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Nicole 7/22/21

Nicole sits at home with the smashed photo of her and Eric while drinking a glass of wine. Philip knocks on the door. Nicole tells him it’s not a good time but Philip insists that it’s important so she answers. Nicole informs him that Eric left last night. Philip says he’s sorry to hear that. Nicole guesses he’s not surprised. Nicole talks about Eric not wanting to stick around after finding out she had sex with Xander. Nicole offers him a drink but Philip says it’s a little early for him. Nicole wonders what time it is in Africa. Philip states that he has something for her. Nicole responds that if it’s not alcohol, she doesn’t want it. Philip thinks she will once she knows what it is. Philip asks how she would like to pay Sami back in kind. Philip says what happened last night reeked of Sami. Nicole agrees and asks what he means by paying her back. Philip declares that Sami blew up Nicole’s marriage and now she can return the favor as he presents her Kristen’s letter. Nicole asks what that is. Philip calls it the detonating device to blow up Sami’s marriage.

Lucas stands in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and thinks back to retrieving Kristen’s letter from the fireplace when Sami attempted to burn it. Sami comes in and questions what the hell he’s doing here.

Ciara tells Shawn that she’s sick and tired of talking about it, as she and Theo are getting married today. Ciara complains that if Hope and Doug can’t make it then that’s just bad luck, not the universe conspiring against the wedding. Shawn tells her not to be so sure about that.

Claire asks if Ben really thinks this is a good idea. Ben says he doesn’t know but he does know that it’s his last chance because if Ciara marries Theo, then those vows will be the ones that she remembers and he will lose her forever. Claire asks if he really thinks taking her back to the cabin will get her memory back. Ben says if anything will, it’s the cabin because that’s where it all started. Ben declares that he has to do this.

Theo finishes his call and informs Lani and Abe that something came up at DiMera Enterprises and Chad had to fly out to New York so he can’t make the wedding. Theo complains that it’s a few hours before his wedding and he no longer has a best man. Abe points out that he would step in but he’s officiating the wedding. Theo asks why he feels that something is really off about this wedding.

Ben tells Claire that he shouldn’t even be talking about this with her. Claire points out that they talk about everything as they are friends. Ben explains that this is a crime, so if it comes out that he told her and she didn’t turn him in, then she could be charged. Claire assures that she’s not going to turn him in and decides she thinks Ben is right. Claire says this isn’t just about him wanting Ciara back because Ciara is about to do something that she will regret for the rest of her life without even thinking about the consequences. Claire asks what if Ciara marries Theo, then gets her memories back of how much she loved Ben. Claire declares that divorcing Theo would destroy him but asks what not divorcing him would do to her. Ben talks about how Allie was trying to tell Ciara about their wedding and their love until she told her to stop talking. Ben adds that Allie thinks Ciara is starting to remember and that it scares her. Claire responds that she loves Ciara, but she also loves Theo, so for his sake, she wants to help stop the wedding.

Shawn informs Ciara that he just got a text from Belle about a crisis at DiMera, so she can’t make it to the wedding either. Ciara calls it not the end of the world and says she didn’t even give much notice, so she can’t get upset that some people can’t make it. Shawn suggests everyone would understand if she postponed but Ciara refuses.

EJ and Belle work at the DiMera office. EJ remembers Ciara’s wedding but Belle tells him that she already told Shawn that she can’t make it. EJ is sorry as he completely forgot. Belle understands it’s a multi-million dollar time sensitive deal and she’s on retainer. Belle asks if he thinks Kate and Chad can buy them time in New York. EJ says not much and he thinks their client’s timing was calculated to see how much more they can squeeze out of them. EJ talks about how cut throat the business can be as people can look you in the eye and stab you in the back. Belle relates that to Sami, feeling that Sami stabbed Nicole in the back at the party last night. EJ says she is mistaken since Xander did the stabbing. Belle remarks that a co-conspirator is just as guilty as the killer. Belle then calls Sami the came conniving bitch she’s always been.

