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[ Grunts ] Hey. You want the bag? I’m good. Actually, I’m better than good — in part, thanks to you. Face of conception’s online presence could not be stronger. Damn — even better at this social media thing than I thought. And good morning to you, brook lynn. Yeah, right. Same to you. I knew deception could count on you to reach a broader customer base, and proof is in the sales. Products are flying off the shelves. Give yourself a pat on the back. How about a raise? Actually, I have another perk in mind for you — a really wonderful one. Dr. Westbourne, can I have a moment of your time? Something I can do for you, dr. Randolph? You haven’t responded to the proposal I sent you and dr. Quartermaine. Did you receive it? For expanding our telemedicine services? Many patients find in-person visits daunting — even prohibitive for a variety of reasons. We can expand our opportunities to consult with us online rather than come into the hospital. Which would require a major expansion of our it and tech departments.

[ Sighs ] If you read the whole memo, you would have seen the research I did. Other facilities who have expanded in telemedicine have earned back the costs in five years or — or less. But none of the expansion is covered in this year’s budget. If you were chief of staff, you’d realize that any new proposals must be cost-effective. So let’s study the numbers. Come up with a solution. You’re not co-chief of staff yet, terry. And what about you, britt? You stormed out of dr. Quartermaine’s office when she suggested we work together. Have you decided that’s impossible?

[ Sighs ] Allow me. You’re folding towels? Sure. Why not? You want to hire me? I couldn’t afford you. Mm, that’s probably true. Don’t you have people for this? Yes, I have great people that stand here all day long and fold towels. I’m just…

[ Sighs ] You’re doing it for fun? Call it a form of stress relief. Any particular reason you’re feeling stressed? Yeah. Because you hate that I’m marrying jason. You’ve got to come out of this, auntie.

[ Inhales deeply ] You’ve got to.

[ Monitor beeping ] Josslyn: Dr. Robinson. -Mr. Ashford. -Hey. We are here to check on ms. Henry. I was with her last night when she collapsed at kelly’S. We know — the paramedics told us that you called 911 immediately. You did an amazing job. Thank you for keeping your head and taking quick action. But how is she? Is she gonna be okay?

A stroke? I thought it might be it. My mom has taught me to recognize the symptoms. I am so sorry. But the good news is, it’s the most common type of stroke, which is also the most treatable. And she was brought to the emergency room immediately. And the doctor that was on call was able to diagnose the stroke, so the neurology team was able to start that treatment immediately. Stella’s gonna recover. Um, and — and — and getting her the right treatment in time was — it all started with your quick thinking. Yes, cam told me what happened. Tell them. Well, my mom is always pounding into me and my brothers first-aid tips to help someone when they’re in need. And since I was able to recognize the signs of stroke, I-I dialed 911 and noted the time that she started to lose balance. And cam kept speaking to ms. Henry until the paramedics got there. I mean, he would not let her go to sleep. I always knew that you were a smart kid, but the way you handled this emergency — I mean, that’s — it’s something special. I’m gonna make sure stella knows that — and your mom. Well, thank you. I-I’m just — I’m glad that your aunt’s going to recover. There’s just — t-there’s something that she needs to know when she wakes up. A larger office? No, wait — a car and a driver. Come on, sasha, don’t leave me in suspense. What is this wonderful perk? Your own assistant. Really? Oh, my gosh. Someone I get to boss around?

[ Inhales deeply ] Oh, wow. That is so great. Look, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. Valentin and yuri have been really, really helpful with bailey, but, um, this whole motherhood and work thing is — is really hard. Don’t worry — you’ll — you’ll find out soon enough.

[ Chuckles ] Getting closer all the time. It’s really so kind of you to consider me. Really, sasha. Um, okay, so, when do I get to interview some potential candidates? Look, it has to be somebody who, you know, is in tune with my personality. Somebody who is collaborative, but who will defer to me as their boss, you know? Someone who’s loyal and — and steady, but who doesn’t complain. A-about that — I-it’s, um — I look great, right?

