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  • Emissary (pilot episode) The space station, Deep Space Nine, set in a sensitive area near the planet Bajor, is now run by Starfleet, since the ruthless Cardassians have left. The Bajorans are recovering from a long occupation by the Cardassians, but there’s still a lot of tension between them. Captain Sisko sets out to repair the station and help the Bajorans, but then he discovers that some mysterious ghostly beings live inside the nearby wormhole that connects to the Gamma Quadrant (which has not been explored). He’s aided by other Starfleet officers Dr. Bashir, Major, Kira Narees, Chief O’Brien, Commander Worf, first office Dax and security chief Odo. Sisko, a widow, is also raising his young son, Jake. They have to contend with the conniving Ferengi on the space station, as well as many travelers (some of whom are not friendly).
  • Past Prologue (A suspected Bajoran terrorist tries to influence Kira)
  • A Man Alone (Odo is suspected when a Bajoran turns up dead)
  • Babel (The station falls victim to a strange virus that renders its victims unable to communicate with each other)
  • Captive Pursuit (O’Brien befriends an alien whose purpose is to be hunted by other aliens from his planet)
  • Q-Less (Vash and Q visit while a series of strange incidents occur to jeopardize the station)
  • Dax (Sisko tries to help when Jadzia is arrested and accused of murder and treason that occurred during the previous host body’s life)
  • The Passenger (An alien criminal dies but first transfers his mind into Dr. Bashir’s body)
  • Move Along Home (An alien race forces Quark to play a deadly game with the senior officers)
  • The Nagus (Quark becomes the Grand Nagus)
  • Vortex (An alien outlaw tempts Odo with knowledge of other shape-shifters)
  • Battles Lines (Sisko, Kira, Bashir and Kai Opaka crash on a small moon with warring humanoids)
  • The Storytellers (O’Brien becomes a reluctant savior on Bajor)
  • Progess (Kira tries to evacuate an old farmer whose land is marked for mining)
  • If Wishes Were Horses (Dreams and fantasies on the station become real because of a nearby galactic disturbance)
  • The Forsaken (Odo and Lwaxana are trapped in a lift when a mysterious being gets into the computer)
  • Dramatis Personae (Mutinous feelings spread through the station, leaving Odo unaffected)
  • Duet (Kira tries to prove that a Cardassian patient is a war criminal)
  • In the Hands of the Prophets (A Bajoran religious leader creates problems aboard the station)

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  • The Homecoming (Part one of a three part episode finds Kira risking her life to save a Bajoran resistance fighter being held by the Cardassians)
  • The Circle (The crew uncovers a Cardassian link to the radical Bajoran group known as The Circle)
  • The Siege (The officers become resistance fighters when the Circle comes to take over the station; meanwhile, Dax and Kira try to reach Bajor with proof of the Cardassian link)
  • Invasive Procedures (When the station is evacuated due to a storm, a group of outlaws, including a Trill, try to steal Jadzia’s symbiont)
  • Cardassians (Dr. Bashir tries to help a young Cardassian orphan and gets involved in political intrigue)
  • Melora (Dr. Bashir becomes romantically involved with a woman that comes from a light gravity and Quark’s life is threatened)
  • Rules of Acquisition (Quark unknowingly hires a female to help him in negotiations in the Gamma Quadrant)
  • Necessary Evil (When Quark is attacked, Odo reflects on an unsolved murder mystery from the past)
  • Second Sight (Sisko meets a mysterious woman who is not what she seems)
  • Sanctuary (A group of refugees come to settle on Bajor)
  • Rivals (A conman, who finds a lucky device, competes with Quark for gambling business)
  • The Alternate (Odo and the scientist who first studied him search for clues to his past in the Gamma Quadrant)
  • Armageddon Game (O’Brien-who has a deadly plague-and Dr. Bashir are stranded on an alien planet)
  • Whispers (O’Brien realizes that everyone on the station has subtly changed)
  • Paradise (O’Brien and Sisko are stranded on a planet with a fanatical colony)
  • Shadowplay (Odo and Dax investigate the disappearance of colonists in the Gamma Quadrant)
  • Playing God (Dax must evaluate a Trill initiate while examining an expanding protoplasm)
  • Profit and Loss (Quark helps an old Cardassian girlfriend)
  • Blood Oath (Dax meets up with old Klingon friends)
  • The Maquis, Part 1 (Sisko and Gul Dukat team up to investigate feuding between Federation colonists and Cardassians)
  • The Maquis, Part 2 (Sisko must face down an old Starfleet friend who has resigned to help the settlers)
  • The Wire (Garak’s crippling pain is being caused by a device planted in his head by Cardassian intelligence)
  • Crossover (Bashir and Kira accidentally visit the “Mirror, Mirror” universe)
  • The Collaborator (Kira’s aspiring-Kai lover may have war crimes to answer for)
  • Tribunal (O’Brien is captured by Cardassians and made to stand trial)
  • The Jem’Hadar (Dominion soldiers take Quark and Sisko prisoner during a camping trip with Nog and Jake)