Sami 7/22/21

Sami asks Lucas again what he’s doing here. Lucas says he wants to talk to her. Sami says they don’t have anything to talk about. Lucas brings up the party last night and says according to Philip, she was amazing and triumphant as she brought Nicole to her knees. Sami remarks that it’s a position she’s familiar with. Sami claims that she didn’t do anything but make sure that Eric found his way out of a miserable marriage. Lucas declares that she put public humiliation on a whole new level. Sami doesn’t know why he’s on her about this, claiming she didn’t do anything while Xander barged in to the party and shot off his mouth. Lucas says they both know Sami and what she did. Sami acknowledges that Lucas has been part of his fair share of her schemes so she questions his moral superiority. Lucas guesses he’s just choking on the hypocrisy since Sami played God by breaking up Nicole’s marriage when she’s guilty of the same sin. Lucas asks what would happen if Sami and EJ threw a party and someone announced what happened with them. Sami reminds Lucas to stay quiet because they agreed to never talk about that again. Lucas argues that they can’t pretend it never happened. Lucas then admits that he almost told EJ everything.

Nicole reads Kristen’s letter to EJ as Philip encourages her. Nicole reads that Sami slept with another man. Philip declares that Nicole was right that Sami is not without sin, and now she has the proof. Nicole finishes the letter and states that Sami did sleep with Lucas, then Kristen found out and blackmailed them. Philip adds that Kristen assigned them the task of getting Chloe out of the picture. Nicole points out that the letter is addressed to EJ, so she asks how he got it. Philip asks if it matters and says it was intercepted. Philip thought she might want to return it to it’s rightful owner. Nicole asks what he’s getting out of this. Philip responds that it’s always a pleasure to screw up EJ’s life, but the main thing is that Lucas didn’t just sleep with Sami but fell in love with her all over again. Philip states that Lucas is his brother and he wants him to be happy. Nicole questions not giving Lucas the letter then. Philip says unlike anyone else in Salem, Lucas won’t play dirty. Nicole guesses that’s where she comes in. Philip declares that he will leave the letter with her and what she does with it is up to her. Nicole says she could refuse to stoop to Sami’s level and destroy the letter, or she could pay her back in kind.

EJ tells Belle that even if Sami had something to do with the events of last night, that doesn’t make her a conniving bitch as she was mainly trying to protect her brother. Belle argues that Sami didn’t give a second thought as to what last night would do to Eric which EJ disagrees with. Belle says when it comes to Nicole, Sami will stop at nothing. Belle brings up what Sami did at Henry’s custody hearing and how she had Jan Spears released from a mental hospital. Belle talks about how Jan’s purpose was to terrorize her and tried to kill her daughter, but to Sami that’s just collateral damage. EJ suggests they just get back to business. Belle says it will never cease to amaze her that a man like EJ still can’t see Sami for who she really is, and God help her if he ever does.

Abe asks Theo what he means by something is off. Theo brings up how last night he walked in on Ciara talking to Allie, and Ciara seemed really upset and how neither of them seemed happy about Allie being her maid of honor. Lani encourages him not to overthink it. Theo says everyone keeps trying to talk him out of it, but he thinks Ciara would fall apart if he backed out. Theo admits that Chad said the same thing that they should wait, but he doesn’t know if Ciara could handle that. Lani assures that Ciara will be fine because she has him. Lani then suggests Eli as Theo’s best man. Lani says Eli will meet them at the church so she will call and let him know. Lani then gets a call from Eli first and says he had perfect timing, but instead Eli informs Lani that one of his court cases got moved up and he has to be there to testify, so he can’t make the wedding.

Ciara tells Shawn that she’s getting tired of his running commentary. Ciara asks where Allie is. Allie then arrives and apologizes for being late as she just ran in to Chanel and found out that Paulina is backing down on tearing down the town square. Shawn calls that great news while Ciara says it’s also a great day to get married. Ciara complains that Shawn has been making rude and hurtful remarks about her wedding all day, so she would appreciate if Allie didn’t do the same. Ciara also doesn’t want to hear anything about her last wedding. Ciara tells Shawn about how Allie tried to take her down memory lane last night about her wedding to Ben. Allie apologizes and promises not to bring it up again. Allie wants to make sure Ciara’s hair is perfect. Shawn asks if he can do anything to help. Ciara tells him to just make sure that nothing else goes wrong.

