B&B Short Recap Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

In their cottage, Liam continues to beg Hope for forgiveness as she sits on the couch and cries. He keeps telling her how much he loves her and their kids. Hope doesn’t know how to forgive him. She tells him that if it was anyone else, she could have handled it, but since it was Steffy, it feels like a knife. He goes back to trying to convince her to forgive him. He has to believe that she’ll forgive him because she’s too important to him. She believes that he’s sorry and loves her, but she knows that he loves Steffy, too. She yells at him for just running to Steffy without even taking a second to find out if what he saw was true. She asks if he really wants Steffy. He objects, saying that he only wants her. She thinks that he must really miss Steffy and want to be with her, since he made love to her. He keeps asking her for a chance to prove that he’s committed to her. Hope says that at least he and Steffy were honest, and she does love him. She says it’ll take time for them to move past this, but she loves their family. She promises to try to forgive him, for their children. He thanks her profusely. She tells him that it can’t happen again and wonders why he’s telling her now. He tells her that there’s one other thing she needs to know. They may not be able to forget about that night. She demands to know what he’s talking about. Meanwhile, Steffy finishes telling Finn about how she and Liam slept together. He’s shocked and angry. He tells her that doesn’t know what to say, especially with the big photo of her and Liam staring down at him. Steffy tells him this wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t drinking. He wonders if the photo isn’t more than just showing Kelly that her parents are happy. He loves her and believes that she loves him, too. Finn tries to put himself in Liam’s place. He would have confronted Thomas and told him to take his hands off his wife, not bolted and run to Steffy. He wonders what this all means for their relationship and if they have a future. Steffy tells him that while she’ll always care for Liam, she wants him. She doesn’t want to lose him and asks him if he can forgive her.

Paris and Donna are excited that she accepted Ridge’s job offer. Zoe walks in, so Donna tells her the big news. Zoe is not happy. Zoe wants to know why Paris would deliberately go against her. That wasn’t Paris’ intention. She tells Zoe that the offer was just too good to turn down, and she will be working in a completely separate division. Zoe thinks she never intended to turn it down. Zoe guesses that Zende changed her mind. Paris admits it was but doesn’t know why Zoe is reacting this way. (Perhaps it’s the hideous polka-dotted mini-dress that Zoe is wearing) Paris tells her how persuasive Zende was. She speaks about him in glowing terms. Zoe reminds her that Zende just came off a divorce and she warned her about him. Paris tells her that she and Zende kissed.

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