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EJ on "Days of Our Lives" 8/11/21

EJ calls Kristen and says it took awhile, but he finally got her letter.

Lucas tells Sami that he’s so sorry about how everything went down, but he thought EJ would try to kill her, and if she didn’t walk in, then EJ might have killed him. Sami remarks that maybe she should’ve let him. Lucas asks what she means. Sami declares that EJ knows about them because of Lucas. Lucas argues that he tried to keep it from EJ. Sami complains that Lucas couldn’t just leave the letter in the fireplace to burn. Lucas realizes that she knows he took it. Sami states that EJ knows every detail about them and it’s because of him.

Rafe tells Nicole that she’s not really alone as she has Allie, Holly, Henry, and himself. Nicole says Rafe shouldn’t have to deal with this but he wants to help since he is her friend. Rafe tells her that he’s not going anywhere. Nicole thanks him and says it so much to her as she doesn’t know what she would do without him. They hug on the couch as Ava walks in and sees them together. Ava asks if she’s interrupting.

Philip gets on his laptop at work but finds that it is frozen.

Gabi tells Jake that she had a wonderful day she thinks Philip is about to offer him a job. Gabi declares that their plan is officially in motion to get rid of Philip, take over Titan, and then take over the world. Jake asks how they get the ball rolling on world domination. Gabi responds that she just had to make a slight modification to Philip’s computer.

Philip tries to get his laptop to work but it remains frozen. Chloe walks in and asks if there’s a problem. Philip says there’s something wrong with his computer, or at least was, as it seems to be working fine now. They write it off as a glitch in the system. Philip asks what brings Chloe here. Chloe says she got off work early and figured since he did everything for her while she was injured, now that she has two working arms again, she wanted to return the favor and take him home. Philip calls that very thoughtful of her. Chloe asks if he has to work late because she was hoping they could go for a celebratory dinner. Philip asks what they would be celebrating. Chloe suggests her healed arm or their relationship. Philip says he’s not hungry. Chloe thought it was more about the company than the food. Chloe adds that they can brainstorm a collaboration between Basic Black and Titan then she could use her corporate card. Philip remarks that Brady would really love that. Chloe asks what Brady has to do with this. Philip informs her that Brady already shot down their companies working together so he doesn’t know if he wants to brainstorm another idea. Chloe says she was kind of kidding. Philip suggests Chloe just have dinner with Brady. Chloe asks if she missed something and says this can’t be about her and Brady working together since he said he was okay with it. Philip asks if she rescued Brady from Xander.

Philip reveals that he waited for her for hours at the Pub but she never came back. Chloe points out that it was late and the party was over. Philip brings up her not responding to his text message. Chloe says she didn’t get it so she checks her phone and reads it. Chloe apologizes and swears she did not see it as she was so tired that she went straight to her room. Philip remarks that at least it wasn’t Brady’s room. Chloe asks what his problem is since Brady is her friend and he’s recovering from a bad car accident, so she wanted to make sure Xander didn’t beat the crap out of him. Philip argues that Brady can take care of himself but he’s sure that Brady was thrilled when she showed up. Chloe tells him to forget about the offer for a ride home. Philip stops her and apologizes. Chloe tells him to think what he wants about Brady but he has to trust her as she works with Brady, he’s her friend, and that’s it. Chloe says she is with Philip and he has to trust that no one else will stand a chance. Philip agrees that he needs to grow the hell up as they are not in high school anymore and he’s lucky to have her in his life. Chloe agrees as they kiss. Philip adds that she’s right that he should’ve gone home and gone to bed like she did because maybe then, he wouldn’t be in the middle of this mess with Sami and Lucas.

Sami on "Days of Our Lives" 8/11/21

Lucas admits to Sami that he did take Kristen’s letter out of the fireplace but he did not give it to EJ. Sami argues that Nicole did. Lucas talks about trying to stop her but it was too late. Sami asks if he’s a hero for trying to stop her. Sami complains that Nicole would’ve never had the letter if Lucas didn’t give it to Philip. Lucas shouts that he didn’t give it to Philip. Sami accuses Lucas of this being his plan all along. Lucas argues that he would never do that. Sami says Lucas had his henchman do it because Philip has no reason to do this. Sami insists that Lucas put Philip up to it because he knew Nicole would use the letter to destroy her marriage.