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] The makeup artists at deception said I have good bones — like edie falco. And, look — I got tons of free products, just like you promised. Excuse me. We’re in a meeting. Brook lynn quartermaine, right? It depends. Who are you? Brook lynn, this is gladys corbin. Your new assistant. But I do prefer to be considered more of an equal.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I should be the one, uh, thanking you. Carly said you stepped in to smooth things over with joey novak. That guy’s a punk. Mnh, I didn’t think it would be good for anyone to let the situation escalate by the pool at carly’s hotel. Yeah, well, look, if he takes you up on that free service at your garage, I’ll pay the bills. Thank you, but, um, with all good intentions, that sounds like the first step down a slippery slope back to the business, and I made a commitment to, uh, stay far away. Really? What changed your mind? I want to be in sasha’s life — and our baby’S. I mean, you were the one who told me to consider, you know, what it was that was really important to me — um, what I’d be risking. Sasha and our baby won, hands down. But I-I want you to know I appreciate the advice. Actually, I was on my way to ask dr. Quartermaine for a meeting… to turn down her offer. The job is all yours. Monica pitched us as a team. If you’re out, so am I. Well, I guess she’ll have to find someone else with my expertise… and your vision. You’re throwing away this incredible job just like that? I handled this incredible job just fine without you or anyone else. And before you throw cyrus renault back in my face, let me remind you — I was working with jason to try and keep renault in check — which is why I nearly got killed by his thugs. I’m sorry I belittled your life on the run. You threw my relationship with jason in my face in front of his mother.

[ Sighs ] Saying you had jason to satisfy your needs was not my finest moment. I’m sorry. And you think an apology is good enough to make me want to share my job with you? Jax: Stop for a second. Look at me. I don’t want to fight with you again. We don’t have to fight if you tell me the truth. Look, I know that I was upset when you explained to me why you were marrying jason. But then, I realized you re– you weren’t telling me everything. What makes you say that? Because when I voiced my concerns, you told me that marrying jason was not only the best for you, but also for your kids, and one of those kids happens to be our daughter. So it got me thinking, you know what? Maybe this isn’t a simple story of friendship between you and jason suddenly turning to love right after sonny died.

We’re done talking. I’m going to see monica and tell her I’m not sharing the chief of staff position with you. Britt, please, give me five minutes. Okay, two minutes. Monica asked me to be diplomatic with you to see if I could work with you as co-chief of staff. Oh, so, now you’re trying to handle me? Britt, I’m trying to be reasonable. I’m terrible at manipulating people. Is this you being sincere? It’s me being honest. Working together is in our best interest — and more importantly, it’s in the hospital’s best interest. Well, I don’t know what you want me to do. Take a walk and think about it. Why not? It’s nice out. Consider the alternative. Some oily creep who plays politics and only cares about saving money. Someone who will run G.H. As a “cost-effective business” instead of an institution to save lives and heal. Do we really want someone like that as our boss? So, uh, sasha gave you an ultimatum? In the nicest way possible. The business or the baby. Well, I mean, you seem, uh — you seem at peace with your decision, so… yeah, well, after seeing what you and — and carly’s family went through this past year, you know, with sonny’s death and the damage renault caused. And renault almost killed me and my mother. And if I were to die, m-m-my baby wouldn’t have a father. I-I-I can’t let that happen. Yeah, but — but you knew sasha was pregnant when you stepped in with joey novak. You weren’t thinking about life-or-death situations then. I stepped up because I wanted to help carly. And then, sasha straighten me out. She wasn’t happy with me working for cyrus to help out you and sonny, and she wasn’t gonna sign on for more of that. And you’re lucky you and carly are on the same page when it comes to business. Yeah. Yeah, we are. How does a person get a mimosa around here? I thought it would be nice for you and gladys to get to know one another over brunch rather than in the office.

[ Sighs ] Oh [Laughs] I’ve never been to a business brunch before. Can I have those scrambled eggs with caviar? This is on deception, right? Did you bring a rĂ©sumĂ©? A rĂ©sumĂ©? What — what for? Sasha already hired me. Okay, then, what about your background? Uh [Laughs] I’m part irish, part lithuanian, I think. Um, from bridgeport, connecticut, but I moved here to be closer to my son. I didn’t think you were allowed to ask that kind of question. Yeah, I-I meant, what’s your business background? Do you have any experience that qualifies you to be an assistant to a marketing executive? I am keeping my kids safe. How? By — by marrying sonny’s right-hand man? I mean, that brings the kids closer to sonny’s world — which has now become your world. Okay, josslyn hasn’t been touched by anything jason and I are doing, so I don’t know why you’re giving me a hard time again. Because I’m trying to make you see what is perfectly clear to me. This isn’t gonna work, carly. You’re living on borrowed time. Now, I tried to warn you right from the start that it was a-a big mistake to get more involved in the family business, but you didn’t listen. Because it doesn’t change anything. So, can we just get along for josslyn’s sake? Cam, what does my auntie need to know? Well, ms. Henry — she had some papers with her inside an envelope. She asked me where the nearest mail drop was, and, um, that’s when she stood up and stumbled and sort of spilled her coffee. The coffee soaked the envelope and everything inside. And when I was walking her out with the paramedics, one of the waitresses, she [Sighs] — She cleaned up anything that was used or wet. I-I-I’m really sorry. Cam, ms. Henry had a stroke right in front of you, okay? You were focused on getting her help, and isn’t that what’s most important? Look, I will ask my auntie about the contents of that envelope. Whatever’s in there, I’m sure can be replaced. I-I-is there any possibility that I can explain to her what happened? She’s asleep right now, but I am sure when she wakes up, she’s gonna want to thank you. Okay, we’ll come back later. Okay. We just wanted to make sure that she was okay. Thanks. That’s a good kid. Yeah. Yeah, I know.