Claire 7/22/21

Ben instructs Claire to go home and text him when Ciara is leaving, then he will zoom in on his motorcycle, throw her on the back and take off. Claire calls that a very dangerous plan. Ben points out that it’s what she just told him that Bo did. Claire says that was in the dark ages. Ben says he’ll find another form of transportation but Claire needs to text him when Ciara is leaving. Claire argues that she can’t do that because Ciara doesn’t want her there. Claire suggests maybe there is someone else which Ben agrees with. Ben brings up Allie being Ciara’s maid of honor and only doing it to look out for her because she knows this wedding is a bad idea too. Claire doesn’t think Allie would help him kidnap Ciara and worries that she could tell Ciara what he’s planning. Ben decides that’s a risk he’s willing to take.

Ciara tells Shawn that she doesn’t want Theo to worry, so she asks him to go to the church and tell Theo that she will be on her way soon. Shawn says he can just text him now but Ciara asks him to just go, because she doesn’t want him standing there watching her while miserable. Ciara then apologizes for being a total bitch. Shawn understands that she’s just getting rid of the guy giving her a hard time on her wedding day. Shawn says he’s sorry about that and he really hopes that she and Theo are real happy together, because she deserves it. Shawn tells her and Allie that he will see them at the church as he exits. Ciara says to Allie to get the show on the road.

Theo guesses he doesn’t have to have a best man. Lani offers to stand in as his best woman which Theo accepts. Abe says now that they got that settled, they should go. Theo goes to get the check. Abe admits to Lani that he’s really worried about this as Ciara sounds pretty fragile. Lani knows Theo will stand by Ciara no matter what, so their job is to stand by him. Abe agrees to keep their mouths shut.

Belle finishes up her work and tells EJ that she’s glad to help and now has a wedding to get to. EJ says he will pass it on to Chad and Kate and tells her to send his best to Ciara and Theo. EJ adds that he knows about Belle’s history with Sami and he’s sorry she feels how she does about her, but he really thinks she was just trying to protect her brother. EJ states that Sami didn’t make anything up about Nicole and all she wanted to do was make sure Eric knew the truth. Belle just wonders how Sami would feel if someone did to her what she did to Nicole. Belle then exits the office.

Sami asks Lucas what he’s talking about when he promised to keep their secret. Lucas repeats that he almost told EJ, but he couldn’t go through with it. Sami asks why he didn’t since she knows how much he hates EJ. Lucas responds that he couldn’t go through with it, because he loves her.

EJ finishes a call with Chad as Nicole then shows up at the office. EJ questions what the hell she is doing there.

Allie tells Ciara that her makeup and hair are perfect, so now they just need her dress. Ciara starts crying and says she’s just really happy. Ciara says ever since she woke up in the hospital, she has been looking back and now she finally feels like she’s looking forward. Allie asks if she’s sure. Ciara insists that today is not about Ben as marrying Theo is all she wants. Ciara asks Allie to help her zip up her dress as she goes to get dressed. Allie then gets a call from Ben. Allie tells him that she’s with Ciara getting ready for the wedding. Ben says that’s why he needs her help.

Sami asks Lucas not to do this as she is with EJ. Lucas says he didn’t tell her that he loves her again to plead his case, but because that’s the reason he didn’t tell EJ. Lucas admits that he wanted to rub it in EJ’s face but he didn’t want to do that to her. Sami argues that he just can’t be objective about EJ because he’s blinded by his hatred for him. Lucas says hate doesn’t describe it. Lucas adds that Rafe understands how he feels, because he knows what it’s like to love and cherish Sami while loathing a man who treats her like property. Sami thinks it’s time for Lucas to go. Lucas will never understand why she loves EJ so much, after he’s mistreated her all this time, but she does. Lucas promises to keep their secret because of that. Sami thanks him and says she’s really sorry for dragging him in to this. Lucas says he’s not because he loves her so much as Sami cries.