Rafe on "Days of Our Lives" 8/11/21

Rafe greets Ava and asks what she’s doing here. Ava informs Nicole that she called her office and they said she took the day off because she wasn’t feeling well. Nicole clarifies that she’s not sick but just not having the best day. Ava says she’s sorry to hear that. Nicole explains that Rafe was just being kind and giving her a shoulder to cry on. Ava says that sounds serious and asks if something happened. Nicole informs her that Sami destroyed her marriage.

Lucas swears to Sami that he knew Nicole wanted revenge on her, but he did not tell Philip to give the letter to her. Sami knows that’s not true since Lucas admitted he wanted to tell EJ, but he didn’t. Sami asks if he didn’t have the guts so he talked his brother in to doing his dirty work. Lucas insists he had nothing to do with it. Sami asks how Philip got the letter then. Sami goes over Gabi ending up with the letter but convincing Jake not to use it and that Lucas was the only other person that knew about it. Sami talks about trying to burn the letter in the fireplace, but somehow it gets resurrected by Lucas.

EJ tells Kristen that their call ended so abruptly because Sami hung up on her and gave him some nonsense about Kristen being a wanted criminal, but really she just didn’t want her to reveal her betrayal with Lucas. EJ declares that when it comes to what to do with Sami, he has plans.

Gabi informs Jake that all she had to do was put a key logger on Philip’s computer. Jake doesn’t know what that is. Gabi explains that a key logger records every key stroke on the computer, so everything Philip writes, she will be able to see. Jake calls that impressive and a little scary. Jake adds that the world domination doesn’t seem so impossible. Gabi says getting in the door at Titan was phase one so now they will watch, listen, and learn everything they can about how Philip does business so they can sabotage him. Gabi declares that they will take him down so hard and fast that he’ll never know what hit him. Jake says they will take his company and the entire world if Gabi has her way. Jake calls her an incredibly hot diabolical genius as they kiss.

Chloe asks Philip about the mess with Sami and Lucas. Philip says he probably shouldn’t get in to it. Chloe asks if it has something to do with them sleeping together behind EJ’s back because Nicole suspected it, so she’s guessing it’s true. Philip confirms that it is, but that Chloe can’t say anything because Lucas told him in confidence. Chloe assures that she won’t but notes that secrets have a way of coming out in Salem. Philip says especially if they have a little help, so Chloe asks what he has done.

Sami questions Lucas spying on her. Lucas clarifies that he wasn’t and that he was upset that she hung up on him so he came to finish their conversation but he saw her lighting the letter on fire, so he got curious because he didn’t know what she was doing. Lucas says after she left, he got the letter and read it. Lucas admits he wanted to show EJ at first because Sami knows he wants to be with her and that he loves her, but he didn’t do it because he didn’t want to hurt her. Sami argues that he just made sure someone else did the dirty work. Lucas explains that he was upset and confided in his brother but he didn’t know Philip would do that because he thought he could trust him. Lucas explains that Philip came up with this plan to get Nicole the letter without it being traced back to him but he didn’t go along with it and threw the letter away. Lucas cries that he couldn’t have known that Philip was going to dig it out of the trash. Sami argues that either way, Lucas got what he wanted because her marriage is blown out of the water.

Philip explains to Chloe that he gave Nicole the letter so she would give it to EJ and says it seemed like a great idea at the time because Nicole would get major payback while Lucas would get his shot to be with Sami. Chloe remarks that Lucas had somebody else do his dirty work but Philip clarifies that this was all him because Lucas didn’t want to hurt Sami. Philip says that’s where he picked up the letter from the trash and ran with it, but Lucas is not grateful. Chloe mocks Lucas being noble since he faked a brain tumor to get her out of town, so he’s not above questionable methods. Philip bets she isn’t happy with him either. Chloe responds that Sami deserves her marriage blowing up. Philip notes that they don’t know that Nicole lit the match yet. Chloe guesses Nicole will use the letter just as he intended. Chloe says she’s not supporting Philip’s methods, but she did just see her best friend get her marriage blown apart, so she would do anything to help her but she’ll settle for seeing Sami reap the damage that she has sown.

