. Tony stops and says he feels like they are being watched. Anna blames the portrait of Stefano. Tony says it’s something else and calls out for Harold, asking if it’s him. It turns out to be Johnny, who comes in filming on his phone and surprises them.

At the Pub, Steve asks Justin why he needs to brace himself. Justin tells him that it’s about Bonnie. Justin knows she is not his favorite person and their double date was a disaster. Steve stops Justin and tells him that he doesn’t have a problem with Bonnie anymore.

Bonnie sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, writing her name as Bonnie Kiriakis. Bonnie says it has a ring to it but then looks up and sees a photo of Justin and Adrienne. Bonnie picks it up and says she did Adrienne wrong in every way possible, so she’s going to spend her life making up for it and the best way she can do that is by doing her damndest to make sure she makes Justin just as happy as she did. Someone then enters the room, causing Bonnie to exclaim that she can’t believe they are alive. Bonnie then collapses to the floor.

Kayla tells Allie that as far as she knows, Tripp is fine. Kayla asks if she wants to talk about something bothering her. Allie says maybe another time since Kayla was on her way out. Kayla suggests now and says she was just meeting Steve at the Pub but he can wait. Kayla asks her what’s up. Allie informs Kayla that the other day Tripp told her that he loved her and she didn’t say it back. Allie doesn’t know if Tripp talked to her about it but says things got awkward afterwards. Allie asks if Kayla thinks Tripp is upset about it.

Chanel thanks Tripp for helping her with the box and says it was a mixer for the bakery. Tripp questions Allie not helping her out with it. Chanel says she would’ve, but Henry had a doctor’s appointment this morning for his one year checkup. Tripp can’t believe it’s been a year. Chanel says a year ago, she was all that and now she’s just the Salem dough girl. Tripp still thinks she’s kind of all that. Chanel asks what makes him say that. Tripp tells her that Allie told him that she’s already landed someone new.

Tony and Anna tell Johnny that it’s wonderful to see him and talk about how he’s all grown up. Anna recalls Johnny being creative as a chlid with a fine imagination. Johnny responds that he’s going to need it to do what he wants to do. Tony questions if that’s spying on people. Johnny argues that he wasn’t spying. Tony asks what he calls filming people without their knowledge. Johnny says it’s making footage and encourages that the camera loves them. Johnny jokes that he’ll make them both stars because he’s making a movie. Anna and Tony question him doing that on his phone. Johnny shows them how the footage looks like just a movie camera. Tony calls it all very interesting. Johnny says it will revolutionize film making which is why he tracked them down. Johnny says he’s in the process of tracking down investors and Tony and Anna could bankroll the entire enterprise.

Justin questions Steve not having a problem with Bonnie anymore. Steve says he’s been working to get past it and he’s sorry for being so hard on her as it was unkind to them both. Justin understands that it could’ve been jarring to see Bonnie dressed like Adrienne. Steve admits that it was, but with time and help from Kayla, he got perspective and knows that she was doing it to be accepted. Steve adds that he’s happy that Kayla agreed to be Bonnie’s matron of honor. Justin hopes she didn’t feel like she had to say yes. Steve assures that Kayla is happy for them. Justin says he would feel bad if Kayla or Steve felt like they owed him. Justin reveals that he just wanted to put all the cards on the table, before asking Steve to be his best man.

Bonnie is surprised to be woken up by her sister-in-law, Calista Lockhart. Bonnie remarks that it’s been so long that she thought she was dead. Calista declares that she is alive and well. Calista didn’t think she missed her or that she’s happy to see someone who actually knows her history and not the crap in her book. Bonnie argues that every word in her book is true but Calista points out that she didn’t mention that she killed her brother. Bonnie says she didn’t do it. Calista brings up the day Bonnie married David and how he made a big mistake. Bonnie argues that she has no idea what David put her and her kids through. Calista tells her not to speak ill of the dead. Bonnie tells her to go. Calista says she didn’t come to argue over whether or not she killed her brother, but the fact that Bonnie did kill her husband.

Steve questions Justin wanting him to be his best man. Steve says of course and he would be honored. Steve questions not asking Sonny. Justin confirms that he did but he has a work crisis and can’t make it. Steve asks if he’s talked to Bonnie about it as he doesn’t think she will want him standing there while they get married. Justin reveals it was Bonnie’s idea as she thinks it would say that the family approves. Steve jokes about he and Kayla being the seal of approval. Justin adds that Bonnie likes Steve and how he sticks up for Adrienne’s memory and how much he and Kayla mean to him. Justin understands if it’s all too weird for him and says he’ll figure something out. Steve points out that Bonnie would know if he turned him down. Justin confirms that Bonnie knows he is asking him. Steve doesn’t want to do anything else to hurt Bonnie’s feelings or to mess up Justin’s big day, so he would be happy to his best man.

