B&B Short Recap Monday, March 29, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Brooke and Katie briefly discuss work. Then they talk about how Flo is now officially a Logan and how proud Storm would be. Ridge overhears them. He’s surprised about them welcoming Flo so much (especially Brooke). Brooke admits that she hasn’t told Hope yet. At Spencer, Flo admires her new engagement ring while Wyatt chuckles and how happy she is. They talk about high school a little. Wyatt has been planning the proposal for a long time. He wants to go home and celebrate, but she suggests that they go tell their moms the good news.

Shauna drops by the Forrester mansion to see Quinn, who’s there with Eric. Quinn hasn’t seen her for awhile. They discuss their past a bit and how they’ve all moved on from when Shauna was mad at her. Quinn is still apologetic for accusing her of chasing after Eric. After Eric leaves, they discuss their kids. Shauna tells Quinn about Flo being a Logan. Later, Flo and Wyatt drop by and, after teasing them a little bit, show them the ring. They’re ecstatic that their kids are getting married.

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