B&B Short Recap Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

In Hope’s office, Paris tells Katie and Hope about her ideas about diversity for Hope for the Future. Hope is distracted, thinking about her marital problems. Katie tells Paris that she likes the ideas and asks Hope if they can get done by the summer. Hope doesn’t answer, so Katie can tell she has a lot on her mind. Hope apologizes. Katie tells her that they’re both here for her. Hope wishes that fateful night had never happened. The women chat about it. Hope can’t get past the fact that Steffy is carrying Liam’s baby. Hope tries to get back to work, but Katie and Paris are there to support her. In fact, Paris points out that this is completely on brand for her. They keep supporting Hope. Hope admits she loves Liam, and she doesn’t want to give up on their family, but she thinks this might be one betrayal too many. Hope is sorry for bringing her problems to work. Katie and Paris keep supporting her. Elswhere at Forrester, Thomas leaves a long message on Vinny’s phone. He demands to know the truth (about whether he changed the paternity test). Steffy walks in and can tell that Thomas looks annoyed. She wants to know what’s going on. Thomas is evasive but assures her that he’ll find out what Vinny’s up to. This doesn’t reassure a worried Steffy. She keeps questioning Thomas. At the lab, Vinny sees Thomas’ texts, which he’s ignoring. Hope arrives, surprised, not realizing they were in there. Thomas leaves to deal with Vinnie, who keeps ignoring his texts and voicemails. Vinny finally answers when Thomas calls. Thomas demands to know if he messed with the paternity test.  Thomas tells him to meet him at his place, so Vinny agrees, reluctantly.

Hope and Steffy have a chat about Steffy’s pregnancy and morning sickness. Things are a little awkward. Hope wonders if she’s going to find out what gender her baby is. Steffy wants to wait to find out. Hope wishes Steffy and her baby the best. They bond, as they often have in the past, over their children. Steffy admires what a great stepmom Hope has been. Steffy apologizes again for turning Hope’s world upside down. At Spencer, Flo and Wyatt talk about Liam and Hope’s problems. Flo wants to reach out to Hope. She’s been trying to move past her part in keeping Beth from Liam and Hope. Wyatt thinks they’ve all moved on and found forgiveness. Flo hopes he’s right. They discuss her past. Wyatt thinks she could cut herself some slack, but she thinks she’ll always carry the guilt around. She’d hoped that she would be closer to the other Logans by now. Wyatt gives her a pep talk. Flo talks about her feelings – finding out that she has more relatives, and then how she screwed everything up with them. Wyatt feels bad for her. He goes to visit Katie at Forrester. She thinks that he might be there to plead Bill’s case, but he assures her that he’s not, even though he would love to see them back together. He’s there on behalf of another one of her relatives.

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