[ Sighs ] Now, let me go check on stella for you right now, okay?

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] Yeah, sure — uh, but before you do, I need something from you. What? The truth. The doctors are doing the hard work. All you need to do is rest. Give the medicine time to dissolve the clot in your brain. I hope…

[ Breathes deeply ] I hope you are feeling so important, because all kinds of people are worried about you. Mm-hmm. My mom is on top of that list. I guess the two of you were having some issues about the divorce — by which I mean you think it shouldn’t be happening at all. Mom told me that she got pretty angry with you, and she is really sorry. She is really sorry if she said anything, if she did anything to jeopardize your health.

[ Monitor beeping ] You said it — you said secrets have a way of exploding, and this one sure did.

[ Sighs ] I’m just sorry that trina overheard you and stella talking about it. I just wasn’t as forgiving to aunt stella as I should have been. I left her at kelly’s last night, and she was so stressed out. Portia, could I have caused this? Am I responsible for my auntie’s stroke?

Ere can be a correlationbetween stress and stroke, but you’re gonna have to share some of that blame with me. I mean, I came on pretty strong when I spoke my mind to your aunt. It was just a horrible night. Yeah, especially for trina. Ohh. She’s gonna need some time to process this. She’s still so shaken and angry about everything. Understandably so.

[ Sighs ] Was your aunt’s 2017 stroke precipitated by a, uh, stressful event?

[ Chuckles ] I would say so. Um, it started when jordan and i started seeing each other. Ah. I did not realize that. I saw in her file that she was prescribed some anti-anxiety medication after her first stroke for a little while. Yeah, and, uh, it might be time to renew that prescription… mm. …Since, um, aunt stella is never gonna stop doing what she believes in. Aunt stella’s vitals are improving. I think she’s regaining consciousness.Okay, that’s good. Let me go check on her right now, and if she’s doing okay, then you can go in and see her, all right? Yeah, look — look, portia, first, I — I just want to say, thank you so much. You were instrumental in the care that my auntie got last night. I mean, calling in the neurology team and making sure that she was treated as soon as possible — she needs to know about that. Thank you. You’re welcome.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. So, you and dr. Robinson seem to be getting closer. Yeah. But we’re taking it slow.

[ Monitor beeping ] Well, hello, ms. Henry. Welcome back.

[ Chuckles ] Now, I’m gonna give you a quick exam, okay?

[ Beeping continues ] Now, can you squeeze m– squeeze my fingers with your hand? Good job, good job. I got some people herethat are waiting to see you.

[ Door opens ]

[ Beeping continues ] Aunt stella. It’s curtis. Aunt stella? I know it’s you…

[ Sighs ] …Curtis byron ashford. -[ Chuckles ] -[ Sighs ] You, thomas jr. Dr. Robinson. Nice to see you all. Will someone please tell me how on earth I ended up here? Mmm. Say what you want about carly, but her bartender makes a damn good mimosa. -[ Laughs ] -[ Chuckles ] Deception must be doing real well if it can afford metro court prices. Okay, let’s focus, gladys. Do you have any marketing experience at all? As a matter of fact, I do. I used to sell cleaning products with colby-kleen, and I recruited others to sell them, too. I was one of their top people. I didn’t know that. Mm. Yeah, that’s because it was a pyramid scheme that hustled housewives out of their savings. The ceo is in prison. I was an innocent victim, too.