Nicole asks if EJ is surprised to see her. EJ says if she’s looking for tea and sympathy, she’s come to the wrong place. EJ suggests she think about preserving her dignity and tells her not to whine about Sami. Nicole says she never mentioned Sami. EJ adds that it would be pathetic if she tried to blame Sami for her fall from grace. EJ says that Nicole married Eric then screwed around with Xander. Nicole agrees that what she did was wrong so she deserves whatever happens to her. EJ tells her that he’s very busy so he suggests she go spill her guts to Chloe. Nicole says that since EJ did mention Sami, she has to ask his take on what she did. Nicole asks if EJ thinks it’s okay to expose other peoples’ sins like that’s not playing God with other people’s lives. EJ argues that she can’t prove Sami did anything to her and it’s not her fault that Xander likes to brag about his conquests. Nicole calls this more fun than she thought. EJ threatens to call security but Nicole then reveals that his sister wrote him a letter, which she presents to him. EJ questions where she got that. Nicole asks what difference it makes and tells him to read it and weep. EJ takes the letter from her and reads it. EJ asks if Nicole read it, which she confirms. Nicole says she’s having a lot more fun than at her anniversary party. Nicole adds that at least EJ is reading about her slut of a wife in the privacy of his own office while Eric had to hear about it at the Pub in front of his mother and his devoted twin, who they now know is no better than her.

Belle and Shawne 7/22/211

Belle joins Shawn at the church. Shawn is surprised she made it. Belle asks if something is wrong. Shawn tells her that he walked in on Claire beating Ciara with her own wedding bouqet and it all went downhill from there. Shawn explains that Hope and Doug can’t make it. Shawn talks about being worried about Ciara. Abe and Lani then arrive with Theo. Theo asks where Ciara is. Shawn responds that she’s on her way and that Allie is taking care of everything.

Ben knows that if he gets Ciara alone for a little while, he can get her to remember. Allie tells him that she’ll do it which surprises Ben. Ben thanks her. Allie didn’t think the wedding was a good idea to begin with, but after being with Ciara, she knows it’s not. Ben thanks her again and hangs up. Ciara comes back and asks who Allie was talking to. Ben informs Claire that Allie is on board and she’s going to do it. Claire points out that when Ciara doesn’t show up at the church, no one will believe that she stood Theo up so they are going to start looking for her. Ben agrees that they have to find a way to stall them. Claire thinks she thought of something and suggests that no one will look for the bride, if the bride is standing there in front of them.

Allie claims to Ciara that she had a problem with Henry’s babysitter so she has to run home real quick, but she will be at the church so she has nothing to worry about. Ciara asks her to zip up her dress before she goes, so she does. Allie tells Ciara that she looks gorgeous and she’ll see her at the church as she hurries out. Ciara comments on living happily ever after.

Sami appreciates what Lucas is doing but she doesn’t know when EJ is going to be back and she doesn’t want them to run in to each other. Lucas says he understands and will go. Lucas tells Sami that if or when things go wrong between her and EJ, he will always be there for her. Lucas then exits the mansion as Sami holds back tears.

EJ tells Nicole that she’s done what she set out to do, so she can go now. Nicole guesses her work is done here. Nicole adds that it has to hurt knowing that it was Lucas and remarks that EJ underestimated his assets. Nicole then exits the office. EJ throws everything off his desk and screams in frustration. EJ grabs his phone and makes call, demanding a phone number for Kristen.

Allie goes to the church and tells Theo that Ciara is outside, waiting for Shawn to walk her down the aisle, so Shawn goes outside with Allie.

Ciara looks in the mirror and thinks back to Ben telling her how he saved her and never gave up on her. Ciara tells herself that Ben means absolutely nothing to her.

Ben looks at he and Ciara’s wedding photo and then leaves his place in a suit.

Lucas goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Philip, who says he was just looking for him and asks where he’s been. Lucas informs him that he was talking to Sami. Philip asks if he told her about the letter. Lucas says no as the letter is gone so he asks what’s the point. Philip then reveals he has a confession to make.

Nicole goes home and declares that Sami destroyed her marriage, so now they will see how she likes it.

EJ goes home. Sami greets him with a kiss and asks what he’s doing home so early. EJ responds that for some reason, he had an overwhelming urge to come home to his loving, faithful wife…

Theo discovers Claire is standing in for Ciara 7/22/21

The wedding begins as Shawn walks down the aisle to Theo with his bride, but Theo lifts the veil to reveal Claire instead of Ciara, leaving everyone confused.

Ciara is on her way to her wedding in a car and points out that they just missed the turn. Her driver turns out to be Ben, who says they aren’t going to the church, and wishes her a happy anniversary.

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