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  • The Search, Part 1 (To head off an invasion, Sisko enters the Gamma Quadrant to find the Dominion)
  • The Search, Part 2 (Odo bonds with the shapeshifters while Sisko and the others deal with the federation negotiations with the Dominion)
  • The House of Quark (Quark must marry a Klingon woman after he accidentally kills her husband)
  • Equilibrium (Dax sees hallucinations from a previous host life )
  • The Abandoned (A young Jem’Hadar is found on the station and Odo tries to help him overcome his violent heritage) (missing parts; tape over)
  • Civil Defense (An old Cardassian security program is activated, threatening the station with destruction)
  • Meridian (When a planet materializes in the Gamma Quadrant, Dax falls in love with one of its inhabitants)
  • Defiant (Commander Riker arrives for a shore leave but steals the Defiant with Kira aboard for the Maquis instead)
  • Fascination (A strange Betazoid causes people on DS9 to fall in love during the Bajoran festival)
  • The Phase, Part I (A transporter accident sens Sisko, Dax and Bashir back in time to San Francisco in 2024)
  • The Phase, Part II (Sisko and Bashir must ensure the continuity of the future and find Dax while Kira and O’Brien try to bring them back into their own time)
  • Life Support (Vedek Berial is injured in a transport on his way to negotiations with the Cardassians)
  • Heart of Stone (Odo and Kira are trapped on a planet while answering a distress call; Nog wants to join Starfleet)
  • Destiny (When three Cardassian scientists vist the station, the Bajorans fear that an ancient doomsday prophecy has come true)
  • Prophet Motive (The Grand Nagus brings the revised rules of acquisition to the station)
  • Visionary (When O’Brien gets radiation poisoning, he time-shifts and sees visions of himself dying and the station destroyed)
  • Through the Looking Glass (Sisko and Kira end up in the universe from “Crossover”)
  • Distant Voices (An alien curses Bashir with a degenerative disease)
  • Improbable Cause (Garek and Odo team up to find out who is trying to kill Garek and other Cardassians)
  • The Die Is Cast (Garek sides with his old mentor and helps to torture Odo)
  • Explorers (Sisko and Jake set out on the replica of an ancient Bajoran ship to find adventure)
  • Family Business (Quark and Rom must go to their homeworl to help their independent-thinking mother)
  • Shakaar (Kira must track down an old friend to make peace with the Bajoran government and finds herself taking his side against them)
  • Facets (Dax goes through the rite of closure ritual and asks her friends to help face her past selves)
  • The Adversary (Sisko becomes Captain; when Starfleet asks him to patrol a questionable area, he finds trouble with the Maquis)