[ Chuckling ] Why are you treating me like I did something wrong? You hired me. Aren’t you brook lynn’s boss? I am. Then take it up with sasha. I have nothing else to say to you. Mm. What are you doing to me? You were at the meeting with the five families, right? Working for cyrus? Yeah, when you were shot during your escape from G.H., Uh, carly — she stepped in. You should have seen her, man. She owned that room. She slapped cyrus down like a gnat. It — it was all I could do not to cheer her on. Yeah, carly is a fighter — that’s for sure. Mm. I can see how you two ended up together. Mm. It’s good for business, but, um… I’m sure losing sonny brought you two closer. Yeah, it did. I wish you two a — a very long and happy marriage. You deserve it. Okay, I will let this go as long as josslyn remains safe. She will. I promise. I hope so, because she’s got a big year coming up. You know, college, new boyfriend. She told you? Cameron webber.

[ Sighs ] Cameron’s a great kid… mm. …And he makes josslyn happy. Well, I’m just glad that she’s over oscar and moving on with her life. Yeah. But if cameron breaks her heart, he’s gonna have me to deal with. You and me both. Ms. Henry was sitting right there. I can’t believe I didn’t notice something was wrong. Cam. Quit it with the guilt. You are not responsible for ms. Henry’s stroke, okay? If anything, you saved her life. Joey: Josslyn? Josslyn jacks? Do I know you? No, but you’re about to. Joey novak. I’m an associate of your mom and her fiancĂ©’S. Congratulations on getting onto pcu’s volleyball team. I hear you’re quite the athlete. And your first game is against a school that rejected me. I’ll be in the stands cheering you on — right behind your mom and jason morgan. Look, um… I don’t know who you are or how you know me or my mom or jason, but I’d appreciate it if you left me alone. I bet you’ll be at the game, too, right? Since you and joss are so tight. Which is none of your business. Now, please get out of our faces.

Another stroke? But I’ve been taking care of myself. Strokes have a nasty way of occurring, no matter how well you take care of yourself, auntie. Aunt stella, I am so sorry that I left you at kelly’s last night. I should have been there with you. And I apologize for coming down on you so hard about — about what we discussed. Tj: Add my mom to the apology tour. And we all could have done better by you. Uh, I-I know everybody’s trying to blame themselves… but in truth, there’s only one person to blame.

[ Laughs ] Peace out, guys! I didn’t mean to make any trouble. Yeah, well, it doesn’t sound like that to me. Cam, cam, cam. I just want josslyn to tell her mom and jason that I’ll see them in the stands. Are you sure you want me to pass on that message? Tell jason that you’ll be looking for him at my next game? Because I will definitely be mentioning it. Actually, I’m kind of obligated to. So, don’t worry. Jason will definitely be looking for you.

[ Chuckles ] Nice meeting you both. I need to find my mom. I-I’ll go with you. This is family business, cam. The less you know, the better. I’m sorry, brook lynn. I should have come clean with you. You think? Brando and i really need some space to figure out this parenting thing. We had to get his mother out of our immediate orbit. So you put her in mine. Gladys will be fine. She has zero experience. Remember all of the things I just told you about what I would look for in an assistant? Well, it’s like you wrote them down and found a person with the exact opposite qualities. Gladys is excited about this opportunity, okay? She’s predisposed to like it and do a good job. You genuinely believe that? Please just give her a chance, for my sake. You know what it’s like with a new baby. You and valentin were practically strangers, just like brando and me. Valentin and I didn’t foist our baby’s grandmother on someone who didn’t want her. Okay? You don’t see my ma just popping around on everyone and getting in people’s faces. Gladys is mike corbin’s cousin. You loved mike, and you were close with sonny. Doesn’t that count for something? Gladys: …Stays fresh all day. It doesn’t flake or cake or fade away. Isn’t the color gorgeous? Mm-hmm. I think you would look good in this color. Hmm.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, you should try it. Are you and britt still seeing each other? We were never seeing each other.

[ Sighs ] Well, that’s probably for the best. Oh, is it? Yeah, I’m guessing one of the major attractions was that jason and i got engaged. I mean, you were pissed at me, and… britt — I-I just feel sorry for her. Yeah, I’m pretty sure britt doesn’t want your pity, carly. Taking a break from the hospital? Actually, I am pondering whether or not to share my chief of staff title. What’s to ponder? Half the workload. It sounds pretty good to me. Really? Yeah. Sharing the power? Constantly compromising? Always having to check in with someone? I could see how that wouldn’t work for you. Thank you. I am so not a team player. Oh, that’s — I can really only think of one time in my life when I teamed up with someone and it actually turned out okay.

