Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Cast Birthdays

Star Trek: DS9 Cast Birthdays List


Molly's birthday on Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Cast Birthdays

Remember your favorite “Star Trek” actor on their birthday or wish them a happy birthday on social media!

Note: We get this information from IMDB and Google, so please let us know if you see anything that’s inaccurate…

Cecily Adams 2/6/58*
Mary Kay Adams 9/12/62
Marc Alaimo 5/5/42
Philip Anglim 2/11/53
Rene Auberjonois 6/1/40*
Majel Barrett 2/23/32*
Felecia M. Bell 6/12/60
Casey Biggs 4/4/55
Avery Brooks 10/2/48
Rosalind Chao 9/23/57
John Colicos 12/10/28*
Jeffrey Combs 9/9/54
James Darren 6/8/36
Nicole de Boer 12/20/70
Paul Dooley 2/22/28
Michael Dorn 12/9/52
Aron Eisenberg 1/6/69*
Terry Farrell 11/19/63
Louise Fletcher 7/2/34*
Max Grodénchik 11/12/52
Hana Hatae 7/15/88
J.G. Hertzler 3/18/49
Barry Jenner 1/14/41*
Salome Jens 5/8/35*
Penny Johnson 3/15/61
Cirroc Lofton 8/7/78
Ken Marshall 6/27/50
Chase Masterson 2/26/63
Colm Meaney 5/30/53
Robert O’Reilly 3/25/50
Leland Orser 8/6/60
Brock Peters 7/2/27*
Duncan Regehr 10/5/52
Andrew Robinson 2/14/42
Camille Saviola 7/16/50*
Wallace Shawn 11/12/43
Mark Allen Shepherd 1/7/61
Armin Shimerman 11/5/49
Alexander Siddig 11/21/65
Melanie Smith 12/16/62
Tiny Ron Taylor 11/21/47*
Nana Visitor 7/26/57

*passed away


Deep Space Nine "Distance Voices"

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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