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  • The Way of the Warrior (2 hours; Worf joins the station as the Klingon Empire plots against Cardassia)
  • The Visitor (Sisko is lost in time and Jake must spend his life trying to rescue him)
  • The Hippocratic Oath (O’Brien and Bashire are waylaid by renegade Jem’Hadar who force Bashir to try to find a cure for their addiction)
  • Indescretion (Kira and Gul Dukat join forces to track down missing Bajoran prisoners)
  • Rejoined (A Trill woman with the symbiont of Dax’s former husband visits the station)
  • Starship Down (The Defiant crew fight the Jem’Hadar in the gaseous atmosphere of a planet)
  • Little Green Men (Rom and Quark take a ship to Earth and accidentally end up in the past)
  • The Sword of Kahless (Worf and Dax journey with an old Klingon to find the ancient sword)
  • Our Man Bashir (Garak and Bashir are stuck in a holodeck program a la James Bond in order to sae Sisko and the others)
  • Homefront (Sisko and Odo go to Earth to help defend it against Changelings)
  • Paradise Lost (Sisko is accused of being a changeling and must fight against a Starfleet admiral)
  • Crossfire (Shakaar visits the station and grows closer to Kira, much to Odo’s dismay)
  • Return to Grace (Kira and Dukat journey to an outpost to find possible survivors of a Klingon attack)
  • The Sons of Mogh (Worf’s brother comes to the station to ask for Worf to help him die)
  • The Bar Association (Rom and the other employees of Quark’s go on strike)
  • Accession (A man emerges from the wormhole claiming to be the Emissary)
  • Rules of Engagement (Worf is put on trial for murder after a battle in space)
  • Hard Time (Miles is sentenced by aliens for spying-he remembers spending 20 years in prison but no real time has past, yet it still affects him deeply)
  • Shattered Mirror (Alternate Jennifer returns to DS9 to lure Jake and Sisko to the mirror universe to help the rebels)
  • Muse (A succubus alien helps Jake write better in return for his “energy” and a pregnant Lwaxana visits the station asking Odo’s help against a tyrranical husband)
  • For the Cause (Sisko finds out his girlfriend Kassidy might be a Maquis smuggler)
  • To the Death (Sisko must ally with the Jem’Hadar to fight a renegade Jem’Hadar group)
  • The Quickening (Bashir and Dax try to help plague victims in a society where death seems the only cure)
  • Body Parts (Quark auctions off his body because he thinks he’s dying; Keiko’s baby is transported into Kira)
  • Broken Link (Odo gets sick and only the Founders can save him)

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  • Apocalypse Rising (Sisko and the others masquerade as Klingons in order to unmask Gowron as a Changeling)
  • The Ship (While Sisko, Dax, O’Brien, Worf and some others are picking up a crashed Jem H’adar ship for the Federation, another Jem’Hadar ship (with Vorta) strands them on the planet and tries to get them to give it up.
  • Looking for Par’mach in All the Wrong Places (Worf and Dax help Quark woo his Klingon ex-wife)
  • Nor the Battle to the Strong (Jake travels with Bashir to help wounded Feds fighting Klingons and learns about courage)
  • The Assignment (A Bajoran wraith inhabits Keiko’s body and forces O’Brien to help her)
  • Trials and Tribble-ations (Sisko must explain to the temporal police why they took the Defiant back tot he 25th century)
  • He Who Is Without Sin (Worf, Bashir and Dax go to Risa for a vacation but puritan “traditionalists” disrupt their fun and Worf lets jealousy force him to join their cause)
  • Things Past (Sisko, Odo, Garak and Dax find themselves living out the lives of some Bajorans on the station during the occupation)
  • The Ascent (Odo takes Quark to a Federation trial but they crash on a barren planet and must work together to survive; meanwhile, Nog returns and finds that he and Jake have trouble being roommates)
  • Rapture (Sisko gains the power to see prophesies about Bajor, and he insists on using them despite the threat to his life)
  • The Darkness and the Light (One by one, someone kills old Bajoran friends of Kira’s)
  • The Begotten (Odo tries to get a baby Changeling to communicate with him; meanwhile, Kira goes into labor)
  • For the Uniform (Sisko goes after Maquis traitor Eddington)
  • In Purgatory’s Shadow (Garak and Worf investigate a message from Garak’s mentor, thought to be dead, and find Cardassians and others held captive by the Jem’Hadar)
  • By Inferno’s Light (Garak, Worf, and Bashir figure out how to escape the Jem’Hadar while Sisko deals with their ships attacking the station)
  • Doctor Bashir, I Presume (When Bashir is chosen as the model for Starfleet’s holographic doctor program, the process threatens to expose a dark secret from his past)
  • A Simple Investigation (Odo falls in love with a woman who’s working for one of the Orion gang)
  • Business as Usual (Quark gets involved in the arms dealing business)
  • Ties of Blood and Water (Kira’s mentor, a dying Cardassian, comes to the station to give the Federation information about Dukat before he dies)
  • Of Love and Profit (Quark goes home to get motherly comfort and finds that his moogie is romancing the Grand Nagus)
  • Soldiers of the Empire (Dax and Worf accompany a demoralized Klingon crew on a mission against the Dominion)
  • Children of Time (On a return flight with the Defiant, Sisko and his crew crashland on a planet where their descendents live)
  • Blaze of Glory (Sisko gets Eddington out of jail to help stop the Maquis from sending bombs to the Cardassian homeworld)
  • Empok Nor (When Garek helps out on a mission to an abandoned Cardassian outpost, the Federation crewmembers find themselves stalked by mad Cardassians and killed one by one.)
  • In the Cards (Jake and Nog go to great lengths to buy a Willie Mays baseball card for Sisko.)
  • A Call to Arms (Season Finale) (Sisko and the station prepare for war with the Dominion)