[ Chuckles ] Except…

you want to get

into canada alive? That won’t happen if you pass out behind the wheel. Hand ’em over. Please, jason. I really need you to trust me. Except when you were on the run with jason? I see you’ve healed from the gunshot wound. Yeah, yeah, I’m good. Uh — um, now that I’ve decided to stay out of the family business, I don’t expect to be taking any more bullets for you and carly.

[ Scoffs ] But, uh, if I did get in another gun battle, I definitely would want britt westbourne to treat me. I heard how much she did for you. Jax: You and jason worked well together hiding from cyrus renault’s men. Well, he saved my life — I saved his. We didn’t have much choice. Yeah, but you had feelings for him. Whether I did or didn’t is beside the point. Jason is marrying carly. Mm-hmm. Do you know why? Do you? You don’t believe they’re in love, do you? I don’t think you believe they are, either.

[ Both chuckle ]So, uh, what’s it about, then? Well, carly went out of her way to explain why they’re getting married — how she and jason had feelings for each other after sonny died, but they felt it was too soon, so they decided to back off. But after jason got sent to pentonville and then got shot during the escape, they realized life’s short. Mm. So they decided to stop fighting the feelings and give in to them instead. You don’t believe her.

[ Sighs ] It was all just a little too perfect, a little too convincing. It was — it was lopsided. It was off-balance. It was like carly had a lot to say. Jason practically said nothing. See, that’s how they operate. Carly comes up with the explanation, and jason just goes along with whatever she says.

I was the last one with you. I walked out of kelly’s, and I left you behind. You must hold me responsible. Now you’re talking crazy. Mm. Thank you. I’m the person to blame.

[ Sighs ] Stella, honey, please. Don’t get too excited, okay? No, I know I’ve been making trouble for everyone, and the person I made the most trouble for is myself.

[ Monitor beeping ] Laying in here with a stroke. Talk about payback. Stop it, auntie. You didn’t cause the stroke, and thinking that way — that is not good for your recovery. You know what’s good for my recovery? Not sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.

[ Sighs ] Wait. So, you remember what happened. Some of it. Not all. Cameron webber — he saved your life. By the way, he mentioned that you had an envelope that you wanted mailed. Anyway, when you collapsed and the paramedics came, that envelope got thrown away. Auntie… do you remember what was in it? I know! It brightens up your whole face! Woman: [ Chuckles ] I don’t remember sonny ever saying he liked gladys. In fact, I kind of remember him speaking about her in the exact opposite manner. Sonny wasn’t very fond of gladys. But mike was, and sonny appreciated that. Gladys: It takes away your pores… besides, it appears gladys has that woman wrapped around her finger.

[ Gasps ] You — you think I have pores the size of nickels?

[ Gasps ] W– how dare you?! Ugh.

[ Sighs ] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You want some help?

[ Scoffs ] Look, you don’t have to be nice to me after I treated you like crap, okay? You apologized. I accepted. Let’s just move on.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay? So, what am i doing wrong? All right. Uh, you’re gonna keep your hands up. Put your hands up. Always, always have your hands up to defend yourself, okay? Before, during, and after a punch, you’re gonna always have your hands up. All right. So, what’s next? Uh, you never let anyone catch you in a vulnerable position, okay? And you keep moving — to the bag, away from the bag, just like a real fight. Okay? In a real fight, your opponent is gonna be moving. A moving target, just like this bag. So you gotta be smart when to attack, when to get in, and when to get out. And by the way, since you’re in here, in the gym, you should always wear gloves. If you don’t have any, I can get some for you. I might take you up on that offer. Thanks. Okay. So, anything else I should know? Who’s your target? The way you were swinging at that bag, looks like you want to hit somebody. Just some loser who was bothering joss. You know, we can spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out why carly and jason got engaged, but I just don’t have the time for it. So, as long as josslyn’s okay with it, I’m just gonna go along for the ride. Oh, it’s really that easy for you? Oh, carly and i have been apart longer than we’ve been together. At least I, uh — I know that she thinks she’s doing the right thing by our daughter. Sounds like a compromise. Yeah, compromise isn’t always bad. You know, sometimes it’s the only way to get things done. Hmm, interesting. I think I’ve already read this book, jax. Oh. You’re gonna ask me why I became a doctor — what being chief of staff means to me. And I’m gonna realize that my love for G.H. Is bigger than my hatred for having to share my job with terry randolph. There you go. Oh! Do you have a hankie? I think I’m gonna cry.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I think my work is done. Well — I am gonna leave before I memorialize this talk with the worst sunburn of my life. Uh, you’re an aussie. You were born with a sunburn. That’s true. Well, thank you for the pep talk. Uh, I didn’t give you a pep talk. I could read your mind. And if you find a way to explain jason and carly’s engagement that makes sense, please let me be the first to know. Okay. Hey, can I talk to you? What’s going on? Something happened. Oka– are you okay? I’m fine. But I knew that you’d want to know. A man approached me and cam at kelly’S. He made a point of telling me that he’s an associate of my mom and her fiancĂ©. Did he tell you his name? Joey novak.