Kayla tells Allie that all she knows is that Tripp cares about her a lot. Allie says she cares about him too, but him saying “I love you” caught her off guard as she wasn’t expecting it and she could see that he wanted her to say it back to him. Kayla thinks she did the right thing and compares it to what happens in the movies. Kayla notes that saying “I love you” shouldn’t be a conditioned response or something to feel bad about. Allie agrees and says she couldn’t say it because she’s not sure if she loves him or not. Kayla tells her that it’s her call. Allie notes that she is sure that she likes being with him and misses him when he’s not around but they do have a long history. Allie worries if asking Tripp to wait is asking too much.

Chanel confirms to Tripp that she did meet someone and that Allie mentioned they almost walked in on her date. Tripp says that Allie wanted to give them a chance to get to know each other better. Tripp asks if it could turn in to something. Chanel says maybe and that they went by his place afterwards, but they didn’t have condoms so they didn’t do anything. Tripp jokes about that being a romantic story. Chanel says they are getting along good so it might turn in to something. Tripp says he’s glad to hear that. Chanel questions why he cares. Tripp tells her that he thinks it would be nice if she had someone. Chanel asks if he means so that she won’t be in the middle of him and Allie.

Anna asks Johnny if his film has a vision. Johnny says yes so Anna says she’s on board. Johnny talks about if they won the Oscars. Johnny asks if they will do it, but EJ walks in and says no. EJ calls that an amateur investment pitch but Anna praises it. EJ declares that Johnny is joining DiMera Enterprises but Johnny says he said no. EJ feels Johnny turned down the first offer as a negotiating ploy but Johnny still says no. Anna suggests Johnny could run the DiMera film division. EJ says there is no film division. Anna says he could start one and they could call it DiMeraflix. Tony thinks they should leave EJ and Johnny alone to speak privately, but EJ says not to go yet. EJ reminds that their agreement was he would take over DiMera, so Tony could enjoy the rising profits without actually having to work and he’s fine with that, but he can’t have him acting against the interests of the company which financing Johnny’s movie would be doing. EJ asks if he understands. Tony warns that sometimes, he forgets who he’s talking to and presumes too much. Tony tells Johnny that he’s sorry but maybe sometime down the road as it’s just not the right time and he hopes he understands. Johnny says he does but calls Tony, “Fredo”

Justin says now that Steve agreed to be his best man, he wants to ask one more thing. Steve jokes that now he’s really pushing it. Justin asks Steve not to hold it against him for the rest of his life. Steve says he’ll do him one better and say he thinks it’s a good idea. Steve points out that Kayla agreed to be matron of honor and she’s usually right about everything, especially family. Steve tells Justin that they are family because of Adrienne and he knows she would want them to stay family. Justin agrees and says this means a lot to him, so he can’t wait to tell Bonnie. Steve compares Bonnie’s past to his own and how he was forgiven. Justin says she has been really upfront about everything she’s done and she’s really serious about leaving the past behind her.

Calista reminds Bonnie of her husband, Harrison Lord, who she says Bonnie plugged full of lead. Bonnie argues that’s not what happened. Calista questions her denying shooting her husband to death. Bonnie says she doesn’t have time for her grieving widow act. Calista tells her to make some time. Bonnie says she can just push a button and two men will come in and throw her out. Calista warns her not to do that as she then pulls out a gun. Bonnie says she can’t kill her or she’d be caught red handed. Calista says she’s not going to kill her. Bonnie questions why the gun then. Calista says it’s the one that Bonnie used to kill Harrison and it still has her fingerprints on it. Calista warns that she can use the gun to put Bonnie back in jail any time, unless she pays her what is hers.

Allie tells Kayla that one of the things she loves about Tripp is that he’s put everything she did to him behind him and says that he understands why she thought he was the one who raped her. Allie adds that Tripp not only forgave him but he’s great with Henry and he’s not bad looking. Allie admits that Tripp ticks every box and answers every prayer, but part of her wonder if what she feels for him is guilt or gratitude because she owes him or because he loves her and takes care of her child. Allie worries that she can’t be honest with him because she’s not being honest with herself. Kayla feels Allie didn’t say “I love you” back just because she doesn’t know if she does. Kayla assures that in time, Allie will know one way or the other. Allie asks if Tripp is just supposed to put his life on hold while she sorts out her feelings. Allie jokes that Tripp is a sensitive hunk, who is going to be a doctor, and those go fast on the market. Kayla says she has seen how Tripp looks at her and talks about her, so she thinks he will wait for her.