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  • A Time to Stand (Sisko and the Defiant go on a secret mission against the Jem’Hadar; Odo and Kira work with the Cardassians)
  • Rocks and Shoals (The Defiant crashes on a rocky planet where a contingent of Jem’Hadar and their wounded leader are already marooned)
  • Sons and Daughters (Worf trains a new group of young Klingon recruits, including his own long-neglected son, Alexander)
  • Behind the Lines (Rom, Odo, and Kira plot to stop the Cardassians from disabling the mines outside the wormhole, but Odo is slowly brainwashed by the head Changeling. Meanwhile, Sisko is asked to help plan Starleet’s side of the war so he must let Dax take charge of the Defiant)
  • Favor the Bold (Rom is sentenced to death; the Resistance sends an important message to Sisko and the Federation; Sisko tries to get the Klingons to help with the plan to take back Deep Space Nine.
  • The Sacrifice of Angels (Sisko leads a suicide mission to take back the station; against all odds, he convinces the wormhole aliens/gods to destroy the Dominion fleet. ¬† The bad guys are forced off the station because of the Federation’s sabotage. ¬† Ziyal is killed as Dukat tries to flee.)
  • You Are Cordially Invited… (As Dax and Worf prepare to be married, Dax must meet the strict standards of her new mother-in-law from the House of Martok, which Worf has joined.)
  • Resurrection (The mirror universe version of Kira’s dead lover comes to the station claiming that he’s fleeing oppression in the other universe.¬† As Kira and he grow closer, we see that he is really working with the Mirror Kira to steal one of the Orbs.)
  • Statistical Probabilities (Bashir gets to know some other genetically-enhanced people who are social maladjusted due to being raised in an institution.¬† He uses them to help out Sisko with military strategy, but Sisko ignores the advice when they recommend surrender.)
  • The Magnificent Ferengi (Rom and Quark’s mother is kidnapped so they lead a bunch of Ferengi to rescue her, despite the fact that none of them are trained for battle.)
  • Waltz (Sisko and Dukat are traveling to Dukat’s hearing for his crimes when their ship is attacked.¬† They crash on a barren planet together and each has to hope their side rescues them.¬† Meanwhile, Dukat has lost his grip on reality.)
  • Who Mourns For Morn? (Quark learns that Morn has apparently died and left him all his valuable possessions, but he doesn’t know what they are.¬† Other people show up to contest the will and Quark finds himself involved with intrigue and adventure.)
  • Far Beyond The Stars (Sisko’s brain is affected due to his contact with the prophets, so he imagines he is a science fiction writer in the 1930’s.¬† The other DS9 characters also appear in his vision as 1930’s characters.¬† Sisko faces racism and writes a story about DS9.)
  • One Little Ship (The Defiant is captured by the Jem’Hadar and the only thing that can rescue them Dax, O’Brien and Bashir in a shuttlecraft who have shrunken to a very small size.)
  • Honor Among Thieves (O’Brien finds his loyalties divided when he goes on an undercover mission for Starfleet and finds he likes a man he’s supposed to betray. ¬† The man is a likable criminal who works unknowingly for the Vorta.)