[ Sighs ] Do you know him?

An envelope I wanted to mail? I don’t remember. I barely remember being at kelly’S. I wouldn’t worry about it, stella. You may remember in time. I hope so. This envelope sounds important. No, what’s important is you are going to recover. Mm. And that is all you should be thinking about.

[ Monitor beeping ] Please take this with deception’s compliments. No, thank you.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. I thought I had her hooked. -[ Sighs ] -[ Sighs ] It’s okay. I’ve got this. You sure?

[ Sighs ] I am doing this for mike, and you owe me big time. So, uh [Sighs] That didn’t go too well. Not true. I was making real progress for a while. She loved that lipstick. That was a really, really nice shade on her. But it’s never a nice, uh, sales tactic to mention a woman’s large pores.

[ Sighs ] I-I-I learned my lesson, brook lynn — honest. Hey, well, to be honest, I’m looking forward to see what you could teach me. I mean, you’re old enough to be a grandma, but you look young enough to be my big sister. It must be my bones. I think I get them from my lithuanian side.

[ Both chuckle ] Call me crazy, but does my mother look happy? Her first five minutes on the job didn’t go so great. But brook lynn’s got it covered. Hmm. Well, tell brook lynn I owe her. I already owe her. You ready to show me your place now that brook lynn’s got gladys covered? I can’t wait. Neither can I. Even before I started wearing this makeup, people used to tell me how young I look for my age. Ah, I’m not surprised.

[ Laughs ] They can’t believe I have a grown son. Yeah. Um, do you have any kids? Uh… you’re not sure?

[ Laughs ] Oh, my god. No, I’m so– of course. No, I do. I actually have, um, a little girl. She’s practically still a newborn, so, um, sometimes, I forget. Britt. Did you take that walk? Sort of. And? And I am heading to monica’s office. To turn down the job? To accept it. That’s wonderful. I promise, you won’t regret it. What made you change your mind? Oh, never mind that. Come on, let’s go talk to monica together. Then, we have work to do. He kept going on about how he was gonna be at my volleyball game, sitting right behind you and jason. I knew he was trying to intimidate me. So I turned the tables, and I told him that I’d mention it to jason, and that jason would be looking for him. That backed him off a little. Okay, I understand that you were surprised by this man, and I get wanting to stand up to him, but I do not want you involved. Well, I don’t want to be involved, either. But this man approached me, and I wasn’t gonna let him think I was afraid. Besides, I knew that you and jason could handle him.

[ Grunting ] That’s good. After you punch, keep your hands up.

[ Exhaling sharply ] There you go. Nice. So, uh, what happened with josslyn? There was this jerk that was hassling her — about you and her mom. He knew way too much about joss. Yeah? Wha– what’d he know? Like when her first volleyball game was with pcu. That we were seeing each other. I mean, I tried to tell the guy to shut up, but he wouldn’t shut up. I felt like an idiot. Like there was nothing I could do to protect her. Okay, punch — punch with your head, not with your heart. Did this jerk have a name? Joey novak. Carly: Jason and I will make sure this never happens again. That’s pretty much what I said to mr. Novak. In the meantime, I want a guard with you at all times. All times? He will be discreet. He will not interfere with your life. Much. Josslyn, I want the guard to drive you. I want him shadowing you whenever you go out. I am sorry, honey.

[ Sighs ] It’s okay. Can it be devin? Because he’s low-key, and I hardly notice him. Yes, devin’s fine. I’ll have him pick you up downstairs. Okay, I can live with that. Thank you. Thank you for being such a trouper. Yeah, it’s fine. I know you didn’t ask for this. I have to head over to pcu for volleyball practice, and I cannot be late. Okay. I love you. Love you, too.

[ Sighs ] Go. Bye, mom.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. What the hell’s going on, carly? What kind of danger have you put our daughter in this time?

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