Tripp tells Chanel that she’s not in the middle of he and Allie. Chanel knows what he meant and agrees that it would be a lot easier on all of them if she had someone else, so they could just forget she ever had feelings for Allie. Tripp is glad she feels that way since they are such good friends and he’d hate for it to be awkward. Tripp suggests they all go out together sometime. Chanel asks if they are busy tonight. Tripp says no and brings up a bar off the town square with happy hour. Chanel jokes that she promises not to stick him with the check this time, though she might have to pay for her date because Johnny is having financial difficulties with his dad.

Johnny apologizes to Tony. Tony tells him to try to understand where EJ is coming from, as he wants him to follow in his footsteps and do something secure, stable, and safe, remarking that it would be just like race car driving. Tony wishes him luck and remembers how well EJ reacted to direct orders as he and Anna exit. Johnny complains about EJ doing that in public. EJ calls it family business. Johnny argues that he was having a private conversation and EJ barged in to start making orders. EJ accuses him of grubbing for money from his uncle after he turned him down. EJ thinks Johnny wants the perks of being a DiMera without the responsibility. EJ adds that he wasn’t issuing orders. Johnny disagrees. EJ complains that Johnny is turning down his offers without even listening to what he’d be doing or seeing the offices. EJ asks how he knows he won’t like working there if he hasn’t even tried it. EJ stops and tells Johnny that he’s happy he’s back and would like to work with him. EJ invites Johnny to the office, so he can answer any questions he might have and he can spend a little time with his son. EJ asks Johnny what he says, but Chanel arrives. EJ introduces himself to Chanel. Chanel says she’s sorry to interrupt but Johny says it’s no problem and he’s glad to see her. Chanel says she should’ve called. Chanel tells EJ that she has to compliment his amazing home. Chanel tells Johnny that she came by to see if he wanted to join them at a new bar for happy hour so he can meet her BFF and her boyfriend. Johnny says that sounds great. EJ intervenes, saying Johnny won’t be able to join her because he has plans. Johnny argues that he actually doesn’t have plans and that Chanel has incredible timing as he was just looking for something to do. Johnny then exits with Chanel.

Allie asks Kayla if she really thinks Tripp will wait for her. Kayla confirms that she does. Tripp arrives and asks how Henry’s appointment went. Allie says it went great. Tripp tells Allie that he just ran in to Chanel and she wants them to meet her at the new bar for happy hour and they can meet her new guy. Allie mentions that she would have to find a babysitter for Henry. Kayla says she and Steve would be happy to do that. Allie feels she can’t ask her to do that but Kayla says she’s volunteering and tells them to have a good time. Tripp thanks her as Kayla then walks away. Tripp tells Allie that it’s okay if she doesn’t want to go, but Allie assures that she would love to go. Allie says she can’t wait to see who Chanel has her sights on now too. Allie and Tripp then exit the hospital together.

Steve asks Justin when the wedding is. Justin informs him that it’s tomorrow, which surprises Steve. Steve says he will clear his schedule and get him to the church on time. Justin thanks him and says he really appreciates it as they hug.

Bonnie asks Calista what she is supposed to pay her. Calista brings up how Harrison scammed a restaurant he worked at to win their million dollar promotion and asked Bonnie to do it for him in exchange for a cut of the money. Calista argues that wasn’t enough for Bonnie, so she killed him and ran off with the money. Calista declares that Harrison may be gone, but she is not, and she wants that money now.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub with Henry and tells Steve that they are going to babysit. Steve tells her that the day keeps getting better. Kayla asks if something is wrong. Steve informs her that Justin asked him to be his best man. Kayla guesses they got in to another fight about Bonnie but Steve reveals that he said to do it, surprising Kayla. Steve informs her that Justin said it was Bonnie’s idea, so he thought if Kayla can do it, so can he. Kayla tells him that she’s proud of him and kisses him. Steve thanks her. Kayla thinks Bonnie will be very happy.

Bonnie tells Calista that she doesn’t have that kind of money. Calista asks if she’s sure about that and points out that she’s living pretty high in the Kiriakis Mansion. Bonnie says none of it is hers and it belongs to Justin. Calista says she knows all about the Kiriakis family and how rich they are, so she can just get the money to Justin. Bonnie says she couldn’t and wouldn’t even know how to explain it to him. Justin then walks in and asks explain what.

Tony returns to the living room and asks EJ how things went with Johnny, then guesses he wasn’t able to rope him in to the herd.

Tripp and Allie go to the new bar and wait for Chanel. Tripp informs Allie that Chanel called her new boyfriend, Giovanni. Allie notes that’s weird because that’s what her brother Johnny’s grandfather used to call him. Tripp wonders if it could be a coincidence. Allie realizes Johnny said he met someone too. Chanel and Johnny then arrive together, shocking both Allie and Johnny.

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