  • A Change of Heart (Dax and Worf plan to take their honeymoon trip but get asked to do a covert Starfleet mission instead.¬† Dax is severely injured and Worf has to choose whether to help her or proceed with the mission, which could save many lives and shorten the war with the Dominion.)
  • Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (Dukat makes a comment about Kira’s mother, so she uses one of the Orbs to travel back in time to see how things were for her parents when the Cardassians were in charge.¬† She is shocked to find that her mother and Gul Dukat had a relationship of sorts.)
  • Inquisition (Bashir, suspected as a spy, is interrogated by a strange secret organization within Starfleet.)
  • In The Pale Moonlight (Sisko gets desperate as things don’t look good for the Federation in the war, so he works with Garak to manipulate the Romulans into their side of the hostilies, even though it ends up killing people.)
  • His Way (Bashir introduces Odo and the rest to a holodeck character he created, Vic, a lounge singer from the 1960’s who is knowledgable about love.¬† Vic shows Odo how to start a relationship with Kira.)
  • The Prophet (Sisko learns from the Bajorans that a great force of evil is coming to do battle with the prophets on the station.¬† Kai Winn gets involved and the station is evacuated.¬† When the forces arrive to do battle, they invade the bodies of Sisko, Jake, and Kai Winn.
  • The Valiant (Jake and Nog end up on a ship commanded by battle-worn Academy cadets.¬† Nog becomes fiercely loyal to the captain of the ship but Jake has his doubts about the over-confidence of the Captain and his crew.)
  • Profit And Lace (Grand Nagus Zek is thrown out of office for allowing females to wear clothes.¬† Quark helps him out when Moogie gets sick by pretending to be a female and oppose their nemesis, Brunt, even though he has mixed feelings about Zek’s side of the argument.)
  • Time’s Orphan (The O’Briens are on a family picnic on some planet when Molly accidentally falls into something that takes her back to the past.¬† O’Brien manages to get her back with help from Starfleet, but he gets her back after she has aged 8 years. ¬† She has grown too wild to adjust to life on the station and accidentally injures someone.¬† They are forced to send her back into the past, where she will be happy and not institutionalized.)
  • The Sound of Her Voice (The crew of the Defiant hear the distress call of a stranded, injured female captain and as they travel to where she is, they keep her company by talking to her through the radio.¬† They all grow to like her in a short time.)
  • Tears of the Prophets (The Federation, Romulans, and Klingons attack Cardassia to try to end the war.¬† Sisko is chosen to lead the mission but the Prophets tell him not to go. He ignores them.¬† Dukat gains power from one of the evil Prophets, goes to the station and uses one of the orbs to close the wormhole, which may have killed the other Prophets.¬† Dax gets killed in the process.¬† Sisko, depressed, goes back to Earth with Jake to figure out what he wants to do with his future.)

