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“Learning to Love” Review on by Eva 9/4/2023

Learning to Love is the first movie in the Great American Autumn movies from Great American Family network. Ever week a new movie will be shown every Saturday until the middle of October.

The movie is about Harry Carlton (Philip Boyd) who is dealing with the death of his wife and having to raise his two daughters while working as an architect. Harry has hired several tutors for his daughters, but the tutors have never gotten along well with them. Harry meets Stephanie Miller (Ina Barron) who accidentally arrives at his office thinking she is there for an interview with an advertising agency but after talking to Harry for a few minutes she finds out the advertising agency is on another floor. The interview with the advertising agency doesn’t work out because Stephanie arrives late and without a resume because she left the resume in Harry’s office. Harry offers Stephanie the job as a tutor because Stephanie was a teacher before she worked in advertising.

I really enjoyed watching this movie, it was funny and sweet and Philip Boyd and Ina Barron had wonderful chemistry together and you are really hoping that they become a couple and get their happy ending. Harry’s daughters Rosa (Caroline Skye) and Bella (Zoe Willis). do a wonderful job and are really believable as sisters who love their dad and want the best for him.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars. If you miss the movie or forget to set your DVR, the movie will rerun on Great American Family or it will stream on

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