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Good Shows for Learning English by Mark H. 2/3/23

Learning English can be more fun if you use innovative approaches. Technological advancements, particularly in the entertainment industry, can help you learn to write, read, and speak fluent English. All you have to do is to pick an exciting television (TV) show and watch it to improve your pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills.

This article will explore how you can get the most out of TV shows and recommend some of the best programs to improve your English proficiency.

How to Benefit from TV Shows for English Learners

Choose an interesting TV show

People have different tastes and preferences when selecting TV series. There are numerous subjects that scholars can learn from, including politics, natural science, history, geography, and art. Therefore, you should choose a program with a theme that you find interesting, as long as it has useful information to improve your English.

Select a TV program that suits your English level

Learning can be challenging for English language learners who select shows unsuitable for their level. If you are a beginner, watching programs with complex English can be demoralizing since you might not understand most of the content. So, choose a recorded show that is easy to rewind and pause. In addition, you should start with short films with relatively slow narration and progress gradually.

Have clear goals

Setting goals while watching a TV show can help you learn English faster. Besides following the program’s plot, you will be able to pay close attention to pronunciation and vocabulary. As a result, you will gradually become fluent and understand complex words.

Select a movie with English subtitles and read along

Watching movies with subtitles can improve your listening skills. Besides making TV programs less confusing, especially for people who aren’t familiar with English, captions promote useful skills, since while reading them, you hear a movie’s characters pronouncing different words. Therefore, they can help to improve your listening and memory. In addition, English subtitles enhance good pronunciation. Your English proficiency will gradually improve if you practice reading along and pronouncing them in each episode.

After identifying the best shows that can work for you, FluentU can be useful in making learning easy. The language learning program teaches English through videos and a series of TV clips with interactive subtitles. The best thing about this site is that you can click on the words to see their definition and usage with examples.

Watch TV programs when your mind is fresh

If you want the best outcomes from TV shows for English learners, you should watch them before sleeping or immediately after waking up. These are the most appropriate times because you will retain information for a long time. People who learn new concepts after a nap have better memory, since sleep boosts and restores brainpower. Therefore, it’s always advisable to plan your day and watch movies to improve your English when your mind is fresh and free from distractions.

If you have a tight schedule from early morning till late in the day, you can adjust your studying habits and identify the best time that can work for you. However, the golden rule is to find quality time, schedule listening, and practice sessions when alert.

What else can I try to learn the language faster?

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5 Best TV Shows for Learning English

Here are some of the best TV shows for learning English:

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig logo

Peppa Pig is one of the best TV shows for English beginners. It is an animated British children’s program with the simplest English language. The series has a pretty simple plot that documents the adventures of an anthropomorphic pig called Peppa and her friends. Although it is meant for preschoolers, it’s a good starting point if you’re beginning to learn English.

“Peppa Pig” is an international animated children’s show that can be seen around the world on TV and streaming. In the U.S., you can see it on Disney+, Nickelodeon, Paramount+ and YouTube.


British TV show "Misfits," season 1

Misfits is a TV series that can help students familiarize themselves with the British accent. It focuses on a group of youths sentenced to do different forms of community service, although they become superpowered after being struck by lightning on their first day at work. Misfits is an interesting program for learners who want to learn the difference between British and American English. It is a great choice for improving listening skills as you get used to multiple accents.

“Misfits” ran on British TV from 2009-2013. In the U.S, you can see it on HULU or Amazon Prime.


TV series "Insecure" from HBO

Insecure can be a good show for improving your knowledge of English, especially if you’re an advanced learner. It revolves around two friends, Molly and Issa, residing in Los Angeles. Insecure explores serious moments and the experiences of African Americans living in the United States of America, although it’s mostly a comedy. It can be a helpful program for learning English because it uses modern language and has subtitles.

“Insecure” ran from 2016-2021 on HBO. You can watch it in the US on HBO Max, HULU and Amazon Prime.

Prison Break

"Prison Break" season 4 on FOX

Prison Break is an American TV show with four seasons. Its set in a prison where the actors use powerful English and plenty of slang. After watching this program, you’ll master vocabulary about prison life, criminal behaviors, and some engineering aspects.

“Prison Break” ran on FOX from 2005-2017 for 4 seasons. You can see it in the U.S. on HULU, Disney+ or Amazon Prime.

Trading spaces

Reality show "Trading Spaces" on TLC

Trading spaces is an American TV reality program. It focuses on two home-owners given money and a specific duration to decorate each other’s homes. Although the show mainly aims to educate the audience about trust and how to interact with people, it has a list of vocabulary words to spice up your English, especially when you’re under pressure or stressed.

While watching this show, you’ll hear real language used by the contestants, who are native speakers. Therefore, you should consider it if you want to know what to say when you’re excited, disappointed, sad, or frustrated. Besides learning to improve your grammar, you’ll see some real cultural differences and their impacts on human interaction.

“Trading Spaces” ran from 2000-2019 for 10 seasons. It may or may not return on TLC. You can watch it on Roku, Spectrum, Amazon Prime, and HGTV.

Final Thoughts

Most people think spending several hours watching TV can distract them and is a waste of their precious time. However, this review proves otherwise. Watching English TV programs can be a good learning session if you identify the right shows. In addition, you should have other resources such as a notebook and a pen to record important tips to improve your grammar. These approaches can enable you to have fun and perfect your writing skills and fluency in speaking English.

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