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  • Images in the Sand [Part 1 of 2] (Sisko is attacked by someone who doesn’t want him to find the prophets, and meets the new Dax.¬† He finds out that his mother was not who he thinks she was.¬† Meanwhile, Kira deals with a new Romulan ally at the station.)
  • Shadows and Symbols [Part 2 of 2] (Sisko leaves with his father and son to find the mystery of his mother. Worf, O’Brien, and others try to blowup a Dominion shipyard.¬† Kira deals with the Romulans.)
  • Afterimage¬†¬† (Ezri has to deal with both the memories from her past lives and the reactions of her new DS9 companions.¬† Garak collapses mysteriously)
  • Take Me Out To The Holo-Suite¬† (Vulcan Captain Solok visits DS9 for repairs and challenges his old rival Sisko to a baseball game.)
  • Chrysalis¬† (Bashir¬† figures out a way to help one of the genetically-enhanced nerds he met in “Statistical Probabilities” lead a normal life, but then he falls in love with her.)
  • Treachery, Faith And The Great River (Odo helps one of the Weyoun clones, who doesn’t believe in the Dominion war and wants to defect, escape from the Cardassians.)
  • Once More Into The Breach (Klingon legend Kor asks Worf to help him get a command, but General Martok holds a grudge against Kor.¬† Neither Worf nor Martok know that Kor is getting too senile to do the job.)
  • The Seige of AR-558¬†¬†(Sisko and his people help the remaining troops of a Starfleet fighting team that have been defending a large and important Dominion communications array against enemy attacks and space-mines.)
  • Covenant (Kira is tricked into going to Empok Nor where Dukat is a cult-like leader of a Pah-wraiths sect, and he asks her to joint their cult.)
  • It’s Only A Paper Moon (Nog recuperates from losing his leg in battle by going to the Holosuite and spending time with Vic Fontaine, the only one who can lift his spirits.)
  • Prodigal Daughter (Ezri is sent to find O’Brien, who has disappeared on a personal secret mission to New Sidney to find Bilby’s widow; meanwhile, she is reunited with her bossy mother and two brothers.)
  • The Emperor’s New Cloak (Grand Negus Zek disappears into the alternate universe and is held for ransom.¬† Quark and Nog steal a cloaking device from a Klingon ship and head to the alternate universe with Ezri to rescue Zek.)
  • Field of Fire (Ezri helps investigate a murder on the station with the help of one of her past personalities, Joran, a murderer.)
  • Chimera (Odo finds another changeling orphan like himself and teaches Laas about the Great Link, etc.)
  • Badda-bing Badda-bang (When Vic Fontaine and his club are threatened by a holo mobster, Bashir and the rest of the crew help Vic get rid of him.)
  • Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (Latin: “in war, laws will be silent”) (Bashir is approached by Section Thirty-One operative Sloane to spy on the Romulan leaders while visiting their homeworld for a conference.)
  • Penumbra (Ezri does an unauthorized search for a missing Worf; Sisko buys land to build his dream house on Bajor.)
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Part [aka Umbra] (Kai Winn arrives to help Sisko in his wedding to Kassady, but Sisko calls off the wedding after some deliberation because of an ominous warning by the prophets.¬† Gul Dukat appears on DS9 in disguise as a Bajoran.)
  • Strange Bedfellows [aka Eclipse] (Kai Winn works with Dukat, ambition causing her to be blind to who he really is and his association with the Pah-wraiths; they plot to bring about the restoration of Bajor, whether or not The Emissary approves.¬† Ezri and Worf are taken prisoner by the Dominion, who are preparing to sign a treaty with the Breen.¬† Cardassian Damar, however, objects to the concessions from his people.
  • The Changing Face of Evil (Worf and Ezri return to the station; Earth is attacked by the Breen.¬† Damar plots to get the Dominion out of Cardassia.¬† Dukat tells Kai Winn that she must release the Pah-wraiths from their prisons on Bajor.
  • When It Rains… (Sisko and his team must work with Damar and the Cardassians against the Dominion.¬† Bajor asks Odo to donate some of his DNA to aid in a medical project.¬† Kai Winn considers releasing the Pah-wraiths.¬† Sisko commissions Kira and puts her in a Starfleet uniform.)
  • Tacking Into The Wind (Odo’s health fails fast because of the Changeling disease; Bashir works feverishly for a cure.¬† Sisko fights with Chancellor Gowron for his recklessness in battle.¬† Kira proposes stealing an enemy ship so that they can figure out its weaknesses.)
  • Extreme Measures [a.k.a. Night Tremors] (Kira brings a dying Odo back to the station and he urges her to leave his side to fight with the Cardassian resistance.¬† Bashir and O’Brien lure a Section 31 operative to the station in order to find the cure for Odo’s disease, but their attempts to get into his brain prove disasterous.)
  • The Dogs of War (Sisko gets a new ship.¬† Kira, Garak, and Damar must hide on Cardassia when ambushed by the Dominion.¬† Quark thinks he’s been named Zek’s successor.¬† Odo is pissed to find out that Starfleet engineered the disease that almost killed him.)
  • What You Leave Behind (2-hr Series Finale) (Bashir and Ezri find romance.¬† The new Defiant joins the final battle to free Cardassia.¬† Kira, Damar, and Garak plan to sabotage key Dominion locations while hiding on Cardassia.¬† Kai Winn asks Dukat to help her free the Pah-Wraiths, which Dukat plans to use to destroy Sisko.¬† Odo returns to his people and Sisko surprises everyone with his departure and sacrifice.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Cast Birthdays