Nicole informs Ava that Eric came home yesterday to surprise her for their anniversary. Nicole talks about it being wonderful to be with him after all those months and especially when Eric said he was coming home for good. Ava asks her what happened. Nicole explains that Eric suggested throwing a spur of the moment party with family and friends. Nicole adds that it was perfect until Xander showed up and told everyone that they slept together. Ava calls Xander a son of a bitch as she hoped he would keep his mouth shut. Rafe questions Ava knowing about that. Nicole admits that she confided in Ava. Ava doesn’t understand why Xander would expose her now after all of this time and she gave him a job. Nicole guesses it was money. Ava asks if Sami paid him to blow up her marriage. Nicole confirms that it worked too because Eric is on a plane back to Africa and their marriage is over. Ava questions what Sami’s problem is. Ava says where she comes from, you don’t just stand back when someone hurts one of your own. Ava declares that she will pay Sami back, but Nicole reveals that she already did.

EJ tells Kristen that Sami will no longer be living under the DiMera roof. EJ adds that he wanted to take more drastic measures but it wouldn’t have been satisfying. EJ declares that Harold is packing up Sami’s things as they speak, so that cheating slut will be gone before dinner.

Lucas tells Sami that he thinks EJ is all wrong for her and that she would be better off with him, but he never meant to cause her pain. Lucas talks about being scared of what EJ would do to Sami after reading the letter, so he came here to protect her. Sami thanks him for that. Lucas repeats that he’s sorry that everything went down the way it did. Sami doesn’t think he is. Lucas insists that he means it, because she never deserved EJ to find out like this. Sami cries that they certainly made Nicole’s day, or maybe her whole year. Lucas reminds Sami that he told her if anything ever happened between she and EJ, he’d be there for her because he loves her. Lucas says again that he’s sorry about what happened but suggests maybe it’s a sign that this is their chance to finally get back together again.

Nicole explains to Ava that she took Kristen’s letter to EJ. Nicole talks about how EJ kept defending Sami, but when he read the letter, she actually felt bad for him after seeing the look on his face. Ava says she did EJ a favor and commends Nicole for paying Sami back hard. Nicole doesn’t know how good it is, since she still lost Eric and then Sami came over to try to kill her and she doesn’t know what would’ve happened if not for Rafe. Ava says Rafe is always a stand up guy and there for his friends. Nicole says this has been all about her and asks Ava what she came over for. Ava says it doesn’t matter and they can talk some other time. Nicole insists so Ava admits she was hoping that Nicole could arrange her an interview at Basic Black since she’s in the market for a job. Nicole thinks that’s a great idea. Ava tells her that’s not to discuss now, since right now they need to take care of her. Ava tells her that she’s so sorry this is happening. Ava suggests she and Rafe take Nicole out for dinner to get her out of the house.

Gabi on "Days of Our Lives" 8/11/21

Gabi tells Jake that once she puts their plan in motion, Victor will have no choice but to throw Philip out and be in need of a replacement, so she will be ready to take over as CEO. Jake says that’s one answer but he was thinking that maybe he could be CEO.

Philip thanks Chloe for not being upset with him over the letter. Chloe thanks him for telling her the truth, since they’ve seen what secrets can do to relationships. Philip promises there will never be any secrets between them and they kiss. Philip apologizes for being a jealous jerk about her helping Brady. Chloe apologizes for not seeing his text message for a night cap. Philip suggests a do over as they continue kissing.

EJ tells Kristen that he owes her a great deal because if not for her letter, he never would’ve learned the truth about his wife. EJ declares that there is no going back and no possibility of forgiveness. EJ says he thought that would please Kristen as they hang up. EJ picks up the necklace that he bought for Sami and recalls surprising her with it.

Lucas states that Sami’s marriage is over. Sami asks who said it’s over. Lucas points out that EJ is packing up her things and wants her out of the house, so he doesn’t think he wants to patch things up with her. Sami argues that this is what she and EJ do, they fight big and then make up but they don’t quit. Sami assures that she will make EJ come around. EJ then returns to the room and asks why Lucas is still there. Sami says he was just leaving. Lucas complains that they aren’t finished but Sami says they definitely are, so Lucas exits. Sami asks EJ if he wanted to talk to her. EJ just wanted her to know that Harold has packed her bags in to her car. EJ then presents her necklace and points out that she left it in their room, calling it something else from their marriage that she discarded.