Star Trek: DS9 Cast Birthdays List


Molly's birthday on Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Cast Birthdays

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Cecily Adams 2/6/58*
Mary Kay Adams 9/12/62
Marc Alaimo 5/5/42
Philip Anglim 2/11/53
Rene Auberjonois 6/1/40*
Majel Barrett 2/23/32*
Felecia M. Bell 6/12/60
Casey Biggs 4/4/55
Avery Brooks 10/2/48
Rosalind Chao 9/23/57
John Colicos 12/10/28*
Jeffrey Combs 9/9/54
James Darren 6/8/36
Nicole de Boer 12/20/70
Paul Dooley 2/22/28
Michael Dorn 12/9/52
Aron Eisenberg 1/6/69*
Terry Farrell 11/19/63
Louise Fletcher 7/2/34*
Max Grodénchik 11/12/52
Hana Hatae 7/15/88
J.G. Hertzler 3/18/49
Barry Jenner 1/14/41*
Salome Jens 5/8/35*
Penny Johnson 3/15/61
Cirroc Lofton 8/7/78
Ken Marshall 6/27/50
Chase Masterson 2/26/63
Colm Meaney 5/30/53
Robert O’Reilly 3/25/50
Leland Orser 8/6/60
Brock Peters 7/2/27*
Duncan Regehr 10/5/52
Andrew Robinson 2/14/42
Camille Saviola 7/16/50*
Wallace Shawn 11/12/43
Mark Allen Shepherd 1/7/61
Armin Shimerman 11/5/49
Alexander Siddig 11/21/65
Melanie Smith 12/16/62
Tiny Ron Taylor 11/21/47*
Nana Visitor 7/26/57

*passed away


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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast


Capt. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko Avery Brooks
Dr. Julian Bashir Alexander Siddig
Col. Kira Nerys Nana Visitor
Constable Odo Rene Auberjonois
Chief Miles Edward O’Brien Colm Meaney
Quark Armin Shimerman
Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax Terry Farrell
Lt. Cmdr. Worf Michael Dorn
Morn Mark Allen Shepherd
Jake Sisko Cirroc Lofton
Nog Aron Eisenberg
Garak Andrew Robinson
Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Rom Max Grodénchik
Weyoun Jeffrey Combs
Lt. Ezri Dax Nicole de Boer
General Martok J.G. Hertzler
Damar Casey Biggs
Keiko O’Brien Rosalind Chao
Leeta Chase Masterson
Kai Winn Adami Louise Fletcher
Captain Kasidy Danielle Yates Penny Johnson
Molly O’Brien Hana Hatae
Vic Fontaine James Darren
Runabout Computer Majel Barrett


Female Shapeshifter Salome Jens
Admiral Bill Ross Barry Jenner
Grand Nagus Zek Wallace Shawn
Gowron Robert O’Reilly
Lt. Commander Michael Eddington Ken Marshall
Vedek Bareil Antos Philip Anglim
Maihar’du Tiny Ron
Joseph Sisko Brock Peters
Tora Ziyal Melanie Smith
Kai Opaka Camille Saviola
Enabran Tain Paul Dooley
Ishka Cecily Adams
Jennifer Sisko Felecia M. Bell
Kor John Colicos
First Minister Shakaar Edon Duncan Regehr
Colonel Lovok Leland Orser
Grilka Mary Kay Adams

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" cast


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