Philip and Chloe continue kissing until he suggests they get out of the office. They go to leave but Lucas arrives and says he hates to interrupt, but he needs to talk to Philip because it’s important. Philip says they were heading out but Lucas says it will only take a couple of minutes. Chloe says it’s okay and she will see Philip at home, so she exits. Philip asks Lucas what’s going on and if he got the letter before it went to EJ. Lucas confirms that he didn’t as Nicole already gave it to him and that EJ reacted like they thought he would, by kicking Sami out. Philip says that’s great as now Lucas has a chance to be with her. Lucas says not exactly, because Sami figured out Philip gave the letter to Nicole and thought that he put him up to it. Philip apologizes but says he can fix this. Lucas says he’s done enough. Philip says he can make sure Sami knows that it was his idea and Lucas’s hands are clean. Lucas tells him that Sami wants nothing to do with him. Philip argues that Sami loves him. Lucas says that Sami loves EJ more and is determined to convince him to forgive her. Lucas accepts that he doesn’t stand a chance.

EJ asks what Sami is waiting for. EJ then drops the necklace on the floor and tells her to consider it payment for services rendered. Sami picks it up so EJ says she has all of her belongings and now she can leave. Sami responds that she’s not going anywhere. EJ says it wasn’t a request. Sami reminds him that it’s not his house anymore, so he doesn’t get to kick her out. EJ questions her thinking Gabi will let her stay. Sami points out that she’s Arianna’s grandmother and that her and Gabi are friends, so she’s pretty sure she will let her stay. EJ asks if she’s going to park herself in a guest room. Sami asks why not as she’d be happy to stay as long as it takes for EJ to forgive her. EJ tells her that she can stay until Hell freezes over but it won’t make a difference to him or how he feels about her. Sami says that he says that now, but she knows he loves her, so she’s going to talk to Gabi to make sure she lets her stay. Sami tells EJ that he can’t get rid of her that easily, as she then exits.

Gabi questions Jake wanting to be CEO of Titan when this whole plan was her idea. Jake says he’s the one with CEO experience. Gabi argues that she ran her own company. Jake talks about Titan being a conglomerate like DiMera, which he ran. Gabi says she did too and questions if he doesn’t want her to be his boss. Jake says that’s not it, but she’s his girlfriend. Gabi asks what that has to do with it because Kate was his girlfriend too. Jake feels it might be a little strange to work under her.

Philip admits to Lucas that he should’ve left well enough alone and never given Nicole the letter. Lucas tells him not to worry about it and admits that part of him hoped Sami would see EJ for who he really is and choose him, but she didn’t and wants to be with EJ. Philip says she’s making a big mistake by passing up a man who loves her the way Lucas does. Lucas thanks him as he and Philip exit the Titan office. After Philip exits, his computer shows the installation is complete.

Nicole on "Days of Our Lives" 8/11/21

Nicole thanks Ava but says she doesn’t really have an appetite and would just like to be alone now. Rafe asks if she’s sure she will be okay. Ava says they totally understand she needs her space. Nicole thanks Rafe for everything as she doesn’t know what she would’ve done if he wasn’t there. Rafe assures that he’s always there for her if she needs anything, as he’s just a phone call away. Ava is annoyed as she thinks back to arguing with Nicole about her relationship with Rafe where she accused Nicole of wanting Rafe for herself, then flashes back to talking to Rafe about feeling Nicole was jealous of their relationship and questioning Rafe on his feelings for Nicole.

Jake tells Gabi that he has zero problem working under her. Gabi asks if this is going to be a problem. Jake suggests they discuss it under the covers. Gabi says she’s willing to put in the time if he is, so they take each other to the bedroom.

EJ has a drink and looks over to the portrait of Stefano. EJ remarks that Sami made a damn fool out of him, but not to worry because no one humiliates EJ DiMera. EJ promises that Sami won’t get away with it.

Sami goes to Rafe’s house with her necklace in hand and says she’s going to get EJ back. Sami knocks on the door, calling for Gabi. Someone in all black then grabs her from behind with a rag over her mouth, causing Sami to pass out. She drops her necklace as she is dragged away.

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